Top 15 Female Athletes Who Could Save Playboy

The advent of the internet strikes again! In March 2016 Playboy magazine ended its 52 year run of publishing fully nude women in its magazine. The reason for the shift change? Scott Flanders, Playboy

The advent of the internet strikes again! In March 2016 Playboy magazine ended its 52 year run of publishing fully nude women in its magazine. The reason for the shift change? Scott Flanders, Playboy CEO explained the change, saying the onslaught of adult material online mad the nude images in the magazine "passé."

Playboy has long been a staple in American pop culture. When a woman was featured in Playboy it was usually a shining moment in their life. This will no longer be the case. With the change of approach by Playboy, we can surely expect their stock to decline and the interest in the publication to dissipate dramatically. It is a shame to see such an iconic symbol, like the Playboy Bunny, going through this decrease in marketability, however, the biggest victims will be the teenagers who used to regularly steal dad's old magazine and bring it to school and share it with the boys.

The decrease in Playboy's popularity has been created, obviously, by the overwhelming amounts of adult material readily available, but also it has to do with the subjects that Playboy has been able to feature. Not to say that the beautiful women they showcase are not attractive, however they do lack the name recognition and the mainstream popularity to draw major attention.

Today we will unveil the 15 women in sports who could save Playboy if they chose to pose nude for the magazine. Of course Playboy would now have to change their approach once again to the classic way. These women possess not only the beauty that it would take to make Playboy great again, but they also have the fame and mass following. At this point it is going to take some serious talent to revive what was once an American institution. What I would give to get an invite to one of those Playboy mansion parties... and the gratto ahhh... okay let's get into the list!

Here are the top 15 female athletes that could save Playboy.

15 Rachel Wray


After being a cheerleader in college, Wray became a cheerleader for the Kansas City Chiefs. During her time with the Chiefs, Wray fell in love with boxing and in MMA. She is currently an MMA fighter with a solid career thus far. If she decided to stop fighting and begin modeling, I doubt anyone would have a problem with that. The only thing that could hinder Wray's ability could be if she got too deep into the MMA world, and turned out looking more like the other Rachel W(ray).

14 Alana Blanchard


Alana is a professional surfer who won her first major surf tournament at 15 years old. Blanchard is a main stay on the pro circuit, and has been for a long time now. She is also famous for her friendship with Bethany Hamilton. Bethany is the young girl who lost her arm to a shark attack during a surf session in which Alana was also attending. Blanchard also designs and models wetsuits for Ripcurl. Maybe Ripcurl and Playboy could work out some sort of deal to get her in an issue? We can only hope.

13 Melanie Adams


Melanie Adams is an Australian pole vaulter and she is very talented at it. She is also a beauty queen, literally, she was named Miss Teen Australia and was named the Sexiest Woman of the 2012 Olympic Games, which is no small feat considering the talent that shows up at the Olympic games every year. She has expressed interest in joining the Miss Universe Pageant as well, so keep your eyes out for this young lady. I am sure if the Miss Universe Pageant doesn't work out, Hugh Hefner would be more than happy to put a crown on her.

12 Skylar Diggins


Skylar Diggins in one of the best players in the WNBA, and she is also one of the most beautiful. At 5'9 Skylar has the legs to stand Playboy right back up on its feet. She has done some modeling for Sports Illustrated and in Vogue Magazine so she could be on her way to a long and successful career in modeling. The photos she did for a Sports Illustrated piece give us a glimpse into what could be if things ever worked out between her and Playboy Magazine.

11 Eugenie Bouchard


Bouchard is a 22-year-old Canadian tennis pro. She has already won several major awards, including 2013 Canadian Tennis Player of the Year, and 2013 Newcomer of the Year. She was also the runner up in the 2014 Wimbledon Finals, and she has shown potential to reach many more major finals. If she ever decided that tennis just in not for her, however, she could certainly have a career in modeling... and we would all be the beneficiary.

10 Elena Delle Donne


Elena is one of the two or three greatest female basketball players in the world today. She possesses a long 6'5 frame to go with her flowing blonde hair and hypnotizing green eyes. She has a huge pop culture following and is on her way to becoming the top star in the WNBA. She is a perfect candidate for the resurrection of Playboy, except her personality may be too conservative for the bunny, but hey, we all know that people can change as they get older.

9 Caroline Wozniacki


Caroline has earned over $20 million in her tennis career already, so money would likely be no incentive for her to help the fellas at Playboy. Wozniacki was the number one ranked female tennis player in 2010, which certainly gives her the resume and name recognition to be capable of bringing Playboy back. Though her personality seems a bit conservative, she is, however, recently single, as her and long time counterpart Rory McIlroy have separated recently. If there was ever a time to approach her about this opportunity, it would be now.

8 Ronda Rousey


Ronda Rousey has been everywhere over the past couple of years; we all remember her as Turtle's love interest in the Entourage movie in 2015. She has the celebrity status that can not be matched by many on this list. Since her defeat to Holly Holm, she has been in hiding. Maybe we could see her face again in an issue of Playboy. She would undoubtedly sell the magazine right back into the black, but she would have to make sure all the bruises are healed first.

7 Lolo Jones


Lolo has not won a whole lot in her Olympic career, yet she is still widely known thanks to her incredible beauty. She has posed semi nude for the ESPN Magazine Body Issue and she has done some other provocative modeling in her past, so to say she could pose for Playboy is not out of the realm of possibility. If she were to do a Playboy shoot she would be unable to do the classic shot with gold medals all around her neck, but that would be just fine by us.

6 Anna Kournikova


At one time Kournikova would easily top this list, but time has passed and she has slipped a bit from the public eye. She still catches everyone's eye when they are near her though. Kournikova was a good tennis player, but never really lived up to the potential. Maybe she was too sidetracked by all the attention she received without having to win anything? Regardless, she could easily do us all a favor, especially Hugh Hefner, and pose for a few shots.

5 Alex Morgan


Morgan is one of the most relevant female athletes in the world today. Some would argue she is the greatest female soccer player in the world at this moment, and most would argue that she is the most beautiful soccer player in the world. With that combo, she is easily a candidate to be the savior for Playboy. Like most of the ladies on the list her beauty is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her ability to resurrect the bunny. She also has that star power that would be needed to bring people away from their computers and back to paperback.

4 Maria Sharipova

Sharipova is one of the greatest female tennis players of her generation, having won four Grand Slam tournaments. At 6'2 she also posses one of the greatest bodies in tennis. It is not just her physical tools than make it reasonable to think she could help save Playboy, however. She has the looks, the talent, and the key component of pop culture fame that would undoubtedly create major waves if she ever chose to do a Playboy shoot.

3 Lindsey Vonn

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Now 31 years old, Lindsey Vonn has been the main draw for the winter Olympics three times. She was dating Tiger Woods, but that relationship recently ended in what was reported as a civil break up, unlike Tiger's other break up. Lindsey is still in her physical prime, and with the freedom she now has she could feel guilt free to do Playboy a favor. She has the name recognition along with the physical appearance to generate major buzz for the floundering magazine. Lindsey Vonn could be the ultimate "snow bunny" if she wanted to.

2 Hope Solo


At 5'9 with those crazy green eyes, Solo has more than enough talent in her appearance to represent Playboy. On top of her stunning looks, Solo is seemingly in the news every week. Whether it be domestic violence issues, public drunkenness, or Olympic heroism. She has a strong edge to her that gives her that sex appeal many man crave. If Hope Solo was to ever do a Playboy shoot, as she posed semi nude for the Body Issue of ESPN Magazine, she would without question draw major attention to the Playboy Bunny.

1 Serena Williams


Serena Williams is the most popular female athlete in the world right now. Anything she does draws millions and millions of eyeballs, just look at the video of her twerking that came out a few months ago. She clearly has all the assets to please the eye if she were to pose nude for the guys at Playboy and she would have no trouble making it seem tasteful and classy... she is Serena after all. On top of all that, she is the greatest female tennis player in the history of the sport. With all those things combined, her appearance in Playboy would likely generate a world wide uproar, and for good reason.

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