Top 15 Female Athletes Who Have Had Plastic Surgery

Professional athletes, like Hollywood stars, spend an enormous part of their lives in the public eye. Between the necessity for successful sports stars to maintain their looks and the constant risk of physical trauma that comes hand in hand with their job, plastic surgery has become widely accepted with pro athletes.

While many athletes go under the knife to improve their looks, the physical nature of sports means many athletes sustain injuries that require cosmetic surgery. For example Rhinoplasty surgery, or a nose job, is a very popular plastic surgery procedure for today's male athletes. Think hockey players or boxers. Or Otoplasty surgery to correct cauliflower ear.

A breast reduction is a more popular surgery for female sports stars, as many female athletes will have the surgery to improve their performance. While on the flip side cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more common depending on the sport. For many female athletes the downside to being lean and toned is the lack of feminine curves and breast augmentation surgery is one solution to the disproportion caused by training. Implants aren't exactly a rare thing to find in the WWE for example. In fact, I might struggle to fill this list if I were looking at divas who haven’t gone under the knife.

Between TV appearances, interviews, magazine spreads and social media, athletes are under more pressure than ever before to maintain the perfect public image. Some athletes have been very open about their plastic surgery, while others are tight lipped. Know someone who should have made the list? Maybe you have your suspicions? Sound off in the comments below.

Warning: I'm about to talk about breasts more than I possibly ever have before (why do I have a feeling you're okay with that). Here are 15 female athletes who have had plastic surgery.

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15 Serena Williams

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Has Serena Williams had plastic surgery? Rumors and "before and after" pictures began in 2010 when fans of the pro tennis star started questioning whether Williams' nose shape had changed. Do a quick search and you'll find plenty of side by side "before and after" shots claiming Williams has had everything from a nose job to breast and butt augmentations. While she's never officially confirmed any cosmetic surgery, we'll let you be the judge for yourself.

14 Rebecca Adlington

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Two-time Olympic gold medallist Rebecca Adlington underwent a nose job when she turned 25 after years of trolling, criticism, and low self-esteem. Britain's most successful swimmer admitted that she found the criticism about her appearance the most challenging aspect of taking part in the Olympics. Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, is a plastic surgery procedure for correcting and aesthetically enhancing the nose.

13 Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon arguably looks better today than she did 10 years ago. While McMahon’s obvious breast enhancement was once a frequent target of The Rock and Chris Jericho, she reportedly had them removed several years ago. It's hard to tell whether or not a busty McMahon picked up another pair or if time has been kind to the 39-year-old mother of three. A quick glance at older photos of the WWE alumni suggests she has also had a nose job.

12 Camala Rodriguez-McClure

Workin with Dustin Sheffield for denvers hottest bodies project yesterday...pics coming soon

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While you may not know her, Camala Rodriguez-McClure has made a name for herself in the fitness world (and on social media) as an IFBB Figure competitor, personal trainer, and model. Camala represents a growing trend in Instagram-famous fitness competitors becoming household names. Judges tend to prefer a more feminine look, which is part of the reason that female bodybuilders seek out breast augmentation.

11 Sydney Leroux

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Sydney Leroux is a decorated athlete, playing for the U.S. Women's Soccer Team. Leroux was eligible to play for either Canada or the United States due to her parents' nationalities. She changed her allegiance to Canada at the U20 level and has since won an Olympic gold medal and World Cup earlier this year. Leroux was featured on the ESPN Body Issue in 2013. On posing semi-nude, Leroux said:

"I think a lot of females struggle with the way they look, and I wanted to show that everyone's body is different. I think it's a big deal to be an athlete and feel confident in your body and show it off. I'm not going to say I've never struggled with how I look, but I've reached a point in my life where I'm happy with who I am."

10 Natalie Gulbis

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Natalie Gulbis played in her first LPGA Tour event at just 14 years old and had turned pro by age 18. Gulbis became a sex symbol in the world of professional golf when she put out a swimwear calendar in 2005 just before the U.S. Women's Open. She has also appeared in FHM and in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue wearing only body paint. What I'm getting at here is that there is no questioning whether Gulbis has gone under the knife although I will give it to her she went for a natural look.

9 Torrie Wilson

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Torrie Wilson is a retired WCW/WWE wrestler and fitness model. She has also posed for FHM and Playboy ... which leaves nothing to the imagination. Aside from obvious implants, Wilson is rumored to have had a nose job. Not all too surprising considering her wrestling career, it's very likely that she may have injured her nose in a match, requiring a nose job to fix it. She dated Alex Rodriguez for several years before the pair split in 2015.

8 Katarina Witt

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Back in 1998 Katarina Witt's Playboy pictures were controversial. However Witt’s December 1998 issue was only the second issue to sell out in the magazine’s history, the first being Marilyn Monroe’s inaugural edition. The German Olympic figure skater seemingly has had a breast augmentation and is rumored to have had a nose job and possibly a facelift. Either that or fans and critics are just looking for an excuse for how this 50-year-old looks so youthful.

7 Lita

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Yet another WWE Diva to undergo a breast augmentation is Lita. Amy Christine Dumas, better known by the name Lita, was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014 ... she also just so happens to make just about every "best" list when it comes to Divas and their boob jobs. The slender wrestler rocked an alternative look and one day showed up, well, bigger. I don't think anyone complained.

6 Sable

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Also making just about every "best" list for Diva's who've gone under the knife, Sable. Rena Greek aka Mrs. Brock Lesnar never shied away from a little (or a lot) of cleavage while performing and posed for Playboy a handful of times. Again leaving little up for debate. Fans will remember that shortly after she retired Sable filed a $110 million lawsuit against the WWE, citing allegations of sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions.

5 Angela Rypien

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Angela Rypien is an American quarterback in the Legends Football League. She is Super Bowl MVP Mark Rypien's daughter and happens to be smoking hot. Yes Lingerie Football is a thing, and yes she's probably (definitely) not the only player to have had their breasts done. If she hasn't and I'm wrong then bless her parents because those are some amazing genetics. If I'm right, someone get me the name of her surgeon.

4 Trish Stratus

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Another Diva and another boob job. At number no.4 is retired pro wrestler and fitness model Trish Stratus aka Patricia Anne Stratigias. Stratus is hailed by the WWE as one of the greatest women's competitors of all time and ultimately she is known as the greatest WWE Diva of all time. She too can be found on just about every "best" list when the internet decides to compare female athletes and their chests. Honestly who does that...

Stratus had her implants removed after retiring in 2006 but she still looks as good as ever.

3 Nikki Bella

via wwedivadesire.com / wwe.com

Time for me to show a little love for the Total Divas. Nikki Bella underwent a breast augmentation in 2012 while her twin sister and the other half of WWE tag team The Bella Twins has chosen to stay all natural. Nikki has spoken out candidly about her surgery telling TribLive Radio “On my time off I went and got my own set of ‘Twin Magic’. If the Bella Twins weren’t enough, I wanted my own twins. ”

2 Eva Marie

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Total Divas star Eva Marie, experienced a scare on one episode of the WWE show when she found out the silicone implants she had gotten 10 years ago were leaking into her body! Eva Marie was forced to undergo surgery to remove the ruptured implant and replace them with a new pair. In a study conducted by FDA scientists, most women had at least one broken implant within 11 years, and the likelihood of rupture increases every year.

1 Simona Halep

via vipovi.com

At number one is an athlete you quite possibly have never heard of, however as a woman myself I think she deserves the top spot. While I'm not about to knock any of the beautiful women on this list or the decisions they made to enhance what the good lord gave them, one great example of plastic surgery in sports is Simona Halep. Large breasts can cause discomfort for women participating in many sports, including tennis and a breast reduction allows for greater freedom of movement. The international tennis star publicly went from a 32DD to a 34C. Just how much can breast reduction enhance one's game? Halep climbed 450 spots in world rankings after her surgery.

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