Top 15 Female Athletes Who Must Be Amazing In Bed

Female athletes have to walk a careful line between simply looking great and backing it up in their field with terrific play. A lot of ladies have done so, able to look amazing even while being champi

Female athletes have to walk a careful line between simply looking great and backing it up in their field with terrific play. A lot of ladies have done so, able to look amazing even while being champions while others play off their looks for contracts and promotion stuff. It’s tricky but women have been able to handle it well and succeed quite a lot.

Naturally, this leads to the question of how they handle their private lives. It’s true most women don’t get the same press for romps in the sack as guys do but you can’t help but wonder at times. It’s only natural as these women do trade on their looks a lot and a key to their popularity is how so many guys can back them, no doubt falling into the classic belief they could easily land these women for real no matter the reality of the situation. It leads to some fun thinking and dreaming as you imagine how some of these women can be in bed. Some are easier to figure than others, not just their beauty but their attitude and how they come off. In some cases, the cooler they are on the outside, the hotter you imagine them unclothed. Here 15 female athletes you have to figure would be amazing lovers, if only in your dreams.

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15 AJ Lee


You can fill this list up with nothing but wrestling ladies but even with regular athletes, Lee has something unique. It’s there in her ring work, gorgeous but truly skilled and taking shots on the other “Divas” of the company for relying on just looks. She has a wicked sense of humor and the way she goes off in both the ring and interviews promises a very hot time with a woman who can more than handle herself no matter the field.

14 Erin Phillips

ALPHA magazine

When you do a photo shoot in lingerie and bound in ropes, it naturally leads to the question of how hot you can be. The Australian basketball star was part of two WNBA championship teams, great on the court with her playing but really hinting she enjoys the party life more. Those photo shoots just add to the speculation with her sultry gaze and flaunting that body. Aussies are known for their partying ways so one can only imagine how Phillips can cut loose as well as anyone else.

13 Meisha Tate


Like other female MMA fighters, Tate combines amazing beauty with strength, skill and an ability to take some nasty hits. She has a great body (especially her rear) but also quite combative as proven by her fights (in and out of the arena) with Ronda Rousey and others. She can be amazingly intense and that fuels the speculation of her between the sheets as a woman who kept on fighting with just one arm clearly doesn’t want to give up and thus promises a hell of a match in the sack.

12 Lalia Ali


The fact she can knock you out with one punch is only part of her charm. The daughter of one of the greatest boxers of all time, she clearly inherited that skill, able to handle herself wonderfully in the ring and retiring undefeated. She remains in top form, curves of a supermodel but plenty of muscle too and that mix of beauty and strength promises a great combination to work with. It’s a challenge but one worth making as this woman could leave any guy on his back in more ways than one.

11 Hope Solo

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

There’s something about a gal with a reputation for being a hot mess that just makes her hotter. Yes, Solo is known for her arrest for assault and such but that just enhances what makes her so intriguing. Her eyes are sexy as hell and that strength and intensity on the field promises to make her a wild time in bed. She may be a lot of trouble but a fun time to be had and no matter what, the idea of getting with Solo gives more than a few male soccer fans hope for a good time.

10 Sydney Leroux


This U.S. soccer star is well known for her great play on the field but also stunning in red carpet appearances at the ESPYs and her bikini shoots. She has a sultry aura about her, throwing nice sexy looks at the cameras and you get the sense she can truly cut loose in the bedroom. Between her skills, that body with killer abs and those astonishing looks, Leroux promises to be a fun lady between the sheets to make any lover happy.

9 Courtney Force


This female drag racing champion had a memorable nude shot in ESPN Magazine a while ago and that adds to her status as a gal who likes to party a lot. Blonde and hot, she has a killer smile but clearly able to hold her own. She’s a “fast” girl on the track but you get the feeling she takes the bedroom a bit more seriously and that promises a fun time in the sack. Either way, this is a lady with hotness to spare and surely a night with her would be no “drag” at all for the lucky guy.

8 Serena Williams

via Sports Illustrated

She’s shown she’s quite comfortable in her body via photo shoots, especially nude for ESPN Magazine. She’s also quite athletic and obviously highly focused as seen by her slews of victories. For some reason, she seems far more the vixen than Venus is, a bit wilder and letting her passions out easier. This would promise a very hot time at sex and no doubt a woman who can easily “serve” there as great as she does on the court.

7 Lindsey Vonn

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Her recent stunning outfit at the ESPY Awards only enhances how this champion skier is hot as hell in person. Blonde and lithe, she carries herself with a great aura and impresses with humor that also speaks to her sexy side. Don’t forget, she dated Tiger Woods, that has to rank her high among the list of amazing lovers. She’s lean and mean on the ski courses and that just promises some hot times under the sheets as well.

6 Alicia Sacramone


Gymnasts automatically seem to have an advantage in sex. Just imagine how well they can contort their bodies and mix it up. For multiple medalist and champion Sacramone, that promises to be even better. The woman has shown some great agility and skill but also celebrating her body, showing off in ESPN magazine among others and gives you the idea that this is a lady who can score a perfect ten no matter where.

5 The Bella Twins


If you’ve watched “Total Divas,” you’ve seen how hard these two party and love showing themselves off. That exhibitionist streak just pushes the idea of these two being wild in bed. Something about twins just excites you, two women of the same hot looks and bodies yet I get the odd feeling Brie is even hotter than Nikki in the sack. It might be where Daniel Bryan's "YES!" chant really started. Considering how they’ve won over some superstars along the way, it sounds like they really do live up to that fantasy and no matter which Bella you choose, it promises to be a memorable time.

4 Gina Carano

REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

A highlight of “Haywire” was Carano glamming it up in a gorgeous dress and then brawling it out with Michael Fassbender in a bedroom. The sexual overtones were quite obvious and Carano handled herself well in the part. She’s obviously agile and strong and the mix of beauty and toughness truly indicates that she’d be fantastic at sex. Sure, she may leave you unable to move in the end but surely a great way to get hurt.

3 Maria Sharapova


Hot, blonde, Russian and, oh yes, one of the most skilled tennis players on the planet. She may be a little quiet in interviews but one look at her eyes and you see some unbridled passion that often comes loose on the tennis court. Sharapova has proven herself a sexy figure in photo shoots but able to back all that up in her play and more than a few hints that she truly cuts loose in bed and no doubt as big a winner there.

2 Lita


She’s a redhead, which automatically proves she’s hot. Throw in the tattoo and her obvious agility and she’s even more promising. But what makes her a topper on this list is her infamous past. To be at the center of one of the most famous love triangles the wrestling business has ever known makes her a hot commodity. There has to be some reason Matt Hardy and Edge fought it out for real for Amy Dumas and the way she played up that reputation just seems to prove it. If anyone’s worth a hot time among female wrestlers, it’s certainly her.

1 Ronda Rousey

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Just look at her. That intensity in the ring. How she carries herself. That wicked smirk and flash of the eyes. The strength and agility combined into a package able to tear apart anyone she wants. There is no way this woman cannot be a wildcat in the sack and no doubt able to go for a while. True, it might leave you with quite a few bruises afterward but well worth it as this woman no doubt dominates as well in the bedroom as she does in the octagon.

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