Top 15 Female Sideline Reporters With The Hottest Sets Of Twins

Let’s be honest here; although female athletes might not want to hear it, a pretty big reason as to why people tune in and come to the stadiums or arenas to see them doing what they do is to ogle at them. It might sound pretty crude, but that’s the way it is – plenty of people admire their beauty rather than the sports they actually play. Hot, sultry athletes get people watching. Those networks which broadcast such sports know that, and also know that it’s only going to boost their ratings if they add a little more sex appeal to the event. This generally comes in the form of sideline reporters.

Beautiful women with a knowledge of sports reporting from the sidelines – watching their reports and analysis is as good as, if not better than the main event for some. These reporters all have the looks, are all beautiful, and they have the bodies to match. They know they have bodies people want to see, and so flaunt them no end when reporting on the sidelines, much to our delight. They have great bodies, but it’s their assets people are interested in, more specifically, their hot sets of twins. These are 15 sideline reporters from the world of sport who steal the show and have the hottest sets of twins.

15 Marisol Gonzalez

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Marisol Gonzalez does most of her reporting in her native Mexico but she has ventured north of the border whenever there is a major American event to cover. She first got some exposure to American audiences at Super Bowl XLVI when she showed up to media day wearing a skin tight red dress. She's also competed in a Miss Universe pageant, and even though that was back in 2003, Gonzalez looks just as good today as she did back then, if not better. She is Televisa Deportes today and it's a shame there's no NFL team in Mexico, otherwise, American sports fans may get to see her roaming the sidelines more often.

If that's not a good enough reason to put an NFL team in Mexico, we don't know what is.

14 Allie LaForce

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The 28-year-old Allie LaForce, is all smiles when she’s doing her thing on the sidelines reporting for CBS and Turner Sports, and we’re certainly beaming from ear to ear too. She’s known for that toothy smile, her incredible beauty, and, going back a bit, for being Miss Teen USA. Allie had a very successful time of it as a model and beauty queen, something which landed her a contract with Trump Modeling Agency. No wonder she wanted to change careers, right?! She studied broadcast journalism at Ohio University, and began working as a sideline reporter right after she graduated.

Allie’s still a baby in the industry at the age of 28, but has her foot firmly in the door. She’s got a big smile, big personality, and big assets too – something that’s attributed to her big fanbase; no doubt she’s got a big future ahead of her!

13 Archana Vijaya

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Archana might not be too familiar to a lot of you reading this. That’s because she’s not really known in the U.S., unless you’re an Indian cricket fan that is. Yep, over the past decade, the stereotypical boring game of cricket has enjoyed a resurgence. Players are bigger, stronger, faster, can hit the ball further, more athletic and can pull of amazing feats – it’s a game that’s truly evolved. Part of the reason for this is the Indian Premier League, a cricket league with tons of glitz and glamor, where cheerleaders cheer on their team from the sidelines, where the beautiful babes of Bollywood mix with cricket stars.

It’s also meant that networks covering the matches bring in super-hot reporters to report live from the stadium. One of these reporters, the fans’ favorite sideline reporter over the years, has been Archana. She’s a model, a fashionista, and is just drop-dead gorgeous in every which way. She’s also not worried about the reception she’ll get from certain people in the still mainly conservative country of India, as she regularly wears pretty revealing outfits, showing off her hot set of twins – which are gorgeous by the way. Unfortunately, we only get to see her as a sideline reporter for a couple of months a year, but she keeps all of her fans interested with sizzling social media pics.

12 Maria Taylor

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Maria Taylor’s still a relative newcomer when it comes to sideline reporting, but she’s already known for being a bit of a head turner. She’s testimony to the fact that sometimes, the sidelines can be more interesting, and I’m sure plenty who watch her on ESPN would agree.

Maria has strong athletics pedigree. She was breaking records with the US Junior Volleyball team, before turning her attention to reporting. She became a college analyst and reporter, and has done so for football, volleyball, and basketball. This woman knows her stuff. She’s currently best known for reporting for ESPN on women’s basketball, college football, and is also a regular face on various studio shows. She’s just gotten into the industry in recent years and is filling her boots, much to everyone’s delight because there aren’t many people who would tire of seeing her. She’s tall, fit, still athletic, and has a really hot set of twins to boot; people aren’t really interested in college football when Maria’s around!

11 Sara Carbonero

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Wow! This exotic Spanish beauty has been voted, by FHM, to be the sexiest sports reporter on the planet, which tells you something about the stir she’s created since getting into the world of sports. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone more beautiful; she is a model and she’s got model-like assets too. Her twins are big and bountiful, voluptuous – you can’t help but notice them, although unfortunately sport’s fans haven’t been seeing too much of Sara’s package of late.

She’s moved from Spain to Portugal when her hubby, Spanish international goalkeeper, Iker Casillas, moved clubs, and since the move it seems as if she’s content to just enjoy the sights and sounds of a new country. But if and when she decides to get back on the horse, I’m positive there’ll be no shortage of broadcasting companies wanting to snap her up.

10 Amanda Pflugrad

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She might be small, petite, but she’s all people can look at when she’s onscreen doing her reporting duties. Amanda Pflugrad is utterly gorgeous. She’s still young, still a rookie in the industry, but has already put together quite a résumé, and, understandably, has accumulated quite a fan following. From working as a travel host and reporter, she transitioned to sports where she began reporting from the sidelines at volleyball events. It’s fair to say that even amongst all the hotties on the volleyball circuit, Amanda shone and stole the show. Today she’s courtside with the Boston Celtics, but again, as good as it may be, people aren’t really interested in her reporting.

People get lost in her big brown eyes, get taken in by that cute smile, and of course, you can’t help but notice her rack. Given that she’s quite a diminutive figure, her twins stand out even more, and as crude as it might seem, they’re a focal point for people when watching her onscreen.

9 Jimena Sanchez

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Jimena Sanchez has regularly been described as being a Mexican Kim Kardashian; she’s kind of a cross between the socialite and singer Cheryl Cole, which should say it all really. Jimena really is on another level of hotness – off the scale. She’s made a name for herself, well, for being super-sexy, and so when she decided to try her hand at sports reporting, Fox Sports Latino became the lucky organization to get her on board. I don’t know the statistics, but it’s fair to assume their viewership count has gone through the roof since Jimena began appearing on the sidelines.

Jimena is basically a model. There are tons of sultry pics out there of her showing off her physique, her assets, including her pretty hot and massive set of twins. Every time she posts pics she sends social media – well, her 2.6m Instagram followers anyway – into meltdown; she’s one hot chic, knows she’s got it and never tires of flaunting it, which people are glad she does from the sidelines too.

8 Jenn Sterger

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You’d have to say that modeling is Jenn Sterger’s primary profession. She became known, her face – and her other assets – got picked up in 2005 when she wowed after attending a football game clad in very little. From that moment on, all the top lads’ mags have come calling and she’s featured in a ton of magazines. Once rated one of the hottest women on the web, she then got into sports journalism, although nowadays acting’s become her priority.

Jenn Sterger’s renowned as someone who had a massive set of twins. Massive doesn’t necessarily mean hot, but it certainly does in Jenn’s case. Interesting fact about her twins; she herself knew that they were getting all the attention, that people were only interested in her twins, which in 2009 were humungous, so she went and got her breast implants removed. They’re still very noticeable, still hot, but – fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at things, your preferences – they’re no longer stealing the show as they were before.

7 Shibani Dandekar

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Again, a lot of you probably haven’t heard too much about Shibani, unless you’re Indian cricket fans, but I can say for certainty that plenty of you will be typing her name into a search engine after seeing this pic. I just had to include Shibani on this list. After Archana Vijaya came along as a sideline reporter for the IPL, fans of the tournament couldn’t have envisaged someone even hotter would be brought on board to join her. So, people were stunned when in 2011, they got a double dose of hotness, with Archana and Shibani reporting from the sidelines.

Shibani’s another person on this list who’s primarily a model, and it’s easy to understand why. She’s just perfect in every which way, is stunningly beautiful, super-fit and just oozes sex appeal. She’s not shy about showing off her figure either, which means we’ve gotten to see plenty of her set of twins. They’re not the biggest, but they’re perky and beautiful, perfect for her athletic, fit body type. As a model and sideline reporter, she’s up there as being one of the best.

6 Inés Sainz

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This Mexican firecracker has been active in the industry since 2001. She’s been voted by FHM as being one of the sexiest sports reporters on the planet, but to be honest, we didn’t really need the expertise of that prominent lads’ mag to tell us that.

Since breaking into the industry, she has literally been all over the world, covering an assortment of different events in different sports. It used to be that she was just hot, but she’s since grown into a fantastic reporter too. She’s now far from just being a model, it isn’t just about her fantastic physique and her hot set of twins – although it is for a lot of people – because she’s now grown into the role of a sideline reporter and has plenty more to offer.

Sports fans may ogle at her, but even the athletes themselves can’t hold themselves together when she’s around. One incident illustrates this perfectly; she was with the NY Jets in 2010, when the players and staff began to sexually harass her, making lewd and suggestive comments. That’s not what we want to see, and she was pretty shaken, although having said that, the controversy that arose from that incident went on the make the TV Azteca reporter even bigger than she already was, one of the biggest stars in Mexico and Latin America. Every cloud has a silver lining.

5 Kristen Ledlow

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This foxy sports reporter has the brains, beauty, and a ton of knowledge about all-things sports; a guy’s perfect woman! She made a name for herself when she became the first woman to be hired by NBA TV, and it quickly became evident why the network got her on board. She’s just stunning in every which way, is super-cute, just adorable, and possess some great assets, which only serve to enhance her beauty. We’ve seen plenty of her and her hot set of twins over the years, not just from the sidelines at sporting events, but from her beauty pageant days too. She’s the former Miss Capital City USA, and it’s amazing she didn’t win more, but she’s now winning hearts as a sports reporter and that’s got to trump her modeling exploits.

4 Erin Andrews

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Including Erin Andrews on this list was a no-brainer. I shouldn’t even need to introduce her to sports fans – which I’m assuming most of you are – but nevertheless, here it goes.

Growing up, Erin’s life revolved around sports. It was therefore inevitable that she would work in the sporting industry, and when she chose to do so, she didn’t really have any trouble getting gigs on the sidelines or as a reporter in the studio. She’s since done a ton of stuff, has been around for a pretty long time and is actually perceived to be a sporting personality. Her personality might be great, she may know plenty when it comes to sports, but another reason Erin’s gone far in her career is because she’s super-hot. As reporters go, they don’t get much hotter than Erin, and she went off the hotness scale when she got breast implants and her twins just got ever bigger. People can’t get enough of Erin, her twins, and the entire package she brings onscreen, and it looks like people will be lapping her up for many more years to come.

3 Jenny Dell

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30-year-old reporter, Jenny Dell, is currently with CBS where she reports from the sidelines on NFL games. Ever since she gained employment with the network, people have just been transfixed by her beauty. She’s super-hot, is a sultry babe, but in a different kind of way from most people on this list. She’s gained a huge amount of popularity because she’s got that girl next door look about her. She’s always, smiling, bubbly, of course incredibly hot, but seems really down to earth too, and that’s something that’s held her in good stead during her time with CBS.

She may seem like the girl next door, but – unless you’re incredibly lucky – it’s safe to assume the girl next door to you doesn’t have a set of twins like Jenny’s. They truly are massive, and a lot of attention has come their way since she took to reporting from the sidelines. Will Middlebrooks, Texas Rangers third baseman, is a very lucky man to be wed to this doll, I mean Dell!

2 Charlotte Jackson

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Charlotte Jackson is a name, that in the UK, is synonymous with all-things sports. She used to be a sideline reporter on mainstream TV, which meant that millions got to see her in action, but she’s since moved to Sky Sports on a more lucrative contract, and who could blame her? Tons of networks were eager to get her on board, but in the end the riches being offered by Sky, meant that that company prevailed. Because of her beauty and popularity, she’s also hosted a ton of other shows, un sports related, and has blossomed into a media personality.

Charlotte’s also endeared herself to the masses – well, all those 'excited' individuals out there – by taking part in a number of sultry photoshoots over the years. She’s got an amazing svelte physique with some tremendous assets, including a really hot set of twins. Luckily for her fans they’ve gotten to see plenty of her twins over the years, because this is one sports reporter that certainly isn’t shy about bearing all for the cameras.

1 Katarina Sreckovic

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Here’s another sideline reporter you probably don’t know much about, but nevertheless, she just had to make it as the number one entry on this list. Everyone on this list, is super-hot, has an amazing set of twins and incredible physiques, but Katarina is the only one who almost got fired for being too hot. Yes, you read that correctly; Katarina made headlines in 2014 when while doing some reporting on the Serbian soccer team, Red Star Belgrade, she was sent away from the sidelines because she was too hot and was a distraction to the players. She’s also said that players couldn’t partake in interviews with her, because they just couldn’t concentrate on anything but her beauty. Giving the beautiful reporter a touchline ban was definitely excessive, but she’s said that now players have gotten over it and are able to muster up a few words and concentrate on the beautiful game instead of her beautiful physique.

Katrina is basically a model who does sideline reporting. She’s got model-like looks, assets, a hot set of twins, and is just drop-dead gorgeous in every which way. If she gets banished from Serbian TV for being too hot, I’m certain there’ll be a ton of other networks around the globe queuing up to get her on board; she’ll never have to worry about being out of a job!

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