Top 15 Hot Bodybuilders Who Have Amazing Sets Of Twins

Don’t lie. We’ve all met a woman who could kick our ass. Shoot, I know have. The kind of lady who is feisty and mixed with that bravado. A body built with real muscles. The type that crush cans with their biceps. Break stools. Grip the hand while shaking and quickly take your southward stare down their shirt back up to eye level. You know it’s true.

The difficulty is when one of these ladies is hot. Like real hot. Encapsulating that feminine presence between all those manly muscles. But, maybe that isn’t fair. Why can’t a woman possess muscles?

I mean muscles don’t belong to men. It’s not like when we grew in the womb, our bodies were stamped with an approval for muscle manufacturing. It might feel that way. And fairly. As many of us have been inundated with society, shaping our opinions on gender norms and exclusions.

Back to the point: a lady with real womanly beauty and a harder, more defined body, that could headlock you, or give you a swirly. Admit, you’d beg “mercy,” as that toilet water swirled around your hair. Or would you? As you’ll see from these 15 gorgeously buff female body builders, they possess a dandy of a rack. When stuffing your head toward a toilet you’d maybe get a nice view, and I wouldn’t blame you, if you waited awhile before finely pleading their grace. Just be careful. Because as you’ll see they could break your body in two. I’d stay on their good side.

15 Rachel Cammon

via girlswithmuscle.net

I’ve never had a thing for bodybuilders. I make this point, because I have friends, or have known men (and women), who do. But Rachel Cammon is hot. Like seriously smoking. She honestly, in my humble opinion, looks more like a professional cheerleader.

Seriously. Look at the girl. Not only is she blessed with a lovely face, chestnut skin and if you search the internet, buns of brilliant steel, but her chest is more proportional than the previous bodybuilder.

In this photo, you’d easily think she was a college girl who really loves health-and-fitness. You might think, she’s, say…a physical therapy major, or a super buff field-and-track, stud. Either way, you don’t think or feel, like she’d kill you. And that’s a good thing.

14 Jennifer Broomfield

via girlswithmuscle.com

We’re stepping the game up folks, stepping it up. Yes, we are. Why? Because those are real and spectacular. As in god given. Not enhanced with a scalpel and saline. And girl has got it. I mean look at her. You see her walking down a beach and turning every head sideways. She’s that spot-on blonde we all wanted to date in college, the girl a foot out of reach with some gruff bro who says “fasho,” and “get it,” before hopping in his lifted truck or racing off in his muffler crazed rice rocket.

But, listen, as cute as she is, Jennifer was a beast on the circuit. She swept nearly every award from 2007 to 2009. If you date her, you get blonde beach babe AND the Kobe Bryant of her sport.

13 Erica Cordie

via beautymuscle.net

I swear I dated a girl who looked just like Erica Cordie. No, seriously. Minus, eh, a body concocted of stone, and biceps big enough to break a jaw, she WAS Erica Cordie. In all seriousness, Erica has it going on. She’s that shy brunette, the sassy one we all knew in high school. The girl who looked a little shy, or artsy, or stand offish, and because of that, was assumed to be a good, respectable girl by teachers, coaches and parents, only to tear stuff up at parties, and make men sweat. Yep…that’s her.

Now insert some mass. Not some, more like a mountain of mass, and an enhanced chest that rivals the impeccable fluidity of Van Gogh, and you have a babe of a bodybuilder, turning heads AND bouncing at bars.

It’s really, pretty, cool. Erica, though still active on the bodybuilding circuit, splits her time now. She’s also a motivational speaker, aiming at inspiring women to embrace their inward beauty in order that who they are outward may come to the surface. Got to love that.

12 Moorea Wolfe

via girlswithmuscle.net

I don’t know what to say. Like really, really, don’t know what to say. Wolfe is making me feverish the longer I look. Sultry eyes loped over a gorgeously girl next door face. She’s yummy. And really, good at body building. Last year Wolfe won 2 of 3 major titles.

A former gymnast, Wolfe hurt her back in 2006. What resulted was an excess of time and a need to compete, and out popped a newfound love for bodybuilding.

She is not afraid to take most her clothes off, either. Yes, that’s a very loud hint. As in DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Because this is the best I got. And damn, it’s good enough. But if you have the energy you’ll find even better.

You’re welcome.

11 Larissa Reis

via upi.com

I got to give it to the girl…she confuses me. I’ve never been into an overly built woman. I mean, not that I have anything against it. Because I don’t. My wife was a hell of an athlete in high school, and is no wimp with saggy arms. But still…she’s never been into real weight lifting, and in lieu of sounding a little rude, I’m glad she doesn’t. It’s nice to know, that when I hug her I can clasp my two hands behind her back. Why that matters? I’m not sure. Just go with it.

Anyway. Larissa Reis is hot. She’s that classic blond bombshell with the lips men want to kiss. Has gorgeous features, pretty skin, and how shall I say this: “Nice posture?” Whether her chest is legit, meaning naturally given (I don’t think so), it really doesn’t matter – and shouldn’t. Look at her. Girl’s got body for days, and a chest that hovers like two tasty cantaloupes.

10 Jennifer Rish

via keywordsuggestions.com

I got to keep mixing in the all-natural. It’s important…because it beautifies a woman pre-manufacturing, not that I’m complaining about either.

Rish is one said natural. A beach babe born in Southern California, Rish began as a model and gymnast at age four. In fact, Rish was so good, she was recruited by numerous Pac-10 schools to compete as a gymnast, but passed, as she liked the atmosphere of modeling better.

The result though, was a lifestyle Rish didn’t end up loving. Too much traveling and late nights. So, she mixed in her love of sport with her love of modeling, and found bodybuilding. Rish has yet to ascend the ranks as a top tier builder, but sits middle of the pack consistently with the best.

She’s also, hands down, a beauty.

9 Heather Dees

via krivsstudio.com

Dees is an OG on the bodybuilding circuit. OG, as in been around awhile. But she’s like a fine wine, as she gets cuter the older the gets. She’s respected for her impeccable form and her ability to striate her abdominals without so much as a flinch.

Despite this respect, she hasn’t won any major award. Because of this, she continues to push, as she’s long wanted to dominate the sport, by winning both the Arnold and the Olympia in the same year.

As you can see, she has the goods to go with it, and isn’t shy when it comes to showing said-goods. But can you really blame a bodybuilder? These are ladies who pose in next to nothing, in front of major crowds, while judges literally grade their physiques.

Thank you, Heather. Really, thank you.

8 Soleivi Hernandez

via tumblr.com

Soleivi Hernandez has made money. Like a lot of money. She’s done so by toeing the line more than any girl on this list, between both near nude photos and physique competitions.

It’s a strategy employed by a real business woman. Not only is she excellent at competition, but even better at making men fascinate.

You can’t blame her. She’s sexy. And knows that more money is out there, more than money from winning major competitions. So, the former swimsuit does what’s necessary to make near mogul status.

Hernandez netted $19 million last year. If her bodybuilding career ever goes south, she's going to find some other way to make a living. She definitely has the assets to be successful in other ventures.

7 Amanda Latona

via celebmafia.com

Amanda Latona is BY FAR the finest female on the circuit. She’s hip with a beach ready body, both feminine and fit as EVER. But really, she’s more feminine, no?

Latona has been on just about every fitness magazine cover. Like Hernandez she’s toeing the line between modeling and competing, to make money AND appeal to her long need for competition. She seems to be fulfilling that need quite nicely.

Latona was a legit volleyball player growing up. In fact, before a knee injury, was a top 100 collegiate recruit with a real chance at making noise nationally. Instead, we get to benefit from her decision to enter bodybuilding because the girl is saucy. She found her niche. And we salute her for it.

6 Brooke Holladay

via pinterest.com

Classing it up in a black dress, Holladay knows how to woo a real viewership. She could be considered the biggest, meaning blessed with the largest, most defined muscles of any lady on the circuit. She’s also a real beauty. There aren't many women in the world who could master that balance, but Holladay has certainly done that.

Brooke is the also the most multi-dimensional of any girl on this list. She’s a solid finisher in most major competitions on the pro circuit, a #1 ranked muscle model, and finds time to compete at muscle women competitions. Her versatility will help her have a very long and successful career.

All that to say, she’s an obvious success. Her beauty is the cherry on top.

5 Oksana Grishina

via girlswithmuscle.net

Oksana is considered by the IFBB critics to be the best living female bodybuilder. The Russian native boasts what critics call a “slender spine,” meaning she stands sturdy but can soften her stance enough to appeal sexually. This yields a growing fanbase and a higher score from judges who want more of a balance, than say, sheer strength. This success has flowered. From 2014 to present, Oksana has won five majors, including two Olympias and an Arnold competition.

As you can see, she’s a beauty. Naturally. With or without muscles, she has the looks to work a room, and leave jaws dropped.

Oksana wants to get into recruiting. Because of this, she’s started a bodybuilding training seminar. One, where amateurs can learn how to perfect her “slender spine,” in person or on Skype.

4 Sarah Ainsley Harrison

via blogspot.com

Umm…as Jim Carey says in the mask: “Smoking!!”. Seriously. Holy Good Lord of the Bikini World. Sarah Ainsley Harrison is much like Amanda Latona. She’s a fitness model who competes in occasional IFBB, conquering the all-world of beauty and brawn.

In 2011, Ainsley won Miss Universe Canada. That year she launched a travel fitness league. One where she’d attend a city, and teach workshops on health, beauty, fitness, confidence and taking one’s health to a new level. After her arrival, she’d team women up into groups to promote community and based on rules, the teams would score on things like minute-mile, etc.

The 5’11” bombshell boasts a trim 26” waist, washboard stomach and 35” chest! It’s her dimensional stand-out that makes her arguably the most dominate in her class.

3 Wendy Lindquist

via beautymuscle.net

Wendy Lindquist is, in my opinion, the most inspirational of all the ladies. She took her success from bodybuilding and turned it into a motivational personal training group, one that trains up ladies in the disciplines she entrusts, and then sends them out to work on a sliding scale. The scale is based upon need. That need a mix between the place the female finds herself health wise and her financial barring.

She’s also quite a pretty lady. She has a motherly look, but a kind look and sexy, if I say so. Not many women would be able to pull this all off at the same time, but Wendy Lindquist is not like most women. There's no doubt she has a good career ahead of her.

2 Heidi Vuorela

via greatmusclebodies.net

I’ve seen some abs, but I’ve never seen abs more ripped than Heidi Vuorela’s. That includes Arnold, Ronny Coleman, The Rock, you name it. Nobody. They look like individual guitar strings strummed when she takes a breath. You have to wonder just what she does to get ripped abs like that. But that's not her only stunning feature.

She also has an incredible bust. Lovely. Standout compared to her 25” waist. Vuorela is currently the leader in what female bodybuilders call, the BIG. Meaning as you’d imagine, the size of a lady’s muscles. But it isn’t just the size. It’s also the striation. Her success has followed, as she’s won one Olympia and a handful of Arnold competitions. She currently sits 3rd in total points this season.

1 Debi Laszewski

via gladiajatori.com

Laszewski has BY FAR had the longest tenure as a top tier bodybuilder. She’s won more majors than any active lady, and is argued, by critics, as a top five female builders, of all-time. She’s a living legend. A great.

She also boasts an outstanding chest, as seen by this photo. A chest with the BIG in full effect. Look at those muscles. I think she’s easily the toughest of all the body builders. Okay the scariest. Sorry. I know it sounds mean. But Laszewksi frightens me. Could break me in two and toss me like twin planks in a lake of fire. When you look at her from top to bottom, you can't help but stand in awe at just how much work she must put in to achieve results like that.

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