Top 15 Hot Pictures Of Boxer WAGs You NEED To See

The life of a boxer is rarely easy. They risk their lives and their reputations every time they step into the ring. The superficial damage such as cuts, bruises, and black eyes are trivial compared to

The life of a boxer is rarely easy. They risk their lives and their reputations every time they step into the ring. The superficial damage such as cuts, bruises, and black eyes are trivial compared to the damage the brain sustains. In recent years, science has delved into issues such as concussions and CTE. The results are alarming. These athletes are sacrificing a lot and way more than meets the eye.

Like nearly every other sport, boxing would not exist if it wasn’t for the fans. There has always been a thirst for combat sports and that doesn’t appear likely to change. Despite some backlash, boxing fans continue to pack venues and they spend obscene amounts of money on pay-per-view to watch these events. A lot of people such as promoters and networks make a boatload of money off these events. Let’s not forget the fighters themselves. Floyd “Money” Mayweather walked away with over $220 million after defeating Manny Pacquiao in May 2015. Heck, Pacquiao earned approximately $150 million for his efforts.

Like most professional athletes, top-tier boxers can live a very comfortable lifestyle. Fast cars, lots of bling and luxurious mansions are some of the perks that come with the fame. There is also the benefit of being able to reel in beautiful women. Whether they are wives, girlfriends, or casual dates, boxers are famous for courting some of the most desirable women. Let’s take a look at the top 15 hot pictures of boxing WAGs you need to see.

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15 Lindsey Myers


Kell Brook is in the middle of one heck of a career. The 30-year-old welterweight champion has compiled a flawless 36-0 record as a pro and 25 of those wins were by knockout. Speaking of knockouts, Kell’s lovely long-time girlfriend, Lindsey Myers, recently gave birth to the couple’s second child. Lindsey has been in Kell’s corner for several years. In a shocking incident, Lindsey and Kell took a trip to Tenerife when she was 20-weeks pregnant with their 2nd child. During their vacation, Kell was viciously attacked by a machete wielding maniac. He lost a lot of blood but made a full recovery. Having a devoted and sexy blonde wife by his side most likely aided his recovery.

14 Angela Vargas


Victor Ortiz really has it going on for himself these days. The 29-year-old holds a 31-6-2 professional boxing record and he has recently added a few impressive movie credits to his resume including The Expendables 3 and Southpaw. Oh, and he has a pretty hot girlfriend too. Angela Vargas has been dating the multi-talented Ortiz since roughly January of 2015. The 21-year-old left her native Oregon to pursue a career in modelling in California. The blond stunner practices yoga and describes herself as outgoing. She loves singing, hiking, dancing and going to the gym. Her diverse interests are a good match for Victor’s diverse talents.

13 Casey Wicks


Anthony Ogogo is a 27-year-old middleweight boxer from Suffolk, England. The Olympic bronze medalist has compiled an 8-0 professional record so far. Ogogo has also been making himself seen on television on shows such as Big Brother and Strictly Come Dancing.

Anthony is also blessed to have the sexy Casey Wicks by his side. She graduated from the University of East Anglia and is a teacher. It would be pretty hard to concentrate on math with Casey strutting around the classroom.

Casey has proven to be very supportive through Anthony’s tough times.

12 Paris Fury

Paris Fury is just 5’8” while her husband, Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury stands a towering 6’9”. Tyson has been known to say some pretty controversial stuff but Paris, right or wrong, always seems to back him up. The curvy blonde tries to make her giant of a husband sound like a softie, even going so far as to say that Tyson cried while watching the movie Marley and Me.

11 Faryal Makhdoom

This awesome looker has a lot going for her. 23-year-old Faryal Makhdoom holds degrees in political science and journalism from Rutgers University School of Arts and Sciences. Despite his well-publicized infidelities, she is now married to 2004 Olympic silver medalist Amir Khan. And he's incredibly lucky for it, Her curvaceous figure and natural beauty make her one of the sexiest boxing WAGs out there. She knows how to use makeup to bring out her exotic features and she shares her secrets on her YouTube channel. Two of her beauty secrets are drinking lots of water and exfoliating. Yeah, it also doesn’t hurt to be a natural knockout.

10 Nicole Broner


This isn’t exactly a match made in Heaven. The relationship seems tenuous at best, but Nicole and Adrien Broner inexplicably continue to remain together. There have been accusations of infidelity by both parties and they are both known to air their dirty laundry on social media. They both love drama and lack tact. Funnily enough, one of Adrien’s nicknames is ‘The Problem’. Unless this pair is rehearsing for some twisted reality television show, they need to change things up if they hope to remain together for the long haul.

9 Doralie Medina

Floyd Mayweather enjoys the finest of everything, from his cars to his women. The delicious Doralie Medina can definitely be described as fine and she enjoys the attention and perks of being Floyd’s main squeeze. The 30-year-old Medina, known as ‘Bad Medina’, was introduced to Mayweather in 2011 and she became his massage therapist. Floyd says Doralie is good with her hands and is a remarkable person.

She even sweet-talked him into investing in her lip-gloss company. Floyd sank 100k into her cosmetics venture. She has her sights set on eventually starting her own clothing line. Keep looking hot Doralie!!

8 Rachael Cordingley


After winning his last professional fight, Carl Froch dropped to one knee in the middle of the ring and proposed to his fabulous model girlfriend Rachael Cordingley. Make no mistake, Cordingley is an absolutely looker. Froch finished his career as a champion sporting a 33-2 record. He made the decision to trade in his boxing life for a domestic life and he has no regrets. Now he can spend his time with his sexy model wife. Not too many people live the charmed life that Froch does.

7 Lakiha Spicer


Former Heavyweight Champion and ear-biter Mike Tyson tied the knot for the third time in 2009. His latest bride, Lakiha Spicer, is a really nice looking WAG. She’s even a convicted felon just like Mike. Despite that, they have since had two children and Lakiha just might be the positive and calming force that Mike has needed for about three decades. Of course, when one is involved with Iron Mike, life is bound to throw a few unexpected curve balls.

6 Marisol Gonzalez

#enlajugada Look: @angelapatino ⚽️❤️

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At just 25 years of age, Saul Alvarez has amassed an incredible 47-1-1 record as a professional boxer. He is a Mexican icon who has not even hit his prime. Like a lot of athletes, Saul loves gorgeous women and he has won the heart of one of Mexico’s most beautiful babes. After dating many hot women, Saul set his sights on Marisol Gonzalez and they are now engaged. The stunning senorita has posed for many sexy photos that are easily found on the internet. It is easy to see how Alvarez fell in love with this dark-haired vixen.

5 Melissa Guzman

Celebrating my birthday 38 looks great #blessed #moldeunico #jeva

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Miguel Cotto is still active and about six months removed from a unanimous decision loss to Saul Alvarez. He has a 40-5 career record with 33 Kos. Pretty good numbers for the 35-year-old. Another area that Miguel has done well in is with women. Melissa Guzman isn’t just a pretty trophy wife. She has faithfully stood by his side through thick and thin. Melissa is known to be emotional while she sits at ringside, but she still manages to look good whenever the public gets a view of her.

4 Jennifer Dooley


Life has been full of battles for Ricky Hatton. He constantly battled in the ring where he compiled a 45-3 record. He apparently battled alcohol and drug addiction and he continues to battle to keep his family together. Hatton is engaged to the seriously sexy Jennifer Dooley, but the two have experienced a tumultuous relationship. Jennifer is an alluring ex-college lecturer who has shown a lot of determination in keeping Ricky on the straight and narrow. She can hopefully continue to be a positive influence in his life.

3 Bella Gonzalez


Fans of silky smooth Latinas with killer curves will love Sugar Shane Mosley’s girlfriend Bella Gonzalez. She has become known for speaking her mind on social media and no subject seems off-limits. The drop-dead gorgeous glamour girl is found in various skimpy outfits all over the internet and she is absolutely worth taking a look at. One of her dreams is to start a non-profit organization that would help kids with disabilities discover their inner and outer beauty.

2 Rachel Marcial-Donaire


With a professional record of 37-3, Philippine-American Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire has been a champion in four weight classes. He is married to Rachel Marcial who also goes by the moniker “Lady Savage.” Rachel is not one to be trifled with. She is a former USA National Collegiate and Military Taekwondo Champion who knows how to kick butt. Her beautiful body is featured in magazines such as FHM and Maxim.

1 Hayden Panettiere


Being the heavyweight champion of the world comes with many perks. Aside from glory, oodles of cash and preferential treatment at restaurants, these superstars also have the benefit of landing some of the hottest women on Earth. Former heavyweight champ Wladimir Klitschko knows this first hand. The 40-year-old giant is engaged to super WAG/actress/model Hayden Panettiere. The buxom blonde is in magazines, on television, and on the big screen. She is known best for her role as Claire in the television series Heroes. She gave birth to a daughter in 2014 and will likely continue to support Klitschko from the sidelines.

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Top 15 Hot Pictures Of Boxer WAGs You NEED To See