Top 15 Hottest Athletes To Follow On Snapchat

There’s no doubt about it - social media has had a huge impact on the way that athletes are able to interact with their fans. For example, before the age of Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter, the only peek that fans really got into their favorite athletes’ lives occurred during televised interviews or articles in newspapers and magazines. And even then, everything was filtered through the media. With social media, athletes are able to share whatever they choose – and even the most mundane details, like what they decided to eat for dinner, can be fun for fans to find out. So, it’s no surprise that many athletes have tons of followers across their social media platforms – fans want to know everything about their favorite pro athletes!

Now, while many male athletes have a huge following, female athletes do particularly well on social media for one reason – they’re stunning. Fans not only get a peek inside an interesting athlete’s life, they also get shots of their favorite female athletes in swimsuits or workout wear as they’re training and sculpting their physique. Plus, many pro athletes travel the world for their sport, so fans get an inside look at beaches and cities around the world through the eyes of the athletes.

Snapchat in particular is a great new medium for athletes to communicate their lives. Twitter allows them to share things with their fans through words, Instagram allows them to share things with their fans through images (and the occasional short video clip). Snapchat combines the two, giving female athletes a few seconds to goof off, give fans a mini tour of the exotic locale they’re in that week, and just show off their personality off the court.

Here are 15 of the hottest female athletes you need to add on Snapchat.

15 Eva Marie (allredeva) 

via natalieevamariefans.tumblr.com

WWE Diva Eva Marie is probably one of the hottest Divas to ever set foot in the ring, so there’s no doubt that fans always want to see more of her and her daily life. She snagged a spot on the Diva-centric reality television show Total Divas, and has cultivated a strong social media presence since stepping into the limelight – and it’s easy to see why her fans are eager to see what she’ll be snapping next. Simply put, she’s crazy hot – so whatever she decides to share on her fairly recent Snapchat account, everyone wants to see.

14 Paige (sarayasnup) 

via paige-photos.com

Since WWE Divas became a category of their own, there have been many, many standard American blonde bombshells in the ring with bronzed skin, blue eyes, and flowing blonde locks. However, everyone has different tastes – for some fans, it’s the pale-skinned, raven-haired, somewhat Gothic look that’s desired. Enter Paige. She basically comes from wrestling royalty, having been involved in the wrestling world through her family ties since she was a child and she’s become a rising star thanks to her sassy attitude and gorgeous looks. Trust us – you want to add her on Snapchat.

13 Nikki Bella (thenikkibella2) 

via allwrestlingnews.com

The Bella Twins are basically a category of their own in the wrestling world. First of all, they’re both insanely gorgeous, and there’s two of them – twice the talent and crazy curves. Second, both are in long-term relationships (or married to) fellow wrestlers. Third, they’re outspoken, they’re full of personality, and they’re a lot of fun to watch. While Brie might be the Bella Twin to follow if you’re looking for vegetarian, free-spirited Snaps, if you’re looking for pure glamour and entertainment, you want Nikki on your list.

12 Alana Blanchard (alanarblanchard) 

via theinertia.com

When it comes to female athletes, surfers are some of the hottest around. I mean, just look at it logically – they’re always rocking the beach babe tousled hair, they’re tanned from being in the sun so much, and they’re either in a skin-tight bodysuit or a tiny bikini. I mean, what’s not to love? Alana Blanchard has been in the surfing circuit for over a decade, and has competed in several competitions. Her popularity on the internet, though, comes mostly because of her looks – she’s a total bombshell. If you love clips of beach babes and crazy waves, you’ll want to add Blanchard.

11 Leryn Franco (lerynfranco) 

via imageevent.com

Okay, unless you’re someone who has competed in javelin throwing, we’re betting that most people would be hard pressed to name more than one professional javelin thrower. Sure, the sport is fun to watch in the Olympics, but it just doesn’t get the same notoriety as many team sports. However, there’s one javelin thrower whose name you should definitely know – Leryn Franco. She is a Paraguayan model who competed in three Olympic games as a javelin thrower – and whatever training is necessary to excel at that sport, they need to draft up a workout plan, because most ladies would kill for a body like Franco’s. She retired in 2014, but if you’re looking to get some sexy athletes on your Snapchat, she can’t be missed.

10 Victoria Azarenka (vichka) 

via blog.mytennislessons.com

With women like Maria Sharapova and Eugenie Bouchard in the game, it can be tough to distinguish between the myriad of blonde babes in the professional tennis world – however, when you’re looking to expand your Snapchat list, Belarusian player Victoria Azarenka is one that needs to make the cut. The former world No. 1 has won two Australian Open singles titles, a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics and many more. Let’s be honest though – you’re not adding her because of her skills on the court. You’re adding her because of her skills on Snapchat.

9 Kim Glass (itskimglass) 

via worldofvolley.com

When it comes to professional volleyball players, many assume that all the hotties opt to go the route of beach volleyball. After all, why spike and set indoors when you could be doing so on a sandy court? Well, there are definitely a lot of gorgeous girls in the beach volleyball world, but indoor volleyball is worth watching for Kim Glass alone. The volleyball player and model is 6’3" and it’s all lean muscle and curves. However, she’s not all sports all the time – just add her on Snapchat to find out about her fun side.

8 Sierra Quitiquit (sierraquitiquit) 

via sierraquitiquit.com

It’s incredibly difficult to become a professional model. It’s also incredibly difficult to become a professional skier. Somehow, Utah native Sierra Quitiquit has managed to master both – and she’s also very, very comfortable on a surfboard in the waves. The blonde triple threat has conquered all the seasons and is equally likely to share breathtaking mountain views with fresh powder as she is to share gorgeous waves beating against the shore. She’s a bit of a newcomer to the world of Snapchat, but she’s one you definitely want to keep an eye on.

7 Alex Morgan (alexmorgan13) 

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With men like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo in the soccer world, it can be easy to overlook the female players tearing up the scene – but trust us, Alex Morgan is one woman you don’t want to overlook. The American superstar got her start at a young age, showing her skills on the field alongside older teammates, and she continues to be one of the most recognizable female names in soccer today. While she might not be as active on Snapchat as athletes like the WWE Divas whose social media presence is a big part of their fame, her sporadic posts are definitely worth following her on the platform.

6 Michelle Waterson (karatehottiemma) 

via collegespun.com

While Ronda Rousey is perhaps the female athlete who made the world realize that female MMA fighters could be sexy, that’s no reason to overlook Michelle Waterson. I mean, she earned the nickname “karate hottie” for a reason – she’s totally gorgeous. The Colorado girl got her start in karate, and has trained in various forms of fighting including jiu-jitsu, muay thai, boxing and wrestling, and eventually stepped into the MMA world. When she’s not beating up other women, she’s rocking sexy looks in the modeling world. Basically, you’re crazy if you don’t add her to your Snapchat ASAP.

5 Sierra Blair-Coyle (sierrabc) 

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Why would a professional rock climber have nearly 100,000 followers on social media platforms like Instagram? Well, just take one look at a picture of Sierra Blair-Coyle and we have a feeling you’ll know exactly why she’s so popular. The sexy blonde has an incredible physique sculpted through years of rock climbing, and she climbs with Team USA. She’s a rookie on Snapchat, but she’s definitely worth following for her upbeat attitude, adventurous travels, and, of course, sex appeal.

4 Anastasia Ashley (anastasiaashley) 

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A professional surfer who became famous for her pre-competition twerking ritual? If you’re not already following Anastasia Ashley on whatever social media platform she’s on, you’re doing it wrong. The California girl has been surfing since she was 5, and won her first national title at the tender age of 16. She’s done well in the surfing circuit but let’s be serious – one of the reasons she’s so popular is because she’s absolutely gorgeous and knows how to work it on social media. Add her to Snapchat and you just might get some more glimpses of her twerking tendencies – I mean, if she does it to warm up before competing, who knows where else she’s going to break out the twerk?

3 Tia Blanco (tiablanco) 

via captainkaisworld.com

Okay, another surfer, we know, but hear us out – surfing is a sport populated by gorgeous beach babes who are constantly surrounded by breathtaking ocean views. I mean, if that doesn’t make you a social media sensation, what will? Tia Blanco is no exception. She’s stunning and frequently shares videos of her surfing adventures to her social media platform (complete with tons of bikini shots). However, fair warning, carnivores – Blanco is a strict vegan, so don’t expect to see any snaps of her chowing down on a cheeseburger.

2 Lolo Jones (lolojones) 

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Let’s be real for a moment – no one really cared about hurdles and bobsledding for a while. Sure, everyone would watch their country compete at the events in the Olympics, but in comparison to other sports, there really weren't any big names in hurdles and bobsledding. That is, until Lolo Jones. The American babe basically captivated the world the moment they first laid eyes on her – she’s sweet, she’s charming, she’s beautiful, and she’s funny. You should really be following Jones on every social media platform she’s on, but Snapchat in particular gives her a chance to shine.

1 Eugenie Bouchard (geniebouchard) 

via tamlongvang.laodong.com.vn

While many pro athletes make social media a part of their lives because it’s a great way to reach out to fans and give them a glimpse into their daily lives, Eugenie Bouchard makes social media a part of her life because, well, she’s 22 years old. The blonde babe may spend her days on the tennis courts, but she spends her free time doing what many other 20-somethings do – having fun with her friends and enjoying life. Her Snapchat shares are guaranteed to be entertaining.

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