Top 15 Hottest Female Athletes Set To Break Out

If you haven't noticed yet, female athletes have gotten much more competitive and exciting over the past decade. There is a new breed of female athlete rising to the surface. The combination of new diets, as well as modern science and training techniques has produced some amazing feats in women's sports. As we get ready for the summer Olympics and look to the future of sports, we should all be excited about what the future will bring.

As female athletes fine tune their athletic skills, by nature, their physical appearance will begin to evolve and become more toned and balanced as well. As we get into this list, we will definitely see some hard evidence of that welcomed change.

This list will also help you be ahead of the curve when it comes to the hottest sports women out there. We are going to run down not just the hottest women in sports, but we are going to do a little digging and find the diamonds in the ruff who are on their way to stardom. Just make sure you remember where you heard it when you impress the guys with your knowledge on the obscure female athlete, and if your girl has a problem, just let her know you are just appreciating these ladies' tremendous athletic abilities.

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15 Jessica Gysin

via coed.com

Jessica Gysin is an interesting choice to start this list, as she is already 30 years old. However, Jessica is just beginning to gain the fame she has long deserved. Jessica is a legend at the University of Southern California. She was a three-year starter on the women's volleyball team, accumulating several school records along the way. After her days with the Trojans, Jessica went on to play professional beach volleyball, and was named the league rookie of the year in her first season. Gysin also dabbles in modeling when she is away from the beach. If you check out her social media you will find that she is not very camera shy. As I mentioned earlier, however, she has recently been introduced to more fame than she had previously attained when she married NFL quarterback Jimmy Clausen. Keep an eye out for this lady because she is beginning to pick up some traction.

14 Gracie Gold

via foxsports.com

Gracie Gold is a 21-year-old American figure skater. She comes from the small town of Newton, Mass. Gracie also has a fraternal twin who is a competitive figure skater as well. In her young career, Gracie has had relatively great success. In 2011, she made her international debut, where she took gold in the Junior Grand Prix. As of today, she has already earned herself two National titles. Gold is looking to earn her place on the US national team in the next Olympics. Gold comes from a solid family; her mother is an ER nurse, while her father is anesthesiologist. It appears she and her parents agreed that figure skating was going to be her career path, as she left school early to focus on her craft. As she matures and learns how to build her brand, I have no doubt that we will be seeing more and more of Ms. Gracie Gold in the coming years.

13 Madison Keys

via grantland.com

At 21 years old, Keys has already cracked the top 10 in the world of women's tennis. She was the first US female to crack the top 10 since Serena Williams did so in 1999. Madison has only been on the pro circuit for a short time, but she already has the respect of the greatest female to ever play the game. At the 2015 Australian Open, Madison made it to the semi-final round where she met number one ranked Serena Williams. Getting there, Keys knocked off three seeded opponents, including Serena's sister, Venus Williams. After a tough match against Madison, Serena spoke glowingly about her, saying,"It was an honor for me to play someone who will be number one in the future." The future looks very bright for this young tennis star, and with her amazing looks, it appears the sky is the limit for Madison Keys.

12 Nikki Van Dijk

via australianopenofsurfing.com

Nikki Van Dijk lives the life most people would give anything to have. At 21 years old, Nikki gets to travel the world, surf, make money, and be beautiful. You may never have heard of her, but this Australian surfer has been a household name in the surf world since 2012, when she won the World Junior Title in Bali. I told you, she has the perfect life. She currently holds sponsorships from Ripcurl and Oakley, among others, and her career earnings have already reached a quarter million dollars, not bad for a 21-year-old surfer. Van Dijk has a long career of surfing ahead of her, but if she were to get bored of the ocean, or get a phobia of sharks, I am sure she could find a job at Victoria's Secret or any other modeling job she desired. As for her surfing career, 2015 was her best season; she finished the year in 9th place and has been invited back to participate in the upcoming season. This could be just the beginning.

11 Paige Vanzant

via pinterest.com

First of all, Paige Vanzant is way too pretty to even be punched in the face, let's make that clear right off the bat. Paige is a 22-year-old mixed martial artist who is currently competing in the Women's Strawweight division with the UFC. Her career began in 2012 when she began fighting with Invicta FC. Her career has seen more ups than downs, as her record indicates (6-2). In June 2016, she cracked the UFC top 10 in the Strawweight division, and it appears she is only going to continue to climb. When you see Paige you don't immediately think of her as the animal she becomes in the octagon. She has a very aggressive style; she is always looking to score a knockout. At a petite 5'4", and only 115 pounds, Vanzant wouldn't seem like the kind of girl with knockout strength, but somehow she makes it happen. I will say it again though, Paige. If the fighting ever gets to you, please don't hesitate to look for a career where the only thing taking shots at you is a camera.

10 Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet

via bodybuliding.com

Canada, America's hat, is known for things like hockey, the word "eh," Justin Beiber and Drake. Well, world, let me introduce you to Canada's best contribution yet: Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet. Camille was the 2014 CrossFit competition champion, and is also a competitive weightlifter. She was a high level gymnast growing up and into her high school days, but a serious hip injury ended her gymnastic career. She began to get into cross fit thanks to a friend during one of her other sports endeavors. One of her coaches told her that she was not in good enough shape to play on the team, so Camille took this as the ultimate challenge. Initially, her friends and family were against it, citing risk of injury as the main concern, but as she gained experience and had success, everyone came around. Now LeBlanc is a world class cross-fit champion and a successful weightlifter as well. I think it is safe to say things are going well for this Canadian.

9 Paige Spiranac

via esquire.com

Paige Spiranac is far and away the sexiest female golfer in the world. Once dubbed the "hottest female athlete on planet Earth," Paige has some incredible gifts aside from her golfing abilities. The LPGA world is not blind to the beauty of Spiranac either. In May 2016, Gold Digest Magazine put Paige on the cover, over several more talented and deserving female golfers. The reasons are obvious, and the LPGA actually made a stink about the sexual advertising tactics. LPGA Hall of Famer Juli Inkster said, “It’s kind of where our society is right now. I don’t agree with it, but it’s their magazine and they can do what they want.”

To this point, Spiranac has not had an especially great career; however, she is still only 23 years old and has time to reach her professional potential. It is clear though; if Paige were to ever decided she wanted to pursue something other than golf, people will follow her, as is evident by her 700,000+ Instagram followers.

8 Christen Press

via sportingnews.com

In her rookie season in the Women's Professional Soccer League, Christen Press was named the rookie of the year. Before turning pro, she was a superstar athlete at Stanford University. As an established pro, now 27 years old, Christen has her eyes set on even higher goals. Press has been a part of the US Women's National Team for four years now, but her playing time has been sporadic and inconsistent to this point. With the turnover on the National Team over the next three years, Press looks to become a much larger and integral part of the team. Her star is clearly starting to brighten. In 2016, she posed nude for the ESPN Body Issue, an issue we are all are all anxiously awaiting. Press has also done some modeling work with Nike over the past couple of years. It appears to be a matter of time before Christen Press becomes a household name.

7 Camila Giorgi

via passionatte.com

This 24-year-old Italian tennis pro is on her way to stardom. Camila began playing tennis at the age of five years old, and by the time she was 21, she was playing at the Wimbledon Open. At 22, in her second Wimbledon tournament, she saw her greatest success as she won her first four rounds of competition. Giorgi has been ranked as high as 30 in the WTA women's rankings, though she is currently sitting at number 48. What is interesting about Camila is that she seems to play best when she is playing against the best in the world. She currently has a winning record when playing against opponents ranked inside the top 10, including wins against number one players Caroline Wozniacki, Maria Sharapova, and Victoria Azarenka. Camila also has a bad girl side. She was once nearly ejected from a tournament after she smashed a ball into the stands out of frustration; the ball hit an elderly woman sitting in the front row.

6 Winifer Fernandez

via shockmansion.com

Her full name is Winifer Maria Fernandez Perez, and trust me, you are going to want to remember this one. She is a Dominican volleyball player, currently playing with Club Mirador. She also competed in the 2015 FIVB Volleyball Women's Club World Championship. At 21 years old, Winifer is just beginning her adult life and we should expect to see a lot more of her in the years to come. She already has experienced nearly instant fame when a recent article was released by totalprosports that shows pictures and videos of the new internet sensation. She will likely be participating in the Olympic games this summer, and if you have a hard time spotting her (which you shouldn't), just look for the girl wearing the extremely short shorts. That is quickly becoming her trademark. As the Olympics get underway and women's volleyball gets some television time, there is no doubt the world will soon know who Winifer Fernadez is.

5 Jamie Anderson

via extremeelite.com

One of eight children, Jamie Anderson has always had to do a  little bit extra to stand out. Well, she certainly is standing out these days. A product of South Lake Tahoe, Anderson has spent her entire childhood playing in the snow, and it is paying dividends as an adult. She is already a 10-time Olympic medalist, including four golds. Jamie had always enjoyed snow sports, but at the age of nine, she was given a hand-me-down snowboard and immediately fell in love with the sport. At the age of 14, she qualified for the Winter X-Games as a snowboarder. After only five years of practice, and at the tender age of 15, Jamie won her first X-Games medal when she won bronze in the 2005 games. The snowboarding world is well aware of Jamie.

She has been a top performer in the world of women's action sports for almost a decade already, yet somehow most people are unaware of this beautiful athlete. ESPN recently hosted their annual ESPY Award show, where they award athletes for many different things. This year marked the fourth time Jamie was awarded, as she again won the award for Best Female Action Sport Athlete.

4 Laura Robson

via celebmafia.com

In 2013, it looked like Laura Robson was on her way to becoming the most dominant female tennis player on the planet. From the start, she appeared to have it all. She was the Junior Wimbledon Champion at age 14, and she won her first professional tournament at 15. By the time she was 18, she already had a stellar resume. She captured an Olympic silver medal in mixed doubles, teaming with Andy Murray. Also that same year, she was named the WTA Women's Newcomer of the Year and things were looking very promising for her. Unfortunately, after the 2012 season, Laura began to get bit by the injury bug. Between October 2013 and January 2015, Robson only played in 33 matches. She had to sit idle while she watched her world ranking drop from 27 all the way down to 906. Luckily for her, and us, Robson is finally healthy and playing great tennis. She has improved her world ranking back to 294 and she is on the rise. If she is able to get back to her previous form, there is no doubt she will find herself in the spotlight. With a story like hers, and the looks she possesses, she is primed to be a media darling in the coming years.

3 Erica Hosseini

via bnqt.com

Erica is a 29-year-old surf pro. She has spent her entire adult life traveling the world and competing in surf competitions. Sucks to be her right? Growing up in Southern California, she learned how to surf at an early age. Her parents, both athletes in their own right, groomed Erica for athletics from the start. Her mother, now a ski instructor, had Erica on the slopes at the age of two. Erica is a self-proclaimed tomboy. As a child, she participated in every sport imaginable, including soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and even lacrosse. As she begins to near the big 3-0, it appears she is beginning the transition from surfing to modeling. Currently sponsored by brands like Oakley and Casio, Erica has began using these platforms to help catapult her into a career in front of the camera. There seems to be no rush for her to stop surfing though; she says she enjoys the competition and the beach life, but there is no doubt if she fully transitions herself into modeling, she will become a household name sooner than later.

2 Sydney Laroux

via tumblr.com

Sydney Laroux is already a star on the US Women's National Team, and the future appears to be extremely bright for this 26-year-old Canadian beauty. With the retirement of some US National Team stars, the team appears to be ready to embrace a new leader and Sydney is in prime position to take the reigns. At 26, she has already played in 75 National Team games, scoring 35 career goals along the way. Sydney, along with teammate Alex Morgan appear to be the future of US Women's soccer. It was clear from the start that Sydney was going to be great. During her four seasons at UCLA, she led her team in scoring three of the four seasons. Aside from being an incredible soccer player, Laroux is also a pioneer for women around the world. She has embraced the responsibility of showing women that it is okay to be proud of your body.

Leroux posed semi-nude for ESPN Body Issue, and when talking about the experience, she said, "I think a lot of females struggle with the way they look, and I wanted to show that everyone's body is different. I think it's a big deal to be an athlete and feel confident in your body and show it off. I'm not going to say I've never struggled with how I look, but I've reached a point in my life where I'm happy with who I am."

1  1. Eugenie Bouchard

via thestar.com

This Canadian bombshell is currently ranked 40 on the WTA Women's Tour. Eugenie would already be a mega star had she not taken some time away from tennis in 2015. As a youngster, Bouchard was a superstar prospect. She officially turned pro at the age of 15, and in 2013 she was named the WTA Newcomer of the Year. In fact, 2013 was her break through year, she made her first major draw in the French Open. She opened the tournament with a straight set win, but then she was pitted against the number two seeded Maria Sharapova who defeated her.

Still, Eugenie had proven to herself that she could compete at the highest level. She took that momentum into the 2014 season where she saw her most success. During the 2014 season, she made it to the semi-finals at the Australian Open and the French Open, but her greatest accomplishment came at Wimbledon that year when she made it to the finals, though she was defeated by Petra Kvitova. Also in 2014, Eugenie won her first WTA tournament in an event leading up to Wimbledon.

With all this success, Bouchard was crowned the Most Improved Player in 2014 and she saw her ranking rise all the way to number five in the world. Since then, she has had some injury issues, as well as some legal issues, but 2016 has seen the return of Eugenie. If things work out for her over the coming years, you can bank on hearing her name much more often.

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