Top 15 Hottest Female Athletes Who Are Also Moms

Being a mom is a hard enough, full time job on its own. Pair that with being not only an athlete, but grouped among some of the greatest athletes, and you’ve got yourself a lethal combination. Being a female professional athlete is incredibly demanding and takes ample focus to stay in shape and stay on top of your game at all times, including those grueling nine months that are endured during a pregnancy, and then the crucial recovery months following giving birth to a tiny human (neither of which are set backs for a guy's athletic career). Of course once you become a mom you might find yourself falling into new categories among the population, particularly but not limited to, a certain acronym coined by American Pie. A certain desire comes along with the fact that you carried a child and still look fantastic after doing it. Despite this compliment, the most important titles for these ladies fall alongside Olympic medals, winning championships, and gaining recognition for their play. From the field to the water and everything in between, these sporty moms make it all look effortless and easy.

Without further a due, here are the Top 15 Hottest Female Athletes Who Are Also Moms.

15 Summer Sanders

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First in the lineup is Summer Sanders, a former American Olympic champion, World Champion, and Pan Pacific champion swimmer. She could swim a lap in the pool by the time she was three years old, at 15 she just missed a spot on the Olympic team, and by 18 she was swimming at Stanford. In two years there she won eight NCAA National Championship titles and was awarded Swimmer of the Year back to back.

Her last Olympics in 1992 she brought home two gold medals, silver and a bronze. Not bad for a last hurrah. Since retiring she has worked as a sports commentator, host, reporter, and occasional actress. She has been known to correspond during the Olympics and is a commentator on the Pac-12 Network. In 2005 she married Erik Schlopy, a World Cup skier and Olympic competitor, and they have a little boy and girl together.

14 Brandi Chastain

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Brandi Chastain is a retired professional soccer defender and midfielder who played on the United States women’s national team. Not ringing a bell? May we remind you of the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup Final where she scored the fifth kick in a penalty shootout to give the U.S. a win against China. Still not ringing a bell? Well she ripped off her jersey and then fell to her knees, fists clenched, landing the cover of magazines such as Sports Illustrated and Time for celebrating in such a male fashion at the time. There it is! Chastain is the star of what is better known as the “sports bra episode”.

She married Jerry Smith, a well-known soccer coach who is currently head of the women’s program at Santa Clara Broncos. Since having her son in 2006 she broadcast a bit on NBC and commentates, staying close to the world of soccer.

13 Noelle Pikus-Pace

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Noelle Pikus-Pace is a retired skeleton racer (the one where you race down a frozen track lying face down on a board and wonder who is crazy enough to actually do it) who began her career in 2001 and retired after participating in the 2010 Winter Olympics. In 2005 she became the iron woman when a titanium rod was put into her leg after it was broken by a four man bobsleigh that failed to brake at the finish line. Her journey back to the track from this freak accident was chronicled in a critically acclaimed documentary. She eventually came back out of retirement in 2012 announcing her intent to qualify for the 2014 Winter Olympics, in which she did, AND won a silver medal.

She married husband Janson Pace in 2002 and have had two children, with a miscarriage of their third. Talk about a super mom!

12 Mia Hamm

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Miss Mia Hamm is a retired professional soccer player who is a two time Olympic gold medalist and a FIFA Women’s World Cup Winner. She was a founding member of the Washington Freedom and held the record for international goals scored, more than any player male or female, which was only broken in 2013 by Abby Wambach. Hamm still holds the national team record for most assists, 144, and was inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame.

Her career came to an end when she announced her retirement after the 2004 Athens Olympics in order to start a family with her husband Nomar Garciaparra, a former MLB third baseman. Hamm had twin girls in 2007, and a son in 2012, which was followed by the honor of being the first woman inducted into the World Football Hall of Fame in 2013.

11 Lisa Leslie

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Lisa Leslie is standing at 6’5 with a lengthy professional basketball (duh) background. She has since retired, but over the course of her career she played in the WNBA where she was a the first WNBA player to win the regular season MVP, the All-Star Game MVP, and the playoff MVP, and did we mention it was ALL in the same season. On top of that, she is a four-time Olympic gold medal winner. Oh, should we keep going? She was also an eight-time all-star and two-time champion, but most importantly this amazon was the first player to dunk in a WNBA game.

She took a leave in 2007 to start having kids and went back to school to earn a Masters of Business. She released her autobiography “Don’t Let the Lipstick Fool You” and since then has been featured in Vogue as a model, and ESPN as an anchor.

10 Maria Kirilenko

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This right-handed Russian tennis beauty has played a long and steady professional tennis career staring in 2003, up until 2015 when she had a baby boy. Her lengthy list of accomplishments starts with winning the U.S. Open Girls Single, and ends primarily with a bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympics. Kirilenko has reached three Grand Slam quarterfinals and two Grand Slam doubles finals. She had a little bit of a lull in her career after the Olympics due to a knee injury before making a comeback in the 2014 U.S. Open then married Head of the Committee of Public Services in Moscow.

Kirilenko was the face of the tennis range of Adidas by Stella McCartney and appeared in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition pictorial titled Valley of the Dolls. She gave birth to a baby boy in 2015 and has yet to return to the world of tennis.

9 Michelle Waterson

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Michelle “The Karate Hottie” Waterson is a mixed martial artist superstar who also competes in the UFC. She is the #6 ranked pound-for-pound female MMA fighter in the world starting when she was just ten years old. Waterson holds a Black Belt in Karate and initially rose to her fame on a reality show hosted on the Oxygen network called Fight Girls. In 2014 she appeared on American Ninja Warrior, in which one would assume she would excel at right?

Well not so much as she failed to qualify in the first round when she fell off the very first obstacle. After becoming engaged in 2010, she quickly followed that up with the announcement that she was pregnant and later had a baby girl who we can only imagine will be well protected by her mother, outside of a America Ninja Warrior obstacle course though of course.

8 Heather Mitts

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Heather Mitts is a soccer defender who played at the University of Florida before playing in the Women’s Professional Soccer League for four different teams, finishing up in Boston. She played on the U.S. women’s national team; as well as bringing home three Olympic gold medals. Mitts was apart of the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup team where they finished in a close second place. Although Mitts is known for her ability to kick the ball she is known for her looks, which landed her in the world of modeling. She was rated the Sexiest Player by Playboy in 2001, was voted ESPN’s Hottest Female Athlete, and has appeared in the legendary Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. In 2010 she married NFL quarterback A.J. Feeley and the two have a son, and most recently a daughter. Mitts stays in the game and runs a soccer camp every year to teach children the fundamentals of the game.

7 Kerri Walsh Jennings

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Kerri Walsh Jennings is half of what is probably the most famous beach volleyball duo to come out of the U.S., like, of all time. Teammate Misty May-Treanor and Jennings have a gold medal in the 2004, 2008, and 2012 Olympics, with three gold medals in the World Championships. As of this weekend she will be in the running for her fourth gold medal at the Olympic Games in Rio with teammate April Ross since Treanor has retired. She attended Stanford University on a volleyball scholarship and was chosen all four years as a first-team All-American.

She married a fellow beach volleyball player, Casey Jennings, and have three kids together. After giving birth to their third child the beach loving mom posed nude for the 2013 ESPN Body Issue and revealed she was actually five weeks pregnant during the 2012 London Summer Olympics.

6 Dara Torres

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Dara Torres is said to be one of the fastest female swimmers in America. She entered into her first swimming competition at the age of 14 and followed with her fist Olympics a few years later. She attended the University of Florida and swam for the swimming and diving team, winning nine Southeastern Conference individual championships. In 2008 she was officially the oldest swimmer to compete in Olympic games at the age of forty just 16 months after giving birth, and actually brought home three silver medals. Her Olympic career includes 12 medals in five sets of games.

Aside from her world in the pool, on land Torres was the first ever female athlete to be featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and has appeared on shows from Good Morning America to CNN. This diverse aqua babe went through two marriages before finding her Prince Charming and had a daughter in 2006.

5 Candace Parker

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Candace Parker is yet another amazon lady who was a WNBA star selected first overall back in 2008 by the Los Angeles Sparks and the youngest sister of former NBA player Anthony Parker. She recorded the best rookie debut in the leagues history, winning MVP and Rookie of the Year. During the WNBA off season each year she kept her gears greased and would transfer over to the Euro League where she played on a franchise team in Russia, as well as serving as a member of Team USA winning a gold medal in the 2008 Olympics. In 2009 she was voted the favorite female athlete in the sports category at the Teen Choice Awards. Parker was also named to People Magazine’s 100 World's Most Beautiful People list in 2007, which she followed up with a marriage to Sheldon Williams, a nearly seven foot tall NBA player later welcoming a baby girl.

4 Gabrielle Reece

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Another legendary beach volleyball star to hail from the United States, Gabrielle Reece, is well known for her long blonde hair and year round summer tan. She attended Florida State University on a beach volleyball scholarship where she set two different records in solo block and total blocks- which still stand to this day. Besides being a beach volleyball champion, she is a New York Times best selling author, health and fitness expert, AND was the first female spokeswoman for Nike.

She was equally as involved in modeling as she was volleyball and has appeared in Elle (where she was also a contributing editor), Shape, Life and on the cover of Playboy. In 1997 she married big wave surfer Laird Hamilton and they have two daughters. She splits her time between Malibu and Hawaii, and is currently a sports announcer and actress.

3 Malia Jones

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Malia Jones is a professional surfer and American model. She was born in California but moved to Kailua, Hawaii at two years old. Her exotic looks come from the fact that she is Hawaiian, Spanish-Filipino, German and English. She started competitive surfing at fifteen and was noticed by Surfing Magazine during an Amateur Championship where they asked her to model for their swimsuit issue, creating a star. Jones has done commercials from Capri Sun to Coca-Cola, and Corona Beer. Most importantly however is the fact she was a consultant for the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch, which we can only imagine was probably an accurate depiction of her life growing up.

She has been named among Esquire’s “Sexiest Athletes” and modeled for Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue. She designs her own swimwear line and currently lives in Hawaii with her three sons and her husband Alex O’Loughlin who is the star of the recent television remake of Hawaii Five- O.

2 Amanda Beard

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Amanda Beard is another athlete who prefers water to dry land, and is a seven-time Olympic medalist and former world record holder in the 200-meter breaststroke. The blue-eyed beauty was fourteen years old when she made an appearance in her first Olympics in 19966 in Atlanta while she was still just a student in high school. Beard has been named named American Swimmer of the Year Award twice, with a total of twenty-one medals in major international competition. Her well known modeling career spans from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition to Playboy. She is a spokeswoman for Defenders of Wildlife and released an autobiography, In the Water They Can’t See You Cry, chronicling the struggles during her career, including overcoming a struggle with bulimia developed from wearing a swimsuit in front of others. She is married to photographer Sacha Brown and has two kids.

1 Jennie Finch

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Lastly, at number one, we have Jennie Finch. Finch is a Team USA softball pitcher, as well as pitching for the Arizona Wildcats and the Chicago Bandits. She has two Olympic medals under her belt, a gold and silver, and Time magazine has described her as the most famous softball player in history. Her pitching career started at eight years old and set several records while at school. She held 51 consecutive wins and upon leaving the school she was a career leader in strikeouts, shutouts, innings pitched, and tied for no-hitters.

We know what you're thinking and you're guaranteed a strike out as she retired to focus on her family with former Major League Baseball pitcher Casey Daigle, and their three kids. Beforehand, she received the most votes in an ESPN online poll as most attractive female athlete, has been named a part of People Magazine's most beautiful people and has, of course, modeled for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

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