Top 15 Hottest Female Bodybuilders In The World Today

There tends to be a negative perception about bodybuilding and those who compete in the sport today. People who know little about the sport think it’s just about how many drugs you can pump into your body, a little training, a hell of a lot of food and then posing on stage in those tiny trunks. It’s not what many people deem to be a “proper” or “watchable” sport – many people don’t see the attraction.

Yes, there are drugs involved – unofficially of course – supplements, lots of food and brutal training regimes, but there’s far more to it than that. There’s a lot more that goes into making a championship bodybuilder.

It’s also important to note that in bodybuilding, biggest is not necessarily the best; it’s all about symmetry – having muscles that are in proportion with one another. That’s what bodybuilders strive for.

This is the same for men and women’s bodybuilding. There are plenty of divisions in women’s bodybuilding. There’s of course bodybuilding – where size and symmetry are important – as well as physique and figure. This essentially blends bodybuilding and fitness. There are also the Bikini girls, judged on their lean, toned physiques while posing in bikinis.

In women’s bodybuilding, looks also play a part in the judging – not so much in the bodybuilding division, but certainly in the other three. These are 15 of the hottest women in bodybuilding, still strutting their stuff and competing on stage today.

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15 Moorea Wolfe

via tumblr.com

This femme fatale has the perfect blend of lean muscularity and feminine grace – no wonder she was a hit – in the world of bodybuilding and fitness. Moorea attributes her amazing physique in part to her genetic makeup, but also to her early days when she was heavily involved in sports – athletics and gymnastics to be more precise. Moorea was put in gymnastic classes as soon as she was able to walk, trained up to 24 hours a week for competitions and took it all very seriously, even at such a tender age. All of this built her body, gave her that solid base which she built upon and took to the next level when she started hitting the iron and subsequently got involved in competitive bodybuilding.

Moorea is undoubtedly one of the hottest female bodybuilders on the planet today and is using her looks and amazing body to get a few modelling gigs, which she balances with bodybuilding.

14 Sara Piana

via pinterest.com

I don’t think it’s unfair to say that Sarah gained fame after marrying Rich Piana – ex Mr. California and quite possibly one of the biggest guys in terms of size and social media presence in the world today. The two are now separated, and Sarah’s time in the limelight seems to be over, at least for now anyway.

This Icelandic beauty gained fame for being with Rich, partaking in his videos, but she was also well known in the bodybuilding world before she became a Piana. She stepped on stage and competed numerous times. She may not be the best in terms of her accomplishments in the industry, but she’s certainly one of the hottest and one of the most recognizable figures from the sport of bodybuilding today.

13 Jennifer Rish

via tumblr.com

Jennifer Rish is smoking hot. She owns that stage when she competes and poses in front of the cameras. She has the whole package and is the envy of the other competitive female bodybuilders out there.

Hailing from California where fitness and looking good is a way of life, Rish is unique in that she has a beautifully lean, toned physique. She has rippling muscles which don’t take anything away from her femininity and she has the looks. She’s used this package and has branched out into the more lucrative world of modelling, and is now taking the modelling industry by storm.

Rish attributes her physique to her dancing and gymnastic days. She started out when she was four, then 11 years later, she got the bodybuilding bug and just loved it.

12 Jodie Marsh

via hawtcelebs.com

Jodie Marsh is undoubtedly the most famous woman on this list, perhaps not in the U.S. but certainly in the UK. Her antics have been making headlines for decades, and she basically gained fame for taking her clothes off. She’s featured topless in numerous men’s mags, but is now a famous media personality.

Jodie has hosted numerous TV documentaries, has appeared in TV shows, can add writing to her résumé, modelling, and as of 2009, bodybuilding.

Marsh began competing in 2009 and just fell in love with everything about bodybuilding. She’s documented her journey in a documentary and has come out with her own bodybuilding products – JST Jodie.

Jodie Marsh is the most famous and one of the hottest bodybuilders in the world today. She often sends social media into meltdown with her sizzling pics, not to mention her sexually charged raunchy interviews. This is one woman who certainly has a wild side to her personality.

11 Erica Cordie

via googleusercontent.com

Erica has a physique that makes both guys and girls envious. She’s built and lean – hot too – and unlike a lot of other female competitors with her amount of muscularity, she’s 100% natural, meaning no drugs, no steroids – at least that’s what she claims.

It’s a testimony to her hard work and love of the iron game. It all started after she had a skiing accident. Her knee sustained some serious damage, so she stepped into the gym to try and build some muscles around that area, strengthen her knee and give herself the best possible chance to recover. She recovered and after she recovered, she prospered and developed into a fully-fledged bodybuilder. She’s also a stunning model. Erica really does have it all.

10 Rachel Cammon

via eromodels.com

Rachel Cammon is an IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) professional athlete. That says a lot because in order to get your pro card in this industry, you’ve got to have something special. Rachel Cammon has that x-factor when it comes to bodybuilding and fitness and the package that she brings on stage.

Unlike plenty of others in this article, Rachel didn’t get started at a young age. She actually suffered from an eating disorder, which she overcame, and used this as fuel to turn her whole life around and become an all-round bigger and better version of herself. She’s stepped on stage, has earned her pro card and has inspired many in the process. This bombshell’s overcome a lot, has achieved plenty, but still has a ton more to accomplish. Let’s see how far she can take it.

9 Debi Laszewski

via pinterest.com

In terms of size and sheer muscularity, Debi would give any bodybuilder – male or female – a run for their money. While the majority of others on this list compete in bikini or figure competitions, Debi’s passion lies in bodybuilding. Take one look at her and you’ll see why she’s been so successful over the course of her 27-year career.

It just goes to show how hard it is to turn pro in this sport. Look at someone like Debi and you’d think she was winning shows immediately, but Debi competed for 18 years before earning her pro card. She made her pro debut at the IFBB Europa Super Show during which she placed third as a lightweight. Over the years, she’s continued to pack more muscle onto her physique and now reigning supreme in the Olympia competition – the most coveted show in the world of bodybuilding. She’s 47 now, but that’s a prime age in bodybuilding, so surely it won’t be long before Debi gets her hands on that trophy and becomes Ms. Olympia.

8 Heidi Vuorela

via youtube.com

This Swedish blonde bombshell works out and prepares for competitions like a woman possessed. She competes in Women’s Physique, but could definitely compete in the bodybuilding division if she wants to take that step.

When Heidi isn’t pounding the iron in preparation for stepping on stage, she earns her corn as a personal trainer. She has quite a clientele – there’re no shortage of men and women wanting to be put through their paces with Heidi barking orders.

Heidi’s a vixen. She’s not what many people would deem to be too big. She’s lean and ripped – ideal for Women’s Physique. She’s beautiful too. Her size and muscular stature hasn’t taken anything away from her femininity and she still maintains her grace when stepping on stage. In terms of her professional accomplishments, she hasn’t set the world alight yet, but she’s definitely a name to watch.

7 Brooke Holladay

via pinterest.com

Brooke Holladay is shredded – she’s ripped without an ounce of fat on her. Her rippling abs are her best feature and she never tires of showing them off. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, and Brooke has certainly got it.

This all-American girl began stepping on stage in the late 2000s. She didn’t just have a lean physique, but also a well-proportioned physique and actually won a couple of competitions. Brooke’s certainly more than just your average bodybuilder.

She had a solid base, which she molded and sculpted with the iron. Before embarking on a bodybuilding career, Brooke was more than a decent dancer and had tried her hand at gymnastics too.

Her on-stage career has become increasingly sporadic of late, but she now earns her money as a muscle model. There are no shortage of fitness-related companies wanting Brooke on board.

6 Krystal Lavenne

via contactmusic.com

Krystal Lavenne certainly isn’t the best bodybuilder on this list. She competes for kicks, because she enjoys it and loves the whole fitness aspect of pumping iron. Her most recent contest was the NPC Steve Stone Metropolitan Championships, in which she placed 16th – like we said, not the best bodybuilder on the planet. But she makes the grade because she’s hot, she’s sassy and just one wild chick. Anyone who watches her videos will agree.

Despite not being a world beater, Krystal is famous in the bodybuilding community and fitness world because she hosts numerous videos for Generation Iron Fitness Network. She’s endeared herself to the masses with her open and easy hosting abilities – and she looks mightily hot doing it. She still steps on stage and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, but a first place seems unlikely, not that Generation Iron fans will care.

5 Jane Mukami

via classic105.com

Jane Mukami is Kenya’s sexiest female bodybuilder. Born and raised in Nairobi, she moved across to the states in 2000 to study at Kennesaw State University. It was during this time she really began to get into health and fitness. In fact, in 2008, Jane was fat – by her own admissions – out of shape and she just hated what she saw in the mirror, so, she embarked on a weight loss journey of epic proportions. Not only did she lose a ton of weight, she sculpted her body with weight training, and just a year later she entered her first bodybuilding show and placed second – an amazing achievement. She was trained by Rashid "Roc" Shabazz of Roc International Federation of Bodybuilding(IFBB). Those who know the Roc know that he’s a high-profile name in the bodybuilding world.

4 Larissa Reis

via fitplan.com

Look at Larissa and you just think 'WOW!'. She’s got a rock-hard body and has been making waves in the bodybuilding world since 2005.

Hailing from Brazil, Larissa is “100% hardcore” – a phrase which she coined herself and something she uses in every aspect of life. She puts 100% hardcore effort into everything; it’s this hard work and determination that has seen her blossom into a successful bodybuilding competitor.

She came to the U.S. to study, during which time she began modelling. Playboy Brazil signed her up. Then she worked as a fitness model; this sparked her desire to compete and step on stage. She did more than compete; she earned her pro status and actually won a pro show: Atlantic City 2009, Pro Figure – the first Brazilian ever to do so.

Today, Larissa is heavily involved in fitness. She’s opened a Protein House restaurant, works with fitness and supplement companies, still competes – and is on a mission to achieve world peace. She’s been successful in all her other endeavors, so what’s to say she won’t achieve this one!

3 Eva Andressa

via r8list.com

This Brazilian beauty has made a name for herself over the last decade. She’s renowned as a fitness model and has gained a huge fan base. She’s one of the more popular female athletes on social media.

Today she earns a living as a fitness model. She works with numerous fitness companies – and shares her knowledge with her adoring fans – nutrition, workouts, and just general health and wellness advice . She’s also competed in a number of competitions and has even won titles. Eva’s another athlete who’s ripped, lean and muscular. Her legs are her best body part in bodybuilding – not that the rest of her body isn’t up to par. Add in the fact that she’s super sexy, and Eva really does possess the whole package.

2 Anne Marie Lasserre

via atpscience.com

Hailing from Australia, Anne is an NABBA physique pro – she competes in figure events and is a household name in the bodybuilding scene down under.

Anne wasn’t content to just get her pro card. She’s a hugely successful athlete, dominating the bodybuilding scene in the Southern Hemisphere, winning contests for fun.

Anne won her first contest in 2009. A couple of years later, she had her most notable accomplishment; she won the Figure Ms. World title in Brazil.

She still steps on stage now and again, but today her focus primarily lies elsewhere. This blonde bombshell has made a decent income selling the secrets of her success. She’s released training and lifestyle DVDs. Anne has also had a good time of it in the modelling industry. Take one look at Anne and you’ll understand why.

1 Oksana Grishina

via ironmanmagazine.com

This fitness pro has been competing and stepping on stage for over a decade, but it’s only been in the last few years that she’s achieved the most notable successes of her career.

Born and raised in Russia, Oksana grew up in a fitness-orientated household. Fitness was – and still is – her passion. She used to compete in gymnastics, but was pushed in the direction of bodybuilding, after trainers in her gym noticed her physique and that she had great potential. She followed their advice, and quickly started winning shows. Oksana earned her pro card five years after embarking on her bodybuilding journey. For the next few years, she was a solid top ten finisher. In the last four years, she’s competed in nine competitions, has won seven, and has come second twice. That’s a truly remarkable record, especially since she balances her time with her acting and music pursuits.

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