Top 15 Hottest Female Bodybuilders

Bodybuilding is the use of progressive resistance exercise to control and develop one's musculature. That's a lot of big words for a sport that involves larger than life people. When you think of body

Bodybuilding is the use of progressive resistance exercise to control and develop one's musculature. That's a lot of big words for a sport that involves larger than life people. When you think of bodybuilding, you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and with good reason, the Governator is a legend. But Arnold is going to have to step aside for this one, don't worry he'll be back.

Thankfully, women joined the world of professional bodybuilders putting the average beer bellied male to shame. Though these males should just be grateful there are females in this world who have these bodies of Greek goddesses. At first thought, the idea of muscles on a lady seems nontraditional, and improper. But we live in a new era of progressiveness, where females are more than able to handle their weight, and when it comes to these bodybuilders they can literally carry truly impressive amounts of weight.

It takes immense dedication and a never ending work ethic to become as fit at these women bodybuilders. This effort is a turn on in itself. Some of the most beautiful women in the world are professional bodybuilders, if you don't believe it yet, you will after viewing these 15 spectacular specimens.

15. Heather Dees

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As with all the ladies on this list, her body is pretty much perfect.  I didn’t think it was possible to have a stomach this flat. Dees, a native of Salt Lake City, received her IFBB pro card in 2010 after only a year of weight training. She won her first competition and went on to place first in the 2012 IFBB Governors Cup receiving Olympia qualification. Yes, the stunning Heather Dees is only 15th on this list, so buckle your seat belts.

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14 Amanda Latona


Latona has been given the nickname “Booty Queen”, thanks to some glorious glutes. She is one of the best in the business compiling 20 first place finishes in various fitness and bikini competitions. After achieving her IFBB Pro card in 2009, she won every competition she participated in that year. The talented Latona stays busy as a personal trainer, model, and recording artist. She has given back to the bodybuilding community by creating an online fitness video series.

13 Larissa Reis


This Vegas vixen is an incredibly talented athlete, and has a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu. She has modeled for various magazines, including as a Playboy Playmate in Brazil. Reis is also very intelligent, she speaks English, Portugese, and Spanish. She came to America from Brazil barely able to speak English and with $500 in her pocket. She earned her IFBB pro card in 2007 and is the first female Brazilian to win a fitness competition in the USA.

12 Michiko Nishiwaki


The super talented Nishiwaki is a bodybuilder, actress, and stunt double. She was a pioneer for bodybuilding in Japan becoming Japan’s first Women’s Bodybuilding Champion holding that title for three consecutive years. Her acting career began in Japan where she often played villains. She made her way over to Hollywood with a roll in “Man on the Moon” which starred Jim Carrey. She performed all the stunts for Lucy Liu in “Charlie’s Angels” and “Kill Bill: Vol. 2”.

11 Debi Laszewski


Debi Laszewski is absolutely jacked. There are muscles growing on top of muscles. She has muscles in places a lot of us don't even have places. She was a top Ms. Olympia contender for many years, consistently ranking in the top 5. She is a certified personal trainer, teaching us mortals how to grow muscles like her. Even with her training I don’t think I could ever look like she does, she is a rare specimen. As she works her way to the age of 50, she continues to leave other younger bodybuilders in her dust.

10 Chyna


The first lady of sports entertainment was a bodybuilder before she found fame as a professional wrestler. She debuted in the WWE as Triple H’s bodyguard, which says all you need to know about the physique of the beautiful Chyna. She went on to become the only undefeated Women’s champion in WWE history. She was too good for the girls, competing in the all male Royal Rumble, and became the first female to win the Intercontinental championship. Both of Chyna’s Playboy issues were top selling.

9 Kathleen Tesori


She may not have the crazy muscle mass as some of these bodybuilders, but she does possess some of the most natural beauty you will ever see. She won a few competitions in Hawaii on her way to becoming one of the most recognized names in the fitness industry. The craziest fact about her has nothing do with her body; she currently works as a Logistics Management Specialist for the United States Air Force. The dream girl.

8 Pauline Nordin


This top international fitness model has found fame in the entertainment industry. She was chosen to be a trainer and diet coach for the Swedish version of “Biggest Loser”.  She led her team to victory as her protégé won the entire competition. Pauline is also the star of “The Butt Bible” a workout video dedicated to getting that butt into shape. She wrote “Fighter diet”, an e-book that has been very successful in the United States.

7 Lisa Marie Varon


Apparently Varon does not age, as she remains as stunning as she was 20 years ago. She got her start in bodybuilding, earning her IFBB pro card in 1997. By chance, she met Chyna who encouraged her to try her hand at professional wrestling. She trained hard in a WWE development program for three years, before being invited to the main roster under the name Victoria.  She won the Women’s championship twice, and still competes on the independent circuit to this day.

6 Sarah Ainsley Harrison

This captivating Canadian is also a model, and an actress. She was Miss Canada in 2013, competing in the Miss International Pageant. She wasn’t satisfied yet though, deciding to become a bodybuilder. She found quick success winning numerous events.  One of Harrison’s hobbies is Rugby, no word if she played against men, because she would destroy against girls.  Harrison is heavy into charity work, helping children and women. Harrison could have easily been number one on this list, but you can’t go wrong with any of the next five either.

5 Oksana Grishina


Grishina was into fitness at an early age, she did gymnastics in her home country of Russia.  She graduated from the University of Kaliningrad as a specialist in Physical training and sports.  In 2004 she was awarded “Master of Sports in Russia” in bodybuilding.  She continued her quick rise to the top of professional bodybuilding earning her IFBB pro card n 2007.  She made the move to America, where she continues to compete at the highest level.

4 Brooke Holladay Ence


Blonde hair, blue eyes, an All-American dream. She competed at a very young age, winning competitions in her early 20s. She is very athletic, as she is an accomplished dancer and gymnast. Ence is a modern dancer major studying at the University of Utah. She is a prominent name in the crossfit industry and became known as the “demo girl” as she was featured in the videos of the CrossFit Open videos.

3 Cory Everson


If on the male side of bodybuilding you have Arnold Schwarzenegger, then on the female side, you have Cory Everson. She was absolutely dominating in her career winning six consecutive Miss Olympia titles in the 80s and never lost a competition at any level. Floyd Mayweather would be impressed by that undefeated record. Everson appeared in many fitness shows and movies. She even had her own tv show on ESPN. She is the clear cut most successful women’s bodybuilder of all time, and a beautiful specimen on top of that.

2 Rasa Von Werder


She has had one of the most interesting lives you could every imagine. The 1968 Playboy Miss Nude Universe was a pioneer of women’s bodybuilding. “I knew I wanted freedom for women, freedom for myself,” Von Werder once said. “Male body building at that time was male supremacy.” She wanted to spread the idea that women could be just as strong as, or even stronger than men. She later found god and founded “Stripping for God” in which she went around America spreading her religion by starting sermons with a dance.

1 Eva Andressa


This mystifying Brazilian has bared it all in some absolutely incredible photoshoots and videos. She was the champion of Brazilian bodybuilding in 2006 and is a voice of Brazilian fitness. Her fan page has over 3 million likes. She was nominated for a shorty award which rewards people for their work in social media. Andressa has used her beauty and social media skills to create a vast following, giving her a platform to teach and motivate others about fitness.

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Top 15 Hottest Female Bodybuilders