Top 15 Hottest Female Fitness Instagram Accounts

Everyone knows the social media site Instagram is aspirational – it’s filled with perfectly captured shots of food, flawless outfits, seemingly effortless flower arrangements and more. With careful photography and a curated account, an individual can make their life seem Insta-perfect, even if that might not be the case. While many focus on the negative aspects of the overly perfect images that are often on Instagram, when it comes to health and fitness, it can actually be hugely beneficial.

If you opt to follow several accounts focused on health and fitness, whenever you start scrolling through your feed, you’ll find everything from videos of work out moves you could incorporate into your next exercise session to super healthy meal ideas you may have never thought of. It can be a great motivator to get off the couch and get moving, to forego those French fries for some crispy vegetables.

Due to the popularity of Instagram and the desire that many individuals have to eat healthier and exercise more, a lot of female fitness Instagram accounts have emerged. While some of the women on this list are merely regular individuals who are interested in health and fitness, the majority have managed to turn their inspirational Instagram feeds into full-time careers. From personal trainers to gym owners, many of the women on this list provide daily encouragement for their followers to be the best they can be. Plus, let’s be honest – most of them look pretty damn gorgeous, which makes their followers all the more motivated to get their butt in shape. Many of the women on this list have even upped the ante and started offering nutritional and training plans to any of their followers who want their advice, turning their physique into a hard-earned paycheck.

Whatever your health and fitness goals, a few extra tips and inspirational photos never hurt anyone. Here are 15 of Instagram’s top female fitness accounts.

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15 Jen Selter (@jenselter)

I’m in love with the CoCo (@Musclepharm shake)  Coconut water + protein = amazing

A photo posted by Jen Selter (@jenselter) on

Everyone knows who Jen Selter is. The everyday New York girl did a lot of working out, particularly focusing on her glutes, and then started posting a lot of shots of her well-sculpted rear. It paid off – though she has a little over 500 posts, a relatively small amount in comparison to many Instagram accounts that boast thousands, she’s gained six million followers. Of course, she’s toned all over, and also posts shots of her chiseled abs, but let’s be honest – it’s all about that butt. While Selter’s account provides a lot of eye candy, she doesn’t post a lot of work out tips or nutrition – it’s mostly just selfies, heavy on the rear view.

14 Shonda (@Shonda1020)

You might not know who this super fit mother is but her 1.7 million Instagram followers certainly do. Like several of the popular Instagram fitness accounts, Shonda really transformed her body, going from 203 pounds to her current slim, trim body. This account is great for recipes, as she regularly posts healthy meal and snack ideas from other accounts. She also frequently posts examples of her own workout regime, including many no-equipment workouts that everyone can do at home. 

13 Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott (@toneitup)

12 Ashley Wilkinson (@1fitashmom)

In comparison to some of the women on this list, yummy mum Ashley Wilkinson has a relatively small following at just over 20,000 followers. However, this Cellucor brand ambassador is definitely not an account you want to miss. First of all, as you can guess by her Instagram name, she’s a mother – and definitely a fit one. However, her fitness journey is equally inspirational, as she hasn’t always looked the way she does now. She started working out seriously and lifting weights after the birth of her second child, with a little guidance from her husband, who is in the military. She’s a guru for women who follow flexible dieting (also known as if it fits your macros, or by the Instagram tag #iifym) and posts everything from her favorite recipes to new exercises she’s incorporating.

11 Jen Heward (@hunnybunsfit)

10 Nikki Blackketter (@nikkiblackketter)

A photo posted by Nikki Blackketter (@nikkiblackketter) on

This tiny blonde dynamo has a body many would kill for, and her feed is filled with everything from selfies to short videos of her workouts to adorable pictures with her boyfriend, fitness guru and gym owner Christian Guzman. However, if you take a peek further back into Blackketter’s feed, you’ll be even more inspired – while her sculpted physique might be intimidating to beginners, Blackketter only started her fitness journey about three years ago. Earlier shots of her show a very slim, but not particularly muscular, young woman. She’s since grown into a gym rat who is the brand ambassador for many fitness brands, lifts heavy, and looks damn good.

9 Emily Skye (@emilyskyefit)


Emily Skye is a super fit Australian woman whose Instagram account has earned her over 850,000 followers. Why? First of all, she’s drop dead gorgeous – that’s enough to get a couple thousand followers on Instagram. She posts a lot of selfies, generally in workout attire or beach attire. However, she also posts a fair amount of exercise videos as well as gorgeous shots of the Aussie beaches.

8 Lyzabeth Lopez (@lyzabethlopez)

7 Berenice Salazar (@ladyfit)



A photo posted by Berenice Salazar WBFF PRO (@ladyfit) on

Salazar is a WBFF (World Beauty Fitness and Fashion) pro who has dedicated her life to fitness. She is a professional bikini model (take one look at her and you’ll know why), and she shares her expertise as an online coach as well, devising a variety of personalized nutrition plans and training plans for her clients. She is also recently engaged to bodybuilder Dave Fitz, and is a trainer at his gym Total Fitzness. Her feed is filled with the typical fitness Instagram content – inspiring selfies of her toned frame, shots of the foods she’s eating and supplements she’s taking, as well as short videos of her intense workouts.

6 Kayla Itsines (@kayla_itsines)

How, exactly, did a random personal trainer from Australia cultivate an Instagram following of over 2.6 million people? Ask Kayla Itsines! Itsines has an admirable physique herself, but is most known for her nutrition guide and fitness program, a 12 week ‘bikini body’ guide. She frequently posts ‘transformation’ images of her clients, and the way they manage to sculpt their bodies following her program has led to her followers increasing daily as more and more want to know how to get those kind of results. Itsines’ feed includes everything from client transformation shots to inspire you to healthy foods and motivational quotes.

5 Brittany Renner (@bundleofbrittany)

4 Brittney Stracener (@stayfitbritt)


Stracener is a blonde bombshell who makes you want to get back in the gym and push yourself to the limit. Her physique has earned her a spot as a Nutrishop athlete and Fitness Gurls Magazine athlete, and she’s also a personal trainer who helps her clients get the bodies they want. Stracener is an advocate of flexible dieting (IIFYM) and lists IIFYM chef as one of her titles. And, as the majority of the women on this list do, she offers fitness programs and nutrition customized to any followers who may be interested. She’s generally clad in gym gear and/or showing off her carefully cultivated muscles.

3 Madyson Foy (@madysonfoy)

2 Lais Deleon (@laisdeleon)


Fitness and bikini model Lais Deleon does have a separate account more specifically dedicated to fitness (@laisdeleonfitness), however, her regular account is more active and has nearly quadruple the followers of her fitness account. While her normal account does include a lot of selfies (whose Instagram doesn’t?), it also includes a few fitness tips and glimpses at her meals. And, of course, if you’re inspired by her physique and want to know how she gets it in more detail, you can always subscribe to her fitness-only feed as well.

1 Paige Hathaway (@paigehathaway)

With 1.9 million followers on Instagram, it’s safe to say that this blonde bombshell has cultivated quite the fan base. Hathaway wasn’t originally a dedicated athlete who merely cultivated a large social media following – as she admits on her website, she was formerly a very thin woman with little to no muscle tone. She was inspired to reach out to a trainer and get more involved in fitness. She hasn’t looked back since, and, in fact, is helping others achieve their fitness goals as well. Hathaway, a Shredz athlete, has a feed filled with sexy selfies, as well as motivational workouts (for example, a few weeks ago she posted a video of her on leg day, squatting 225 pounds – 100 pounds more than her body weight!

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