Top 15 Hottest Female Golfers of 2016

No offense to all of the women working regular 9-5 jobs, but female athletes just have a certain aura about them. Being a professional athlete means that you are constantly pushing your body to the limit to get in ultimate physical shape to dominate your sport. That means working out legs, arms, back, etc-all things that men find sexy when in great shape. It also means that you are motivated and driven to be the best, something that most men would find sexy. Unfortunately, not all women in sports are given the same media attention as other women playing less high profile sports. Women’s volleyball, soccer, and tennis dominate the media, but other sports such as women’s softball and golf get much less attention.

Golf in general is not an extremely sexy or high profile sport, however there are some big names in men’s golf that often draw some national media attention. Major names like Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy, and even Tiger Woods can draw ESPN camera crews to golf events around the world. As great as it is to see the beautiful sport of golf be respected and covered nationally, unfortunately, women’s golf is not televised the same way the opposite sex is. Women’s golf is instead seen as a far lesser counterpart to men’s golf, which is truly a shame seeing as professional female golf players have rapidly closed the gap between their capabilities compared to men. There will always be the physical strength differences between male and female golfers, allowing the men to drive the ball farther, but the skill levels of the two groups are very similar, contrary to what some men would think.

Now that we have established that:

1) Female athletes are sexy

2) Women’s golf needs more attention

3) Women are pretty damn good at golf.

I feel that we are ready to discover the Top 15 Hottest Female Golfers of 2016.

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15 Charley Hull

I have the chubby cheeks. Say cheese ?

A photo posted by Charley Hull (@charleyhull12) on

Charley Hull is an English professional golfer that has had great deal of professional success on the Ladies European Tour. Like many professional golfers, Hull started her career at a very early age-she first started receiving attention for her golfing abilities at the age of 9 years old. Now at the age of 20, the sexy blonde continues to gain attention not just for her golfing skills, but also for her sexy appearance that she often boasts on her Instagram account. Don't believe me? Check it out yourself-@CharleyHull12.

14 Lexi Thompson

via golfpunkhq.com

If you follow women’s golf, you know that Lexi is a child prodigy. She was the youngest women to ever qualify for a LPGA championship when she qualified to be in the USA Women’s Open at age 12. Lexi is pretty hot and she knows it. Lexi’s modeling pictures are enough to make you want to watch every women’s golf tournament possible. If her looks weren’t already sexy enough, recently this year, Thompson drilled a 359-yard drive at the LPGA Tour's Lotte Championship. Most men reading this article will never come close to driving a ball that far.

13 Cheyenne Woods

A photo posted by Cheyenne Woods (@cheyenne_woods) on

Does this bombshell's last name look familiar? Well it should. Cheyenne is Tiger Woods' niece and she has obviously learned from the best, because she has quickly made her way onto the women's golf scene. Not only is she a smoking hot 25-year-old, but she is starting to become a force to be reckoned with in the golf world.  In July on 2014, she won the Volvik RACV ladies masters, which won her roughly $38,000 in earnings. While she will never be the best golfer in the family, she definitely is the hottest.

12 Sharmila Nicollet

via sharmilanicollet.com

Not all men are into tall women, but if you are- Sharmila is a goddess. Standing at 6’1, she has a beautiful long pair of legs that provide excellent levers to stroke the ball a ridiculous distance. Outside of being a BOSS golfer and a stunning model, she has been touted as a remarkable swimmer. Sharmilla is a former national sub-junior swimming champion. In fact, she has won over 70 gold and silver medals in both state and national aquatic meets. It is safe to say that this 25-year-old golfer from India is jaw dropping.

11 Natalie Gulbis

via BigStockPhoto.com

The 33-year-old Natalie Gulbis is regarded as a sex symbol in the female gold world.  Along with a plethora of LPGA top 10 finishes, Gulbis has made a name for herself because of her sexy body and willingness to show it off.  In 2004, Gulbis released a calendar of her posing in a swimsuit as well as in golfing attire. Gulbis has lost some of her dominance as she has gotten older, dropping from a world ranking of 19th in 2006, all the way to 363rd in 2015-but she still looks great on the green.

10 Paula Creamer

via randomwallpapers.net

Paula is a female golf heartthrob. She has dominated the LPGA by winning 10 events. Not bad for a complete hottie. If you think that female golf isn’t cool, well maybe you think money is cool? Good because Paula has used golf to earn tons of it. As of the end of the 2015 season, Creamer was ninth on the all-time LPGA career money list with earnings of $11,492,473. That’s a lot of green to be earned on the greens-not to mention all of the money she makes from being sponsored by Taylor Made Adidas. Paula has a beautiful “girl next door” look and its easy to see why she made this list.

9 Paige Spiranac

via golfdigest.com

Paige Spiranac is hot enough to be a professional model and the fact that she is a BEAST golfer just makes her that much hotter. The beautiful blonde is only 23 years old and she is not afraid to show off her good looks. If you check out her Instagram account @_Paige.Renee, you will quickly see why she made this list. Paige recently posed for the cover of Golf Digest and caused quite the stir with her sexy body and tight silver outfit being the face of the magazine.  Needless to say, I had no problems with the cover.

8 Sophie Horn

via sportressofblogitude.com

Sophie Horn has been named the hottest female golfer in the world by multiple publications, so it is impossible to leave her off of this list. Horn won three consecutive Norfolk County Championships and took home the top prize in the Under-21 tournament went she was just 15 years old. The UK native is hoping to become the face of women's golf, and with a body like that, she is well on her way.

7 Natalia Ghilzon

via windsorstar.com

We can thank Canada for the gift of being able to watch this golfing beauty. Ghilzon started playing golf at the age of three, and continued her golfing interests all the way to Oakland University where she graduated with a degree in exercise science. She competed on the Golf Channel's reality show, Big Break Atlantis, in 2012 and the sexy 25-year-old brunette is still looking for her big break on the golfing scene, but in my eyes, she is already a major winner.

6 Sandra Gal

via golfnewsnet.com

Sandra Gal is no rookie when it comes to competing in the major LGPA tournaments. The soon to be 31-year-old from Germany has been playing in LGPA tournaments for the last decade and has had some success - highlighted by her first LPGA tournament win in 2011 at the KIA Classic, which landed her 41st on the World Rankings that year. Gal has reached as high as 33rd on the World Ranking list in her career and in 2009 she twice shot a career best 64. Suffice to say, Gal has the golf game to match her beauty.

5 Jessica Korda

Great week in Carlsbad! Thank you to @kiamotors for having this amazing event for us and thank you to all the volunteers and fans! #toomuchfun @tagheuer @adidasgolf @fti_us @taylormadegolf

A photo posted by Jessica Korda (@thejessicakorda) on

At only 23 years old, Korda has already won four LPGA tour events. Her first win came in the 2012 Women's Australian Open, the opening tournament of the season, where she came out as the winner in a six woman playoff. Athletics clearly runs in the family DNA as Korda is the daughter of retired professional tennis players Petr Korda and Regina Rajchrtová. At 5'11 and only 105 pounds, it's amazing that her sexy frame is able to drive the ball as far as she can. In 2005 she was the 26th ranked female golfer in the world.

4 Veronica Felibert

via pinterest.com

Veronica Felibert started playing golf at the age of 7 years old. Since her rookie year in 2012, she has earned $153,000 from competition earnings with one top 10 finish coming in that first season. Not only is she known for her golf talents, Felibert is widely recognized as a sex symbol as well. Golf.com named her one of the most beautiful women in golf during the 2015 season and it's clear that they made the right decision in doing so. She is a true hottie.

3 Brooke Pancake

A photo posted by Brooke Pancake (@brookepancake) on

With the last name Pancake, it's no surprise that this professional golfer looks as tempting as she does. In 2012 Brooke Pancake was named the Academic All-America Team Member of the Year - the first female golfer to win such an award. Pancake became a member of the LPGA tour in 2012 and has continued to fight to prove her self on the professional stage. The 5'7, 25-year-old from Tennessee may not be as proven of a golfer as some of the other women on this list, but she holds her own in terms of her beauty.

2 Blair O’Neal

via pinterest.com

Wow, 33 never looked so hot. The Arizona State University graduate is simply gorgeous. According to her official website, she is a professional golfer and model, as well as the winner of the reality show Big Break Dominican Republic. Blair O'Neal has yet to make an impact on the LPGA tour, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't keep an eye on her. O'Neal openly celebrates her sexiness and if you are dying to see more photos, just google her name and thank me later.

1 Kathleen Ekey

via pinterest.com

Who said that nothing good ever came from Cleveland? Cleveland is the home of LeBron James and more importantly, this American heartthrob Kathleen Ekey. She turned professional in 2009, and joined the Futures Tour in July of that year. Since joining the Futures Tour, she has won two Symetra Tour events - both wins coming in 2011. She also finished atop the Tour's money list and took home Player of the Year honors that year. Ekey was named by golf.com as one of the most beautiful women in golf in 2013 and who could disagree?

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