Top 15 Hottest Female Golfers Of 2017

There are some things that are just meant to be paired together, like peanut butter and jelly, cheeseburgers and cold beer, spaghetti and meatballs, and so on. Another pair worth mentioning is golf and good looking women.

Historically, golf was viewed as a prestigious, male-dominated sport in which it was almost taboo for women to be allowed on the course (think early-19th century bro's night out). In fact, Augusta National Golf Club, the most sacred golf course in the USA and home of The Masters, did not allow a female member from its inception in 1933 all the way up until 2012, when they invited Condoleezza Rice to finally break that barrier.

Nowadays, however, women's golf is thriving. The LPGA Tour is as popular as ever and it has seen an influx of young superstars like Lexi Thompson and Lydia Ko.

Women's golf has also seen a major boom in popularity in the past few years thanks to social media. Referred to as the "Paige Spiranac effect," young women have been able to gain attention and fame through posting sexy golf photos and videos on their social media accounts. Do not be fooled, however, these girls are not just posing for pretty pictures, they have serious game to go along with their gorgeous features.

While it is debatable that any woman with a nice golf swing is sexy, it is not arguable that some shine brighter than the others. This list looks at the female professional tours, as well as some social media feeds, to find the 15 hottest female golfers of 2017. Share with your friends and debate who you believe deserves the top spot this year.

(Honorable Mention: Katrina Brodsky)

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15 Lucy Robson

via golfpunkhq.com

Lucy Robson is not a big name in the golf world as of right now, but that will change soon if all goes according to her plan. Robson is currently a collegiate golfer at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. With the hope of one day qualifying for the LPGA Tour, she is working diligently at fine-tuning her game on the course.

One thing Robson does not have to work as hard at is the art of being really, really ridiculously good looking (in the words of Derek Zoolander). She already has an avid social media following and her photos are all easy on the eyes. Let us just hope that Robson continues to improve her game so we can watch her compete on Sundays in the near future.

14 Elise Lobb

via twitter.com

After making her high school varsity golf team as a sixth grader, Elise Lobb seemed well on her way to golf greatness. But it turned out that playing golf is not something she desires as much as being a sports broadcaster was. So, although she does not have any interest on joining a professional tour in the near future, Lobb still looks the part of a golfer on her social media accounts.

Lobb is currently a co-host on Fox Sports show "Swing Clinic" and has accumulated over 270,000 Instagram followers. Still, she clearly has talent and a better golf swing than 99% of the people reading this article. With her knockout looks and warm smile, it is clear that Lobb will be around the game for many years to come. She also has an apt last name for a golfer.

13 Belén Mozo

via golfweek.com

It has already been quite the year for Spanish golfers, given Sergio García's incredible performance in winning the 2017 Masters. Although Sergio may be the fan favorite in Spain, Belén Mozo is the one who holds the key to many golf fans' hearts.

What initially stands out about Mozo in comparison to her LPGA counterparts is her level of fitness. She is famous for being a gym rat, using her strong muscles to pound the golf ball down the fairway. Mozo posed nude on ESPN's The Body Issue during her rookie season, showing that she is also not shy about showing off her well-toned physique. Playing in her seventh LPGA Tour season, she may never reach García's level of fame, but Mozo will always be a fan favorite.

12 Paula Creamer

via Tracy Wilcox/GOLFWEEK

Compared to some on this list, Paula Creamer would be considered a superstar golfer. This 30-year-old beauty has been a standout at the LPGA Tour since officially joining in 2005. She has won 12 tour tournaments, including the 2010 US Women's Open. All together, she has tallied over $11,000,000 in career tournament winnings, the ninth highest total in LPGA history.

Although her performance on the links faded in 2016, Creamer's innocent smile and tantalizing curves continue to make her the fan favorite of many LPGA viewers. It would not shock anybody to see Creamer retool her game and return to the LPGA leaderboards soon. She also appears to be one of the nicest women in golf, thus making her the all-around package: talented, sexy, and successful.

11 McKenna Pautsch

Early am workout, hit balls, and baked chocolate chip cookies...today was a good day✨

A post shared by McKenna Pautsch (@mckennapautsch72) on

As a former collegiate golfer at the University of Redlands, McKenna Pautsch has shown off her beautiful swing and finely tuned body for all the world to see since graduating in 2015. As a self-described lover of golf and fitness, it is easy to see why Pautsch makes the list of the hottest female golfer of 2017, despite not actually playing on tour. We sure hope she does soon though!

If you follow her Instagram account (@mckennapautsch72), you will find quirky golf videos that show off her smooth golf swing, as well as modeling shots that leave little to the imagination. She is following the Paige Spiranac formula well: golf + fitness + female = Instagram famous. We haven't heard the last of her.

10 Cheyenne Woods

via people.com

When you are the niece of the most famous golfer of all time, there are going to be some lofty expectations. Luckily for Cheyenne Woods, she has the game to back it up. She also has brains and beauty, which were displayed in college when she played golf for Wake Forest. Woods is strikingly gorgeous and could easily have been a Hollywood actress if her golf game was not as strong as it is.

But given that Cheyenne first received lessons from Tiger Woods's father when she was only a child, the odds were pretty good that she would one day qualify for the LPGA Tour. It would not be long before we see Woods on the top of the leaderboard of an LPGA event. Let us just hope she has a better back than her famous uncle.

9 Sharmila Nicollet

via wallpaperpicturephotos.com

There is something sexy about a person who helps bring down cultural barriers and open doors for a younger generation. That is exactly what Sharmila Nicollet did when at the age of 18, she became the youngest Indian to qualify for the Ladies European Tour. In fact, Nicollet is only the second female from India to ever earn a fulltime card on the Ladies European Tour.

It does not hurt that Nicollet is also strikingly beautiful. Her gorgeous face and fluid swing make her a must-see on the European Tour. She has shown that she has the skill to hang with the best in the world, and hopefully, she will one day qualify for the LPGA Tour. Until then, her stunning photos on social media would be more than suffice. If you have never heard of her, do yourself a favor and look her up.

8 Kathleen Ekey

via blogspot.com

This spot was originally going to go to Cristie Kerr (because who does not like a cougar?), but that smile of Kathleen Ekey's was too sweet to not include. Ekey may not be a major star in the circuit, but she has the look of a Hollywood superstar. After finishing her collegiate career at the University of Alabama, Kathleen focused on joining the ranks of the LPGA Tour.

While she certainly had to grind for several years on smaller pro tours, Ekey eventually qualified for a fulltime LPGA Tour card in 2012. Although she is still waiting for her first tour victory, Ekey has gained significant popularity for her stunning looks.

7 Sandra Gal

via unmotivating.com

If she had not found a passion for golf at a young age, it is quite possible that Sandra Gal would have grown up as a world-famous runway model, given her long legs (she is 6'0" tall) and trim waist. Unfortunately for model agencies worldwide, Gal is a hell of a golfer.

Hailing from Germany, Gal made her way across the Atlantic when she joined the University of Florida golf team. Before graduating from college, however, Sandra earned her LPGA Tour card and turned pro, thus losing her amateur status. Since turning pro, she has done more than just turn heads. In fact, she has had eight top-25 finishes in LPGA majors, including a third place finish at the US Women's Open in 2012. Watch for Gal, and her long legs, to be in competition the rest of this season.

6 Lexi Thompson

via golfpunkhq.com

Lexi Thompson is the real deal. This 22-year-old has been on the golf radar for years when she became the youngest golfer ever to qualify for the US Women's Open (she was only 12 years old then!). She has already won a major and should have added another this year had she not been assessed a questionable four-stroke penalty on the final round.

The fact that she is that good at golf is hot in and of itself, but it does not hurt that Thompson also has the body of a supermodel. Her bikini photo shoots look like something out of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. But whether she is wearing a bikini or dressed in her Puma golf gear, it is undeniable that she is one of the most desirable women in golf right now.

5 Natalie Gulbis

via golfweek.com

Ask the average man to name an LPGA Tour player and the most common response you will receive is "Natalie Gulbis". She is not only incredibly easy on the eyes, she is also a very successful player and is one of the longest tenured hotties on tour right now (she joined in 2002). Although her game is not as strong as it used to be, Gulbis is still a favorite to make the cut in nearly every tournament she plays in.

Gulbis has long used her looks to gain popularity in terms of marketing herself and gaining endorsements. She was famous for releasing a calendar that featured her in both golf gear and bikini-clad poses. The LPGA Tour banned it from being sold at events because it was considered too racy. Clearly, Gulbis is just too hot, and she knows it.

4 Michelle Wie

via self.com

There might not be a more famous female golfer than Michelle Wie. She was a prodigy that had the ability and talent to take her to the highest of highs in the golf world. Wie's skill level was so evident early on that she was able to turn pro at the age of 16 and received many big-dollar endorsement deals within hours of becoming a professional.

Now at age 27, Wie is still growing as a player and she looks to continue building on her successes. One thing is for certain though, she continues to get more attractive with age. Her broad shoulders and long legs are the things Victoria's Secret models dream about. And that putting style of hers... If you have not seen it, do yourself a favor and Google it.

3 Anna Rawson

via annarawson.com

This Australian beauty first came into the golf scene as a collegiate player at the University of Southern California. After years of grinding, Rawson was finally able to crack the ranks of the LPGA Tour when she qualified for a fulltime tour card via Q-school in 2008. Rawson's tour career was short-lived, however, as she lost her tour card before the 2011 season.

Still, her naturally athletic build and sun-kissed tan skin led to many modeling opportunities within the golf industry. Nowadays, she is often using her gorgeous looks to help promote PXG, which is the most extravagant brand of golf clubs available today. Perhaps most impressively, Rawson received a Masters degree in Business at Columbia University in 2015. Looks + brains = total package.

2 Blair O'Neal

via blaironeal.com

This sexy Arizona native first stole our hearts during her appearance on The Big Break Prince Edward Island, and then again when she won The Big Break Dominican Republic. Since her "big break", Blair O'Neal has established a professional career on the Symetra Tour.

Her gorgeous looks and golf knowledge have also helped her land entertainment gigs as a reporter for the Golf Channel. When she is not golfing or on television, O'Neal can also be found at many professional photo shoots, as she is also a professional model. If you are still waiting for your big break in life to come, might as well check out photos of O'Neal while you pander your life path. We get the feeling O'Neal is going to be among the hottest golfers for a long time.

1 Paige Spiranac

via golfdigest.com

Come on now, did you really think anybody else would number one in 2017? No female golfer has ever done what Paige Spiranac is currently doing. Apart from getting our undivided attention, Paige has developed a brand of golf marketing all her own. Yes, she is one of the many female players sponsored by Callaway, but she is not actually a player on any of the major tours. Instead, Spiranac has become the leader of the pack when it comes to Instagram-famous female golfers.

While many women try to replicate Paige's success, none has become a household name like her. She has a great swing and an even better swing coach in Tyler Hall. If she can keep grinding, it is only a matter of time until this Instagram legend becomes an LPGA reality. Paige is good for women's golf and she provides a positive influence on the upcoming generation of golfers. Follow her social media accounts to keep track of this blonde beauty.

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