Top 15 Hottest Female Gymnasts Of All Time

With summer rapidly approaching, NBC has begun advertising for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Olympic trials will soon be coming at us full steam setting the field for each country. Once the excitement bui

With summer rapidly approaching, NBC has begun advertising for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Olympic trials will soon be coming at us full steam setting the field for each country. Once the excitement builds and the Olympic picture becomes clear, millions of people from around the world will again root for their home country in the summer sporting events, such as swimming, track and field, and the crowd-favorite gymnastics.

Every four years, gymnasts compete with the best of the best in their home countries in order to achieve their lifelong dream and reach the Olympics. There’s nothing more thrilling than representing your home in front of the entire world and showing off your athletic prowess in the process. Males and females dedicate their whole lives to training in hopes of taking home the gold medal.

Typically the turnover is great in gymnastics as injuries are prevalent, or the athletes grow too old to compete with younger and better athletes. With such a high turnover comes a new batch of athletes to root for. The female gymnasts are pretty popular with the male audience. Most males find attractive and athletic women to be appealing. There’s nothing like a pretty athlete with skills to boot.

With that, here's the list of the 15 hottest female gymnasts of all time.

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29 Sandra Mayer


Mayer is a 27-year-old Austrian Artistic Gymnast who competed in a form of gymnastics where athletes perform shorter routines than typical gymnastics routines. Artistic Gymnastics are an Olympic Team Event, but Mayer had fallen short of competing for Austria in the Olympics in 2012 due to a sudden retirement in 2009. Between the years of 2003 and 2006, Mayer won medals in the World Cup as one of the best gymnasts in the world. The six-time Austrian national champion retired from international competition after suffering a torn cruciate ligament in her knee.  Her early retirement thanks to the injury remains a bummer for male fans around the world.


27 Jamie Dantzscher


The fan-favourite American Jamie Dantzscher is a retired medal-winning gymnast. She competed for the U.S. in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, helping the United States win the bronze medal in the team competition.

Shortly after the women succeeded at the 2000 Games, she attended UCLA and proceeded to dominate the NCAA Competition. As a UCLA Bruin, Dantzscher was voted All-American in all four years of her collegiate career.  One of the most dominant NCAA Athletes in recent memory, she went on to coach gymnastics after college ended. She still coaches to this day and remains a polarizing figure in U.S. Olympics lore because of her opposition to her former national team coach.


25 Nastia Liukin


Speaking of dominance, Liukin is one of the most well-known gymnasts in the world today. The blonde beauty won the gold medal in individual all-around, the silver medal in balance beam and uneven bars and the bronze in floor exercise for the U.S. in the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. She was also an integral part of the silver-medal winning all-around team. Liukin retired from competition in 2012 after she failed to make the 2012 Olympic Team. Nowadays, the Russian-born gymnast can be seen on televisions everywhere, from commercials for Subway to Dancing with the Stars to contributing as a correspondent for the Winter Olympics.


23 Sandra Izbasa


The 25-year-old Izbasa is a dominant gymnast from Romania. She won the gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics while competing in the women's vault competition. In the 2008 Games, Izbasa also won the gold medal; this time, she struck gold by winning the individual floor routine. Romania won bronze in both of those Olympic Games, thanks largely in part to Izbasa's performances. She competed in multiple World Championships up to the time of her retirement from the sport in 2013. Apparently she couldn't stay retired as she is now aiming to become the first Romanian gymnast to compete in three Olympic Games. Izbasa has abandoned retirement, and we can all hope she graces our television screens this summer.


21 Simona Peycheva


This hottie from Bulgaria participated in both the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games after numerous accolades in the World Championships. She was unable to replicate her success in either Athens or Beijing, as she failed to finish in the top3. Peycheva is a rhythm gymnast, a sport that involves dances, jumps, and one or two pieces of clubs, hoops, balls, ribbons or rope.  She participates in a sport where much demand and flexibility is necessary, so it isn't too surprising that she has a great figure. Much to the chagrin of her male fans around the world, Peycheva has not participated since 2012 and is now married with a kid.


19 Aly Raisman


The American Gymnast captured men's hearts around the world during the 2012 Olympics, where she won medals in the floor competition (gold) and balance beam (bronze). Raisman also was a pivotal piece of the gold-winning overall female U.S. Team in London. She has been earning medals in U.S. National Competition since 2010 and is hoping to land a coveted spot in the upcoming games in Rio. Like Nastia Liukin before her, the beauty from Massachusetts participated in Dancing with the Stars and finished fourth in the competition. Last year she showed off her flawless body in ESPN's The Body Issue, and now her male fans want to see more.


17 Marta Pihan-Kulesza


This Polish beauty represented her country at both the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games, but she came up quite short failing to finish in the qualifying top-12 in both. The 29-year-old is as easy on the eyes as she is talented. She's an eight-time national champion in Poland. Unfortunately she sustained injuries in the 2015 Poland Championships that inhibited her performances going forward. The timing was terrible, as she was striving to represent her country in Rio this coming summer. Due to her injuries, Pihan-Kulesza formally retired from competition in 2016. Hopefully she will catch on as a coach so we can see more of her.


15 Almudena Cid Tostado


This retired gymnast from Spain is one of the most dominating individuals on this list. Cid Totsada is an Individual Rhythmic Gymnast who participated in four consecutive Olympic Games from 1996-2008. Her most impressive feat to date was making the finals in all four of the Olympics in which she competed, making her the only rhythmic gymnast to ever do so. Along with her natural good looks, her outstanding performances over a span of 12 years set her apart from the other competing gymnasts. To no one's surprise, Cid Tostado is now a model for Nike and has dropped the "Tostado" in her name to become a moderately successful actress in Spain.


13 McKayla Maroney


Perhaps best-known for her internet meme ("McKayla is not impressed") after photographers snapped a picture of her on the medal stand with a disappointing look on her face, the American gymnast has grown up into a beautiful woman. Maroney helped the women's team win overall team gold at the 2012 London Games and won the individual silver on the vault. She has been pursuing an acting career ever since her famous meme went viral. She's played a recurring character on Hart of Dixie and can be seen in a Thirty Seconds to Mars music video. Largely due to injuries, she retired from gymnastics competition in 2016. Let's hope she nails some additional acting work soon.


11 Alicia Sacramone


After crushing the competition at the World championships, Sacramone took the world by storm in Beijing in 2008 by helping the women's team win the overall silver medal. Many adoring male fans fell in love with the curvy American during the Olympics. Her ample chest is not seen much in female gymnasts since most have very small frames. Sacramone has gone on record saying she's proud of her body, which she showed off in ESPN's The Body Issue in 2011. She's been extremely busy since her retirement in 2012, marrying NFL quarterback Brady Quinn in 2014. Sorry fellas, she's expecting a baby this year.


9 Kat Ding


Kat Ding may be the least-known yet most photogenic gymnast on the list. The former Georgia Bulldog dominated the NCAA her junior year in 2011 by winning the bars title. Her 2012 performance was even better, as she won both the bars and floor competition and finished in second all around. She was the second gymnast in NCAA history to repeat as uneven bars champion. After becoming a collegiate all-american, Ding did not pursue a gymnastics career; rather, she got married in 2015 and settled down. She remains in Georgia and is still as photogenic as ever.


7 Kristina Baskett


Baskett may be the most successful gymnast on this list; not to mention, she's drop-dead gorgeous. She was an All-American Gymnast at the University of Utah from 2006-2009, finishing her career as a 12-time All American. She's parlayed her successful gymnastics background into a pretty successful career as a stunt performer. She is a stunt double on many television shows and movies, including doing work for famous actresses like Megan Fox. She's acted in commercials for Nationwide, Under Armour, and Amazon and has danced in shows like Cirque Du Soleil. We can only hope that she transitions into more acting roles if that's what it takes to see more of her.


5 Sara Radman


Germany is not known for sending such gorgeous girls to the Olympics, but here we are with Sarah Radman rounding out the top 3. Radman is a rhythmic gymnast from Germany who represented her home country in the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Her German Rhythmic Team finished tenth in the Women's Group that summer. Four years of more experience later, the gorgeous Radman is training for gold in the upcoming 2016 games. Assuming all goes well in the Olympic trials, we will all be graced with her beauty all summer long. Keep your fingers crossed!


3 Aliya Mustafina


This 21-year-old gorgeous gymnast from Russia crushed it at the 2012 Olympic Games. She earned herself four medals (2 bronze, 1 silver and 1 gold), making her the most successful gymnast of the summer. Mustafina is an artistic gymnast whose best event is the bars, but she also excels in the individual all-around. She's been killing it in World Championships since 2010 and has already been named to the 2016 Russian gymnast team in Rio. Luckily for us, we don't have to wait very long to get to see her attempt to repeat her awesome performance from the 2012 Games.


1 Vasiliki Millousi


The hottest gymnast of this century hails from Greece. The 32-year old Millousi represented her country in the 2000 Olympics and is one of only a few gymnasts to have competed in two Olympics twelve years apart from one another (she also represented Greece in London in 2012). Millousi specializes in artistic gymnastics, and her strong suit is the balance beam. In April 2016, she actually qualified for her third Olympic Games and will be one of the oldest gymnasts competing in Rio. More likely than not, Millousi will also be one of the most attractive ones.

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Top 15 Hottest Female Gymnasts Of All Time