Top 15 Hottest Fitness Gurus You Should Be Following On Social Media

As society has become obsessed with image, the fitness industry has boomed. This is no coincidence. The advancement of technology has brought with it revolutionary social media platforms that allow fi

As society has become obsessed with image, the fitness industry has boomed. This is no coincidence. The advancement of technology has brought with it revolutionary social media platforms that allow fitness models to show off their bodies and methods that led to their perfect self-made sculptures. Old-school fitness gurus would have to rely on word of mouth and pictures in order to spread their success. Nowadays, models can upload a picture of their body, nutrition advice, and workout tips in a matter of seconds. People want to emulate these figures, and what better way than to follow on social media and try to replicate their success?

Fitness models like Jen Selter, Michelle Lewin and Paige Hathaway have become famous through Instagram and Facebook, coining the term “Insta-famous.” They’ve gotten big in the fitness industry by doing what they love and looking good doing it. Women want to know how these ladies transformed their bodies to near perfection, and guys, well; guys don’t mind looking at them.

Ms. Selter and Ms. Lewin have become synonymous with looking like Greek Goddesses, but they’re not the only ones you should be following for fitness advice. Gentlemen, if you want to look at some sick abs, toned legs or a perfect bum, you should follow these 15 women on social media in addition to the more famous sexy fitness gurus.

15 Katya Elise Henry 

With almost 2.5 million followers (we don’t know how many of those followers are angry tweens thanks to her relationship with singer Austin Mahone), Katya has a very loyal following and a very round and tight butt. She is a fitness model who lifts heavy weights in order to maintain her physique. Currently an ambassador for EHP Labs, Katya has become a personal trainer since graduating college, even implementing her own workout program.

She has become sort-of “insta-famous” thanks to her plump derriere, even catching the attention of celebrities. Her Instagram consists mostly of pictures of her posing and working out (with an occasional meal here and there), but are you complaining?

14 Karina Elle Lisenbee 

Karina Elle Lisenbee is a 26-year old fitness trainer, model and former cheerleader who was named most In-Demand Fitness Model of 2014 by Racked Magazine. She became a model thanks to her statuesque figure and beautiful looks; she is 5’11” and a mix of Viatnemese and French. The former Florida Gator now dates gigantic pro bodybuilder Calum Von Moger, so you know those kids are going to be ginormous, fit and attractive.

In 2014, Lisenbee attempted to use her fitness background to her advantage and actually tried out for the WWE to become the next Diva. The beauty from Florida seems to be doing OK for herself as her website offers nutrition and training guides.

13 Jackie Perez 

An avid Crossfitter, the 32-year old Jackie Perez looks a lot younger than her age implies. Ms. Perez is a lead trainer at Crossfit CSA, one of the most competitive Crossfit Gyms on the West Coast. The former collegiate volleyball player competed in the Reebok Crossfit Games from 2010-2012.

Thanks to her constant social media pictures showing off her toned derriere, Jackie is now sponsored by WFit, Savage Swim Bikinis and FitAid, amongst others. Aside from her booty shorts pictures (who’s complaining?), Ms. Perez does post about her meals and her struggles and successes throughout her nutrition journey. You can even follow her on Snapchat and live through her daily chronicles. Her followers can resonate with her as she is very personable, honest and outgoing.

12 Michelle Lou Lan 

What Your Favorite Yoga Pose Says About You 🐌.....

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Ms. Lou Lan, a former dancer who wisely brands herself “Meshyoga” in the world of social media, is the creator of her own successful yoga practice called “Mesh Yoga.” She’s been teaching yoga for almost ten years, and has created her own style of yoga that’s simple and easy for newcomers to catch on. Her studio is located in Maui, Hawaii. She even has her own line of yoga clothing available to purchase on her website.

Judging by her Instagram pictures, she keeps herself in phenomenal shape. Many pictures show the exotic beauty in various yoga positions, so you can tell she definitely practices what she teaches.

11 Katy Hearn 

Goooood morning 🐠 Kini is by @ravishsands 💛

A post shared by KATY HEARN (@katyhearnfit) on

Thanks to her own success and client transformations, this blue-eyed beauty has developed an enormous following on Instagram of over 1 million loyal people. While most males will not complain about her bikini pics, she mostly posts pictures and videos of her working out at the gym (and her dog, too. She loves that dog!). She has transformed herself over the years, and in doing so, has established believers and more clients. A decent amount of her pictures are devoted to her clients’ own transformations who strive to look like Ms. Hearn one day. If that isn’t good enough, then you can see her clients’ results (along with some other good nutrition information) at her website.

10 Nochtli Peralta Alvarez 

This former police officer turned fitness model (Imagine getting arrested by her, right? “Do you know why I pulled you over? No, but do it more often.”) is a Dutch model of Mexican descent. Her unique look has turned heads in the modelling industry, and now she is using those looks to pursue her passion of fitness. Ms. Peralta Alvarez seems very down-to-Earth and approachable on her Instagram. She’s sponsored by Body Engineers and devotes most of her recent social media posts to pictures of her modeling. Occasionally, she’ll post about her nutrition and workouts, but one look at those bright green eyes and you’re drawn to her page.

9 Mattie Rogers 


A post shared by Mattie Rogers 🍰 (@mattiecakesssss) on

You might recognize Mattie Rogers from her infamous Olympic lifting fail from March 2016, but what you might not know is Mattie holds eight American records in her weight class. She’s only 20 years old! And she’s beautiful. Ms. Rogers is strong as hell, evidenced by her numerous videos on her Instagram displaying her lifting more than most men I know. She has no shame, showing pictures and videos of her failing her lifts, messing around in her spare time, or just being her ridiculous self. Although she did not qualify for the USA Olympics, I’m sure this is not the last time we’ll see Maddie strutting her stuff. I sure hope not.

8 Julia Gilas 

Move over, Jen Selter. You have a new challenger for best butt these days. Julia Gilas is all over Instagram, and it seems like she is sponsored by everybody. Half of her pictures and videos are of her posing in bathing suits and tight-fitting gym clothes, and the other half of her pictures advertise “Fit Tea” or “Sweet Sweat” products. The companies know what they’re doing as potential consumers will see Julia Gilas in booty shorts rocking some tea products, and those who want to look as good as Ms. Gilas does will become buyers (she also handles personalized diets through her website). Whatever she does use is definitely working.

7 TIE: Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman 


It’s technically cheating putting these two as one, but if you follow either one on Instagram, you realize they’re nearly inseparable. These two BFFs have created “A Bikini a Day,” “Monday Swimwear” and “Monday Active,” the latter company devoted to fitness. They’ve formed “Monday Active” targeted towards females to wear clothing at the gym and throughout the day. These two models have kept busy promoting their new clothing line and have instituted a new series devoted to fitness: the 2016 Bikini a Day #Bodylove Fitness Series. Known for their good looks and figures, these two supermodels are proving they’re more than pretty faces.

6 Arianny Celeste 

Best known for her work as a UFC Ring Girl, Arianny Celeste is probably the most recognizable fitness guru on this list. This beautiful self-proclaimed “fitness nerd” isn’t afraid of flaunting her perfect figure. The former dancer graduated from UNLV with a degree in Fitness Management and Nutrition and maintains her knowledge through blogging. Thanks to her good looks and fame, Arianny has a few sponsors and frequently posts about how she stays in shape thanks to “Protein world.” Ms. Celeste also has a penchant for travelling as she’s been modelling lately across different exotic locations. She’s living proof that a fitness background can be a great stepping stone towards success.

5 Kristen Maynard 

For those familiar with “Morellifit,” Kristen Maynard immediately stands out as the most beautiful of the personal trainers/nutrition experts that works for the extremely successful and ever-growing company. The extremely humble Ms. Maynard is a coach at Morellifit and has conquered her own demons by beating an eating disorder.

She’s in the gym every day, and you can follow her narrative on Instagram. Freqently posting progress pictures and inspirational quotes, the Phoenix Resident also participates in fitness competitions. She’s now a nutrition expert and based on overcoming her own adversities, she has become the perfect fitness guru to follow on Instagram.

4 Ana Cheri 

With an astounding 6.3 million followers on Instagram, Ana Cheri has made a huge name for herself. Her ethnic look and phenomenal build have allowed her to become a superstar in the fitness industry. The California Beauty works for Shredz and has recently opened her own gym called “Be More Athletics” in Santa Ana, California.

When she is not posting shots of her butt and amazing curves on Instagram for her fans, she participates in bikini competitions. Her success in the fitness world has given her the ability to create a brand. She now sells merchandise and calendars on her website.

3 Alice Matos 

I 💙 💦 ! follow me on #Snapchat AliceMatoss 👻

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The top four hottest fitness gurus are separated only by the slightest of margins. Alice Matos has created such a loyal following on social media that her own fan club has over 5,200 followers  In addition to a loyal fan base, Matos has a nearly flawless figure (#abs). No matter what she’s wearing or doing in her pictures, one thing remains evident: Matos looks good and fit doing it.

The fitness superstar has created her own clothing line called “La Bella Mafia” geared towards working out, being comfortable and hoping to look as good as Matos in doing so.

2 Anllela Sagra 

This 22-year old former model is now a 1Up Nutrition Athlete. Her dream of becoming Columbia’s first fitness model gave her the drive to transform herself from a thin model to the current fitness beauty we see today. While her 4.7 million followers witness her working out and playing around and posing in her bikini, Ms. Sagra does take great pride in assisting her followers. She regularly holds transformation programs that she advertises on Instagram and tracks on her website. Potential clients can participate in a variety of programs geared towards specific goals (Ab Ripper, Booty Blaster) or can have a meal plan engineered on their behalf.

1 Karina Irby 

Karina Irby has become incredibly successful in her home country of Australia, and based on her figure, she should be even more successful across the globe. She started her own bathing suit company called Moana Bikini, and her success spread like wildfire. Now that she has become a huge hit, Ms. Irby has created Bikini Body Burn filled with many fitness challenges that prove she’s no joke in the working out department. She promotes a healthy lifestyle utilizing the Bikini Body Burn Instagram Account, showing pictures and videos of her working out, her fitness programs, her meals, client’s transformations, and last, but definitely not least, her perfect booty.

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Top 15 Hottest Fitness Gurus You Should Be Following On Social Media