Top 15 Hottest Golf WAGs

Of all the professional athletes, it seems like golfers have the most attractive WAGs (i.e, wives and girlfriends)—Paulina Gretzky, Ellie Day, Annie Verret, Sonya Toms, Alexis Randock, Lindsey Vonn, E

Of all the professional athletes, it seems like golfers have the most attractive WAGs (i.e, wives and girlfriends)—Paulina Gretzky, Ellie Day, Annie Verret, Sonya Toms, Alexis Randock, Lindsey Vonn, Elin Nordegren, and so many other beautiful women (you could probably make a top 15 list solely based on the women Tiger Woods has been with, which we have). What is it about golfers? They’re typically not the most athletic people in the sports world. Just look at John Daly, with his gigantic beer gut, or Jason Dufner before he lost weight. Aside from a few physical exceptions—like Rory McIlroy or Tiger Woods—golfers just look like average guys. So why does it seem like they always have beautiful women waiting to greet them at the 18th hole?

Maybe it has something to do with the money. PGA Tour golfers can bring home well over a million dollars from a single tournament win and are paid millions of dollars by sponsors. Last year, for example, Jordan Spieth, who had five wins, including the Masters and the US Open, and finished in the top five of The Open Championship and the PGA Championship, made over $50 million when factoring in his PGA Tour earnings and endorsements (and he’s only 22 years old!). That kind of money is sure to attract the attention of the ladies, regardless of what you look like.

Here’s the list of the top 15 hottest wives and girlfriends of golfers. We’re no scientists, but there seems to be a direct correlation between a golfer’s handicap and the hotness of his girlfriend—the lower your handicap, the hotter your girlfriend. Maybe that was the problem with Tiger: he was simply too good and therefore attracted more women than he could handle.

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15 Sonya Toms 


Sonya Toms is the wife of David Toms. Toms, a former top-ten golfer, has had a long and successful career on the PGA Tour, with 13 wins, one of which was the 2001 PGA Championship, where he beat out fellow golfer-with-a-hot-wife Phil Mickelson by a single stroke.

Toms’s beautiful wife Sonya appeared in a bikini for the 2003 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. She is the oldest woman on this list, but with an incredible slim physique, she certainly holds her own against the younger WAGs.

14 Melissa Weber Jones


Melissa Weber Jones is the wife of Australian golfer Matt Jones. Jones is probably the most unaccomplished golfer on this list, as he only has two professional wins, and only one in the PGA, and his best finish at a major championship was a tie for 21st at the 2015 PGA Championship (he failed to even make the cut at the Masters and the US Open). But who cares about all that when you have a wife like Melissa Weber, a former Miss USA contest?

13 Maria Ochoa Mora 

🌴☀️😎 All day!

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Maria Ochoa Mora is the wife of Colombian golfer Camilo Villegas. Villegas, who joined the PGA Tour in 2006 after a successful career at the University of Florida, has four wins on the PGA and has placed well at all of the majors. On top of being a good golfer, he’s also known for being in great physical condition. Golf Digest dubbed him “the sexiest player on the tour” in 2006. That’s probably how he was able to land such a beautiful woman like Maria Ochoa Mora.

12 Amy Mickelson


Amy Mickelson is married to Phil Mickelson. Phil is one of the biggest names in the sport. He’s won the PGA Championship, The Open Championship, and the Masters (three times). With over 50 professional wins, 42 of which came in the PGA, he’s easily one of the most successful golfers of all time.

He married his gorgeous wife Amy in 1996 and together they have three children. Their relationship made headlines back in 2009 after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. In a touching moment, Phil won the Masters and immediately went over to embrace his wife.

11 Annie Verret


Annie Verret is the girlfriend of Jordan Spieth. At the moment, Spieth is the hottest player in the PGA. This past year, he won the Masters and the US Open, and he came in second at the PGA Championship and tied for fourth at the The Open Championship, all at the tender age of 22.

He and Annie Verret, the beautiful brunette from Texas, have been dating since high school. While he was a star golfer at the University of Texas, she was a star student at Texas Tech.



Sybi Kuchar is the wife of Matt Kuchar. Kuchar (aka Kuch) has never been able to claim a major championship, but he regularly finishes at the top of the pack. His best round came back in 2012, when he tied for 3rd at the Masters. He’s finished in the top ten of every major.

He met his stunning wife, Sybi, in college. They were both varsity athletes at Georgia Tech (him a golfer and her a tennis player). They were married in 2013 and have two children.

9 Liz Estes 


Liz Estes is the girlfriend of Bob Estes. Bob, 50, started playing on the PGA Tour back in the early 90s. He’s placed high in all of the major champions, but his best tournament seems to be the PGA Championship, in which he tied for 6th on three occasions (1993, 1995, 1999).

Estes was somewhat well known for his intense physical training; maybe that’s what helped him attract his girlfriend Liz, who is an absolute bombshell, as you can see from her racy photo shoots.

8 Suzanne Stonebarger 


Suzanne Stonebarger is the wife of Ricky Barnes. Since finishing second at the US Open in 2009, Barnes hasn’t had much success in the PGA. In fact, he has only one career professional win. He almost won at the US Open too, going into the final round with impressive numbers. But he imploded in the final round, shooting a 76 (6+) and losing out to Lucas Glover by two strokes.

Oh well, at least he’s got a hot wife. Suzanne Stonebarger, a professional beach volleyball player, posed nude for Playboy with her volleyball partner (together they were known as “Team Gorgeous”).

7 Amanda Boyd 

Not letting anyone mess with my mom. #mamasboy #watchdog #instadog

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Amanda Boyd is the former wife of Jason Dufner (the two separated in 2015, at which point rumors circulated that she had hooked up with Tiger Woods, which he denied). Men are still scratching their heads about this relationship, wondering how such an unattractive guy like Dufner could land such a hottie like Boyd. It probably had something to do with the fact that Dufner is one of the best golfers in the world. He had his best year in 2013, when he won the PGA Championship and finished 4th at the US Open.

6 Kristin Stape


Kristin Stape is the wife of Irish golfer Graeme McDowell. McDowell has had a consistent and successful career in professional golf. He’s won three PGA Tour tournaments (including the 2010 US Open) and 10 European Tour tournaments, good enough to earn him a spot in the top-ten world ranking (he got as high as #4 at one point).

I think it’s fair to say, however, that his greatest accomplishment is his wife, Kristin Stape, who he met in 2010 when he hired her to work on his house as an interior designer.

5 Taylor Dowd Simpson 


Taylor Dowd Simpson is the wife of Webb Simpson. Simpson pulled off a surprise victory at the 2012 US Open by beating out Graeme McDowell and Michael Thompson by a single stroke. That win catapulted him all the way up to number five in the world ranking, a career high for him. Outside of his US Open win, however, he’s failed to place in the top 15 of a major championship.

Webb married Taylor Dowd in 2010, and together they have three children. They named their third child, Wyndham Rose, born in 2014, after the first PGA Tour tournament that Webb won (good thing his first win wasn’t at the Deutsche Bank Championship; Deutsche Bank Simpson just doesn’t have the same ring to it).

4 Jillian Stacey 

Ready for some baseball! ⚾ #redsox #taxigram

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Jillian Stacey is the girlfriend of Keegan Bradley. Bradley got off to a great start in the PGA, winning the very first major championship that he played in (2011 PGA Championship). That win, along with several other stellar performances, earned him the PGA Tour Rookie of the Year in 2011. Since then, his best result at a major was his fourth place finish at the 2014 US Open.

We’re guessing he’s not too concerned about his lack of majors considering how hot his girlfriend is. Stacey’s even a bit of an Internet celebrity because of her looks.

3 Ellie Day 

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Ellie Day is the wife of Jason Day. Day recently won his first major championship, the PGA Championship. That win, along with other top five finishes at major events, helped propelled him to number three in the Official World Golf Ranking, and in September of 2015, he was briefly ranked the number one golfer in the world.

People started to take notice of Jason’s stunning wife, Ellie Day, in 2011, when he was first making a name for himself. Jason, born in Australia, and Ellie, born in Ohio, got married in 2009, and together they have two children.

2 Alexis Randock 


Alexis Randock is (or maybe was?) the girlfriend of Rickie Fowler. Ever since his impressive 2014 season, when he finished in the top five of every major championship, Fowler has been on the rise, becoming one of the best young golfers on the Tour. In January of 2016, he was ranked 4th overall in the Official World Golf Ranking, his highest ranking to date.

But by far his most impressive achievement is landing Alexis Randock, the long-legged, tanned, brunette bombshell. If you think she looks like a model, that’s because she is—a bikini model, to be exact.

1 Paulina Gretzky

A post shared by Paulina Gretzky (@paulinagretzky) on

Paulina Gretzkey is married to Dustin Johnson. Johnson is one of the best golfers in the world at the moment, often finishing near the top of the leader board at major events. Although he tied for second at the US Open and The Open Championship, he’s been unable to win a major event, making him one of the best in the world without a major.

His beautiful wife Paulina, who you probably knew was going to be number one on this list, is the daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. She considers herself a singer and an actress (even though her only major credit is in Grown Ups 2, playing “Bikini Girl Daisy”), but she’s more popular for being the wife of Dustin Johnson, with whom she has a child, Tatum Gretzky Johnson, born January 19, 2015.

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