Top 15 Hottest Gymnasts in the World

Gymnasts are attractive for many obvious reasons. They’re in incredible shape, are flexible beyond belief, and have driven and determined personalities. Gymnasts wear spandex outfits for every competition to show off their fit bodies and proceed to prance, flip, bend, and flex on beams, bars, and the floor.

Unlike body builders or amateur wrestlers who can sometimes look more muscular than The Rock, these women are perfectly toned. They’re physically strong, show unbelievable dedication to their sport, and always look fierce while competing. Although gymnasts are extremely attractive physically, there is also something intriguing about how intense they are when they compete. They are so focused that they look angry most of the time, they are remarkably devoted to improvement, and are ruthless when it comes to rivalries. These girls are cut throat and fight back a smirk when one of their competitors slips, falls, or fails to stick a landing.

As a gymnast you are the only person you can rely on to succeed. There is an unbelievable amount of pressure to win, otherwise what’s the point of spending hours in the gym working on routines and investing in top tier training? Since it’s an individual sport, the goal is to win national and international championships and hopefully proceed to the Olympics to claim a bronze, silver, or most importantly, a gold medal.

15 15. Liubou Charkashyna


14 14. Danielle Prince


13 13. Shin Soo-ji


12 12. Kelsey Titmarsh


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11 11. Chelsea Davis


10 10. Brittany Rogers


9 9. Sara Radman


8 8. Evgenia Kanaeva


7 7. Sandra Izbasa


6 6. Aly Raisman

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5 5. Alicia Sacramone


4 4. Dorina Boczogo

3 3. Nastia Liukin

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2 2. Gabby Douglas

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1 1. Shawn Johnson


Shawn is not only a gold medalist, she’s also known as America’s sweetheart.This blonde bombshell is now retired, however she has kept herself in the spotlight by appearing on Dancing With the Stars, The Apprentice, and numerous talk-shows. She has also published a book, which tells the story of her life as an elite gymnast. Currently, Shawn is a broadcaster and joined the BTN network in 2014. Brains, brawn, and beauty, this girl’s got it all. What more could you want? Shawn is a natural looker and talented athlete; her outgoing and kind personality is just the icing on the cake.

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Top 15 Hottest Gymnasts in the World