Top 15 Hottest Lingerie Football Players Today

It is widely known that Americans love their football. The NFL and college football are practically religions. If you're north of the boarder, there are areas where that applies too. If you live in Saskatchewan, Canada, there is also a high probability of you being a Saskatchewan Roughriders fan, and you consider the CFL as a religion. But, if you are a male football fan--whether you are American or Canadian—there is one thing we can all get behind. In 2009, a man named Mitchell S. Mortaza created a league that combined two things men love. Women and football. The Legends Football league (formerly known as the Lingerie Football League), is a seven on seven tackle football league for women. It was widely considered a gimmick league intended to bring in ratings and revenue (then again, what league isn't?).

The league became the Legends Football League when it moved its front office to Las Vegas. It was a rebranding of sorts. The league was trying to move away from the ‘dirty’ and ‘sexist’ image they were portraying. In fact, each team was given uniforms rather than lingerie. There are leagues in Canada, the United States and Australia. Let’s be clear. Football matters and is a great sport. But sometimes spicing it up a bit makes things interesting. Let’s look at the top 15 hottest women from the Legends Football League.

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15 Alex Drake – QB, New England Liberty


Alex Drake has played competitive tackle football for a long time and weight trains every day to improve herself. The 24-year-old Drake stands at 5’9 and 158 pounds. Do not kid yourself, this woman is hot and strong. No.11 plays at quarterback for the New England Liberty. Last season, she appeared in two games. She attempted 51 passes and completed 26 for a total of 155 yards. She threw for two touchdowns and five interceptions. In addition, she rushed for 29 yards and even ran in 1 touchdown.

Now that you have some statistics under your belt, you should go check out her Instagram page. She doesn’t have a boat load of pictures but enough pictures to have you google some more of her. She even has a video of her practicing foot drills and throwing passes. If you want even more pictures on Drake, check out her Facebook page. That is where she usually posts her pictures and there are quite a bit of her working out.

14 Ogom Chijindu – RB, Los Angeles Temptation

via Fontana Herald News.com

She calls herself the Nigerian Knockout. Ogom Chijindu is a 32-year-old football machine, standing in at 5’7 and 135 pounds. She once destroyed a man with an explosive tackle for a promotion. She plays multiple positions but noticeably as a running back. During the 2016 season, she appeared in four games for the Los Angeles Temptation. She totalled 11 tackles and one interception. Ogom Chijindu has the ability to be a game changer on the field, but also has a talent for theatrics. She even twerked on an opponent's face at the end of a tackle just a few seasons ago. There are many beautiful women in the Legends Football League, but none quite like Chijindu.

I recommend you visit her Twitter page to check out all her pictures, and check out any Tumblr feeds people have running with pictures of her. This woman can rock a dress, lingerie or football gear and still make it look tasteful.

13 Quincy Hewitt – CB, Los Angeles Temptation

The NFL Season kicks off tonight!! Who's excited?? ? #LFL #NFL #footballseason #ballhers #legendsleague #kiksandq #athletes

A photo posted by Q U I N C Y H E W I T T (@quincyyhewitt) on

Let us talk about Quincy Hewitt the football player before anything else. Hewitt stands in at 5’8 and 158 pounds and needless to say, she is like most Legends Football League players… extremely fit. The 29-year-old plays corner for the Los Angeles Temptation. Last season, she appeared in two games rushing for 12 yards on two attempts. There are some players on here that you can argue that do not belong on this list. You can even argue the order in which they were ranked. But, Hewitt Belongs here. The photos she has posted on Instagram are dynamite. You take your pick. There are pictures of her stretching on the field, posing with her friends, working out or just wearing somewhat of a bikini.

12 Kimm Chase – TE, Seattle Mist

A photo posted by Kimm Chase? (@kchas3) on

Kimm Chase is a lean mean fighting machine. The offensive linewoman is beautiful and a heck of a football player. Her dynamic personality being athletic, fun, and sexy is why she is making an appearance on this list. Chase wears the number 13 for the Seattle Mist. She stands in at 5’10 and 150 pounds of pure muscle. Last season, the 23-year-old appeared in four games for the Mist. She had 5 solo tackles, 5 assists tackles and 1 sack. She forced 1 fumble and had one fumble recovery.

She loves to spend time on Instagram and posts just about anything and like most Legends Football League players, she enjoys posting pictures of herself working out. But, there are a few pictures that stand out. Check out her washboard stomach and the picture of her eating ice cream. Apparently she is also a Nashville Predators fan.

11 Cynthia Schmidt – WR, Las Vegas Sin


A photo posted by Cynthia Schmidt (@cynabun18_lfl) on

When you're done going through this list, go look up Cynthia Schmidt and find some video clips of her stretching. Schmidt is arguably one of the fittest athletes in the Legends Football league. She has the best abs. She has the best legs. The league uses her quite often when advertising their products. She is also one heck of a football player. Schmidt wears the number 18 for the Las Vegas Sin. She is very passionate about football and is a very competitive person. The first time she saw a Legends Football League game was at her friend’s house on television…after that she was sold on joining the league. The 30-year-old Schmidt plays wide receiver for the Sin. She stands in at 5’10 and 145 pounds. Last season, she appeared in three games and racked up 146 yards, seven receptions and four touchdowns. If you weren’t a fan of football before, you might be now!

10 Deena Fagiano – TE, Chicago Bliss

A photo posted by Deena Fagiano (@deenafagiano) on

The 26-year-old Fagiano wears the number 5 for the Chicago Bliss. She stands in at 5’8 and 145 pounds. She was originally the captain of her cheerleading team, varsity track and flag football team in college. She is a stunning football specimen that is beautiful yet, powerful and plays tight end. During the 2016 season, played two games, has two attempts for 12 yards rushed, one defensive tackle and no fumbles. She has the energy and charisma of a WWE superstar. Maybe we should be painted up like the Ultimate Warrior. The Seattle Mist star is flagrantly featured on the Fuse TV commercials for the Legends Football League. Not to mention many of their flyers and paper advertisements. This spectacular female football player is not only charismatic, but she is also an amazing trash talker. Fagiano places a great emphasis on being in great shape (muscular) rather than being skinny.

9 Danika Brace – TE Seattle Mist


A photo posted by danika brace (@danikabrace) on

Danika Brace is 28 years of age. She plays tight end of the Seattle Mist. She won the 2015 League MVP award, and is a three-time all-star and three-time defensive player. She did not always play defense. Originally, Danika started off on offense for the Las Vegas Sin. During the 2016 season, she appeared in six games tallying six receptions and 39 yards for an average of 6.5 per catch. She also scored two touchdowns. On top of being an extremely gifted football player on the field, she is also drop-dead gorgeous. She has an extremely fit body and her eyes will seduce you... hopefully you will not turn to stone. The intensity she brings to the football field just adds to her allure.

8 Dakota Hughes – QB, Atlanta Steam

A photo posted by Dakota Hughes (@_dakotahughes) on

Dakota Hughes wears number 18 and plays quarterback for the Atlanta Steam. On the field, she is throwing touchdowns, but off the field she is studying journalism. When Hughes was younger she played intramural flag football. In 2014, she joined the Legends Football League and became the team captain and “D-Breeze” on the Atlanta Steam. She stands in at 5’8 and 135 pounds. During the 2016 season, she appeared in four games. She threw for 482 yards, completing 46 passes with 84 attempts. Add 15 touchdowns and only four interceptions to that mix. She even rushed for two touchdowns.

Not only is she beautiful but she is an amazing person. On many occasions, she can be seen taking the time to have her photo taken with fans and sign autographs. She even dressed up as a Ghostbuster for Halloween…too bad the Ghostbuster movie did not have her starring in it.

7 Danielle Dicaterino – DE, Atlanta Steam


A photo posted by Enrica Danielle DiCaterino (@ddicaterino) on

Danielle Dicaterino is red-head magic. This beautiful football player has a great soul and an amazing body. She stands in at 5’9 and a lean 130 pounds. The 25-year-old plays for the Atlanta Steam and wears the number 7. Her Twitter account is usually a place where she posts quotes about life. If you really want to see some great pictures of Dicaterino, go check out her Facebook page. She even has videos of her running drills and let me tell you that woman can run. But, the real treat is on her Instagram page. This female star looks amazing in football gear, dresses, workout gear and everything under the sun. It truly is hard to pick a favorite picture but regardless she belongs on this list!

6 Monique Gaxiola – WR, Los Angeles Temptation

A photo posted by Monique Gaxiola (@thegaxlfl13) on

Monique Gaxiola plays linebacker for the Los Angeles Temptation. Gaxiola also wears the number 13 and is their captain. The seven year Legends Football League veteran stands in at 5’8 and 150 pounds. The 29-year-old appeared in four games last season for the Temptation. She posted an impressive 14 solo tackles and assists on 12 others. She won the Western Conference Championship Game MVP in 2009-10 and Comeback Player of the Year in 2010-11. Her profile picture on the team page almost looks like she is wearing face paint like the Ultimate Warrior.

Let’s be clear. This woman is beautiful but loves her football. She has plenty of football videos posted on her Facebook page, but if you want to see some awesome photos of her, check out her Instagram page. She is a little bit more conservative than some of the stars from the Legends Football League but that should take nothing away from her beauty. She is a classy lady.

5 Chasity Morales – WR, Austin Acoustic

#BTS this was awesome being painted as my fav super hero and working with some amazing artist @azul5051 thank you for making the ultimate dream come true lol ✊?

A photo posted by Chasity Morales (@chasitymorales_) on

Chasity Morales is a football player and an international swimsuit model. She can rock, football gear or even an elegant dress. Morales plays wide receiver for the Austin Acoustic and wears the number 8. She stands in at 5’7 and 126 pounds. Last season, the 24-year-old appeared in two games for the Acoustic. She totaled 38 yards and four receptions. Her Facebook and Instagram pictures are quite the sight. Let’s not forget that this woman is both a swimsuit model and a football player. She looks absolutely amazing in a bikini. In fact, she has several poses of her being ‘rained’ on or having water thrown on her.

The best part about seeing women with her type of conditioning is that you think they don’t pig out like the rest of us. Wrong! This woman is sometimes seen chomping down a greasy, cheesy and messy burger. There can be no argument. She belongs on this list.

4 Michelle Angel – QB, Dallas Desire

A photo posted by Mini Angel (@mini_angel_7lfl) on

Michelle Angel wears the number 7 and plays quarterback for the Dallas Desire. She stands in at 5’9 and 145 pounds. Often she can be seen sporting camo gloves and a camo bandana. She is one of the main attractions of the Dallas Desire. During the 2016 season, she appeared in five games. She threw for 465 yards, completing 39 passes with 84 attempts. Add 12 touchdowns and only two interceptions to that mix. She even rushed for a total of 45 yards and two touchdowns. At 23 years of age, there is no doubt she has tons of football left in her. She has the skills, the knowledge and the talent to compete in the Legends Football League.

Most importantly, she has a body that stop a man’s heart from beating. If you like football then check out some of her passes… and after you are done, go check out some of her Instagram photos.

3 Chantell Taylor – OL/DL Chicago Bliss

Just 19 Days Before The Chicago Bliss Home Opener VS. Omaha Heart. Please Reach Out To Myself Or To My Fellow BlissMates For Tix To Sit In Your Favorite Player Section. #PrettyStrong #ChicagoBliss #BlissNation #DLine ????

A photo posted by Chantell "Telli" Taylor (@chantelltellitaylor) on

Chantell Taylor is a champion at heart. Not only that, but she has the hardware to prove it. She won the Legends Cup Championship in 2013, 2014 and 2016 with the Chicago Bliss. Last season the 24-year-old appeared in five games for the Bliss. She played as a defensive and offensive tackle. She had 10 solo tackles and 4 assisted tackles. She stands at 5’9 and 140 pounds. If you check out her Twitter account, you will obviously find beautiful pictures of her but none that really are jaw dropping. Except of course if you find the one of her signing the mirror in the bathroom while wearing see through stockings. It is one of those pictures that forces your jaw to fall out of your mouth.

Otherwise, just google some of her images and you will no doubt understand why she comes in at number 3 on this list.

2 Jayne Caldwell – QB, Los Angeles Temptation

A photo posted by Jayne Caldwell (@jaynelflaus) on

Jayne Caldwell is from Bangkok, Thailand. While living in Brisbane, Australia she studied Business Management at the University of the Sunshine Coast. I am not making that name up. Caldwell wears the number 12 for the Los Angeles Temptation. She stands in at 5’11 and 150 pounds. Last season, the 22-year-old appeared in four games for the Temptation. She totaled 203 with 35 attempts and 8 touchdowns. She also forced four fumbles. She even played in the Australian Legends Football league for the Queensland Brigade.

Caldwell is smoking hot and if her time living in Australia taught her anything, then she unquestionably, knows how to party. Oddly, some of the best pictures of her online are of her dressing up for Halloween. Otherwise I recommended checking out her Instagram and looking up pictures of her sun tanning with her friends. She even has a picture of her posing with the Ghostbusters car—from the reboot. Imagine if she played a role in that movie? Wow.

1 Adrian Purnell – TE, Atlanta Steam

via canibefrankandcrew.wordpress.com

Adrian Purnell wears the number 3 for the Atlanta Steam and plays tight end. This football player is drop-dead gorgeous. She stands in at 5’8 and 145 pounds. Last season she appeared in four games for the Steam. The 28-year-old tallied 56 yards with 6 attempts and 1 touchdown. She also completed 10 receptions for a total of 109 yards and 2 touchdowns. On the defensive side of things, she tallied 6 solo tackles, 5 assisted tackles and 1 sack. She is all over the field!

Before you question her being ranked as number one on this list, go check out her Facebook page and her photos all over the internet. She looks stunning in everything she wears and is one heck of a football player. Purnell never played football when she was younger. In fact, she was on the sidelines as a high school cheerleader but was determined to play football. Well, she does now and is the hottest one doing it.

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