Top 15 Hottest Lingerie Football Players

The Legends Football League (formerly the Lingerie Football league) officially formed in 2009, after being featured as a halftime exhibition game for the Super Bowl. Since then the league has been called both sexist, and empowering to women, dividing the public into two camps. In recent years the league has changed its image in a massive rebranding, trying to capitalize on the physical competition more than the sex appeal of players. Its biggest change took place in 2013, when the league announced that the women would be wearing “performance apparel” rather than lingerie.

Even with the redirection of the brand, fans can’t help but recognize that the LFL still features some of the sexiest women in the world. Most of the players are transplants from other sports like tennis, volleyball, softball, soccer, and crossfit style body building. The addition of players who played sports prior has had two significant advantages. First, the caliber of athletic ability has been significantly raised since the league's inception. The second advantage is that fans get to watch extremely fit girls show off their abs, defined legs and arms, and other assets in small uniforms..

Now don’t get me wrong, I respect the LFL for changing the image, and even adding some material to the ladies’ uniforms. But in the scheme of things, the change just consisted of changing the pattern of the lingerie and dropping the lace ribbons, in favor of more traditional uniform fabric. The new uniforms still show off plenty of the players' bodies, which can be quite evident when they go into their stances at the line of scrimmage.

With all of that being said, today we are going to respect the beauty of these female warriors in a single list, and rank that top 15 sexiest players in the league. This list will disregard former players, in favor of girls on current rosters. Being that this subject is subjective, be sure to let us know who you would have put on the list.

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15 Kimm Chase - Los Angeles Temptation

via LFL360.com

Let’s kick this list off with the L.A. Temptation’s Kimm Chase. The offensive lineman (linewoman?) is of course beautiful like all of the ladies on this list, but in addition seems like she knows how to have a good time. Being sporty, fun, and sexy is what lands her on this list, which I have a feeling some people may disagree with. Remember, this list is subjective and a combination of these qualities appealing.

14 Brittany Henderson - Las Vegas Sin

via lflus.com

The Las Vegas Sin’s Brittany Henderson might be absolutely terrible at football, but I can’t say that I really care. The bite size wide receiver has negative yardage, but makes up for it in the looks department. She has a wholesome apperance, and like others on this list, has a very limited presence online. But with that being said, I dare you to find many better looking profile pictures than her Sin team picture.

13 Jessika Howard - Seattle Mist

Jose Rangle and LFL Photos

Recently chosen as Sports Illustrated’s “Lovely Lady of the Day”, Jessika Howard is a stand out for the Seattle Mist. Not only does she excel as a wide receiver, but also as a spokeswoman for what a LFL player should look like. The only downside to picking Howard for this list, is that there is such little information about her, but hopefully that will change in the coming months as her fame grows.

12 Katie Whelan - Seattle Mist

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A photo posted by Katie Whelan (@kdubs4) on

Standing at nearly six feet, Katie Whelan is one of the taller tight ends in the league, playing for the Seattle Mist. Not only is Whelan tall, but she is jacked in most pictures, which suits her long frame. She has a rare ability to be super defined, yet retain a femininity that some girls can’t. Another one of her stand out features is her red hair, making her the only woman on this list who can be classified as a sexy ginger.

11 Kadi Findling - Seattle Mist

via twitter.com/KadiFindling

Current “Rookie of the Year” nominee Kadi Findling has been killing it on the field this year. The Seattle Mist wide receiver has a cute quality, sort of a girl next door vibe; but a girl next door who will rip your head off on the field. She might not have the tightest body on the field, but her soft features more than make up for it. With her being nominated for an award this year, hopefully the Mist give her a bit more exposure, which fans won’t mind at all.

10 Michelle Angel - Los Angeles Temptation

Sporting camo gloves and a camo katana on her hip (not kidding), Michele Angel is one of the mainstays of the Los Angeles Temptation. I have been trying to figure out if the black makes her look good, or if she makes the black look good; then I finally figured it out. The fact that she is walking around half naked with a toned body makes it all look good. I’m glad I could clear that up if anybody else was confused.

9 Monique Gaxiola - Los Angeles Temptation

via lisimg.com

In 2014 Monique Gaxiola became the first ever person inducted to the LFL Hall of Fame, being deemed as a “Living Legend” of the sport. Aside from being an absolute knockout, the thing that makes “The Gax” the most beautiful, is her humility. She has stated on many occasions on social media that she doesn’t think she has a perfect body. There is a sexy nature about a woman who is insecure, but can still have the confidence to throw on booty shorts and shoulder pads every week. If nothing else, Gaxiola has the distinction of being the sexiest HOF linebacker who ever lived.

8 Deena Fagiano - Chicago Bliss

via allowhertoplay.com

The Chicago Bliss’ Deena Fagiano is a veteran of the LFL, often cited as one of the league's biggest fan favorites. Who couldn’t see why, with her extremely fit body and inviting eyes, it’s no wonder why the tight end is an entry on this list. Like most of the players in the LFL, Fagiano puts more emphasis on being fit than being skinny, and you can tell by taking a look at her muscular (but tight) physique.

7 Angela Rypien - Baltimore Charm

facebook.com / Baltimore Charm

Probably the most popular player in the LFL, the Baltimore Charm's Angela Rypien is the also the most genetically destined to play in the league. She inherited her quarterback ability from her father, Super Bowl MVP Mark Rypien, and her looks from her mother who was a Washington Redskins Cheerleader. As well as bringing credibility to the sport, Rypien is considered to be one of the sexiest woman not only in the LFL, but in all sports according to TMZ.

6 Lauren Fogle - Las Vegas Sin

via zimbio.com

Lauren Fogle is a bombshell who plays for the Las Vegas Sin...a blonde, stutter inducing, eye widening, bombshell. Now full disclosure, most of the ladies in the LFL (like most athletes) have very round butts; some falling flat in their front (no pun intended). That is not the case with Fogle, who without being too crass, the DB has a lot going on upstairs, to the point where it looks like she could bust out of her top at anytime.

5 Tai Emery - Las Vegas Sin



A photo posted by TAI EMERY - LFL (@tai_emery) on

Tai Emery is that LFL player that you don’t know how, but you know that you have seen her; likely from being featured in almost all of the LFL ads, and photos. Emery, who is from Australia, is a linebacker for the Las Vegas Sin, and also is a fitness model with one of the best Instagram feeds in the LFL. She has been voted onto the best boobs of Australia list, and has a very sexy accent in addition. If you haven’t checked her out yet, I suggest you do it soon.

4 Adrian Purnell - Atlanta Steam

Representing the Atlanta Steam, Adrian Purnell is one of the bad girls on this list. Not only does the tight end look great while playing, but she is legitimately competitive and shows it on the field. As much as fans love watching half naked girls playing football, Purnell takes it to another level, with her sexy trash talking and fiery nature. She even seems to have caught the attention of the mainstream being photographed with rapper Drake.

3 Danika Brace - Seattle Mist

When that #naenae comes on during your photo shoot and @pbj399 catches you in action haha #whipitwednesday #nowwatchmewhip #whippinonyourwcw

A photo posted by danika brace (@danikabrace) on

Danika Brace has the energy and charisma of a female Ultimate Warrior- facepaint and all. The Seattle Mist star is prominently featured on the Fuse TV commercials for the LFL, as well as all of their print ads. What separates Brace from the other 14 girls on this list? Well she has the mouth of a sailor, and is recognized as the biggest, and dirtiest trash talker in the LFL...which is sort of hot if you're into that kind of thing.

2 Michelle Minks - Las Vegas Sin

via twitter.com/michelle_minks

Welp, it was only a matter of time before we saw a Playboy model on this list, with Michelle Minks being the one and only. Sure former LFL players have graced the pages of Playboy, but that was during the fight for credibility in the league. Which begs the question, does it hurt the sport’s credibility to have girls who pose nude on teams? Well we can’t possibly know the answer, but what we do know is that Michelle Minks looks really good in a Sin jersey…even better in less.

1 Cynthia Schmidt - Las Vegas Sin

via metro.co.uk

Watch. Cynthia. Schmidt. Stretch.

Go ahead I will wait for you to come back...if you ever come back. If you can’t tell by now, there are ton of the ladies on this list are coming from the same teams, with another playing for the Las Vegas Sin. Schmidt has arguably the best abs, and legs in the LFL, so much so that they have them plastered all over the LFL official Facebook page .Oh and yeah she is a pretty good football player too.

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