Top 15 Hottest MUST SEE Pictures Of BFFs Alex Morgan And Sydney Leroux

There's no sugarcoating this: . Coincidentally enough, they're also two of the best soccer players alive. Alex Morgan, 26, was the youngest member of the 2011 U.S. Women's World Cup Team, helped the U.S. win gold at the 2012 Olympics and was a huge factor on the 2015 World Cup winning team. Sydney Leroux, also 26, played a pivotal role on the 2012 Olympic and 2015 World Cup Team. Both females share the same position of forward, so they've become closer over the years practicing together every day.

The two attractive ladies bonded as the younger athletes representing the United States in both the Olympics and 2015 World Cup. They're very competitive with one another, constantly pushing each other to be the better soccer player. The bond these two formed can be seen in social media, in magazines and on TV. They're constantly hanging out off of the field and on it, and every Halloween they attempt to one-up the prior year by dressing up in ridiculous costumes. They occasionally go on vacations together and attended each other's weddings, showing that they remain BFF's through all of life's changes.

In honor of their friendship, here are the hottest pictures of Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux.

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35 Blurred Lines

via fieldofteams.csnbayarea.com

Every year these two win Halloween with ridiculous, hilarious and topical costumes. In case you forgot, Alex Morgan is dressed up as Miley Cyrus in her 2013 MTV VMA outfit, and Sydney Leroux is dressed up as Robin Thicke in his VMA performance gear. These two are paired together thanks to their infamous performance that saw Miley grind on Thicke on stage and in front of everyone watching. The performance was all over the news at the time, and even sparked rumors that it was one of the reasons why Thicke and his wife, Paula Patton, split up. The outfits look better on these two, don't you think?

Alex Morgan makes a better Miley than Miley Cyrus herself does. Sydney Leroux's Robin Thicke outfit perfectly accentuates her curves. Wouldn't it have been better for everyone involved if these two were on stage at the VMA's in these outfits? It's quite impressive that these two can make the most ridiculous Halloween costumes look sexy.


33 Loungin'

via thebiglead.com

These two ladies LOVE the beach. Can anyone really blame them? Lounging around on the chairs, Sydney Leroux and Alex Morgan are gorgeous, displaying their beautiful curves and toned bodies. Just look at the abs on both of them! These two lovely ladies work their tails off all year round, so they've certainly earned the time off to relax and soak up the sun. Considering they play the same position, it is nice to see the two of them hanging out on and off the field.


31 Party On

via pinterest.com

Sydney Leroux actually included this picture in a tweet she sent to Alex Morgan on her birthday in 2014, saying "Happy Birthday to my partner in crime, @alexmorgan13! Thank god I've deleted all of the pictures of when we were 17." Whether Leroux was joking or not remains to be seen, but the tweet does prove that the two have remained close over the years. It'd be an awful shame if she actually deleted pictures; wouldn't you like to see some throwbacks of these two?


29 Tutu So Crazy

via articles.courant.com

Back in 2014 during the Men's World Cup, the two friends along with teammate Kelley O'Hara dressed up in red (Morgan), white (O'Hara) and blue (Leroux) tutus before the men faced Ghana. Their superstition paid off as the men defeated Ghana 2-1 after the three friends rocked tutus. They decided to give it another go in the following round in which the U.S. tied Portugal 2-2. The good luck charms paid off for a short while as the men's team made it to the round of 16.


27 50 Shades of WTF

via uproxx.com

Back in February of 2015, Sydney Leroux sent out a tweet with the image above after the two newly married BFFs snuck out to see the awful movie 50 Shades of Grey. This selfie reflects their reaction, and I imagine most of the population that somehow made it through that garbage could've posted similar selfies. Judging by the looks on their faces, it doesn't appear that they were fans of the movie - to no on'es surprise.

All things considered, who can make silly faces like that and still look pretty darn cute in the process? Leroux and Morgan, that's who! Hopefully that awful movie didn't affect their soccer skills. Yes, it was that bad.


25 Sun's Out, Tongues Out

via pinterest.com

Fresh off of a huge Olympic victory in 2012, the two forwards took a well-deserved vacation in Hawaii the following year. They took plenty of poolside pictures in Maui and Kauai, but this is not one of them; however, you can see them yourself on Sydney's Instagram: @sydneyleroux. Unfortunately you'll need to attain creeper status because it goes back 139 weeks or so. This picture shows the two beauties chillin' on the back of a pickup truck, presumably on their way to the cliffs prior to their big cliff jump.


23 Strike a Pose

via vladtv.com

It's rare seeing these two soccer stars dolled up. Their fans are used to seeing them look good on the field, exhibiting their talent while taking names. The above picture was taken from Sydney Leroux's Instagram; notice a recurring theme here? Leroux loves to take pictures of her and her crew looking good. Here the two BFFs look dapper as hell in those lucky dresses. They're both stuntin' and look amazing dressed up like that. Too bad there aren't too many selfies like this.




19 Kisses

via bustedcoverage.com

On that same Hawaii Trip, the two took a number of seflies documenting the insane time they had. They also showed each other some love with Morgan making a sort of duck-face for her fans, and Leroux giving her BFF a kiss on the forehead. As you can tell, they had to show off on social media how much fun they were having, making all of their fans insanely jealous and envious of the two best buds.


17 McKayla Is Not Impressed

via alexmorganisthebestuniverse.tumblr.com

The queens of topical costumes win again. The friends dressed up as the gold-winning U.S. Women's Gymnastics Team from the 2012 Summer Olympics with Morgan mimicking McKayla Maroney. Remember the "McKayla Is Not Impressed" meme that blew up shortly after she was shown with a disappointed look on her face during the medal ceremony? Alex Morgan is shown making the same face in nearly all of their Halloween pictures from 2012. Sydney Leroux looks to be having the time of her life and looks pretty damn good in a gymnastics leotard.

This picture shows both athletes in full character repping the gold medals. Alex Morgan is in full McKayla Is Not Impressed mode, and Sydney Leroux is the gold medal-winning Gabby Douglas. Both look dynamite in character and have the figure to pull off being a gymnast, don't you think?


15 Leggy

via tigerdroppings.com

Yet another picture from their epic trip. This one a nice full body picture with the two sporting flowers in their hair. Being lifelong soccer players, the pair have great figures and show off some leg here. Not to take anything away from the extremely nice view these two have, but the viewers of the picture probably have the better view seeing Leroux's flowing hair and near-perfect body smiling next to the nearly flawless Morgan.




11 Hooray For Bikinis

via record.xl.pt

Here we go with the awesome Hawaii pictures! Obviously these two know how to have a great time together, especially when they went away to Maui. If you check out Leroux's or Morgan's social media accounts, they posted countless tweets and pictures of their escapades in Hawaii. This selfie reflects them hanging out on the beach in their bikinis. Athletes can have fun as well, judging by their drinks in hand. These two definitely earned it.


9 2013 ESPYs

via pinterest.com

Even though it's not a selfie, at least we get another picture of Sydney Leroux and Alex Morgan in dresses. Along with teammate Abby Wambach, they showed up to the 2013 ESPY's red carpet side by side in black dresses. Leroux rocked an elegant low cut black dress flaunting her chest while Morgan wore a shorter black dress flaunting her perfect legs. Both are going with a different look with their hair up and look classy doing so. An A+ look in my books.



6 Hangin' Tough

via zh.woo22.com

Seen here for an advertisement for Nike, the two stars are heavily marketable due to the American Women World Cup success, little girls look up to them and because of their attractive features. They obviously work out very hard to keep up their outstanding figures. I mean, check out Alex Morgan's abs and legs in this picture!  Sydney Leroux is no slouch either, sporting some Nike sneakers and very short Nike shorts showing off her curves in all the right places.

Taking a break from the shoot, the BFFs are decked out in their Nike sports gear soaking in the sun. It's a nice side view of the two athletes clearly happy and having fun just hanging out. These two look good in almost anything, soccer uniforms, tutus, bathing suits, costumes, dresses and sports clothing. Alex Morgan looks great in a sports bra and Sydney Leroux looks better than ever with her workout shirt exposing her tummy.


4 Bottoms Up

via vladtv.com

Another photo snapped from Sydney Leroux's Instagram feed.  Shot on their vacation in Hawaii, wouldn't you like to have been the photographer on that trip? We've been seeing an awful lot of pictures of the two beautiful athletes from the front, so we finally get a portrait showing off their lovely backsides. While one can argue that Leroux may have the better overall body, don't you think Alex Morgan (on the left) may possess a better backside? It's tough to argue as both ladies look incredible from the front and the back.



1 A Beautiful View

via pinterest.com

First things first, regardless of your opinion on body art, doesn't Sydney Leroux look like a badass with that ink? Another great picture of the two BFFs in Hawaii, this time in different bathing suits than the other shots. Obviously this was a paparazzi shot, but it's an excellent picture nonetheless. We get another great shot of the two exiting the ocean wearing well-fitting bikinis. Luckily for us, they have the bodies to pull off such a look.

This is easily the best picture of these two besties hanging out together. They're hanging out on the beach, walking, strutting their stuff, knowing that they look ridiculously good. Both ladies look like they know they are being filmed, but they remain in good spirits anyway. Both women look flawless and know which bathing suits accentuate their figures the best. Leroux works with her chest, and Morgan shows off her abs and V-line. The next World Cup couldn't come soon enough.

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