Top 15 Hottest Pictures Of Christmas Abbott You NEED To See

If you don’t know Christmas Abbott by now, then you’ve been missing out. Back in 2013 this six-packed, heavily tattooed beauty made headlines for becoming the first female member of a NASCAR pit crew. At just 5’3” and roughly 120 lbs., Abbott, who also trains in CrossFit and owns her own gym, was described by CNN as a “pint-sized powerhouse.”

What sets her apart from other women is her paradoxical nature—she’s petite and feminine, with a dimpled smile that has the ability to melt hearts, yet at the same time she’s strong and tough, with a penchant for tattoos, fast cars, and big guns. To say that she is a tomboy wouldn’t do her justice, as she’s more of a man than most men, capable of squatting over 200 lbs. and deadlifting more than twice her weight.

So without further delay, here are the 15 hottest pictures of Christmas Joy Abbott (yes that’s her real name). For those who already knew who she was, this list should serve as a reminder of why she is often cited as the hottest CrossFitter in the world. And for those who didn’t know her, we’re guessing you won’t soon forget her after seeing these pictures.

Merry Christmas!

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15 Welcome to Christmasabbott.com

via christmasabbott.com

On top of being a NASCAR pit crewmember, a gym owner, and a competitive CrossFitter, Abbott is also a part-time model, and, as you’ll see, she’s not afraid to show off her amazing figure. Without a shy bone in her body, Abbott often strips down to nothing or next to nothing for our viewing pleasure, such as in this picture, wherein she’s wearing nothing more than a bra, some high heels, skintight pants, and a look that says, “Yeah, I know I’m hot.”

This photo, with Abbott lying seductively on a concrete floor, serves as the banner for her official website, christmasabbott.com. And what better way to welcome fans to your site than with a nearly nude photo? Her bio page says that she is a business owner, a CrossFit competitor, an Olympic lifter, a trainer, and a NASCAR pit crew front tire changer. What it fails to mention is that she’s also one of the hottest women in the world.

14 Sexiness is Subjective

via jdunlavey.tumblr.com

Christmas is not Marilyn Monroe, and she knows it. She’s not busty or curvy, and she doesn’t adhere to the supposed standards of female beauty, but that’s okay. She represents a new standard of beauty, one that isn’t as strictly defined as it once was. She’s living proof that it’s okay to be strong and tough, and that you don’t have to look like a Playboy bunny in order to be considered sexy. Sexiness is subjective.

Abbott is one of the best spokespersons for CrossFit, a fitness regimen that incorporates various forms of exercise, such as heavy lifting, cardio, gymnastics, interval training, and even boxing. The goal of CrossFit, basically, is all-around fitness. It’s been around since the turn of the 21st century, but it’s just recently taken off and become popular with millions of people around the world. Luckily for us, it’s created some of the most beautiful and strong women in the world, and perhaps none are more beautiful than Christmas Abbott.

13 Turn the Other Cheek

She might be small, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a booty. In fact, her backside is one of her best features, and luckily for us she loves to show it off. Did we mention that Abbott can squat the weight of a large male? Her official CrossFit athlete profile lists her back squat max at 225 lbs.. That’s more than a lot of men twice her size can handle. And as you can see, all those heavy squats have done wonders for her posterior.

Speaking of butts, Christmas could probably kick ours. Abbott comes from a long line of tough women. Her mother spent time in Iraq as a general contractor, and her grandmother moved to the US from Germany during the Korean War and had to put with constant shunning. Christmas credits her grandmother for teaching her to be tough and “turn the other cheek.”

12 Inked

via metamorfit.com

This picture shows off two things: 1) Abbott's incredible toned body and 2) her ink. Abbott, as you can see, is a fan of tattoos, and she was even featured on the cover of Inked Magazine, again in her birthday suit, in April 2016.

Her most eye-catching tattoo is one of a pistol, which runs down the left side of her hip. Her entire right arm and right torso, as well as the lower portion of her left leg, are also covered in colorful ink. There’s something sexy about a hot woman with tattoos. And it’s particularly sexy on Abbott, who, with her cute smile and petite frame, doesn’t exactly look like your typical ink buff.

11 Epitome of Strength

via pinterest.com

Christmas shows off her femininity and flexibility for this picture taken for a profile done by Cosmopolitan. In the article, Abbott is described as the “epitome of strength,” not just for her physical strength but also because of her strength of character. On the subject of strength, she is quoted as saying:

I love lifting heavy weights — it's my favorite thing: Everybody can run. Everybody can do a body weight movement. But not everybody can be strong immediately. It takes discipline, it takes practice, and it takes dedication in order to build that strength. And that strength isn't built overnight. When I lift heavy weights, it just reminds me of how far I've come and how far I can still go.

She goes on to defend muscular, strong women, which is often viewed as unfeminine, saying that she wants to serve as proof that strong can be sexy. We agree!

10 Hottest CrossFitter in the World?

via imgur.com

Here’s Christmas doing what she does best: CrossFit. As we mentioned, Abbott can deadlift more than twice her body weight, with a PR of 255 lbs. according to her CrossFit page. While there may be female CrossFitters who can lift more than her, we highly doubt that any of them look as good as Christmas when she’s lifting weights.

CrossFit helped turn working out into a spectator sport, and it’s thanks in part to beautiful women like Abbott, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Brooke Wells, Brooke Ence, Jackie Perez, and so many other beautiful, fit women who look amazing both in and out of the gym (or box, as it’s called in the CrossFit world). Be sure to check out our list of the top 15 sexiest female CrossFit athletes to see what we mean.

9 Fully Clothed

via pinterest.com

This is one of the few pictures of Christmas where she’s not nude, in a bikini, or in revealing sportswear. And you know what, she looks just as sexy fully clothed as she does when she’s showing off some skin. That’s what makes Abbott so popular amongst CrossFit fans. It’s not just that she has an incredible body and is willing to show it off; it’s that she’s also naturally beautiful, and she’s both tough and sexy. Not all strong women can pull off a frilly dress like she does.

It’s obvious that Abbott is more at home in sportswear doing hands on stuff than she is in a dress acting like your “typical” girl, but she proves that it doesn’t have to be either/or. You can be both.

8 What a View

via guyjest.com

Yes, that is indeed Christmas Abbott.

Talk about a spectacular view. The water, the sand, the cloudless blue sky… oh yeah, and Abbott’s incredible butt. She doesn’t have to wait until hump day for an excuse to show off her perky behind. As far as we’re concerned, when it comes to this bombshell, every day is Wednesday.

While the goal of CrossFit is overall fitness, it’s fair to say that it also does wonders for the body, and, in particular, the booty. According to Abbott, as outlined in her book, The Badass Body Diet, one of the three basic moves for a badass body is the single leg squat, which targets the hips, the thighs, and, of course, the glutes. As you can see from this picture, Abbott has clearly done her fair share of this exercise.

7 Multi-Talented

via beautymuscle.net

In this picture, Abbott demonstrates the two things that she’s known for: working on cars and working out. Sitting on an exercise ball, Christmas, sporting her famous dimpled smile, stretches out her strong legs while holding up an air gun, which she uses in the NASCAR pit to remove and replace tires. Air guns, or “impact wrenches,” are powerful tools used to remove lug nuts in as speedy a manner as possible. Even though she barely weighs in at over 100 lbs., Abbott, a lover of all kinds of guns, is more than capable of handling the tool.

Speed is of the utmost importance when it comes to car racing, which is why a tire changer has to be lightning fast. A good NASCAR pit crew can change a set of tires in less than 20 seconds. Abbott demonstrated her tiring changing skills for Maxim in 2013, and did she ever know how to handle an air gun.

6 Don't Mess with Christmas

via tumbnation.com

Whatever your opinion is on guns, be you for them or against them, there’s no denying that there’s something sexy about seeing a woman who knows how to handle a firearm—especially when that woman looks like Christmas Abbott.

Here she is holding a real gun next to her famous pistol tattoo, looking as confident as ever as she stares straight into the camera as if to say, “Don’t mess with me.”

We’re guessing Abbott’s not the kind of woman you would have to take care of, as she’s clearly more than capable of taking care of herself. In fact, she’s so tough that many people just assumed she was the daughter of legendary UFC fighter and all around tough guy Tank Abbott (she’s not).

5 Frolicking on the Rocks

via abbott-ritzke.tumblr.com

Abbott knows how to strike a pose in a bikini. Here she is doing her best impression of a mermaid, frolicking on the rocks in a tiny two-piece. She better be careful. That body has the potential to cause shipwrecks. But we’re guessing there are more than a few sailors who wouldn’t mind being shipwrecked if it meant they were marooned on an island with her.

If this picture tickles your fancy, make sure you check out Abbott’s Instagram (@christmasabbott). Judging by the number of bikini pictures she posts, you’d think she lives at the beach. Not that we’re complaining.

4 Dat Body!

Two words come to mind when we look at this picture: good lord! Also, dat booty! Just look at those legs and that butt. Clearly all that time in the gym has paid off. What do you call those kinds of bikini bottoms anyways? It’s not quite a thong, not quite a full bikini bottom. Whatever it is, God bless the person who designed it.

It’s no wonder Abbott posts so many pictures of herself in a bikini. Her body was made to be shown off. The subtitle for Abbott’s fitness and health book, The Badass Body Diet, is “The Breakthrough Diet and Workout for a Tight Booty, Sexy Abs, and Lean Legs,” and there’s no better advertising for her book than this picture. Please, female Sportster readers, for our sake, make sure you pick up a copy of her book.

3 Queen of NASCAR

As the only female member of a NASCAR pit crew, Abbott is indeed the queen of her field. And to prove that point, she posed for a photo wearing a bikini and a fur coat while sitting on a throne in a garage and holding up a giant wrench as her scepter. With those looks and her knowledge of cars, she is truly the ultimate male fantasy. If only mechanics looked this good, every car on the road would be a well-oiled machine.

Abbott herself is kind of like a well-oiled machine, one that operates at max speed and strength, which makes her dual career as a CrossFitter and NASCAR pit crewmember all the more fitting.

2 Abbott & Friends

Christmas isn’t the only hot female CrossFit athlete. The sport (yes, it’s technically a sport, since they compete against each other and the CrossFit Games are covered by ESPN) is a virtual playground of hot and fit women, and Jackie Perez (middle) and Leah West (right) are some of the hottest. If this picture doesn’t do it for you, then we don’t know what will.

One of the reasons why CrossFit is so popular, as compared to more conventional gyms, is the sense of community. CrossFit athletes encourage each other, perhaps with a gentle bum tap, to compete at their highest potential. And if these three women are any indication of the kinds of women we can expect to come across at a CrossFit box, you can sign us up.

1 Fierce Look

What makes this picture so sexy is the fierce look that Abbott gives the camera as she glances. We'd like to think that she's looking straight at us. This picture comes in at number one because it's a perfect representation of everything that Christmas represents.

Based on all the pictures of Abbott showing off her body, you might think that she is nothing more than an exhibitionist, but in fact she considers herself an advocate for strong women. By showing that muscular women can be sexy, she’s challenging the preconceived notions of female attractiveness. Thankfully, women no longer have to be tall or skinny to be considered beautiful; they can be strong and “womanly” at the same time. In other words, there is no single definition of beauty. One thing we can all agree on, however, is that Christmas Abbott is one gorgeous woman.

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