Top 15 Hottest Pictures Of Eugenie Bouchard You NEED To See

Canadian tennis player Eugenie "Genie" Bouchard is possibly the hottest female athlete in the world at the moment, and she's sure to let you know it by regularly posting sexy selfies and bikini shots on social media. It's no surprise then that she has over 1 million followers on Instagram, roughly five times as many as current number one female tennis player Angelique Kerber.

Bouchard achieved celebrity status, both in and outside the tennis world, in 2014 when she came out of nowhere to challenge for the Venus Rosewater Dish at the Wimbledon Championships. She would ultimately lose out to top-ranked Petra Kvitova of Czech Republic, but she would win over millions of fans in the process, both for her talent and her beauty.

Since 2014, despite some on-court struggles, Genie has evolved into a bonafide celebrity, landing major endorsement deals and gracing the pages of several high-profile magazines, no doubt in large part because of her stunning smile and gorgeous looks.

Here are the top 15 hottest pictures of Eugenie Bouchard you need to see.

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#thanksgivingthrowback #singapore

A post shared by Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) on

Genie captioned this one “#singapore,” which means that this picture was likely taken during her downtime at the WTA Finals in Singapore in 2014. Joining her at the tournament were the world’s top female tennis players, such as Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, and Caroline Wozniacki.

Unfortunately, Bouchard was eliminated by Simona Halep early on in the round robin portion of the tournament, but just qualifying was a major milestone in her career. She moved up to fifth place in the world rankings, the highest spot ever for a Canadian tennis player, male or female, at the time. She would also go on to be named WTA Newcomer of the Year.


Most athletes, male or female, couldn’t care less about what they look like when they’re competing. Not Genie. She always looks her best, whether she’s running around a tennis court in shorts and sneakers or walking down a red carpet in a dress and high heels.

Her gorgeous looks and long blond hair have drawn comparisons to another female tennis superstar: Maria Sharapova. And in 2014 she proved that she had the on-court skills to back up the comparison by making it all the way to the finals of Wimbledon. She would ultimately lose to Petra Kvitova, but just making it that far was a major victory for the then-20-year-old, who would also make it to the semi-final round in the Australian Open and French Open that year.


A post shared by Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) on

Genie is the picture of elegance in a nude-colored dress (don’t get your hopes up; we said nude-colored). Bouchard’s lean, 5’10” body looks like it was meant more for modeling than tennis, but her 100 MPH serve would suggest otherwise.

She looks so good in a dress that she even started wearing one on the court, although that turned out to be a mistake, in hindsight. She was one of the first (and last) women to wear Nike’s unfortunate tennis dress, nicknamed the Nike "nightie," which was recalled almost immediately because it kept flying up during competition, creating an unwanted Marilyn Monroe effect.

Proving that she’s the perfect spokesperson, Bouchard claimed that she actually liked the Nike dress, even though it proved to be impractical.


Rosie the Riveter 💪🏼🎃👻

A post shared by Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) on

What’s sexier than a strong woman? Nothing. And when it comes to beauty and strength, no one combines the two better than Eugenie Bouchard.

In this picture, Genie shows off her strong side in a Halloween costume of Rosie the Rivetor, the symbol for tough working women. Genie might not be your typical working woman, but she’s certainly made a lot of money in her brief career, with over $5 million in tennis winnings and a net worth north of $3 million thanks to lucrative endorsement deals.

Bouchard’s ability to take care of herself might account for why she’s rarely seen with a man by her side. That’s not to say that she’s never had a boyfriend. There’ve been a number of rumored male suitors over the years, including NHL players Alex Galchenyuk and Jardon Caron, and her former doubles partner Nick Kyrgios.


At least it turned out okay #tbt @flaremag

A post shared by Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) on

Thankfully, Bouchard seems to be recuperating nicely from a concussion she sustained at the US Open in 2015, but she never seemed too worried about the state of her playing career, probably because she knew that she could always fall back on a career as a model.

This picture comes from a shoot that she did with Canadian fashion magazine Flare. If you were flipping through the pages of the magazine and didn’t know who Bouchard was, you probably wouldn’t even know that she’s not a model by trade.

Genie’s face has also graced the cover of Elle Canada, Chic, and Tennis Magazine.


A milly! 😍💗😘

A post shared by Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) on

It should be clear by now that Genie is no amateur when it comes to taking selfies. Give her a mirror and an iPhone and she’ll put together a one-person photo shoot that would rival the work of Terry Richardson and Annie Leibovitz.

This picture is no exception. Captioned “A milly,” Genie does indeed look like a million bucks, with a black choker, a tiny white top, and some formfitting jeans that reveal just enough of her toned midsection.

But when it comes to taking selfies, no one beats the queen of Instagram: Kim Kardashian. For Halloween last year, Genie poked fun at Mrs. Kanye West’s infamous nude selfie by dressing up in a fake Kim K. butt and black censor bars.


Compression to make your 🍑 look 🔥🔥🔥 @nikewomen

A post shared by Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) on

Genie’s clearly not afraid to show off her assets, be it in skintight spandex or a bikini. Don’t feel guilty if all you’re doing is looking at her butt in this picture; she knows it looks good, otherwise she wouldn’t have pointed it out in the caption of the post, claiming that the pants make her butt look like fire (or, more accurately, they make her peach emoji look like three fire emojis).

This is a photo for an ad campaign she did for Nike’s compression pants, which were designed to optimize athletic performance. But hey, if they happen to make your butt look great in the process, bonus. For a cool $158, you can pick up a pair of Nike’s Zoned Sculpt Women's Training Tights and have a butt like Genie (okay, maybe not quite as nice as hers).


Obsessed w this pool & view 😎 #57thfloor

A post shared by Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) on

Genie captioned this one: “Obsessed w this pool and this view.” We’re obsessed with the view as well, and no we’re not talking about the one in the background.

Unsurprisingly, this picture turned some heads when she posted it roughly two years ago, with Huffington Post calling it not “for the faint of heart,” alluding to her “generous assets.”

If we didn’t know any better, we’d say Genie knew exactly what she was doing when she posted this picture (she sure as heck wasn’t trying to show off the view of Singapore). The grin on her face also suggests a certain cheeky intentionality.

Hey, there’s a reason why she’s one of the most popular, and most marketed, female tennis players in the world.


via huffpost.com

Genie certainly knows how to use her sex appeal to her advantage. Despite struggling the past few years and slipping to 46th in the world rankings, she remains one of the most recognized faces in female tennis (that’s because she has one of the prettiest faces in female tennis).

Thanks to her looks and her confident personality, Bouchard has landed several high-profile sponsors, including Nike, Coca-Cola, Rogers Communication, and Pinty’s. She uses her substantial social media following (1.2 million Instagram followers and nearly 1 million Twitter followers) to help promote her sponsors' brands as well as her own.

To say that Genie is a tennis player wouldn’t do her justice. She is also a spokesperson, a model, an entrepreneur, and an all-around social media celebrity.


via sportal.co.nz

Doing her best impression of Angelina Jolie, Bouchard showed off some leg in a long black dress at the WTA Year End Gala Party. Serena Williams may have won player of the year, but Genie clearly won the show that night.

Genie’s ability to look good off the court should come as no surprise (she’s certainly not the first female athlete who cleans up nicely). What’s most impressive about her is the fact that she looks just as good on the court, when she’s decked out in athletic gear and drenched in sweat.

One interviewer at the Australian Open got into some trouble when he admired Bouchard’s on-court fashion a little too much, asking the Canadian tennis player to “give us a twirl,” which some viewed as sexist. Genie didn’t seem to mind, though. She later commented on the incident in an interview with Flare, saying: “I didn’t think it was sexist at all. It was maybe a bit odd, but I’m a girl and I do care about what I look like, and I do care about my outfit. We are females, and we can play the sport and be tough on the court but have a girly side and care about fashion and all these things. I think it’s great that we can be more than just tennis players.”



A post shared by Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) on

Genie has proven herself to be the queen of Halloween costumes (more specifically, the queen of “sexy” Halloween costumes). First there was her “sexy” Bowser, then there was her “sexy” Rosie the Rivetor, and this year we saw her “sexy” Kim Kardashian nude selfie followed by her “sexy” kitten.

Bringing things full circle, some women dressed up as Eugenie Bouchard for Halloween this year, and Genie herself shared the photos on her Instagram, writing: “When I was 8 years old playing my first tennis tournament who knew one day girls would dress up as me for Halloween?! So humbled. Also you girls are HOT AF.” As hot as they were, no one topped Eugenie. Who knows, maybe next year she’ll dress up as herself for Halloween—better yet, maybe she’ll dress up as “sexy” Eugenie Bouchard, but then again I guess that’s already a given.


via tennisforum.com

What's better than a beautiful French-Canadian woman? Two beautiful French-Canadian women.

Not only does Genie have a sister, but she has a twin sister (fraternal, unfortunately, but still gorgeous). Eugenie is six minutes younger than her sister Beatrice, who is a celebrity in her own right, with nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram. A recent graduate of the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University, Beatrice co-hosted the Coors Light Games with TSN's Cabbie.

But wait. The fun doesn't end just yet. What's better than two beautiful French-Canadian women? You guessed it: three. Eugenie and Beatrice have a little sister named Charlotte, who is one year younger and the spitting image of Genie.


via instagram.com

This picture, taken a couple weeks ago while she was on vacation at the Atlantis Hotel & Casino in the Bahamas, has the most comments of any of her Instagram pictures. Can you tell why? Is it the beautiful beach view in the background? Perhaps it’s the stunning pool? No, of course not. It’s because Genie’s booty is on full display.

We here at TheSportster just want to take this opportunity to thank the man (and you know it has to be a man) who invented this style of bikini (known as a Brazilian, in case you were wondering), which made it acceptable for women to walk around with their derrieres hanging out.



A post shared by Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) on

Genie is all smiles in this one, and we’re guessing so are you now.

Did we mention that she has a killer body? It didn't come naturally. She earned it through lots of sweat and hard work, telling Elle Canada in 2014 that she spends most of her time on the tennis courts, and when she’s not practicing, she can usually be found in the gym working on her strength and cardio. To stay thin, she adheres to a strict morning diet of eggs and fruit.

Like any young, twenty-something woman, Bouchard also loves her downtime. When she gets time off from tennis, which she says is not often, she likes to “lie on the couch and relax, physically and mentally.”


Comin for ya 2017 - likin this arm definition

A post shared by Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) on

Eugenie's been getting more and more risqué with her pictures lately, and we feel that she reached peak hotness with this one, posted just a couple weeks ago.

When she first started receiving attention in the media, Bouchard was known as the cute young phenom with the pretty smile. Now 22 years old and with some experience under her belt, she's evolved into a stunning woman.

Her tennis career has been in a bit of a lull since her breakout year in 2014, but she's still shown flashes of brilliance on the court. And considering she's young, there's no reason to believe that she won't be back competing with the likes of Serena Williams and Angelique Kerber in the finals of major tournaments in the not-so-distant future.

Eugenie captioned this photo, "Comin for ya 2017," so you know she feels confident about her chances.

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