Top 15 Hottest Sideline Reporters In Sports

When it comes to men in the sports broadcasting world, they’re as varied as the athletes they cover every day. Some are former athletes with a long history on the field or court, and some are just huge sports fans who saw the perfect way to engage with their obsession of choice. Some go to the gym on a daily basis and look like they could compete with some of the best athletes out there, and some definitely look like they spend most of their time sitting behind the sports desk. However, when it comes to female sports reporters, there’s one thing that most of them have in common – they’re absolutely gorgeous.

Now, look, we get it. A large percentage of sports fans are men and it makes sense that the networks would try to get viewers to watch their broadcasts and their shows by picking sideline reporters that are easy on the eyes. No one is saying that these female sideline reporters aren’t knowledgeable – most could probably school the average viewer in stats. However, it’s a bit tough to ignore the fact that in the past ten years or so, sideline reporters are looking more and more like supermodels.

Now, it’s not to say that every woman in sports journalism has to look like she’s just stepped out from a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover. There are plenty of women with a wealth of sports knowledge who are working for sports radio or covering their favorite teams and athletes for magazines and newspapers. It just so happens that, if you’re a woman who decides to spend your sports reporting career in front of the camera, chances are you’ll be gorgeous.

There’s probably not going to be any changes anytime soon, because obviously no one is complaining about seeing more beautiful women on their television screens every week. Here are 15 of the hottest sideline reporters in sports.

15 Erin Andrews 

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Okay, we pretty much don’t even need to introduce Erin Andrews in a conversation about sexy sideline reporters. Andrews was pretty much the trailblazer who made hot sideline reporters a thing. She proved that women can know sports and excel at their job while still looking damn good. While it can be tough to become known in large part for your looks, Andrews was confident that she had the skills and stats to back it all up, so she ran with it, even posing for GQ in a photoshoot. Her career is still red hot, so it seems like this reporter is as savvy as she is sexy.

14 Niki Noto 

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Noto is a reporter based in Atlanta, who works for CSS as well as ESPNU. You may have seen her on ESPNU’s Road Trip show, where she steps away from the sportscaster’s desk and into the crowds, mingling with college kids, high-fiving mascots, and just capturing all the atmosphere at college football games from the sidelines.

13 Alex Curry 

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This brunette bombshell has gigs with several sports networks, including Angels Weekly and Angels Monthly on Fox Sports West, and Tailgate 48 on the Big Ten Network. Her sports knowledge is diverse, and you can also see her on the sidelines during the Pro Beach Volleyball Series of the Red Bull Signature Series on NBC Sports. I mean, if at any point Curry decides that she’s sick of the sideline reporting game, we’re pretty sure she could make some serious dough as a model – she’s that gorgeous.

12 Heidi Watney 

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Californian blonde bombshell Heidi Watney started her sports broadcasting career in Fresno and San Diego, and eventually moved across the country when she was hired to cover the Boston Red Sox. She covered Boston’s beloved team from 2008 to 2011, and the baseball world seems to love her – she’s since gone on to become a feature in several of the MLB Network’s shows. Who knows – maybe with all her expertise in the world of baseball, she even had a quick chat with fellow reporter Kelly Nash (the infamous dangerous selfie taker) to let her know that you just don’t turn your back on the diamond when there’s baseballs flying around.

11 Kristine Leahy 

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As Kristine Leahy states on her website, she grew up in Chicago during Michael Jordan’s prime years with the Bulls. I mean, if that doesn’t turn you into a huge sports fan, I don’t know what will. Leahy became interested in the sports world and when she found out that she wasn’t particularly athletic, she decided to get involved in sports broadcasting, checking out the game from on the sidelines rather than on the court. She got her big break as a host and in-house team reporter for Celtics.com. Leahy has been on the sidelines for virtually every sport, including college football and basketball during March Madness. Nowadays, she’s on the sidelines for an entirely different sort of sport – American Ninja Warrior.

10 Lauren Gardner 

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Forget New York City and Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles – sports reporter Lauren Gardner makes her living in Denver, where she grew up. She got her first glimpse at life on the sidelines as a Denver Broncos cheerleader during her college years. She started her sports broadcasting right where she grew up, serving as the in-game host for a network covering the Colorado Avalanche, Denver Broncos, and Colorado Rockies. She’s also taken to the sidelines to cover college football, basketball, and lacrosse. We’re not sure what would ever take this girl out of Denver, but we’re pretty certain that Denver is glad to have her.

9 Samantha (Steele) Ponder 

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This Arizona girl has had her eyes on the prize from way back in college, when she was the sideline reporter and host for every football and basketball game at Liberty University. Her talent has led to her jumping from network to network as more gigs became available, and she’s been a contributor on College GameDay, a Friday host for the College Football Live telecast, and a reporter on ESPN College Football Primetime. She’s also done a lot of work covering basketball, as both a studio host and sideline reporter for events including the Pac 10 Basketball Tournament.

8 Sara Carbonero 

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Ah, Sara Carbonero – the sideline reporter so sexy that many were upset she might have distracted her partner, Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas, during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. If you take a look at her, you’ll know exactly why people might be concerned. The Spanish reporter may have gotten her name into the headlines in 2010, but she’d been working for several years as a reporter by then, covering Eurobasket and eventually becoming a reporter for Telecinco. If she ever gets tired of sideline reporting in Europe, we have a feeling that North America would invite her over in a heartbeat, no matter who she might distract.

7 Cari Champion 

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Cari Champion, who grew up in Pasadena, California, considers herself a huge basketball fan. She always knew that she wanted to get into the field of broadcast journalism, and after a college internship at CNN snagged reporting gigs at a variety of local news stations. However, she truly found her calling in sports broadcasting when she joined the Tennis Channel as a sideline reporter. That gig eventually led her to her spot on ESPN2’s First Take, where she was a panel member until 2015. Nowadays, you’ll find her behind the desk on SportsCentre.

6 Jimena Sanchez 

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Many up and coming reporters get compared to celebrities if they have some sort of resemblance, and that’s something that Jimena Sanchez knows well – she’s frequently referred to as the Mexican Kim Kardashian due to her exotic looks and curvy figure. She even got her start by participating in a very Kardashian-esque project, Mad Mamacitas, a website that basically collected images of attractive women. However, she wanted to become known for more than her appearance, and began working as a sports writer for Medio Tiempo. Her work eventually led to her getting a gig as a sports presenter for Fox Sports Latino and fans couldn’t be happier.

5 Amanda Pflugrad 

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The gorgeous Amanda Pflugrad has had quite the broadcasting career already, despite being fairly young. She got her start with Travel Channel and USA Today, traveling across the U.S. in an RV as a travel host and reporter. Then, she moved into the entertainment and sports sides of reporting. In addition to her many gigs behind the sports desk and radio mic, Pflugrad worked as a sideline reporter for CBS covering the AVP Beach Volleyball Tour for the 2013-14 season, and then again took to the sidelines for ESPN/SEC covering women’s gymnastics. And then, not content to remain in one sport for long, Pflugrad became the New York Jets’ team reporter and insider, chatting with players in the locker room and on the sidelines. Nowadays, Pflugrad is courtside with the Boston Celtics.

4 Allie LaForce 

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

You might not know Allie LaForce by name yet, but you’ll definitely recognize her face if you see her – she was the sexy blonde bombshell that had everyone buzzing during March Madness. This busy sports fan has been on the sidelines as the sideline reporter for Sports Time Ohio, for NBATV during the NBA Summer League, during the 2014 AFC Divisional Playoff and more. The former athlete is a wealth of sports knowledge, and in 2014, she replaced Tracy Wolfson as the sideline reporter for the SEC on CBS. We’re pretty sure that this is just the beginning of the 27 year old’s long career in sports broadcasting.

3 Laura Rutledge 

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After graduating with a degree in broadcast journalism from the sunny University of Florida, Rutledge jumped around as a sports anchor for CNN’s New Day and Early Start, Fox Sports, and HLN’s Morning Express with Robin Meade. Eventually, ESPN came calling for the rising star, and she joined their team, working as a reporter on the SEC Network covering college football, basketball, softball and baseball. We have a feeling no athlete would complain about this reporter taking up space on the sidelines, but they better watch out – her husband, MLB’s Josh Rutledge, might not be too happy about any comments.

2 Maria Taylor 

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The gorgeous Maria Taylor is a relatively new face in the world of sports broadcasting. The former athlete was a reporter and host for IMG College at the University of Georgia for three years, snagging occasional spots on shows such as Dawg Report and SEC Men’s Basketball Tonight. In 2013, she became the sideline reporter for ESPN2’s weekly Saturday night college football telecast and has also worked for ESPN on their coverage of the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament and Women’s Volleyball National Championship. In 2014, she joined the SEC Network and works as a college football reporter, as well as an analyst on other SEC telecasts. We see a bright future for this multi-talented reporter!

1 Rebecca Haarlow 

Haarlow is a smart cookie, attending Princeton and majoring in history before deciding to break into the sports reporting game. She started out working for ABC and reporting on the Sacramento Kings. Haarlow found that she enjoyed the rush of competition and the always changing nature of sports reporting, and eventually spent three seasons as the sideline reporter for the Portland Trail Blazers. Nowadays, Haarlow is a sideline reporter and host for Fox Sports Network, NFL Network, and Big Ten Network. While she might be a few years older than some of the 20-something aspiring sportscasters, she proves time and time again that she’s been so successful for a reason.

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