Top 15 Hottest Surfers In The World

There’s no doubt about it, in general, surfers are perhaps some of the hottest professional athletes out there. It’s not tough to see why – they spend the majority of their time training in the sun, typically live a far less regimented lifestyle than many other professional athletes, and regularly get a full-body workout in the form of surfing and swimming. Oh, and their uniforms are either swimwear or skin tight body suits that show off their every curve. While other athletes have to don baggy jerseys or unflattering swim caps, surfers stroll along the beach, board tucked under their arm, basically looking like sporty mermaids with tousled beach waves and a killer tan.

Now, while surfers can essentially come from anywhere in the world, there are a large amount of pro surfers who come from places near the ocean – Hawaii, California, Australia, etc. It makes sense, really – many of them grow up in the water and have been surfing since they were children. It’s a part of who they are and it only makes sense that they’d want to take it to the next level. Honestly, we can’t even imagine how tough it must be for sponsors and companies to select which female surfers they want to represent their sportswear or surfing brands – it’s like having a group of models to pick from, who you know will all look phenomenal in your product! Plus, there seem to be very few surfers known for their diva behavior or bad attitudes – in general, they all seem fairly carefree and sunny in disposition. I mean, there was a surfer who became famous for her warmup twerking. That should tell you all you need to know.

After checking out 15 of the hottest surfers in the world, you’re definitely going to want to buy a surfboard and head out onto the ocean in search of the beach babes. Just keep in mind that they’re professionals, so there’s a fairly good chance you’d just end up embarrassing yourself.

15 Sage Erickson

Back to sunny days in Byron|| photo @_lucrecia_ || @stretcheyz

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25 year old American surfer Sage Erickson has been a pro since 2008 and it’s not hard to understand why she developed her skills so quickly – Erickson grew up surfing the breaks along the north shore of Oahu, and eventually moved to Ventura, California. So, the blonde bombshell has nearly always lived right by the water, which makes it easy to hop in for a quick surf on the regular. Erickson absolutely slayed in the NSSA and Pro Junior circuits before qualifying for the women’s WSL World Tour and becoming an international competitor. We have a feeling she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

14 Lakey Peterson

When you’re talking about precocious talent in the surfing world, Lakey Peterson is the first name that pops into everyone’s minds. When Peterson was just five, her parents took the family on an adventure around the world to Australia, where Peterson first learned to master the boogie board. Bitten by the surf bug, she began to compete at only 11, and began winning titles at just 12 and 14. She followed that up by rocking the 2011 US Open Of Surfing when she was only 16. Though she’s only 21 now, her early start makes it seem like Lakey Peterson has been around in the surf world forever.

13 Bree Kleintop

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Bree Kleintop has nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram and it’s easy to see why – she’s absolutely gorgeous. The blonde bombshell grew up a surfer, but in her teenage years, her height and good looks led her to getting several modelling gigs. Since then, the young rising surfer has juggled modelling and pro surfing, and is arguably one of the hottest surfers in the water right now.

12 Monyca Eleogram

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Beach babe Monyca Eleogram grew up in Hana, Hawaii, where she lives now with her husband (and childhood sweetheart) Ola on a family organic fruit farm. However, despite being in tune with the land in her daily life, her true love lays in the ocean – she started surfing as a child, and by fourteen, was competing professionally. She has surfed around the world and travelled extensively for competitions, but her favourite waves to catch are still in her hometown of Hana.

11 Anastasia Ashley

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If there is any professional surfer who automatically earns a spot on any hottest surfer list, it’s got to be the one who became famous for her pre-surfing twerking warm-up. That’s right – we’re talking about Anastasia Ashley. The American beach babe grew up in Oahu and southern California, so safe to say, she was always comfortable in the water – according to Ashley herself, she was swimming at 2, body boarding at 4, and surfing at 6. She quickly rose in the ranks at a very young age before exploding, making the rounds in the surfing world as well as in the entertainment industry.

10 Quincy Davis

Many pro surfers grew up west coast girls, hailing from California or Hawaii. Quincy Davis, on the other hand, was east coast all the way – she grew up in the small beach town of Montauk, New York. As she explains it, she hopped on a surfboard one day simply because she was bored and her brother was doing it, and quickly fell in love with the sport. Nowadays, Davis splits her time between her home town of Montauk and sunny Rincon, Puerto Rico – that is, when she’s not travelling the world surfing. Her surfing career has also given her the chance to indulge another one of her passions – fashion design – which happened when Volcom brought her in to design a collection.

9 Malia Manuel

Malia Manuel is basically the definition of a beach babe and the surfer who grew up in Hawaii didn’t waste any time learning her sport of choice – she started surfing at about the same time she started walking, and at 14 became the youngest surfer to win the US Open of Surfing. When she’s not catching the waves, Manuel keeps her insane physique toned through activities like running, hiking, yoga. We should have guessed – you don’t exactly get a body like hers through being a couch potato.

8 Nage Melamed

Side eye, tongue out kinda day 😛😏

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If you ever wondered about how hot Nage Melamed is, just consider this – we have a feeling that many men in the world are disappointed she only got tapped to appear in Playboy’s pages after it had implemented the no nudity policy. The pint-sized powerhouse (she’s only 5 feet tall) grew up, where else, in Hawaii, and counts Fox Clothing, Ted Shred Candles and Ocean and Earth amongst her sponsors.

7 Tia Blanco

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If you ever took Tia Blanco on a date, you’d better hope you didn’t make the mistake of taking her to a steakhouse – the surfer is a strict vegan and has been for many years. As the daughter of a Coast Guard, Blanco grew up near the water, and throughout her childhood lived in Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and southern California. I mean, no wonder she became a pro surfer – the ocean was basically at her back door throughout her entire childhood! The rising star is a member of the Surfing America team and, when she’s not catching waves, loves activities like yoga, hiking and painting.

6 Brianna Cope


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Blonde bombshell Brianna Cope grew up surfing in Kauai and was competing before she even hit 20. She raves about the healthy lifestyle that many inherently have in her hometown and not only follows a gluten free and dairy free diet – she starts every day off by clearing her head with some meditation (before, of course, grabbing a coffee). She’s worked with huge companies like Under Armour and is currently rising in the ranks – Cope is definitely one to watch out for!

5 Kelia Moniz

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Many pro surfers discover the sport on their own, but Kelia Moniz had a little help getting in the waves – her father is actually a former professional surfer himself, so Moniz and her four brothers basically grew up in the water, surfing as a family. She first started surfing at five and has since been around the world competing in places like China. Moniz favours the longboard, as it’s what she spent the majority of her surfing career riding, and began snagging big name sponsors like Roxy as young as 13.

4 Chloe Chapman

When it comes to female surfers, Chloe Chapman might not exactly be a household name yet, but she’s definitely one of the hottest. Brunette beach babe Chapman honed her surf skills in Sydney, Australia and is the girlfriend of pro surfer Paul Fisher. We can’t help but imagine that a large chunk of their date nights involve catching waves together – the question is, does he do the chivalrous thing and let her snag the good ones, or is a good old competition? Either way, we have a feeling that Fisher definitely doesn’t ever want to let Chapman go – I mean, would you?

3 Lindsay Perry

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Many surfers live their lives entirely around the sport – they live, eat, and breathe the waves, spending all their time on the beach in pursuit of that perfect swell. Perry, on the other hand, is a woman of many interests. The gorgeous, freckle-faced brunette has been a regional surf team rider for Nixon for several years, but also regularly indulges her other passions – art and music. Perry recently released her debut album, L.O.V.E., and even crafted a little corner of the web where she shares her thoughts and opinions at lindsea.com. Amongst all the surfers, our money would be on Perry to start some kind of lifestyle brand focused on healthy living and beach-side retreats.

2 Catherine Clark

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Catherine Clark is your quintessential California girl – she first placed her feet on a surfboard when she was just four years old, and at 8, started to truly pursue the sport. She quickly rose in the ranks and the girl from Ventura began competing around the world. Though many favour the shores of Hawaii or Australia, Clark’s favourite spot to catch waves is in Mexico, which is where you’ll likely find her in her down time. That is, when she’s not lending her skills and beauty to one of the many companies who endorse her, such as Billabong or Channel Islands Surfboards.

1 Alana Blanchard


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It’s nearly impossible to talk about gorgeous surfers currently in the game without bringing up Alana Blanchard. Blanchard became one of the most well-known female surfers ever since she was portrayed on the silver screen in the movie Soul Surfer, as she and her family were present when surfer Bethany Hamilton suffered her shark attack back in 2003. However, the girl from Kauai isn’t a new addition to the game – her father first taught her to surf when she was just four years old. Her skill and beauty mean she’s very sought after by sponsors, including Rip Curl, Spy eyewear, GoPro, Rockstar energy drinks and more.

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