Top 15 Hottest Surfers In The World

There’s no doubt about it, in general, surfers are perhaps some of the hottest professional athletes out there. It’s not tough to see why – they spend the majority of their time training in the sun, typically live a far less regimented lifestyle than many other professional athletes, and regularly get a full-body workout in the form of surfing and swimming. Oh, and their uniforms are either swimwear or skin tight body suits that show off their every curve. While other athletes have to don baggy jerseys or unflattering swim caps, surfers stroll along the beach, board tucked under their arm, basically looking like sporty mermaids with tousled beach waves and a killer tan.

Now, while surfers can essentially come from anywhere in the world, there are a large amount of pro surfers who come from places near the ocean – Hawaii, California, Australia, etc. It makes sense, really – many of them grow up in the water and have been surfing since they were children. It’s a part of who they are and it only makes sense that they’d want to take it to the next level. Honestly, we can’t even imagine how tough it must be for sponsors and companies to select which female surfers they want to represent their sportswear or surfing brands – it’s like having a group of models to pick from, who you know will all look phenomenal in your product! Plus, there seem to be very few surfers known for their diva behavior or bad attitudes – in general, they all seem fairly carefree and sunny in disposition. I mean, there was a surfer who became famous for her warmup twerking. That should tell you all you need to know.

After checking out 15 of the hottest surfers in the world, you’re definitely going to want to buy a surfboard and head out onto the ocean in search of the beach babes. Just keep in mind that they’re professionals, so there’s a fairly good chance you’d just end up embarrassing yourself.

15 Sage Erickson

Back to sunny days in Byron|| photo @_lucrecia_ || @stretcheyz

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14 Lakey Peterson

13 Bree Kleintop

Sunshine is my favorite accessory ☀️🙈 @clinteastwood @thegirlandthewater

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12 Monyca Eleogram

Smiles 💙

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11 Anastasia Ashley

Back on the west coast

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10 Quincy Davis

9 Malia Manuel

8 Nage Melamed

Side eye, tongue out kinda day 😛😏

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7 Tia Blanco

Ready for another sunny day in Manly with my @raen 😎✨

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6 Brianna Cope


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5 Kelia Moniz

Salty sea dog #POPSurf @roxy // PC: @jatecson

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4 Chloe Chapman

3 Lindsay Perry

Breathe 😌 🙌🏽 @zephyr_image @billabongwomens #abikinikindalife

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2 Catherine Clark


1 Alana Blanchard


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It’s nearly impossible to talk about gorgeous surfers currently in the game without bringing up Alana Blanchard. Blanchard became one of the most well-known female surfers ever since she was portrayed on the silver screen in the movie Soul Surfer, as she and her family were present when surfer Bethany Hamilton suffered her shark attack back in 2003. However, the girl from Kauai isn’t a new addition to the game – her father first taught her to surf when she was just four years old. Her skill and beauty mean she’s very sought after by sponsors, including Rip Curl, Spy eyewear, GoPro, Rockstar energy drinks and more.

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Top 15 Hottest Surfers In The World