Top 15 Hottest WNBA Stars of 2016

Since the inception of the Women's National Basketball Association in 1996, there have been beautiful woman displaying amazing feats of athleticism on the basketball court. Many of these woman have mu

Since the inception of the Women's National Basketball Association in 1996, there have been beautiful woman displaying amazing feats of athleticism on the basketball court. Many of these woman have multiple jobs, with many of them having carved out lucrative careers in modeling during their time away from the basketball court, and for good reason. As the women's game improves, it seems the sheer attractiveness of its participants has improved as well. As 2016 rolls on, we are poised to have the sexiest group of women the WNBA has ever seen.

On our list of hottest WNBA stars of 2016 you will find a few ladies who have been able to stand the test of time, a la Jennifer Aniston. You will also find some young and beautiful new comers to the league, and it seems as though we are in the golden age of beauty in women's professional basketball. All of the ladies on this list have Instagram accounts, and I strongly urge you to follow them as soon as you finish checking out the top 15. Also encouraging, is the fact that not all the lovely ladies on this list are married, so you may have a shot with them if you happen to be the right guy, at the right place, at the right time.

After you get through salivating your way through this list, I have a feeling you will find yourself tuning into many more WNBA games next season. I honestly believe that the WNBA has a bright future, due not only to the talented basketball players in its game, but to the fact that they are so gorgeous. As always, if you don't agree with our list feel free to drop in your on opinions in the comments below. With all that being said, I will end with a big fat YOU'RE WELCOME!

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15 Maya Moore


Coming out of U-Conn in 2011, Maya Moore may well be the best player in the WNBA right now. She is also one of the most attractive players in the league as well. Maya has already been a league MVP and won a gold medal with Team USA to go along with her amazingly good looks. Although she doesn't have the most revealing personality, her natural beauty is good enough to put her on this list.

14 Sue Bird


Sue Bird is the kind of woman who is blessed with the gift of aging gracefully. Bird is looking as good as she ever has at the tender age of 35. She also has built herself quite the resume as a basketball player, on top of looking like a swimsuit model. Seeing as how the Seattle Storm player is having knee problems as a veteran of the game, she may be able to fully transition into modeling sometime soon, and we are not complaining about that.

13 Delisha Milton-Jones


At 41 years old, Delisha Milton-Jones is the oldest woman on the list. Being 41 has not stopped Milton-Jones from being sexy. She is 6'1" and has all of the assets you could ask for, not to mention life experience. Delisha entered the WNBA in 1999 and is still going strong, additionally she has won a total of 5 gold medals in her illustrious career as well. Maybe it is fitting that Milton-Jones will most likely finish her career as a member of the Atlanta Dream, as she has filled many fans dreams for nearly two decades.

12 Briann January


Spokane, Washington is not synonymous with sexy, yet somehow there we find Brianna January, a product of "Spokompton." Brianna is a 5'8", 142 pound beauty queen, who is just as fit, as she is spunky. As to be expected, when Brianna was ready to go to college she chose Arizona State University, a school voted by Playboy as the number one school for sexy female students. Oh, and she is a stellar basketball player to boot, lucky for us she seems to have a long career left ahead of her as she is still in her 20s.

11 Candice Wiggins


Candice Wiggins has some of the best legs in the WNBA, standing at 5'11" she has a lot to work with. Wiggins also has the curves that many women envy, and many men desire. She is a workout warrior with the face of an angel. Wiggins also can be a scary presence on the basketball court, as she helped her team to the 2011 WNBA championship. Sadly we had to say goodbye to Wiggins this year, as she announced her retirement in March of 2016.

10 Cayla Francis


Cayla Francis is an Australian born bombshell! She is 6-foot-4 and at the age of 26 she is hitting her physical prime. With the beautiful blonde hair, and the sexy Australian accent, she could arguably be much higher on the list. She has not had too much success thus far in her WNBA career, but it sure seems like great things are on the horizon for this beautiful Auzzie. Australia has seemed to pop up as a hotbed for beautiful basketball players.

9 Candace Parker


Candace Parker is one of the most famous woman basketball players of all time. She is one of only a few female players to ever dunk in a WNBA game. But none of this can overshadow her utter beauty. Candace was named one of the 100 most beautiful people in the world in 2007, and not much has changed since then. Parker was selected as  not only a model for the ESPN Body Issue, but was chosen to grace the cover in 2012.

8 Erin Phillips


At 30 years old, Erin Phillips is still stunning, and she has that girl next door appeal. Phillips comes to us via Australia, another lovely gift from the folks down under. Phillips is a two time WNBA champion, and she also won a gold medal in the 2006 World Games. Phillips' appearance in a men's magazine (Alpha) in 2008, is what put her on the radar in the eyes of many fans. During the photo shoot, she posed in lingerie while holding a basketball in hand.

7 Jennifer Lacy


Jennifer Lacy could very well be the most naturally beautiful woman on this list. Standing at 6'3", and weighing 175 pounds, Lacy has a full figure with curves in all the right places. Her complexion is such a beautiful tone, that it should be bottled up and sold to the masses. Lacy comes from athletic genes, as her father is an ex-MLB player, and clearly some of the athleticism has worn off on Lacy. She currently plays for the Los Angeles Sparks, the fourth team of her career.

6 Elena Della Donne


Elena Della Donne, it could be argued is the most gifted player in the WNBA right now, but she could also have an argument as the sexiest women in the league as well. Della Donne is 6-foot-, and 187 pounds, at 26 years old it is hard to match her combination of beauty and skill. Della Donne also has a heart that is more beautiful than any of her physical attributes. In her off seasons she is the primary care giver to her blind, deaf, autistic, and cerebral palsy stricken sister.

5 Skylar Diggins


Standing at 5'9" and weighing 145 pounds , Diggins is a complete bombshell at just the age of 25 years old. She has the complete package and still seems to be growing into her body, looking better every year. On top of her insanely beautiful appearance, Skylar is a graduate of Notre Dame University and also a two time WNBA All-Star. In addition to that, Diggins models regularly, and her pictures may be even more impressive than her play on the court.

4 Sydney Carter

A photo posted by Sydney Carter (@sydcarter4) on

At 5-foot-6 Sydney Carter has turned herself into every man's fantasy by creating one of the best bodies in sports. While doing it for professional and athletic reasons, Carter has worked her body into what could be described as perfect. Carter is entering her fifth season in the WNBA, but it is hard to tell if she will stick around much longer, as a career in modeling could clearly be in her future.

3 Penny Taylor


Yet another Australian woman makes the list, making this list quite international at this point. Penny Taylor has eyes that could make a grown man weep. She is 6-foot-1  and 165 pounds of pure beauty. When she entered the WNBA in 2001, she was hands down the sexiest woman in the league, at the age of 34 she has given way to some younger ladies, but Taylor will always be recognized as one of the truest beauties to ever bless a WNBA court.

2 Leilani Mitchell


With an American father and an Australian mother of Asian decent, Leilani has been blessed with an incredible look. She has a sexy innocence about her yet when she is on the basketball court she is a killer. Mitchell is 5-foot-5 with a very petite frame, but she still posses incredible curves. The most appealing thing about Leilani would have to be her "girl next door" look and infectious smile that she constantly flashes.

1 Jasmine Lister

A photo posted by Jasmine Lister (@jaslister11) on

Jasmine Lister is a newbie to the WNBA. She was born in 1992 and still has a long basketball career ahead of her if she wants it. She also has a long acting and modeling career ahead of her if she so chooses (she should choose that path). Lister has an Instagram account, and if you don't follow her yet I would highly recommend doing so! She has eyes that are impossible to look away from, along with an athletic, yet voluptuous build. This list is filled with amazingly beautiful women, but Lister takes the cake, which may be because many of her pictures are taken with her sister... yes there is another Lister sister!

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Top 15 Hottest WNBA Stars of 2016