Top 15 Hottest Women Tiger Woods Hooked Up With

Twenty years ago, when you heard the name Tiger Woods, you associated it with golf greatness. He was prodigious, even from a young age, and he was anointed as golf’s next big thing. And for years, honestly, he did not disappoint. So often you see some stellar young athlete, saddled with the great burden of tremendous expectations. And more often than not, the weight of those expectations crush them. But not Tiger.

No, for Tiger, every chance he could excel, he did. He ran away with tournament after tournament, major after major. Talk soon started about whether he could do the previously unthinkable and smash the record for most career majors won. Sponsors flocked to him and couldn’t wait to throw gobs of money at him, to hawk all sorts of wares. He was to golf, what Michael Jordan had been to the NBA. He took the sport to heights many had never thought possible. He was so powerful, course designs were changed, in order to make them “Tiger proof”. What was even better, his fame and success influenced a new generation of young and charismatic stars, who while extremely talented on the course, were far more exciting and engaging than the fabled old guard of the sport. In a word, Tiger Woods had changed the game and was a squeaky clean role model for many.

Until his world came crashing down, and he wasn’t so squeaky clean anymore. As it turns out, Woods was as prolific with the women as he was talented on the golf course. His stunning wife Elin found out, flipped out, and thus began the downward spiral of Woods. His career still has yet to fully recover, both from the damage he did and from injuries he’s had to recover from. But, while his image is much less attractive now, the women he’s been with, whether as an affair or a full-fledged relationship, have been quite the opposite. Simply put, the man has been linked to a veritable who’s who of beauties. So let’s take a look at the top fifteen from his little black book.

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15 Elin Nordegren

via PageSix.com

Honestly folks, you didn’t think we could do this list without the former Mrs. Tiger Woods, did you? Oh, sure, Tiger is famous for all of the extramarital affairs he’s had, and how hot some of the tail is and was. But let’s be entirely honest, and superficial too. Elin Nordegren is one amazingly hot woman, though clearly she lacked something (maybe she wasn’t a good communicator, or perhaps she just lacked a husband with decency). Either way, as a smoking hot specimen, whether she was cheated on or not matters little. What does matter is that Elin was and is a stunner, and you could have easily argued that with Nordegren by his side, even back then he was playing above his pay range. Which, of course, proves that money matters! She’s only so low on the list because, well, I suppose I docked her some points for actually being networked.

14 Jamie Grubbs

via Twitter.com

Here’s another looker, a real beauty. I suppose if you wanted to argue that Grubbs wasn’t as hot as Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin, you might have a chance. I say might, because even as I was looking thought photos, each of these women tends to be a stunning expression of beauty. Or, if you’d prefer, we can keep it simple and call it like we see them, and say that Miss Grubbs is just an all-world talent, and we are happy to have her come aboard. What amazed me most about this charming beauty was that she actually worked as a waitress when she first met with Tiger. Why did I find it amazing? Well, Ms. Grubbs, for managing to date one heck of a wealthy athlete, still managed to keep going with her image.

13 Kalika Moquin

via keywordhut.com

Consider yourself warned, boys and girls. I have told you, and I remind you: these ladies are just going to get hotter and hotter the higher we go. It is an inevitability. And, when we land at thirteen, we have the lovely and ravishing Kalika Moquin. Now, for Moquin, Tiger Woods still found himself an absolutely smoking hot woman to bed. But, while there is absolutely nothing wrong with waitresses, Moquin’s job is a bit bigger than that-though I suppose you could say she’s still in the service industry. She was working as a club manager in Las Vegas when their affair was going hot and heavy. I suppose you could argue that she was willing to do whatever it took to satisfy the client. And, of course, I suppose you could say Woods was her client. He was, by all accounts, a satisfied customer.

12 Jamie Jungers

via Starcasm.net

Now things will really heat up. The competition is fierce, and I am willing to guess that some folks might adamantly disagree with this particular spot for Jungers. And why would that be? Well, for one thing, she is an absolutely gorgeous bombshell, if you like that sort of thing. For another, if you put any stock in what shock-jock Howard Stern does, Miss Jungers actually won Stern’s “Tiger Woods Alleged Mistress Beauty Pageant”. No, seriously people, that actually happened. She won. I paid for the parking! So, she must be pretty hot, even Stern said so. So what did Tiger see in Jungers? Well, aside from himself, one thing that seemed to happen with most of these women was that Woods was able to bond with them. Either that means they bonded with anyone, or he bonded with anyone, or his relationship to his wife at the time was just so bad, anyone looked like an improvement.

11 Lindsey Vonn

via sportline.ge

See, not all of the women on the list are going to be mistresses! OK, fine, we sort of cleared that up with his wife in the 15th spot, but still. It’s another mega-star, Team USA’s skiing sensation, Lindsey Vonn. I think many people would have never expected a relationship like that to work, and while eventually the distance was too much, Lord knows they tried. But, when you think of the schedules and sponsor demands that each was under, it really can’t be considered much of a surprise if they worked, either. I mean, think about it like this. A stunning beauty, someone whom Woods could confide in, and someone who knows all too well the value of privacy and juggling personal and professional commitments.

10 Joslyn James

via nydailynews.com

Finally! It happened! That’s right folks, we have our first adult star making the list! Now, let us be honest for a moment: if any one of us had a chance to bed an adult star, and there’d be no repercussions from the local business leaders, and that our spouses would never know, I am willing to bet that more of you that want to admit it that you’d want to have a ride. Well, Woods got all of that and he rode her like a cowboy rides his horse. Which is to say, he rode her a lot. Before she hitched her wagon to Woods, her resume included a plethora of skin flicks. After Woods, her career included a lot of talk shows and reality type fare. So, I suppose you could say her time with Tiger allowed her to become a better person, in a twisted sense.

9 Holly Sampson

via WallsHDFine.com

Another conquest, another adult star. We’ve entered into that portion of the countdown where Tiger was just chasing the adult film starlets, apparently. Sampson was a similarly prolific adult talent, and you become that by being very attractive (she was) and very eager (was there ever any doubt?). Sampson actually was more than just an adult star, as she had worked in regular film first, before diving into hard and softcore. As for Tiger Woods, she claims she only had sex with him at his bachelor party, but never while he was married. Not to split hairs, but either way, that is still cheating. And, no matter what, she was still drop dead gorgeous.

8 Cori Rist

via nydailynews.com

Another one of Woods’ gorgeous women, Cori Rist was kind enough to really boost his ego. Not that Tiger Woods needed his ego stroked, of course (and, not like that was the only thing of his she ever stroked!). Once the news of his litany of indiscretions blew up, Rist had gone on the record as saying he was an amazing lover, passionate and whatnot. Could you imagine if she’d said he was like a limp noodle? What seemed to undo it for her was that Tiger Woods got to be like a level four clinger, which is kind of funny when you consider he was cheating on his wife, so you’d expect him to not be so clingy and needy, but that’s what she remembered him being. Also, she said he was controlling. I can see that, as he’s of a similar temperament on the golf course.

7 Loredana Jolie

via nydailynews.com

Yes! Now we are really getting somewhere, ladies and gentlemen! Now, earlier on this list, Tiger Woods shagged himself a couple of adult stars. Now, we have him nailing not just an adult star, but a Playboy starlet. Now, while it wasn’t as though Woods was popping a Playmate, the mere face that he knew she was in Playboy was no doubt quite satisfying. I mean, just about anyone can be in the adult entertainment industry nowadays, but it takes an amazingly beautiful and driven woman to make it in Playboy. And while adult stars are a bit more prevalent, there’s a certain panache about being a Playboy model. And, it should stand to reason that there’s a certain panache to sleeping with a Playboy model. Woods picked a stunner in order to check that off his bucket list.

6 Julie Postle

via novamagic.com

People, when I told you the list was just going to get hotter the deeper we got, I ask you this: was I not telling the truth? Julie Postle is an amazing reminder of the beauty we can find, and she also marks a return to Woods aiming for a private booth at the clubs. Meaning that Postle, as absolutely ravishing as she was and is, was not an adult movie star, or a stripper, or anything crazy like that. No, Julie Postle was actually a worker in a Florida club, a hostess who was intended to keep drinks flowing. And when Tiger Woods laid eyes on her, he was no doubt already planning on adding another notch to his belt.

5 Theresa Rogers

via twitter.com

I have to give Tiger Woods credit here. Why? Because if nothing else, he proved a couple things. One, he proved that he had no type of woman-look at those who appealed to Woods, whom he bedded. You’ve got superstar athletes, adult stars, club workers and a whole lot more. Maybe going and unplugging isn’t such a bad idea. The second thing he proved is that he wasn’t too picky. Rogers, who for the most part vehemently denied it, was old enough to be considered (by those of you keeping score at home) a cougar. Talk about a diverse black book! Tiger, ever the ladies’ man, didn’t care if the woman was older than him or younger than him, just so long as she was with him on the use of the marital aids. And speaking of younger than him…

4 Raychel Coudriet

via ekstrabladet.dk

This might be the creepiest one, and I think it may actually be hard to top it. So, how is one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses hard to top? Because in the case of Raychel Coudriet, it would appear as though Woods knew of her because she was his next door neighbor’s daughter! As in, he’s known her since she was like, fourteen. I mean, jeez man, that’s a bit much. Look, I get it. There could be a fourteen year old girl now, whom you just know. And then, when she’s finally legal? All bets are off. So I get it, I just can’t say I love seeing it. To her credit, apparently she only slept with him one time, coming off as a bit regretful, sounding like she’d quickly realized that Woods was less interesting than she had thought.

3 Emma Rotherham

via Metro.co.uk

Want to know what Tiger Woods saw in smoking hot beauty Emma Rotherham? And no, the answer isn’t himself. Well, actually, maybe it is! But seriously, how hot is Emma? Let’s see, she is British, so right away, she’s super hot. I mean, how do you not get excited from a British accent? And then you add stockings and suspenders into the mix? Well, it’s easy to see why she was wanted by the golf star, and based on her output and what it all meant for them. Apparently, they liked getting it on on Tiger’s office sofa, if the stories are all to be believed. So, take some of it with a grain of salt, but I would say take her stockings and associated items that made it into the reports as pretty much the truth.

2 Rachel Uchitel

via Zimbio.com

Explaining why she is here is much less a challenge, I can assure you of that. So, why is this spot easy to explain? Because, forgiving her level of attractiveness for a moment, Rachel Uchitel is basically Tiger Woods’ sexy sick patient zero. How come? Because before Tiger met Rachel, you’d assume he’d keep screwing around behind Elin’s back for as long as he good. But when Rachel was casting lines and snared Tiger, little did they know that, down the road a piece, it would be Uchitel who blew the whistle on, or was at the center of, the long overdue revealing that Woods had been tragically unfaithful to his wife. So, while Uchitel is a stunner, she also lands so high on this list because without her, we might have never known any of this.

1 Kristin Smith

via heavy.com

And here’s the feel-good one, the closure, the number one woman on Tiger Woods’ hot girl countdown. Why? I mean… just look at her! But, as absolutely breath taking as Smith is, here is the best part of this relationship: it’s not an affair! That’s right folks, Woods can hold his head up high based on who was sleeping with him and whether or not they really should be, knowing full well that options he had floating around. But, as sexy as she is, I think I’d have my radar up just a wee bit. Why? Because this isn’t Sheldon Souray’s mother, driving about being all friendly. She’s a smart and sexy lady who, prior to latching on to Woods, was all about an NFL player who plays for the Dallas Cowboys. So you do wonder if there’s a pattern there, and if she doesn’t have great intentions. But, regardless, she is absolutely the hottest women I think Tiger has ever been with.

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