Top 15 Hottest Women to Star in Male Dominated Sports

There are many sports that are still dominated by men. Although there might be some opportunities for women to compete with one another in their own professional circuits or leagues, the majority of t

There are many sports that are still dominated by men. Although there might be some opportunities for women to compete with one another in their own professional circuits or leagues, the majority of the players and participants are still predominantly men. When women break the mold and start to attract attention in these sports, it doesn't hurt when they are attractive enough to be considered hot.

While many women enjoy the ocean water and laying on beach towels soaking up the suns rays, there are only a few hardy souls who have the courage and stamina to brave mother nature and conquer her waves. The same can be said about women who participate in sports like ski jumping, motocross, MMA, hockey and even racing with a horse or car. These sports have long been considered to be exclusive to men, as very few woman have really felt the desire to break into these sports. Despite the domination of male participants, there are always exceptions that only help to draw more attention to these sports. Ronda Rousey has helped elevate MMA, while Chantal Sutherland has helped to popularize the racetrack at Del Mar. There is also Danica Patrick who has made more people tune into auto racing and Laila Ali who introduced most people to women's boxing. They might all be successful, but their stardom was certainly aided by their ability to turn up the heat in front of a photographer's lens.

The following 15 women have been successful in male dominated sports while also looking pretty hot. They have all been able to use their good looks to help promote their particular sports, while doing their best to make sure the public knows they belong. Success might have been due to their hard work and dedication, but it certainly isn't a coincidence that many people have seen them in pictures without ever seeing them perform in their sport.

15 Julia Mancuso - Alpine Skiing


It's a marketer's dream when one of the best woman of her respective sport also happens to be stunning. Julia Mancuso has won four Olympic medals in alpine skiing, including a gold at the 2006 Turin games. She made her World Cup debut at the age of 15 back in 1999. She has since been one of the faces of the sport and it's easy to see why. While her form has dropped a little as she's now over 30, no one's going to be forgetting about her anytime soon.

14 Gigi Marvin - Hockey / Nancie Battaglia

13 Sarah Hendrickson - Ski Jumping

Dan Busta/Red Bull Content Pool

12 Jen Carroll - Pro Bass Fisher

11 Sara Price - Motocross


10 Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Pastrana - Skateboarding


9 Chantal Sutherland - Jockey


Chantal Sutherland has been around horses for most of her life, as her father owned a horse farm in Toronto, Canada. At first, Sutherland probably received more attention as a model than a jockey, as she didn't initially start working with thoroughbreds. She actually enjoyed playing field hockey as a youth and earned an invitation to try out for the Canadian Junior World Cup team.

8 Ronda Rousey - MMA Fighter

Walter Iooss Jr. / Sports Illustrated

Ronda Rousey has certainly broken down the barriers in what is a rather brutal predominantly male sport, but it is also her work in front of a camera that has fascinated both those who love the sport and those who haven't watched a fight. She is dominant in MMA with an 11-0 record with all of her wins by either submission or knockout. She has also won many medals in judo, including the bronze medal at the 2008 Bejiing Olympic Games. Rousey uses her patented arm bar to defeat most of her female opponents who have enough courage and determination to oppose her in the octagon.

7 Courtney Force - Drag Racer


6 Noelle Pikus-Pace - Sledding

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

5 Gretchen Bleiler - Snow Boarding


As more women start to enter what was once considered a male dominated sport, snow boarding, it should come as no surprise that some of these athletic women can be pretty hot. Gretchen Bleiler certainly falls into this category and she definitely has what it takes to be a female ambassador of the sport. The beautiful blonde looks as good getting air on the superpipe as she does in a photo shoot. Bleiler took the silver medal in the 2006 Turin Olympic Games halfpipe and has four gold medals in the X-Games superpipe.

4 Malia Jones - Surfing


3 Laila Ali - Boxing


Laila Ali might be retired from boxing, but she left enough of an impression to be considered one of the greatest female boxers of all time. Ali was undefeated in 24 professional fights, winning 21 of them by knockout. She was highly successful in a rather brutal sport that had previously only been reserved for men. It would have been enough to be as good as she was, but Ali has also been able to achieve more success outside the ring.

2 Danica Patrick - Auto Racing


1 Erica Hosseini - Surfing


Erica Hosseini is able to land the top spot of this list. The 5-foot-10 blonde from Newport Beach, California, started surfing at the tender age of 13 in 2001. She has since won two Volcom Championships and an OP Pro championship, while also placing in the top 5 of many other events. Hosseini is no stranger to riding waves, but out of the surf is where she is able to make waves of her own. Hosseini has been featured in many magazine layouts, print ads and even on video. She has many sponsors for her surfing, including a big relationship with Oakley, and never has much trouble lining up her next photo shoot. She is a perfectly gorgeous California surfer girl with tanned skin and long blonde hair, aiding her in becoming one of the hottest athletes on Earth.


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Top 15 Hottest Women to Star in Male Dominated Sports