Top 15 Insane Fan Fights

The playoffs are here, and that means tensions are running high between teams that are leaving it all out on the ice or court. Unfortunately, this enthusiasm sometimes spills over into the stands and fans sometimes turn to violence in order to blow off some of the frustration that has built up over a long day of binge drinking and screaming. While this doesn’t happen at all of our nation’s professional sporting events, it is a common enough scene that none of these videos should be too shocking to anybody that has attended a high stakes match up.

Alcohol and enthusiasm can sometime lead to poor decision making, and these videos can serve as evidence of how not to act when in attendance at an event. They show the potential devastating effects that come along with talking trash to opposing fans. Many of these videos could be used as evidence in court against the perpetrators, but in some cases the only punishment that these people will receive is the ridicule of internet commenters, which can be particularly hurtful, but much less so than the blows of a beer-filled football fan.

The truth is that these fights are stories of fandom gone awry. They are fun to watch and comment on, but these events can have truly life-changing effects on those participating in them. In nearly every situation, discretion is the greater form of valor, and walking away would be the wise decision. However, if everybody made wise decisions, the internet would not be nearly as entertaining as it is. So without further ado, here are the greatest fan fight videos you can find.

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15 Jets Fan Knocks out Bills Fan

The first mistake this Buffalo Bills fan made was purchasing a Terrell Owens jersey. The second mistake was taking that jersey to a game at MetLife Stadium. Here, he is greeted by a Jets fan in a Chad Pennington jersey that is intent on preventing this man from having any sort of fun today. Pennington quickly drops Owens with an overhand right after yanking him off balance with an arm drag. The Bills fan falls unconscious into the row below him, while Pennington saunters off into the crowd. The Bills fan remained down through the conclusion of the video.

14 Drunk Washington Fans Turn on Each Other

At the start of our video, Drunky McStumbles makes his way into his desired row, where he and his well-coiffed friend decide to start something with their fellow Washington football fan. Bystanders halfheartedly attempted to stop McStumbles from advancing on his desired adversary, but were unsuccessful. Seconds later, our hero in a Clinton Portis jersey starts throwing right hands and landing them in volume. Drunky is forced into a seat, while his friend eats several hard shots for his midgame snack. Police eventually come along and settle down the ruckus before things get even more out of hand.

13 Chinese Soccer Fight

Soccer is growing in popularity in China, and with over one billion potential fans in the country, a few of them are going to disagree on some things. This video is short, sweet, and to the point, coming it at only nine seconds long. The camera quickly cuts from the action on the field to a dispute between men in the bleachers. When the man in the striped shirt stands up, he is kicked in the back and sent tumbling down the bleachers. After falling several rows, he finally comes to a stop on the hard concrete, and the video ends before anybody even attempts to help him.

12 Chargers vs. Raiders Fight

Not sure why these Raiders fans thought it was a good idea to pick a fight with a minivan full of dudes, but they did. Luckily, we have it on video. After inexplicably missing a sucker push attempt, the fan in the Asomugha jersey squares off with the guy in the blue polo. After the two tussle around the parking lot for several moments, blue polo’s friends arrive and deliver a beat down to the Raiders fan. Blue polo lands a cheap kick to the downed fan, and then the crew turn their sights on #20. The end of this video comes with a moral message from an angry fan who reprimands the others for fighting over football while soldiers are dying in Afghanistan.

11 Chiefs Fan Takes Out Ravens Fans

This Kansas City Chiefs fan in a bandana is confronted by a group of Baltimore Ravens fans intent on ruining his day. When one in a purple shirt pushes the Chiefs fan, he immediately jumps into action and knocks out purple shirt with a three punch combination. His two friends rush to his aide, but it is too late as he falls to the floor unconscious. His friends manage to wrestle the Chiefs fan to the ground, and of course, the guy in the Ray Lewis jersey tries to throw in a couple cheap shots. Security arrives and breaks up the fight, but purple shirt never fully makes it to his feet before the video ends.

10 Giants vs. A’s Fight

This shaggy Oakland A’s fan is swinging for the fences right from the beginning of this fan fight. Even with his crack hanging out, he aggressively takes down his opponent, an unlucky Giants fan, and moves into the full mount position. From there, he rains down blows in classic ground-and-pound fashion, before and angry man in jorts punches him in the back of the head. Eventually, the fight is broken up by police and our shaggy man is arrested, but it is fair to say that he was the winner in this brawl.

9 US Open Old Man Goes Down

The 2010 US Open is the setting for this fight between a young Pauly D look-a-like and a man that should be collecting social security checks. The video begins with an argument between a woman and our young troublemaker. After a minute of gesticulating wildly and berating the woman, this old man has had enough and confronts the whippersnapper. The young man then throws the old man into the row below and goes back to push the woman he was previously arguing with. A variety of people try to attack the younger man, before security eventually comes and removes the antagonist.

8 Ponytail Chokes Out 49ers Fan

This brawl at a 2011 NFL Preseason game between the Raiders and 49ers quickly goes wrong for this San Francisco fan. This fan makes the mistake of turning his back on his opponent, who quickly takes ahold of the situation by sinking in a deadly rear naked choke. He physically lifts the 49ers fan off the floor while choking him unconscious, and then violently drops his opponent to the ground. Police come to apprehend the oversized assailant, but the 49ers fan is left bloodied and embarrassed on the ground.

7 Broncos vs. Browns Brawl

This stadium fight comes from all the way back in 2008 before cell phone videos were high quality, but it is worth it for the terrible jersey decisions alone. Right away the Broncos fan has the upper hand and has the Broncos fan pinned to the ground. After the man in Kellen Winslow jersey regains his footing, a new contender in a throwback Broncos t-shirt lands two hard punches and tackles his opponent into the row. It is a little difficult to see what happens at the tail end of this fight, but the beginning and the bad jerseys make it a classic.

6 Pirates Fan vs. Pittsburgh Police

The man in the American flag jacket appears to be quite agitated as Pittsburgh Police officers attempt to escort him from his seat at PNC Park. When he reaches the concourse, he aggressively nudges a PNC Park employee, which leads to the escorting police officer escalating the situation to full on police brutality. He appears to be unfazed by the officer’s tazer and takes several baton shots without flinching. Eventually, backup for the police officer arrives. The officers subdue the suspect with a little extra force than may have been necessary. The crowd in attendance voices their approval with chants of “U.S.A.” echoing through the screams of onlookers.

5 Texans and 49ers Fans Tussle

This game between the 49ers and Houston Texans was the setting for this donnybrook between basically everybody in this entire section of Reliant Stadium. After some pushing, this scene quickly devolves into chaos as people start swinging at every available target. The duo in the USC jerseys are on the receiving end of several hard shots. The video finishes with the cameraman offering some wise advice to those in these situations, “Get back…and let the cops take all these people to jail.”

4 Red Sox and Yankees Fans Personify Rivalry

The Yankees fan in this video learns a valuable lesson in this video, and that is to never start a fight in Fenway Park. Several Red Sox fans quickly rush to the aide of their comrade and deliver a barrage of blows to the head and back of the turtling Yankees fan. A young Red Sox fan casually remarks, “Killing a Yankees fan,” like he’d already seen it a dozen times that day. This young fan is yet another in the generations long conflict between Yankees and Red Sox fans, which shows that this rivalry isn’t going anywhere.

3 USA and Argentina Brawl

Following a match at the new MetLife Stadium between the US Men’s National Team and Argentina, tempers flared and cooler heads failed to prevail. The Argentina fan in dark blue jacket continually escalates things throughout the video and throws the first punch of the fight. Once he turns things up for the second time, the American fans have had enough, and the guy in the Landon Donovan shirt charges in response. Unfortunately for Landycakes, he made the mistake of attacking right as a child stands between him and the Argentina fan, turning him into the villain in this situation. This battle had it all, tension, plot development, and a twist ending where security apprehends everybody involved.

2 Maple Leafs and Senators RKO in the Stands

An argument between this Toronto Maple Leafs fan and an Ottawa Senators fan took a drastic turn when the Senators fan threw the first push. A fan from several rows back poured his beer over the Sens fan’s head, which sparked a tussle between the original disputants. Right as the action is about to get underway, the Sens fan does the unthinkable, an RKO out of nowhere. Wrestling fans familiar with the move know it’s devastating potential, and both men appear to suffer the ill-effects of this decision in the aftermath.

1 Flyers Fans Show Rangers Fans some Brotherly Love

Traveling fans should know, that the upper tier of the Wells Fargo Center may as well be a shark tank for opposing fans. These Rangers fans thought that they had scored some cheap seats for their rivalry matchup, but ended up biting off more than they could chew in a sea of orange. Security attempts to escort them out, but they don’t cooperate, so the Philly fans in the area shower them with a little Brotherly love. The Rangers fans are shown slightly bloodied following the short scrap, but continuing to talk trash may not have been a wise decision. They still were made to leave the section to chants of “Rangers suck!”

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