Top 15 Insane Fan Fights

The playoffs are here, and that means tensions are running high between teams that are leaving it all out on the ice or court. Unfortunately, this enthusiasm sometimes spills over into the stands and fans sometimes turn to violence in order to blow off some of the frustration that has built up over a long day of binge drinking and screaming. While this doesn’t happen at all of our nation’s professional sporting events, it is a common enough scene that none of these videos should be too shocking to anybody that has attended a high stakes match up.

Alcohol and enthusiasm can sometime lead to poor decision making, and these videos can serve as evidence of how not to act when in attendance at an event. They show the potential devastating effects that come along with talking trash to opposing fans. Many of these videos could be used as evidence in court against the perpetrators, but in some cases the only punishment that these people will receive is the ridicule of internet commenters, which can be particularly hurtful, but much less so than the blows of a beer-filled football fan.

The truth is that these fights are stories of fandom gone awry. They are fun to watch and comment on, but these events can have truly life-changing effects on those participating in them. In nearly every situation, discretion is the greater form of valor, and walking away would be the wise decision. However, if everybody made wise decisions, the internet would not be nearly as entertaining as it is. So without further ado, here are the greatest fan fight videos you can find.

15 Jets Fan Knocks out Bills Fan

14 Drunk Washington Fans Turn on Each Other

13 Chinese Soccer Fight

12 Chargers vs. Raiders Fight

11 Chiefs Fan Takes Out Ravens Fans

10 Giants vs. A’s Fight

9 US Open Old Man Goes Down

8 Ponytail Chokes Out 49ers Fan

7 Broncos vs. Browns Brawl

6 Pirates Fan vs. Pittsburgh Police

5 Texans and 49ers Fans Tussle

4 Red Sox and Yankees Fans Personify Rivalry

3 USA and Argentina Brawl

2 Maple Leafs and Senators RKO in the Stands

1 Flyers Fans Show Rangers Fans some Brotherly Love

Traveling fans should know, that the upper tier of the Wells Fargo Center may as well be a shark tank for opposing fans. These Rangers fans thought that they had scored some cheap seats for their rivalry matchup, but ended up biting off more than they could chew in a sea of orange. Security attempts to escort them out, but they don’t cooperate, so the Philly fans in the area shower them with a little Brotherly love. The Rangers fans are shown slightly bloodied following the short scrap, but continuing to talk trash may not have been a wise decision. They still were made to leave the section to chants of “Rangers suck!”

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Top 15 Insane Fan Fights