Top 15 Insane Real Life Stories of Mike Tyson

What isn't there to mention about Mike Tyson? The 49-year-old is known for his famous and fantastic boxing career, and also the tattoo around his eye. He is a movie star, a former Heavyweight Champion

What isn't there to mention about Mike Tyson? The 49-year-old is known for his famous and fantastic boxing career, and also the tattoo around his eye. He is a movie star, a former Heavyweight Champion, and a scary dude to get in an argument with. Most importantly, he has been involved in some of the craziest stories ever in the world of sports.

My question is, what personality trait do you think of when you think of Mike Tyson?Mean, argumentative, rash, mysterious? Pleasant, secretly kind, humorous? Whatever your preconceived idea of what Tyson is like, forget it now. Clear your mind for some true stories of his life and things that have really transpired. After you hear these stories, then create an opinion regarding Tyson; after you have heard the madness.

In an essay for New York Magazine, Mike Tyson said this about his past.

“Some people might read some of the things I’m talking about and judge me as an adult, call me a criminal, but I did these things over 35 years ago. I was a little kid looking for love and acceptance, and the streets were where I found it. It was the only education I had, and these guys were my teachers.”

As Tyson has gotten older, he has certainly matured and come into his own as a pop cultural phenomenon. So was Tyson dealt a bad hand in life? Was he really set up to fail by his surroundings? That is for sure up for debate. Or, was it really whom he hung out with, and his own actions in which made him who he was, or who he became. Was he the sole reason for his mistakes? Keep in mind that all of the stories, despite how ludicrous they may sound, are true, at least according to Tyson. As always let us know in the comments below if we missed any crazy stories that you may have heard about "Iron" Mike Tyson.

15 Childhood Assault On A Garbage Man


As a boy, Mike Tyson was vigorous, and tough. Back in his youth Tyson caught the local garbage man was putting Mike's favorite dead bird in the trash disposal. He punched him with his right hand, making the man fall and get seriously injured. After finding his pigeon dead one morning, he wanted to use his crate as a stickball bat to honor him. Here is how Tyson desribed the situation:

"I left the crate on my stoop and went in to get something and I returned to see the sanitation man put the crate into the crusher. I rushed him and caught him flush on the temple with a titanic right hand he was out cold, convulsing on the floor like an infantile retard.”

Well, Tyson sounds pretty confident that he was doing the correct and moral thing in this quotation from 1996.

14 No Sex For Five Years


From 1981 to 1986, Mike Tyson did not have any sex. Yes, it is true.

Tyson was focused solely on becoming the greatest boxer EVER, and wanted no distractions along the way. He somehow thought that having sex before a fight would make him weaker. It's an old wives' tale that having sex before a fight will lower a man's testosterone levels, and in a sense make him "weaker".

Tyson is a man of his own technique, and it is hard to question his strategy with all of his wins.

13 High During Fights


During a fight against Lou Savarese, in June of 2000, Mike Tyson fought high on cocaine and marijuana...and won. He avoided failing drug tests, by using a fake pee item, details of which will be elaborated in the next entry. Tyson claims he fought many boxing matches totally high, and does not even remember some.

Even weirder, is that this was Tyson's comeback fight, the one that was supposed to reestablish him as serious. If anyone can fight totally dazed and out of it, it is Mike Tyson.

12 Fake Urine For Drug Tests


Straight from Mike Tyson's autobiography, he elaborates on his drug test techniques. He claims to have used a fake penis for his drug tests, filled with urine. Tyson says he once tested positive for THC at a fight in 2000, because the guy with the fake penis forgot to bring it to the arena.

Fight promotor of many of Tyson's fights, Frank Warren, claims that he is disgusted by this fact.

“I’m pretty disgusted. When he fought here, he was tested by UK Sport, who do all of the drug testing on boxers and nothing came up to say that any drugs were in his system.”

He goes on to say that it may not be true, and Tyson might just say this to sell books. In either case, it's pretty nuts to admit to being under the influence during blockbuster fights.

11 Beating Up Don King


Mike Tyson and his promoter Don King did not get along as much as you may think. In 2003, Tyson got off of his private plane to meet King in Miami, Florida for a meeting. Mike began hitting King while he was driving with him in a car, with Tyson citing that he repeatedly kicked the promoter during the ride.

It was a rocky relationship with Don King, Tyson says. He resented him for many things, that he has not directly revealed, but we can assume it has to do with Tyson's $400 million fortune disappearing.

Anyway, I'm sure getting kicked in the head by Mike Tyson is as painful as it gets. Forget that, getting kicked anywhere by Mike Tyson is probably as painful as it gets. Seriously.

10 Impregnated A Prison Employee


In prison there is umm, a lot of mischief going on. Tyson would see a prison counselor weekly, and noted that he would have intercourse with her as much as three times per day. Well, eventually his luck ran out, and he allegedly got the woman pregnant. Tyson was quoted as saying, "I got a prison official pregnant while I was in jail - but she didn't have the baby."

Tyson also went on to say that this kind of stuff happens in prison, like it was somewhat normal. This doesn't just make people question his character, but question his moral values, and who taught him those moral values. But it's Tyson, so, he probably taught himself everything, even as a baby.

9 Mitch Green


In the year 1988, Mitch Green, a heavyweight boxer was spotted by Tyson at a shopping mall. Green had just lost to Tyson in a match, and said he wanted a rematch. Instead of setting up a date, Mike began to fight Mitch in public, with Green suffering multiple injuries. Green initiated the confrontation because he claimed Don King owed him money from their first fight. Eventually $45,000 was paid to Mitch from Tyson in a civil lawsuit in court.

Regardless, Mike Tyson beat the sense out of this guy, and showed him that this fight was the only rematch he would get, a beating in public. A monster beating in public, in which Mitch Green's eyes were bloodied and basically unable to open anymore.

8 Zoo Attendant Bribing


In 1989, Tyson successfully bribed a zookeeper money to let him and his wife walk into the zoo after hours. While at the gorilla section of the zoo, Mike tried to pay the zookeeper $10,000 to go in the cage and fight a gorilla who was bullying another ape. The worker said no to Tyson, and thankfully did not let him get ripped apart by a ferocious animal. A strong human is one thing, an actual beast is another.

If the zookeeper had let him in the ring with the beast, what are the chances he would have won? It would truly make for a wild, and big Vegas bet. The worker already made a mistake by letting Tyson and his wife in the zoo after hours, but that dulls in comparison to even considering letting the guy fight an animal.

7 He Beat Up His Fans


Mike claims to have a certain way of handling his fans, or fanatics. Even those who begged for his signature. Tyson has claimed to beat up fans who seem a bit too enthusiastic, without much remorse. In 2003, Tyson was being bugged by two fans, while admittedly under the influence of cocaine. Mike chased both guys through the hotel lobby, and punched one of the fans square in the face, knocking him out cold. The other fan was saved by a hotel worker who informed security.

This is a typical Tyson story in which he is erratic or violent, with him lashing out against anyone he found annoying.

6 Gun Cocked To His Head


In 1983, when Tyson was just a teenager, his former trainer Teddy Atlas put a handgun to his forehead. Atlas thought Tyson was having a relationship with his 11-year-old daughter. He told Tyson to never touch his family again or he would die. Teddy Atlas was kicked out of the Catskill Boxing club for this incident.

Tyson claimed later on that he had grabbed Atlas's daughters butt once before. I don't think Mike denies what had transpired, but obviously he felt endangered when an old white man put a gun to his head, especially in a time of racial division, or at least more so then nowadays.

Teddy Atlas went on to train other boxers, and also became a sports commentator. I wonder if Tyson and Atlas have ever laughed about this later on? Nah, probably not.

5 Voodoo Magic


On April 1st, 1992, Tyson was in prison for his part in a rape conviction. While in jail, Tyson apparently researched various methods to shorten his sentence. Mike listened to a voodoo magic wizard, and did certain tasks. He put $500 in a glass jar (don't know how he had that in prison), urinated in it, then had to wash his hands in various oils and water. Tyson also had to drink some special detox drink only after following the initial instructions of the voodoo wizard.

He also did one practice, where he dropped an egg, and screamed "You're free". I guess the egg symbolizes it hatching and Tyson getting out of jail? Anyway, he would get out of jail three years later. So maybe the weird and oddly interesting magic took part in his early prison releasing, who knows?

4 Crazy Times With Steve-O


So, by now you have probably gotten the gist that Mike Tyson loved drugs. Well during an interview with GQ Steve-O gave a detailed account of his drug fueled relationship with the former Heavyweight Champion of the world. Would you believe that these two unlikely friends locked themselves into a bathroom, and got through nearly 5.5 grams of cocaine? Better yet, Tyson employed a trick, where he emptied all of the tobacco out of a cigarette, and packed the empty roll paper with cocaine. Though they were in the bathroom together, Tyson smoked the entire cigarette by himself.

3 Admits To Doing Worse Things Than Rape


In 1991, Tyson claimed that he has done five-to-seven things worse than raping someone in his lifetime.

How is it even possible to do five-to-seven worse things than rape? Do those even exist? Things that may be considered worse than rape, would be killing someone, and maybe even robbing a dead body. We're talking truly disgusting things, that I will not talk about further.

He has often talked about that he has done really bad things, and honestly hasn't sounded sorry for those things until really recently. Even if he is partially sorry, or even actually remorseful, you cannot just admit you have done such bad things and act like it's no major deal. It's a huge deal, to say you have done things worse than raping someone. Raping someone alone is a horrific, and awful crime to commit.

2 Beat Up Seven Prostitutes


In 2009, Tyson beat up some prostitutes; not just one, or even two, Tyson assaulted seven working girls. He was high this particular night, like many others, and became paranoid. He was on morphine, cocaine, and was also drinking vodka. He thought the women would steal his wallet, and freaked out. He said this about it the incident:

"I was in a dark place. There was a purpose, though, because I didn't want to give them any more of my soul."

His words about the situation make him sound even creepier. Regardless, he assaulted and beat up seven different women, making them bloodied and bruised. He claims he faced the devil himself at this point in his life, and was at an all-time low. Though this may be true, I feel zero sympathy for the guy.

He went on to talk about his demons haunting him...whatever that means.

1 Brad Pitt Versus Mike Tyson


In 1988, Tyson was coming to his soon to be divorced wife's house unannounced. While driving into Robin Givens driveway, he saw the driveway was empty, and assumed she was not home.

He dropped into the house then waited at the door for a couple moments, as he was distracted before leaving. He noticed a car pulling in the driveway, and it was actor Brad Pitt with his wife Robin. Brad Pitt describes the situation as very scary, and he felt like he "saw a ghost".

Here is how Tyson described the events.

“One day, I’m going to her house to bone her again and no one’s home, and I’m leaving and she’s pulling up with Brad Pitt, and I’m sad," He wasn’t Brad Pitt back then. He was just some little beach-bum-looking dude. ‘Hey dude’ kind of guy. He was probably selling his body for money or something, I don’t know. He was very pretty.”

Tyson did not attack him, and just left Robin's house. It is unknown why he did not beat the tar out of Pitt, like the other people he did damage to on this list. I guess Tyson felt like all he had to do was lay into Pitt and leave.

Pretty crazy, right?

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Top 15 Insane Real Life Stories of Mike Tyson