Top 15 Little Known Facts About Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is one of the most polarizing athletes we’ve seen in modern sports. To become such an incredibly polarizing figure, you absolutely have to be great at what you do and there’s no denying Mayweather is among the best to ever enter the world of boxing. With an undefeated 48-0 record, no one can say they’ve beaten Floyd Mayweather in his professional boxing career. In May, his most recent win came in a dream fight, as Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao finally took place and it generated 4.4 million PPV buys and over $400 million in revenue. People wanted to see Mayweather. Many wanted to see him win, many more wanted to see him lose, but they all wanted to watch him.

Why is Mayweather so hated? Well, there’s a variety of reasons for that. Some of it is personal, as he has a staggering history with domestic abuse and refuses to apologize for it. Some of it is professiona,l as he’s built his brand on his persona. Often referring to himself as “Money” Mayweather and naming his camp “The Money Team” has helped him develop the reputation of the stereotypical arrogant athlete who cares about nothing but financial gain and selfish motivations. Most in society can’t relate that, regardless of how great you are in your field.

Between his athletic greatness and controversial personality, Mayweather is definitely one of the most fascinating athletes in the world today. While most in his position are an open book, there are some hidden chapters in the life of Mayweather. Whether it’s his life before fame, his calculated risks in building his empire or the ridiculous things he does, there’s a lot to learn about the legendary boxer as he nears the end of his career. These are 15 of the most fascinating facts about Floyd Mayweather that many are unaware of.

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15 Fear of Gravity

For a man who gets punched for a living, Floyd Mayweather has one of the most bizarre idiosyncrasies, as he deals with a rare fear. When flying in his Gulfstream V private jet, Mayweather doesn’t pack luggage and has his large security guards fly on a different plane for fear of gravity. As strange as it sounds, it may make sense due to Mayweather always having control in his professional career and in his personal life. Gravity is something the boxer can’t temp,t so he goes out of his way to make his flights as risk free as possible.

14 The Great Wall

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Floyd Mayweather is followed by his physically imposing squad of security guards everywhere he goes. One of the requirements to protect the leader of The Money Team is to be a monster of a man. Mayweather’s security guards are all either over seven feet all or very close to it and have nicknames like Big Church, Big A, Big Pat and Jethro. Collectively, they are known as “The Great Wall” and if you’re one of Mayweather’s critics, they are the reason you’ll never get to voice your displeasure to him in person.

13 Came From Poverty

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One of the reasons you'd assume Floyd Mayweather flaunts his wealth today is because he grew up with very little. Despite his father also being a professional boxer, Mayweather spent his childhood sharing a bedroom with four siblings in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Today, Floyd frequently does ridiculous things, like taking photos with stacks of his money on his bed and many assume it's to compensate for what was lacked and sacrificed growing up. Mayweather places his value and significance on the dollar bill and he continues to earn more than he could have dreamed of growing up.

12 Used To Watch Mike Tyson Practice

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With his father as a boxer, a very young Floyd Mayweather would find himself at the boxing gym with him in his early years. Mayweather was fitted for his first pair of boxing gloves at the age of seven and was a regular at his local gym. One of the interesting tales to come from growing up at a boxing gym would be Mayweather going to the Golden Gloves gym in his teen years and watching Mike Tyson prepare for his big fights. Today, there’s no warm relationship between the two, as Tyson referred to Mayweather as “delusional” and “a little, scared man,” back in May of 2015.

11 Only Fights in Vegas

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Many use the phrase “home is where the heart is” but Floyd Mayweather has taken it to a new level in his fighting career. Mayweather lives in Las Vegas where his 22,000 square foot mansion is located and prefers to not to travel too far for his fights. Since building his brand to the point where Mayweather can call the shots, he’s decided to have all his fights in Vegas. The last time Mayweather had a fight outside of Las Vegas was back in 2005 vs. Sharmba Mitchell in Portland, Oregon. Mayweather’s last 13 fights have been in Vegas, with the last 11 taking place at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino.

10 No Boxing Role Models, Just Businessmen

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Despite growing up in a culture of professional boxing, Floyd Mayweather chose to look up to successful businessmen rather than legendary boxers. With his brand’s growth and overwhelming financial success, it's easy to understand why. Instead of aspiring to be like Muhammad Ali or Sugar Ray Robinson, Mayweather looked up to Mark Cuban, in hopes of building an empire of wealth, rather than just being a boxing star. You can’t argue with the results, as most casual fans would be hard pressed to name two or three talented boxers today, but Mayweather continues to set box office records.

9 Hired a Personal Chef via Instagram Photos

Anyone who uses Instagram knows pictures of tasty and impressive food items are one of the coolest parts of the site. For one chef sharing her pictures, it led to a job with The Money Team. Quiana Jeffries was hired in 2014 when one of Mayweather’s assistants came across photos of her bread pudding and crab-salad cucumber cups. Since then, Jeffries has been the personal chef for Mayweather and it’s a 24 hour job. Mayweather doesn’t have a normal eating schedule or plan, so his chef has to be ready to make meals whenever the champ requests it.

8 Simple Food Tastes

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When you’re filthy rich and have your own personal chef, you’re bound to be having fish filet and sirloin steak every night, right? Wrong. Floyd Mayweather’s favorite meal happens to be fried hot dogs with barbeque sauce. His personal chef Quiana Jeffries also has revealed that among Mayweather’s other favorite foods are Top Ramen noodles and for a snack, Twizzlers. For someone who prides himself on spending for the highest quality goods, Mayweather has not been able to turn his back on his old favorite meals, but he does make sure to have the best chef prepare it for him.

7 Names Each of his Watches


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While his food tastes are very simple, Floyd Mayweather’s view on watches is quite the opposite. Many people are no longer wearing watches because the time is easily shown any time they look at their phone, but Mayweather is not one of them. Some people collect stamps or action figures. Floyd collects ridiculously expensive watches. The craziest part is that Mayweather has special names for each of his watches, such as Golden Girl, Half Breed, Pepsi Cola Rolex, and the Rocky Rolex. Mayweather even has one watch specifically for when he’s in “tropical weather” referred to as his Beach and Yacht watch.

6 Dancing With The Stars

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Perhaps the biggest risk Floyd Mayweather has taken in his career was participating on the reality show Dancing With the Stars. As an athlete known for making his living in a tough world and always trying to keep a serious persona, Mayweather put himself into the public eye while competing in a new challenge. Despite being unbeatable as a boxer, Mayweather was defeated on the reality show as the fourth contestant eliminated. Mayweather actually took the loss really well, saying it was a great experience just to be a part of the show.

5 Weird Entourage

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Over the last few years, it’s become common for Floyd Mayweather to make his entrance to the ring with celebrities walking with him. The oddest trio to walk him to the ring was rapper 50 cent, pop singer Justin Bieber and pro wrestler Triple H, back in 2012. Imagine seeing that trio together in any other scenario. Mayweather loves being a celebrity, so associating with others that are the most popular and financially successful in their field is something he wants to showcase during his entrances.

4 Might Not Be Able To Read

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As alluded to earlier, 50 Cent was a member of Floyd Mayweather’s public entourage, but he's also one of his closest friends. For whatever reason, the two had a falling out at one point, leading to a very public beef. 50 Cent made allegations that Mayweather didn't know how to read and refused to learn. Things got so personal that 50 Cent even offered to donate $750,000 if Mayweather could read a full page from a Harry Potter book. Mayweather has not confirmed or denied it, but a radio station released audio of Floyd struggling to read a simple ad from a sheet of paper.

3 Doesn't Wear the Same Underwear Twice

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In what has to be the strangest fact about Floyd Mayweather, or any human at that, the boxer refuses to wear the same underwear twice. Whether it’s a way to use his massive wealth or a weird personal quirk, it’s flat out bizarre. Mayweather throws out any pair of boxers he uses after wearing it just once. At least he never has to worry about doing laundry.

In similar fashion, Mayweather will only wear a pair of sneakers once as well. However, as a way to not waste these, he leaves them in hotel rooms, in case a housekeeper knows someone who wears the same size. Or wants to sell it on eBay.

2 Wrestled for WWE

Even though he’s known for his legendary career in boxing, Floyd Mayweather has also performed in another ring, as he wrestled for WWE at WrestleMania XXIV. Mayweather faced off with the 7 foot tall, 400 pound giant known as Big Show. Mayweather played the role of an arrogant, rich heel who believed he’was better than anyone who dared to face him... It must have been tough to pull off such a drastic change in character.

Of course, Mayweather won the match in classic pro wrestling fashion, as he knocked out Big Show with a pair of brass knuckles in front of 74,635 fans.

1 Not Completely Unbeaten

Yes, Floyd Mayweather is undefeated in his professional boxing career, with a 48-0 record, but he has suffered the taste of defeat in a boxing match before. Mayweather fell in the 1996 Olympics to Bulgarian boxer Serafim Todorov in a controversial manner. Todorov won by decision, but many questioned if there was collusion in the judging, as even the referee initially raised Mayweather’s hand before declaring the actual winner. Todorov has fallen on hard times today, as he’s now unemployed and living in a poor Bulgarian city, under a very strict government. However, to this day, he’s the only man that can say he got the better of Floyd Mayweather in a boxing ring.

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