Top 15 Most Awkward Sports Celebrations

Whether you just ran 40-yards down the sideline for a game-sealing touchdown, jacked a 450-foot long-bomb into the second deck of the bleachers, or are celebrating a hard-fought championship win, you need to remember one thing: it's what you do next that makes the moment memorable.

The celebration, or "celly," is the moment in which the jubilation of your teammates and fans washes over you like a crisp Caribbean wave as they roar approvingly of your magnificent effort. In that moment, your actions dictate the next sound: an even greater roar, a voracious laugh, or deafening silence?

Some of the greatest athletes of all-time have also been some of the most entertaining showmen to ever grace a field, court or rink. Some are have become tradition: Aaron Rodgers' championship belt, Victor Cruz' salsa dance, Jaromir Jagr's salute, or "the bat flip," a favorite of MLB's greatest sluggers.

Others have a little bit more difficulty celebrating in the moment - we've seen tumbles, epic fails, teammates trying to work a celebration with other teammates who just happen to have no idea what's going on, and many more.

Above all those, though, are the celebrations that make you forget about the sporting achievement (no matter how great it was) and look on, perplexed, at the aftermath. We're talking about the celebrations that were embarrassing, made little to no sense, or were just flat out awful - to the point where the player in question should have been penalized by the official or benched for the rest of eternity by their coach or manager.

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15 Rashard Mendenhall

In a sport that involves players piling on top of each other constantly, it would be unreasonable for players to completely avoid any compromising or awkward positions after any particular play. When it does happen, though, it would help if certain individuals would not make an uncomfortable situation even more awkward. Apparently, Rashard Mendenhall did not get that memo, and has no shame - or he just really likes his quarterback. Terrell Owens expressed his love for Tony Romo in a more affectionate way during a press conference, but Mendenhall got straight to the point with Big Ben.

14 The Grey Cup

CANADIANA ALERT Grey Cup broken in celebration. Player: "I politely gave it to someone else." http://t.co/vOt5WDqnlj pic.twitter.com/3AkXBMmKiR

— John Grigg (@John_Grigg) December 1, 2014

For the uninitiated, the Grey Cup is awarded to the champion of the Canadian Football League - it's essentially the equivalent of the Vince Lombardi Trophy (don't take that too literally), although much bigger (in size, not in terms of the game). Anyway, the Cup isn't exactly the most sturdy trophy out there, as it's been broken a reported six times (that's not counting what goes on behind the scenes). The most recent incident involved the 2014 champion Calgary Stampeders, who snapped it in half celebrating in the locker room after their win over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats

13 Chris Bruton

Chris Bruton was a member of the 2008 Memorial Cup champion Spokane Chiefs, the victory was probably one of the greatest moments of his life...until the trophy crumbled in his hands. Bruton, who was the first to receive the trophy, was handing off the hardware to a teammate when it suddenly fell apart. An awkward silence and moment of shock took over, minus his teammates cracking their rib cages from laughing so hard in the background, but the players ultimately improvised and paraded around the ice with the base of the trophy.

12 Cam Fowler

GIF: Cam Fowler had a pretty epic celebration after his game-tying goal. #NHLDucks pic.twitter.com/AHImWzitn1 — Greg Balloch (@GregBalloch) December 23, 2014

Cam Fowler is one of the NHL's top young defenseman - a smooth skating rearguard with some offensive punch. Fowler showed off some of that talent by a scoring a great goal earlier this season, but as he turned into his low-fist-pump celebration, he caught an edge, twisted, wiped out and somersaulted over himself until finally getting lapped up by his howling teammates. Turns out the smooth skating is confined only to his play and not to his showboating.

11 Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft could have landed himself on this lift for a couple of incidents and he might even be worthy for a list on his own. He's been left hanging more times than anyone can remember, but his most recent Super Bowl celebration takes the cake.

His celebration was more epic than awkward, but there's no denying that a 73-year old man in a tailored suit dancing to "I'm A Boss" with Rick Ross isn't a bit strange. Kraft stepped up and dropped a couple of moves, though - probably because he is, in fact, a boss.

10 Peter Crouch

Perhaps Peter Crouch can get some dancing lessons from the aforementioned Robert Kraft (we know both can easily afford them). Crouch is famous for a number of reasons, but one of the lasting images of Crouch is his abominable attempt at doing "The Robot" after scoring a goal. Perhaps where Crouch comes from, robots aren't as stiff and, well...robotic, as they are everywhere else. While we give him high marks for effort, someone needed to step in there and save the man from his own lack of rhythm (and awareness, for that matter).

9 Kirk Cousins

When a quarterback heaves a gorgeous pass over the middle of the field and watches his receiver glide under it and trot into the endzone, it is common for the quarterback to raise his arms and celebrate with the closest person to him. That person usually ends up being an offensive lineman, and this often leads to one of the big men lifting up their quarterback in celebration.

We can understand if Kirk Cousins wasn't aware of how exactly this works, he's spent most of his NFL career on the bench, but he also should have known better than to ride his offensive lineman like a horse...from the front, no less.

8 Tom Brady

Can Tom Brady throw touchdown passes with relative ease? Yes. Can he boast multiple MVP awards and show off his four Super Bowl rings? Yup. Can he walk into a room with a Victoria Secret model - scratch that, legend - on his arm? Of course he can.

Can Tom Brady get a high-five? No. No he cannot.

Brady's high-five issues are well documented (mostly by internet trolls and masters of the meme), and is a pleasant reminder to all of us that even those who have the seemingly perfect life have "normal" issues.

7 Jerry Jones & Chris Christie

There was an inexplicable controversy that surrounded the high-profile friendship of Dallas Cowboys owner and New Jersey governor Chris Christie, but there was a short reprieve that had us all howling.

Jones and Christie were watching the Cowboys playoff win against the Detroit Lions this past December in Jones' box  and when the 'Boys clinched the victory, the two men (and a third intruder) exploded with joy, so much so that they engaged in one of the most uncoordinated celebrations we've ever seen. Watch and enjoy.

6 Yao Ming

Yao Ming is a big guy - a really big guy - and sometimes that can lead to coordination issues. Ming didn't seem to have any issues with that on the court, but him and his family's lasting first impression on America was a funny one, to say the least. After Ming's name was announced during the 2002 NBA Draft, a shot of Ming and his family appeared on the screen. Seemingly unprepared and unsure of what to do, completely off-target high fives began flying around the room. It was painful and glorious, all at once.

5 Chris Bosh

Good: Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat win the NBA Championship. The team heads to the locker room and start spraying champagne all over the room and themselves. We all love a good championship champagne celebration, so we watch earnestly.

Better: Bosh is going all out, so he starts pouring a bottle of champagne all over himself, taking an occasional swig with the passion of a man singing "Kissed by A Rose" by Seal to his soon to be wife. It gets intimate.

Best: Someone took that fantastic video, slowed it down and added "Take It to the Head" by DJ Khaled. Watch and enjoy.

4 Mike Iaconelli

You must be asking yourself "how did a competitive fisherman land on this list? How does a competitive fisherman land on any sports related list?"

An excellent question. Mike Iaconelli is the exception to the rule, thanks to his ridiculous celebration after catching what he refers to as a massive fish in the video (even though it didn't seem to look very big - then again, I'm not the leading voice on fish, either). His celebration is eerily similar to Kevin Garnett's "Anything is Possible" celebration...except he's yelling about catching a fish.

What would have really made this celebration great? Him falling out of the boat during his celebratory tirade.

3 Pete Weber

Like Iaconelli, Weber went off - but he did it in front of a half-stunned, half-amused crowd of bowling fans. Weber's victory tirade included the now famous line "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? I AM," along with some NSFW words. Weber practically earned his fame through that moment, and his "message" has no doubt been replicated by many during a late-night bowling session with family...or friends...or nobody.

2 Steve Yzerman

Robert Laberge /Allsport

The Stanley Cup is often considered the greatest trophy in sports. While that debate can go on, there's one thing that probably can't be debated ,no trophy in professional sports has gone through what the Stanley Cup has gone through.

The Cup has been booted into canals, left on the side of highways, eaten and drank out of (begging the question whether or not the Cup's handlers are really handlers or glorified dishwashers), used as a toilet, thrown into swimming pools...you get the idea.

The majority of these can be chalked up to "boys will be boys," "hockey players are wild animals" or simply blaming the alcohol. What Steve Yzerman did, though, begs the question of what exactly he was thinking.

After the Red Wings won the Cup in 1997, Yzerman, according to Yahoo! Sports, celebrated with the trophy by allowing it to accompany him in the shower. No one will ever know what might have happened during that fateful shower, but it's safe to say that this is a mystery best kept unsolved.

1 Francisco Gallardo

Unless you've never watched a Sportscenter "Top 10" feature in your life, you knew this was going to be at the top of the list.

We all know what Sevilla's Francisco Gallardo did - we don't need to rehash the details, either. What's fascinating was his reaction after the fact, specifically when he found out he might be punished for the gesture:

""I don't think what I did was very noteworthy," Gallardo was quoted as saying by Spanish media.

Alright, Francisco. You go ahead and believe that.

Perhaps worse was the answer given by the victim, Jose Antonio Reyes:

"I just felt a slight pinch."


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