Top 15 Most Embarrassing Photos Of The Steamiest Women In Swimming

It's hard keeping everything in check while you're swimming!

Roughly 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. Moreover, the ability to consume water is necessary for humankind's very survival. In other words, we as a species, have to not only live around water, but also find ways to embrace it as a part of our everyday lives.

One way humans have learned to live with (or in) water is the act known as swimming. Swimming can be a recreational activity, but it is also a skill that prevents one from drowning should a person find themselves in the water unexpectedly. Moreover, swimming is also a sport and very popular one at that.

There are several types of swimming competitions that can be seen at the Olympic level. Some of the most popular Olympic water sports include synchronized swimming, diving, and of course, racing. In fact, several of the most legendary athletes in the world, like Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky, compete in the sport.

While one can certainly achieve a great deal of notoriety as a world-class swimmer, there are also some downsides. Having a camera on you at all times during an event is an example of one such downside. At times, these cameras catch athletes at less than ideal moments as we are about to see.

This has resulted in these humorous photos of a swimmer in embarrassing spots. So with that said, here are the top 15 most embarrassing photos of some of swimming's hottest females.

18 Diving Fail (Chelsea Davis)


When people think of dangerous sports, activities like football and mixed martial arts are often some of the first things to come to mind. That being said, the sport of diving can be very dangerous in its own right, as the poor Chelsea Davis discovered in the photo above. One has to sincerely hope that the person taking the photo (or at the very least someone nearby) made sure Chelsea was okay. This incident was not only embarrassing, but also a bit scary.

Swim Fact: When judging a diving competition, three elements of the dive are taken into consideration; the entry, the flight, and the approach. A judge may also look at things like the amount of splash created when the diver enters the water, with less splash often resulting in higher scores.

17 Those Darn Tan Lines


When you are a swimmer that competes at the highest level, that usually means you spend a great deal of time in a swimsuit. It also means that tan lines can be one of your worst enemies. As we can see here, this particular swimmer does not wear the same type of swimsuit to the beach (or when tanning) as she does when swimming competitively. As a result, she has some pretty noticeable tan lines that may have been a tad embarrassing.

Swim Fact: By the 1830s, swimming had become a popular competitive activity in the United Kingdom (especially England). By the time 1937 rolled around, the National Swimming Society was holding a regular contest in six different swimming pools, all of which were located in and around London.

16 Wardrobe Malfunction (Flavia Zoccari)


Having an almost skintight bathing suit can help swimmers glide more easily through the water. However, there also occasional drawbacks, as the picture here shows us. In this image, Italian swimmer Flavia Zoccari suffered an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction which caused her to be disqualified from the 200-meter finals at the Mediterranean Games. Zoccari is best known by swimming fans for her appearance at the 2008 Summer Olympics, which were held in Beijing, China.

Swim Fact: While men’s swimming was introduced to the Olympics back 1896, it wasn’t until 1912 that women got their first shot on the stage. Outside of the Olympics, the first competition that showcased female swimmers was the 1922 Women’s Olympiad which was a seven-day multisport event held in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

15 Getting A Little Too Close (Federica Pellegrini)


Swimming fans may be able to tell by the tattoos, that the woman in this photo is none other than 29-year old Italian swimmer Federica Pellegrini. In this candid photo, it appears that the man next to her may be getting a little too close, at least for those who aren’t big fans of public displays of affection. The man in the photo is also an Italian swimmer by the name of Filippo Magnini. Magini and Pellegrini have been dating since 2011, so it’s good to know that she isn’t being approached by a complete stranger in the photo.

Swim Fact: Pellegrini, a native of Mirano, Italy is best known for capturing a gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics in the women’s 200m freestyle race.

14 Bottoms Up (Jenna Randall)


Former Olympic swimmer Jenna Randall finds herself in a somewhat awkward position in this particular photograph. Though the pic may have been a bit more revealing then desired, one still has to admire the strength and flexibility being shown by Randall and her teammates. Moreover, by synchronized swimming standards, this isn’t the worst facial expression we’ve seen (just keep on reading for some horror show shots), so at least there’s that.

Swim Fact: Jenna Randall is a 29-year-old retired synchronized swimmer, who has previously competed for Great Britain in the Olympic Games. In total, the native of Ascot, England has competed in two Olympics; the 2008 games in Beijing and the London games held in 2012. While she has never won an Olympic medal, Randall has won three silver medals at the prestigious Commonwealth Games.

13 Making An Adjustment (Jenifer Benitez)


As was referenced in the introduction, when you are competing on worldwide television, the camera can be on you at any moment. In this instance, Spanish diver Jennifer Benitez may have revealed a little more then she wanted to, without realizing she was on TV. Benitez competed in the 3 m springboard and appeared in both the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics, though she was yet to win a medal.

Swim Fact: In order to be a successful diver, skills like kinaesthetic judgment, flexibility, and air awareness are required. In fact, many professional divers previously competed in other sports like dancing and gymnastics which gave them a solid base. Outside of Olympic competition, diving is also a popular recreational pastime enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

12 Silly Selfie (Feres Twins)


Whenever one comes across a list of the hottest female swimmers, they can expect to find Beatriz and Branca Feres on it. The two Brazilian synchronized swimmers are actually identical twins. The duo won second place in 2005 Pan American Junior Games and have also won multiple titles in their home country of Brazil. When the sisters aren’t in the pool, they have been known to do modeling gigs from time to time. In fact, they even did a photo shoot for the Brazilian magazine VIP back in 2008. As we can see here, synchronized swimmers can’t stop making a silly face, even when they aren’t in the pool.

Swim Fact: Despite their success, the Feres twins have never competed in the Olympics, though there were rumors that they planned to compete in the 2008 games.

11 A Leg Up (Elise Marcotte)


The sport of synchronized swimming can often look a bit odd to the untrained eye. It  involves unusual (and often uncomfortable) body contortions with somewhat bizarre facial expressions to go with them. In this photo, we see retried Canadian synchronized swimmer, Elise Marcotte, a two-time Olympian, being help up in a way that looks less than comfortable. Besides the placement of the foot coming out of the water, her facial expression is also quite interesting. Of course, this all a part of the truly unique sport known as  synchronized swimming.

Swim Fact: Synchronized swimming combines swimming with elements of dance and gymnastics. Strength, endurance, and flexibility are just a few of the attributes required to become a successful synchronized swimmer. Routines are generally accompanied by music to add some artistic flair.

10 Oops (Amanda Beard)


It would appear that the gentleman in this photo may have gotten caught sneaking a peek at Amanda Beard, who appears to have had a minor wardrobe malfunction at the beach. Folks will likely remember Beard for her appearances in several Olympic Games between 1996 through 2008. Beard is a seven-time Olympic medalist with two of those medals being of the gold variety. As we can see here, even the best swimmers occasionally have problems with their attire.

Swim Fact: Amanda Beard made Olympic history by becoming the second youngest American swimmer to medal at the games. Beard was just 14 years of age when she qualified for the 1996 Summer Olympics, held in Atlanta, Georgia. During the competition, the young swimmer won three Olympic medals; one gold and two silver.


8 Express Yourself


In truth, one could probably do an entire article showcasing some of the most bizarre facial expressions from the word of synchronized swimming. In this instance, the girl in the back of the photo almost appears to be asking her terrified partner to give her all of her lunch money. It’s quite possible, likely even, that there is some sort of complex story being told here. That being said, the meaning behind the art can probably only be ascertained by the most hardcore of synchronized swimming fans. For the rest of us, the image is still good for a chuckle.

Swim Fact: While synchronized swimming is usually thought of as a team sport, it can also be done an individual basis. When a swimmer decides to go solo, they must have outstanding control and flexibility in order to be successful.

7 Game Face (Paola Espinosa)


As we can see here, synchronized swimmers don’t have the market cornered on embarrassing facial expressions in the world of swimming. When one is executing a difficult dive at an Olympic-level, they don’t want to waste their time worrying about what they might look like on camera. In this instance, we see Mexico’s Paola Espinosa about ready to make a splash. Espinosa is an extremely accomplished diver who has appeared in three Olympic Games (2004-2012). As an Olympian she has managed to win two medals; a bronze in 2008 and silver in 2012. Espinosa was her team's national flag bearer for the 2012 Olympics in London.

Swim Fact: Diving was introduced as an Olympic sport for the very first time all the way back in 1904.

6 Ouch


This photo might lead one to believe that being successful in the sport of synchronized swimming requires a great deal of pain tolerance. In this particular instance, it’s difficult to tell if this facial expression is a part of the performance or simply a product of her teammate's foot placement. Whatever the case may be, the woman being hoisted in the air looks to be in a very uncomfortable position. Those who don’t consider synchronized swimming to be a tough sport may change their minds after seeing this photo.

Swim Fact: Synchronized swimming officially became an Olympic sport in 1984. The games featured solo competitions from 1984 to 1992. These days, only duet and team competitions are held during the Summer Olympics. In fact, even duets were done away with for a period between 1992 and 2000.

5 Sea Monster


This photo lies somewhere between and embarrassing and interesting. The swimmers in the image almost look they are attached to form some sort of sea monster. They could also be mistaken for someone who had the misfortune of being sawed in half, as the result of a botched magic trick. Whatever the case may be, the pic reminds us that synchronized swimmers seem to always create some outstanding photo ops.

Swim Fact: A human body has a relative density of 0.98 on average, compared to water. This allows people to float and in turn, help us to swim. Things such as saltier water and additional body fat increase a person’s buoyancy (upward force) and can make floating easier. In other words, carrying a few extra pounds could potentially prevent one from drowning.

4 Dog Impression


Every once in a while swimmers need to let loose and have little fun. After all, being a swimmer at the highest level can be quite stressful. While one could argue that this female swimmer appears to be barking up the wrong tree in this instance; her teammate defiantly seems to be enjoying her dog impersonation. That being said, the pic still looks a bit silly with no context.

Swim Fact: The history of swimming dates all the way back to prehistoric times. The earliest actual records of humans swimming can be found in 7,000-year-old paintings, which date all the way back to the Stone Age. Those who are looking for the first written references on the topic could find them etched in documents from 2000 BC.


2 Passion


Folks who don’t like getting close to their teammates should probably avoid the sport known as synchronized swimming. As we can ascertain from this photo, it often requires competitors to get very close to one another. One has to hope, at least for her teammate's sake, that the girl on the right brushed her teeth prior to this event. It almost looks like she is going to bite the other girl's nose off. However, there is no need to worry, as no synchronized swimmers were harmed in the making of this photo.

Swim Fact: In 1875, an Englishman named Captain Matthew became the first person to swim the English channel. His technique of choice was the breaststroke, which he utilized for the entire 21.26-mile swim, which took him nearly 22 hours.


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Top 15 Most Embarrassing Photos Of The Steamiest Women In Swimming