Top 15 Most Embarrassing Photos Of The Steamiest Women In Tennis

The sport of women's tennis is a very exciting one, for the millions of fans who chose to follow it. Watching a top player win a Grand Slam title can be a real joy for even the most casual viewer. Moreover, the World Tennis Association (WTA) featured some of the most famous athletes on the planet such as Maria Sharapova, Caroline Wozniacki, and of course, Serena Williams.

These female athletes have fame, fortune, and in many cases, movie star good looks as well. While many pro tennis players enjoy a lifestyle that most people would envy, even they have moments when they wish the cameras were turned off.

When you are a top player in any pro sport, it’s reasonable to assume that someone probably has a camera on you at all times. Moreover, for female tennis players, who are often well over 5-foot-10, it isn’t exactly easy to hide either. These factors have led to some not so great moments being caught on film. Many of these hilarious bloopers feature some of the best-known ladies on the WTA tour today. If you’re a fan of women’s tennis, then there’s a good chance your favorite player is featured in our article.

With that in mind, here are the top 15 most embarrassing photos of some of the hottest women tennis.

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15 Wacky Wozniacki

via Pinterest.com

Denmark’s Caroline Wozniacki is one of the top players in women’s tennis today. She has managed to win almost $27 million in prize money to date, which doesn’t even take into account her numerous endorsement deals. Having been ranked number 1 in the world on several occasions, Wozniacki is one of the greatest female players to have never won a Grand Slam tournament. In 2017 she made into the fourth round at Wimbledon and advanced all the way to the quarterfinals at the French Open, but still fell short of capturing her first Grand Slam win.

As we can see here, the 5-foot-10 blonde doesn’t take herself too seriously and isn’t afraid to get a little goofy as she uses her backside to help stop in incoming tennis ball. Even with the racquet in front of her, that’s got to hurt, a least a little bit.

14 Wrong Way Robson

via metro.co.uk

British tennis star Laura Robson is an Olympic silver medalist who was won over $1.5 million in prize money since turning pro back in 2008. The 23-year-old has been ranked as high as number 23 in the world, as a singles competitor and has made it to the 4th round of both Wimbledon and the US Open. The 5-foot-11 brunette is currently one of Great Britain’s most popular tennis stars.

Robson is clearly an accomplished pro. That being said, as we can see in the photo here, everyone has an off day from time to time. The UK standout appears to be holding her racket upside down, while trying to return a serve, in this instance. Is this is a grave error or simply an unorthodox technique that others will soon adopt? Only time will tell.

13 A Thorough Exam For Jelena Jankovic

via commentsmeme.com

Despite having been ranked number 1 in the world back in August of 2008, Serbian star starlet Jelena Jankovic has never won a Grand Slam singles title. However, the 5-foot-10 standout had taken home a Grand Slam championship in mixed doubles play, when she and her partner Jamie Murray won it all at Wimbledon back in 2007. At 32 years of age, Jankovic is still able to compete at a high level.

It looks like the security card in the background of the photo was trying to give Jankovic some privacy, while she was being examined by her trainer. Unfortunately, there was a cameraman waiting on the other side to capture this extremely awkward looking photo. As we can see here, sometimes privacy can be hard to come by on the tennis court.

12 Scouting The Competition

via zetaboards.com

This photo features two of the most beautiful women to ever set foot on a professional tennis court. The woman standing in the picture is none other than retired Slovak doubles specialist, Daniela Hantuchova. Hantuchova has won every major Grand Slam tournament as a mixed doubles competitors. Most folks will recognize the gorgeous blonde sitting in the chair, as Russia’s own Maria Sharapova.

In this photo, Maria Sharapova appears to be sneaking a peek at her fellow tennis player’s backside. The two players faced each other on 10 separate occasions with Sharapova emerging the victor in 9 of those contests. With a 9-1 record against Hantuchova, it’s clear the Sharapova has the edge on the court. However, this doesn’t mean she reigns supreme when it comes to having the best rear end in tennis, which may be why Sharapova is taking this opportunity to find out for herself.

11 Extreme Focus

via Tennismash.com

Anna Karolína Schmiedlová is a 23-year-old tennis player who originally hails from Kosice, Slovakia. She has won two singles titles on the WTA tour and been able to take home over $1.5 million in prize money. Schmiedlova’s breakout season came back in 2015 when she upset Caroline Wozniacki on her way to becoming the 26th ranked player in the world that year. The Slovak tennis standout has struggled to recapture the magic from her 2015 campaign and is currently ranked 132nd as a singles player.

Fans of pro tennis know that players often produce some strange facial expression while in the heat of battle. That being said, Schmiedlova’s expression is pretty wild even by tennis standards. The young athlete looks as though she is staring at a mouth-watering dessert in this hilarious image.

10 Ouch!

via Bodybuilding.com

María Fernanda Álvarez Terán is a tennis player out of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Compared to most of the ladies on our list, Teran has had a somewhat unspectacular career as a pro. Since turning pro in 2006, she was won just over $131,000 in prize money. Her best season came in 2009 when she was ranked 187th in the world. While she has yet to win any WTA titles, Teran has managed to capture 10 International Tennis Federation (ITF) championships.

In the photo above, the curvaceous Bolivian looks like she is about to be on the receiving end of a vicious groin shot. The 5-foot-9 competitor needs to get that racquet a little lower if she hopes to avoid a potentially painful situation. This image proves that tennis can definitely be a dangerous sport.

9 Sharapova Reaching Out

via Zimbio.com

For well over a decade, Russian superstar Maria Sharapova has been one of the top stars in the sport. The 6-foot-2 blonde is a career Grand Slam winner, meaning that she has won every  Grand Slam title (as a singles player) in the WTA. She was accumulated over $36 million in prize money and earned that amount several times over with her lucrative endorsement deals. Outside of being an outstanding tennis player, the 30-year-old is also an accomplished model and businesswoman.

In this photo, it’s fair to say that  Maria Sharapova is  having a rough day at the offfice. This pic was taken during a match against Caroline Wozniacki and shows the popular tennis star desperately reaching for her racquet while lying face down on the court. One can reasonably assume that this isn’t Sharapova’s favorite look.

8 Tongue Out

via rantsports.com

Before Maria Sharapova became a star in the world of professional tennis, Anna Kournikova was the WTA’s resident hot Russian. Kournikova had an excellent career on the court and was ranked as high as number 1 in the world as a doubles player. Alongside her partner Martina Hingis, the Russian won the Australian Open in 1999 and again in 2002. Sadly, Kournikova was forced to retire at just 22 years of age, due to injury . At the height of her popularity, in the late 90s and early 00s, her name was one of the most common strings on Google Search.

While Kournikova was best known for her beauty, she wasn’t afraid to get a little a silly from time to time. In this photo, we she popular tennis starlet getting caught with her tongue out.

7 Time For A Haircut

via dailymail.co.uk

Odense, Denmark’s Caroline Wozniacki experienced a bit of a career resurgence in 2017. She managed to reach the quarterfinal round of the French Open and also made to round 4 at Wimbledon. In the 2017 WTA Finals she defeated Simona Halep (who was ranked number 1 in the world at the time) and Venus Williams on her way to winning the Tour Finals. Wozniacki finished the season ranked number 3, her best finish since 2011.

In this humorous Twitter post, we see the blonde tennis star having some difficulty with her hair. In the caption, she playfully states, “Hair trouble! Maybe I need a haircut!” This clearly wasn’t Wozniacki’s best moment, but it’s good to see that she has a sense of humor about it at least.

6 Styling And Profiling

via si.com

American Bethanie Mattek-Sands is one of the best doubles players in the world today. In fact, she has been the number one ranked doubles competitor as recently as January of 2017. Her career highlight includes winning a gold medal at the 2016 Olympic Games (in mixed doubles) and winning several Grand Slam tournaments in both doubles and mixed doubles action.

Mattek-Sands has established something of a reputation for her, how shall we say, questionable wardrobe choices. The jacket in this photo is a classic example of an outfit selection that definitely raised some eyebrows. The white jacket, with chopped tennis balls and flowing tassels, is certainly original. That being said, someone may need to tell Sands that she signed with the WTA, not WWE.

5 Eye Of The Tiger

via thesun.co.uk

Rochester, Minnesota native Bethanie Mattek-Sands is known as much for her outlandish attire as she is for her play on the court. The 32-year-old has made quite the impression on the media with her bizarre fashion choices. As a result, the press has dubbed her "The Lady Gaga of Tennis." In fact, she’s even gotten in trouble for some of her eccentric attire. She was fined at the US Open back in 2005 for wearing a striped cowboy hat.

This image shows the popular tennis star sporting a leopard print outfit with a matching headband for good measure. This picture was taken at the 2004 US Open and shows Mattek-Sands in one of her most iconic numbers. When it comes to getting attention on the court, nobody does it quite like Mattek-Sands.

4 The Imposter

via Pinterest.com

Serena Williams is arguably the biggest name in Women’s tennis today and also happens to be a close personal friend of Denmark’s Caroline Wozniacki (pictured here). In this infamous photo, we see Wozniacki doing a somewhat unflattering impersonation of her curvy pal, by stuffing her sports bra and pants. The blonde tennis standout is known for being a bit of ham, but this practical joke ended up backfiring on the Danish superstar.

Wozniacki’s antics ended up receiving criticism, with some even calling her actions racist. However, Serena Williams ended up coming to her defense and pointed out that male tennis player had done similar impersonations in the past and didn’t receive the same type of negative publicity. The controversy will likely prompt Wozniacki to refrain from such displays in the future.

3 Shock Value

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada’s Eugenie “Genie” Bouchard’s breakout season came back in 2014. That season she made it to at least the Round 4 of every major Grand Slam tournament and even made it the finals at Wimbledon. 2014 also saw Bouchard ranked as high as number 5 in the world. However, the popular Canadian tennis star has struggled with form following her breakout campaign and is currently ranked 81st in the world at the moment. Despite her recent struggles, the 5-foot-10 blonde remains one of the most popular players in the sport, due in no small part to her undeniable physical beauty.

In truth, it’s nearly impossible to find a bad photo of the gorgeous 23-year-old. However, as you can see here, goofy shots definitely exist.

2 Epic Fail

via Pinterest.com

This one of the few photos on our list which doesn’t feature a WTA tennis player. Despite the lack of star power, the photo is still hilarious and a little bizarre as well.

There is quite a lot going on here, so let’s start with the bananas. It would appear that the young lady with the racquet around her head, slipped on a banana peel and suffered numerous misfortunes as a result. Her body is twisting in several different directions as her foot appears to be stuck in a tennis ball container. The lady dressed in white doesn’t look to be doing very well either. As tennis goes, this photo pretty much highlights everything that can go wrong on the court. This is one photo that folks won’t forget anytime soon.

1 Not Dressed For Success

via pinterest.com

At 32 years of age, Jelena Jankovic finds herself nearing the end of her illustrious career. Her feud with fellow Serbian tennis star Ana Ivanovic has arguably been her most memorable as well as her most heated. Both women have admitted to not like one another in the past. The issue seems to stem from Ivanovic withdrawing from Serbia’s Fed Cup Team in 2010, a move Jankovic openly criticized her for. The women have played each other 12 times, with Ivanovic (who is now retired) leading the series 9-3.

This photo illustrates one of the downsides to wearing a dress while playing tennis. Jankovic looks like she might accidentally rip her dress, yet somehow still manages to hit the ball. The sign of a true pro.

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