Top 15 Non-Wrestlers Who Swear By DDP Yoga

Diamond Dallas Page is a retired professional wrestler who made his name in World Championship Wrestling during the 1990s when WCW was engaged in the “Monday Night Wars” against the WWE. Page went fro

Diamond Dallas Page is a retired professional wrestler who made his name in World Championship Wrestling during the 1990s when WCW was engaged in the “Monday Night Wars” against the WWE. Page went from a midcard role in that company to the main event picture that involved the master of the “Diamond Cutter” finishing move battling with faction the new World order, and he was, during that feud, the most over babyface in the company and a man who had multiple runs as the World Heavyweight Champion of that promotion.

Page has since transitioned into a motivational speaker, a fitness guru and the creator of what has become a rather well-known “DDP Yoga” system. What began as an attempt to recover from his own wrestling injuries grew into a workout system that has changed the lives of several individuals inside of the wrestling world. Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott Hall have both, on numerous occasions, credited Page with saving them from themselves and from personal demons that the two faced for decades, and it is possible that neither man would be with us today without Page's efforts.

Wrestlers are not the only known individuals to have benefited from going all-in on DDP Yoga. Included in that list are actors who dropped weight due to the workout program, professional fighters who need to be in the best shape possible before they enter a cage for a showdown, and athletes who take beatings on a weekly basis during regular season. Last but certainly not least is the tale of a disabled military veteran who was told that he would never walk again, a man who became known all around the world for a remarkable story that may not have happened without DDP Yoga.

15 The Military


DDP Yoga is not just for people who are looking to transform their lives or who are looking to improve flexibility. It is also used for strength gaining and boosting overall physical performances, and that makes it ideal for individuals who are involved in military services. Page has, over the years, worked with branches of the military as a motivational speaker, and he has also introduced different groups to his DDP Yoga system. Page has traveled overseas to meet and greet with United States military personnel on multiple occasions, and Army Chief Warrant Officer Stephen Cranford is just one man who has utilized the workout program for his troops.

14 Darius Rucker

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Darius Rucker has had a roller coaster of a career in the music industry. He first broke onto the scene as the lead singer of Hootie & The Blowfish, a Grammy Award-winning rock band that skyrocketed to the top of music charts in the 1990s. Rucker has then had multiple runs as a solo artist, most recently as a country music performer. It appears that Rucker is a recent convert to the DDP Yoga system, as he Tweeted out the following on April 1 of 2015:

Man I am hooked on this @DDPYoga. My man @RealDDP told it was great and I'm addicted. — Darius Rucker (@dariusrucker) April 1, 2015

13 Charles Robinson


The notion may sound silly to some, but the reality of the situation is that being a pro wrestling referee can be a grueling job. The gig requires hours upon hours of travel inside of cars and airplanes, and there are instances when refs take bumps inside of hard rings for one reason or another. Charles Robinson, known as “Lil Naitch” in the wrestling industry, has said the following about DDP Yoga on social media: “I am doing DDP Yoga and I feel so much better already. Have been able to cut down on running which is saving my knees.”

12 Riley Smith

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Riley Smith is an American actor who is also a musician. He has made sporadic appearances on numerous television shows and in movies during his career, and Smith has also performed with his band, “The Life of Riley.” Smith was introduced to DDP Yoga when he and DDP were working together on a movie, and he instantly became hooked. The actor once provided a ringing endorsement of the system, saying that it was “unlike anything I had ever done before.” Smith went on to say that he was “addicted” to DDP Yoga and that the workouts helped “hold back the hands of time.”

11 Chuck Zito

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One thing you can say about Chuck Zito: He has not led a boring life. The former president of the New York chapter of the Hells Angels has also spent time as an actor, an amateur boxer and a martial artist. Zito has utilized a plethora of workouts during his life, and he offered the following endorsement of DDP Yoga: “When I tried it, I loved it. I've known DDP for a long time. I started doing YRG Yoga, and I loved it so much I had him come to my dojo...and he taught a class there. Now, I'm incorporating his YRG into my martial arts system.”

10 Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel Iglesias has had numerous roles as an actor, comedian, writer, voice actor and a producer during his career, but he nearly lost everything when he ballooned up to over 400 pounds. Iglesias had to make immediate changes to his lifestyle in order save himself, and he turned to DDP Yoga in an attempt to drop the weight. He lost over 100 pounds thanks, in part, to the DDP Yoga program, and he said the following about it on Facebook: “Thank you to my buddy DDP 4 motivating and pushing me to do this.” Along with those words was a picture that showed Iglesias' progress.

9 Dan Severn


While Dan Severn spent time as a pro wrestler, it was his real-life fighting abilities and his mixed martial arts performances that earned him the nickname “The Beast.” Severn notched victories over legends of the industry during his career, and his victims include names such as Ken Shamrock and Oleg Taktarov. Severn remained an active fighter for over two decades, and his last encounter occurred in April of 2012. He is recognized to have a professional record of 101-19-7. Severn has publicly endorsed DDP Yoga for keeping him fit and for allowing him to have an active lifestyle up through his 50s.

8 Tito Ortiz

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There are all-time great mixed martial arts fighters, and then there are legends of the business such as Tito Ortiz. Ortiz is widely seen as one of the greatest overall performers in the history of the sport, and he is still going at it even though he turned 40-years old early in 2015. Ortiz has suffered numerous physical setbacks during his career, which is to be expected from somebody in the fight game. He briefly spoke about DDP Yoga back in 2009: “I'm telling you – whew! – it got my heart rate up. It's a good workout. I just had back surgery but I was able to get through the whole workout. I was struggling, but I got through it. It is something I am going to use in my training."

7 Jim Miller

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Jim Miller is a former kickboxer and current mixed martial artist who is currently signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The current UFC Lightweight competitor has given an endorsement of the system, one that was uploaded to the Internet via the official DDP Yoga YouTube page. Miller had the following to say on the product: “It's a great workout. It gets that heart rate up right where you need it to be, but it doesn't beat you up physically. It's a great thing to supplement in there to keep you flexible and to keep your body ready to go.”

6 Mark Schlereth

@DDPYoga @RealDDP day 2 of the program!! Things are moving that haven't moved in years!

— mark schlereth (@markschlereth) August 7, 2014

Many of you reading this may only recognize Mark Schlereth as a current television personality who appears on ESPN programming. Before he was a National Football League analyst, Schlereth was an offensive lineman who spent 12 years in the league as a player. He won three conference championships and also a Super Bowl during his career, but his playing days left him beaten up. Schlereth has, to date, undergone over two-dozen surgeries to repair injuries that he suffered during his football career, and the hope is that DDP Yoga will keep him operation-free for the foreseeable future.

5 Josh Barnett

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While Josh Barnett has spent time as a pro wrestler, he is largely known for his days spent as an active mixed martial artist. Barnett has won MMA championships in multiple promotions, most notably the UFC Heavyweight Championship. Despite the fact that Barnett turned turned 37-years old in November of 2014, he still yearns to actively compete in UFC in an attempt to have one more run as a champion. Barnett has spoken about the benefits of DDP Yoga via social media posts and in interviews, and he has said that the program has helped him recovery from physical setbacks.

4 Bruce Miller

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Bruce Miller is a National Football League fullback playing in an era when the fullback position seemingly loses importance with every year. Miller, once a seventh-round NFL Draft pick, has emerged as one of the top players at his position, and he has credited DDP Yoga for his successes: “I've been through a lot of Low to NO IMPACT workouts But None of them can Compare to workout I got from DDP YOGA! I had No idea I could Get this much of a workout for my Cardio, Core, Flexibility and Explosiveness without Beating up my Body up on the practice field. Amazing!”

3 Derrick Brooks

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Derrick Brooks was one of the best defensive players in the National Football League when in his prime, named to 11 Pro Bowl squads and five First Team All-Pro squads during his career. The official DDP Yoga website quotes the Hall of Fame linebacker as having said the following about the program: “I am impressed with the DDP YOGA workout program offered by Dallas Page. DDP YOGA is more than a workout. It's a concept. It's a lifestyle. It's a mindset and an attitude.... Much like it's creator. I'm not being a salesman... I'm a DDP YOGA participant who has used this training in my own workout. You will get results.”

2 Rob Zombie

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The music legend was not sold on DDP Yoga when he first learned about it. He was so impressed by the system that he wrote the intro to Page's original “Yoga for Regular Guys” book, and Zombie included the following in his message: “To make a long story short, Yoga for Regular Guys works, and trust me, it ain’t what you think. It’s a total body, kick-ass workout that whips you into shape. Think of it as yoga meets old school calisthenics by way of slow motion isometric movements. Translation: something fun to kick that flabby-ass body of yours into shape! Let’s face it folks, DDP is the new Jack LaLanne for the hardcore, cynical, regular-guy “I’m-too-cool-for-that” generation. Here’s my advice to you: Put down the doughnuts, pick up this book, and get with the program... or else!”

1 Arthur Boorman


Arthur Boorman was a disabled military veteran who got around on crutches for over a decade and a man told by medical experts that he would never walk again. He one night found the DPP Yoga system, which was then known as “Yoga for Regular Guys,” via the Internet, and the program changed his life for the better. Boorman lost over 100 pounds, and he regained his ability to walk without the assistance of any braces or crutches thanks to DDP Yoga. The Boorman story went viral in 2012 and he was featured on multiple national television broadcasts. Without Boorman, it is possible that the majority of people would not know that DDP Yoga exists.

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Top 15 Non-Wrestlers Who Swear By DDP Yoga