Top 15 Non-Wrestlers Who Swear By DDP Yoga

Diamond Dallas Page is a retired professional wrestler who made his name in World Championship Wrestling during the 1990s when WCW was engaged in the “Monday Night Wars” against the WWE. Page went from a midcard role in that company to the main event picture that involved the master of the “Diamond Cutter” finishing move battling with faction the new World order, and he was, during that feud, the most over babyface in the company and a man who had multiple runs as the World Heavyweight Champion of that promotion.

Page has since transitioned into a motivational speaker, a fitness guru and the creator of what has become a rather well-known “DDP Yoga” system. What began as an attempt to recover from his own wrestling injuries grew into a workout system that has changed the lives of several individuals inside of the wrestling world. Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott Hall have both, on numerous occasions, credited Page with saving them from themselves and from personal demons that the two faced for decades, and it is possible that neither man would be with us today without Page's efforts.

Wrestlers are not the only known individuals to have benefited from going all-in on DDP Yoga. Included in that list are actors who dropped weight due to the workout program, professional fighters who need to be in the best shape possible before they enter a cage for a showdown, and athletes who take beatings on a weekly basis during regular season. Last but certainly not least is the tale of a disabled military veteran who was told that he would never walk again, a man who became known all around the world for a remarkable story that may not have happened without DDP Yoga.

15 The Military


14 Darius Rucker

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Darius Rucker has had a roller coaster of a career in the music industry. He first broke onto the scene as the lead singer of Hootie & The Blowfish, a Grammy Award-winning rock band that skyrocketed to the top of music charts in the 1990s. Rucker has then had multiple runs as a solo artist, most recently as a country music performer. It appears that Rucker is a recent convert to the DDP Yoga system, as he Tweeted out the following on April 1 of 2015:

13 Charles Robinson


12 Riley Smith

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11 Chuck Zito

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10 Gabriel Iglesias

9 Dan Severn


8 Tito Ortiz

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7 Jim Miller

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6 Mark Schlereth

@DDPYoga @RealDDP day 2 of the program!! Things are moving that haven't moved in years!

— mark schlereth (@markschlereth) August 7, 2014

5 Josh Barnett

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4 Bruce Miller

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3 Derrick Brooks

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2 Rob Zombie

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1 Arthur Boorman


Arthur Boorman was a disabled military veteran who got around on crutches for over a decade and a man told by medical experts that he would never walk again. He one night found the DPP Yoga system, which was then known as “Yoga for Regular Guys,” via the Internet, and the program changed his life for the better. Boorman lost over 100 pounds, and he regained his ability to walk without the assistance of any braces or crutches thanks to DDP Yoga. The Boorman story went viral in 2012 and he was featured on multiple national television broadcasts. Without Boorman, it is possible that the majority of people would not know that DDP Yoga exists.

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Top 15 Non-Wrestlers Who Swear By DDP Yoga