Top 15 Outrageous Sports Pranks of All-Time

While most athletes - at least, on the surface - are perceived as serious, staunch and devoid of a humorous side, there's a good chunk of the professional sporting world that knows how to cut tension and get a rise (and a good laugh) out of teammates, coaches and spectators.

The art of pranking seems to have lost a bit of it's former lustre - it would appear players in this day and age are less inclined to pull a real "fast one" on their teammates. The common shaving cream in the cleats or cutting of laces is all good and well, but you'll rarely hear about a player or group of teammates ganging together on a poor unsuspecting soul and either infuriating the individual in question or scaring the life out of them.

Over the years, though, stalwarts of the pranking art have emerged across all professional sport. The legendary pranksters of past eras are long past their prime now, but we'd argue that if they were to come out of retirement, it should be to hoodwink another unsuspecting teammate rather than to don their old jerseys and return to the field of play.

Pranks in sport can take many forms - the classic equipment gags are always good for a hearty chuckle, but the best pranks were much more elaborate, thought out and probably a lot riskier and dangerous than the "standard" sporting prank.

We pay homage to those who've mastered the art of pranking and succeeded in pulling off masterful high jinks and shenanigans worthy of their own television program (move over, Ashton Kutcher).

15 Jeff Gordon's "Test Drives"

14 A Blue Jays Wedding


13 Barkley Makes Bol Feel Like A Knucklehead

12 Ryan Dempster vs. Will Ohman

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11 The Kyle Orton Helmet Gag


10 Tom Brady GQ Prank

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9 Billy Donovan

8 Kent Bazemore's Popcorn Adventure

7 Jeff Fisher "Blows Up" The Titans

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6 Mark Cuban vs. The Referee

5 Yale Shows Harvard Who's Smarter

On the surface, the rivalries between Ivy League colleges stems from the intelectual battles - which school is ranked higher in educational lists, which school's average GPA is higher, etc. Even when the rivalries spill into sports, there's still a tinge of "who's smarter?" that factors into the equation. That was evident when Yale students brilliantly managed to get a Harvard student section to hold up a crowd-made sign that read "We Suck."

4 Guy Lapointe: Car Thief Extraordinaire

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3 Ken Griffey Jr.'s Steak Dinner

2 The Trade to Japan

1 The Rose Bowl Hoax


The Rose Bowl Hoax, pulled off by students at Caltech in 1961, is an all-time classic and earns the top spot on the list for it's creativity and because if was one of the first great coordinated sports pranks ever. The massive words "Caltech," a small technical college in Pasadena near the Rose Bowl, found its way into the flip-card image show of the Washington Huskies marching band during the halftime show - with millions watching around the world. The prank was dramatic, perfectly planned and masterfully executed, and showed that even the least likely of pranksters can strike at any time.

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Top 15 Outrageous Sports Pranks of All-Time