Top 15 Photos Of Female Golf Stars In Swimsuits You Need To See

Golf is a rather unique sport. In a world where the other major sporting events are dominated by physically gifted athletes, golf is a sport where you might end up seeing somebody who is miles behind his or her opponent in terms of physical prowess, winning in commanding fashion. The same thing can be said about age in the sport. Since the technique is a much more important aspect of golf, we are tired of watching older professionals destroying people who are 20 or even 30 years younger than them even though physically they are way behind the new generation. That is the equivalent of saying that a 60-year-old Michael Jordan could still beat LeBron James in his prime, which would be fun to believe in but at the same time is still some sort of nonsense.

Now, don’t get us wrong. There is an imperative physical aspect to golf, and golf athletes nowadays are some of the fittest athletes you will find in the world of sports. With that in mind, we have separated 15 photos that will make it very clear to any fan of any sport that, even though golfers don’t need to have six-pack or bodies that could buy them a way into the Olympus, some of them will leave you with your jaw dropped all the way to the floor. So make sure you get some good time to appreciate this list because we are about to give you 15 photos of female golfers in swimsuits that you need to see.

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19 Meghan Hardin

via golfspelledbackwards.com

Meghan Hardin started making waves in the golf scene when she had a difficult decision to make. Back in 2012, she had to decide if she would continue her collegiate career or turn professional so she could be a part of the Big Break Atlantis. Luckily for all golf fans around the world, she decided to turn pro. Unfortunately for her, Meghan was the first contestant to be eliminated from the show. However, taking part in the Big Break opened many doors for her. Not to mention that it allowed golf fans around the world to get a good look at someone who might be one of the most beautiful women playing golf today. Perhaps the Big Break wasn’t the start that she imagined for her professional career, but we hope Meghan gets to show the world more of golf skills.

18 Sophie Horn

via golfmagic.com

Sophie Horn is a gem in the world of golfing. She is a great golfer and also a golfing coach. A beauty from England, she has already made waves around the golfing world not much for her skill, but for her looks. With that in mind, it’s not tough to imagine that she is also a personal trainer and even went on to be a finalist in the Maximuscle Body of 2009 competition. A bit earlier than that, in 2008 she even got a TV gig becoming a co-presenter of the “Show Me The Golf” show for Setanta. And that wasn't her only TV gig, as she was also featured in The Golf Show Pilot for Sky Sports Online. But seriously, with those looks is anyone really surprised that she was such a hit on the small screen?

17 Paige Spiranac

Here is another multi-talented lady to join our list. Paige Spiranac used to be a gymnast before she started her golfing career. According to her website, her primary goal was to take part in the Olympics at some point. Unfortunately for gymnastics fans (and fortunately for golf fans), Paige fractured her kneecap and had to quit gymnastics. A tough decision for a 12-year-old to make. Yes, she was only 12 years old when that happened. Nevertheless, Paige still wanted to be a professional athlete and soon found the game of golf. It didn’t take much time for her to both discover that she loved the game and that she was pretty good at it. Now also an Instagram star, Paige is set to leave her mark both on the golf course and off of it.

16 Michelle Wie

via golfspelledbackwards.com

While many of the other beautiful ladies featured on this list are newcomers waiting to make a name for themselves in professional golf, Michelle Wie is far from being a new face. “Big Wiesy” and she is commonly known, is one of the most famous golfers on the Ladies PGA Tour. So far, the 27-year-old from Honolulu, Hawaii, has won four tournaments on the LPGA Tour. Also, unlike many of the other entries on this list, you will have a hard time finding a photo of Wie in a swimsuit. Nevertheless, we did our best and found one picture where the 2014 US Women’s Open champion is looking just stunning. We all knew that she could run laps around the competition in terms of golfing, but now we also know that Michelle doesn’t linger too far behind when it comes to looks.

15 Natalie Gulbis

via weiunderpar.com

One of the oldest women on our list, Natalie Gulbis has been a professional golfer since 2001. She joined the LPGA Tour in 2002 and has four wins to her name through her professional career. Her only victory in the LPGA Tour came at the 2007 Evian Master, which earned her a sizable $450,000 award. Nevertheless, while her lengthy career on the tour is sure one to be respected, the real impact Gulbis had on golf was all about her appearances outside of the golf courses. For example, a few years back she released a calendar just before the US Women’s Open and that calendar was forbidden from being sold at the event because the US Golf Association deemed it inappropriate. She also scored some TV appearances as she featured in an episode of CSI and on The Price is Right.

14 Jessica Korda


A post shared by Jessica Korda (@thejessicakorda) on

At just 24 years of age, Jessica Korda is already one of the most successful female golfers of her time. She turned professional in 2010 and joined the LPGA tour in 2011. And during the little time she has on the tour, the Czech-American has already tallied four tournaments wins. When the conversation turns to fitness, it is no surprise that this beauty is gifted in that aspect. Both of her parents were professional tennis players in the Czech Republic. Before joining the LPGA tour, Korda was also a very successful amateur golfer. She won the 2010 South Atlantic Amateur tournament and even made the cut to participate at both the 2008 and 2009 U.S. Women’s Opens before she turned pro. She is still improving, and we can be sure that there will be a lot more to talk about of Jessica Korda in the future.

13 Veronica Felibert

When you start playing the game at only seven years old, the odds are pretty high that you'll be good at it as you grow older. And that is the case with Veronica Felibert. This Venezuelan star is not only a great professional golfer, but like the previous entry on our list, she is also a self-proclaimed gym rat. Whenever she is not golfing, she is out in the gym working out to take her body to the max. At just 5’7” she could very well play any other sport that would ask for more physical prowess than golf. Nevertheless, she seems to love the game and credits her family for always believing in her and pushing her to be the best at the game she loves.

12 Anna Rawson

A post shared by Anna Rawson (@annarawson) on

Here, we have the Australian-born American golfer Anna Rawson. Like our runner-up, Ekey, Rawson is on a whole new level. Along with being a professional golfer, she is also a model who started in that career at age 16. A career that she never left aside for too long even though she was coping with the pressure of being a professional golfer. At the collegiate level, she played for the University of Southern California and was named an honorable mention to the All-Pac-10 teams in three of her four school years.

Moreover, unlike many professional athletes, she never stopped studying and earned a Masters' of Business Administration from Columbia Business School. In terms of golf, she has played on the Futures Tour, the Ladies European Tour and the LPGA Tour.

11 McKenna Pautsch

A post shared by McKenna Pautsch (@mckennapautsch72) on

A lot of the ladies on this list could certainly drop out of golf and try their luck at modeling or acting careers with little chance of failing. McKenna Pautsch is on an entirely different level though. She is one of those people whom as soon as you lay eyes on them, you instantly assume they do something related to show business for a living.

She is an absolute superstar on Instagram as she constantly posts stunning pictures, whether she's about to go for a workout, shoot 18 holes or is just hanging out on the beach. Here we see her soaking up the sunshine and thankfully the beach looks pretty private or Pautsch would have wandering eyes all around her. Oh well, Instagram it is.


9 Blair O’Neal

via blaironeal.com

Few people have embraced their beauty like Blair O’Neal. She is anything but camera shy. This Illinois native raised in Arizona started playing golf when she was only 11 years old as her dad enrolled her and her brother at a local junior clinic. It didn’t take too long for her to start making success as a junior golfer and winning tournaments. That success translated well to her high school and collegiate careers as she won a couple of NCAA Long Drive Championships for the Arizona State University. In 2004 she turned professional and never looked back. But while she is a successful golfer, she is an even more successful model. Named one of the 50 hottest athletes of all time by Sports Illustrated among several other awards, when she is not putting birdies, this golfer is making jaws drop.

8 Lexi Thompson

via golfpunkhq.com

Do you know how sometimes people say that girls mature faster than boys? Well, Lexi Thompson is the personification of that little fact. To put it in perspective to people who follow mainly men’s golf, she is almost the equivalent of a Jordan Spieth. At just 22 years old Alexis Thompson has already tallied 10 professional titles. That is just two less than the 23-year-old Spieth has next to his name on the men’s side.

Thompson also has two brothers who are professional golfers. Her brother Nicholas plays on the PGA Tour and the Web.com Tour. Meanwhile, her brother Curtis plays on the Web.com Tour. She was also the youngest golfer ever to qualify to play in the US Women’s Open and turned professional at age 15. Not only on the course, but she also has a lot going on for her outside of it, doesn’t she?

7 Belen Mozo

We will need to take a swim across the pond to gaze upon the third placed lady on our list. Straight out of Cadiz, Spain, we gladly present to you Belen Mozo. This 28-year-old professional golfer has been on the LPGA Tour since 2011, and she also takes part in the Ladies European Tour. Now make no mistake, she is a solid golfer, but she has yet to win a major professional title. As an amateur, she did win the British Ladies Amateur Golf Championship back in 2006. After that, she moved to the US and played collegiate golf at the University of Southern California. Her best finish to date is a tied 29th place in the 2014 Women’s British Open. Meanwhile, her Instagram feed is certainly more attractive than her professional golfing page. So it wouldn’t hurt for anyone to take a look at it.

6 Sharmila Nicollet

Off season training 💪🏻 #fitness #fitfam #girlswholift

A post shared by Golf and Fitness (@sharmilanicollet) on

Undoubtedly the most beautiful Indian golfer in the world, Sharmila Nicollet is as stunning as they come. She started playing golf when she was just 11 years old and won her first tournament at 15. Other than her heritage, there is one aspect about Sharmila that separates her from the rest of the competition. She’s incredibly fit. We are not talking about people who go to the gym every day and show off how fit they are just for the sake of doing it, no. This woman could probably enter bodybuilding contests and still be a finalist in a good amount of them. One quick glance at her Instagram feed and you will be wanting to hit the gym like you have never before. And while it might be tough to find a picture of her in a swimsuit, we give you something close enough to it.

5 Brooke Pancake

She might not be one of the names that are always headlining major tournaments on the LPGA Tour, but Brooke Pancake was a big-time player in college. Playing for the University of Alabama she led her team to their first overall national championship back in 2012 and even won the Honda Sports Award for the top collegiate golfer of that season.

Nevertheless, her professional career has not gone as well as many would have hoped after seeing her play in college. Her best result so far was a tied 53rd place in the 2014 Women’s PGA Championship. So she still has a lot of ground to cover in terms of professional golfing, but at the same time she makes up for a lot of the lack of results on the golf course outside of it. One picture is enough to get an idea of how beautiful she is.




1 Paula Creamer

Very difficult Monday... 😉

A post shared by Paula Creamer (@paulacreamer1) on

The Pink Panther not only has one of the greatest nicknames in golf, but she is also one of the most successful golfers in the world. This California native has turned professional in 2004 and since then has won nothing less than 12 tournaments. Among those wins is the 2010 US Women’s Open and a pair of wins at the LPGA of Japan Tour. More than her golfing skill, Creamer is also very well known for her beauty. She has endorsement deals with many companies and even scored a part and appeared in the EA Sports’s Tiger Woods PGA Tour series of video games. She also has a big heart as she has a foundation to help junior golfers and military families. Paula Creamer is surely an athlete whose example other professionals should strive to emulate.

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