Top 15 Photos Of Female Sportscasters In Swimsuits You Need To See

Here are 15 hot photos of female sportscasters flaunting their swimsuits and you definitely want to check them out.

Female sportscasters and sexy bikini pictures go together like fireworks and the 4th of July--both command your attention when they’re on display and both are sizzling hot! It stands to reason, as these women are often covering top level athletic competitions, that they themselves, would likewise be fit.  Sports journalism isn't the province of Amy Schumer or Rebel Wilson--sorry, girls.

Yet even while drooling over these sportscasters bods and falling in love with their faces, you have to respect each and every one of these women listed below, as they've got to be knowledgeable in order to maintain credibility and keep their jobs. There are no brainless bimbos here, simply because there’s so much competition for these on-air positions these days, it weeds out those who would be weak-minded and less quick-witted in front of the camera.

This list reverses the old saying about homely male broadcasters, like Howard Stern, that “he has a face for radio."  On the contrary, these women have faces--and bodies-- the camera love, so they should be celebrated as early and often as possible on countdowns such as these.

And because these women have high profile, often seasonal jobs, they have the money and means and time to travel to sunny spots to take vacations that demand bikini wear. And that works out perfectly, as they all have jobs that demand they have toned, tanned bodies, whenever they step in front of a camera! Here are 15 hot photos of female sportscasters flaunting their swimsuits and you definitely want to check them out.



The initial entry on our list of lovely ladies begins on a sad note--in April 2017, the blonde beauty Britt was one of the many casualties at ESPN. McHenry lost her job as field reporter, as the sports network cuts corners in the wake of lost revenue, as former subscribers increasingly ditch cable TV for bootleg sports streamed on the web from sketchy but secure locales like lawless Eastern Europe and impenetrable Africa.

Britt may have sewn the seeds for her future dismissal back in April 2015, when she was suspended by ESPN for one week after being caught on surveillance cam footage verbally abusing a tow-lot employee after Ms. McHenry’s ride got towed from a Chinese restaurant in Arlington, Virginia. Ms. McHenry called the woman's workplace "scumbag" and told her to "lose some weight, baby girl", proving Britt’s not only spicy--she’s a bit salty, too! McHenry later apologized via Twitter. But don’t worry, Britt, we’ll always forgive you, provided you remain decked out in stunning swimsuits.



In celeb-crazed UK, it seems the gorgeous Ms. Gallacher--a Sky Sports (UK satellite pay-TV sports channels) presenter--makes the tabloid news every other day ,whether its bikini-clad on “holiday” at the beach, or in a designer gown out and about on the town. Case in point, on the night of June 14, the seductive Scot generated paparazzi attention wearing a tight black pencil skirt while at luxury retailer Fortnum and Mason, located in Piccadilly, London, which caters to society's upper-crust.

Kirsty was likely preparing for her equally gorgeous sister Laura's impending marriage to comic film actor--and Katy Perry ex-husband--Russell Brand.  But when she's not being fashionable, Gallacher is often depicted in the tabloids showing off her bikini bod, as she did around her 40th birthday in January 2016.



Fitting in aptly with the always dicey number thirteen slot for this list is Ines Sainz, the marvelous Mexican who was involved in the 2010 New York Jets incident that lead to an NFL investigation. While attending practice, witnesses allege not only players, but also coaches were intentionally running drills to get in close proximity to the alluring TV  Azteca reporter. If the Jets' behavior on the practice field wasn't egregious enough, Ines claimed the players in the locker room were making her feels so uncomfortable, she Tweeted her displeasure. Ms. Sainz singled out defensive tackle Kris Jenkins for leading the lewd behavior and inappropriate language. It's reassuring that Ines didn't let that negative experience diminish her showing off her beautiful body in swimsuits. 



Ms. Kluth has been all over America--the native Chicagoan got her degree at Boston University, and relocated to New Orleans after starting out in the Windy City covering the 2013 Stanley Cup Champion Blackhawks and for Based on that, Meghan somehow landed a gig working for ABC-TV affiliate WGNO in New Orleans, Louisiana--in a city and state that has neither pro hockey or an major league franchise. Oh, right--she's gorgeous. On her Twitter page, Meghan likes to proclaim her love for all things Chicago Cubs--which we're sure was there in 2014 when the Cubs were still mired in pre-Joe Maddon mediocrity. No? Well, winning changes everything.

Regardless, Ms. Kluth is always a champion when donning swimwear, like sunning her twins while petting the luckiest pig in the world on some tropical beach during last holiday season.



Molly is the moderator of ESPN's First Take, and her dark features are so intense, they could surely get a dead man’s blood boiling! From Qerim's luscious lips to her ravenous hair--no doubt deriving from her unique half-Albanian, half-Italian lineage--to her righteous body, Ms. Molly is indeed one of the sexiest sportscasters on the scene today. Coed recently paid tribute to Qerim's beauty, while also acknowledging her extensive background in sports journalism, including coverage of the NBA, NFL and MLB.

A sportscaster doesn't get that much exposure if she doesn't know her stuff, no matter how insanely hot. It's not easy for Qerim to get a word in on First Take with the outspoken Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman to deal with, but she performs her job admirably.


Chasing waterfalls in Colombia ??❤️

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The truly salacious Sara made headlines this past holiday season--and ensured herself a top ten ranking on this list--when she posted on Instagram, “Stuck on a desert island”. Because what straight man alive wouldn’t want to be trapped in seclusion with the fully stacked Ms. Cardona?   So impressive are Sara's twins in swimwear, they outshine her shimmering smile and golden hair. This past March, Busted Coverage paid homage to Sara's sideline reporting presence for ESPN that may be part of a strategy to lift the stagnant sports channel out of its ratings doldrums. Maxim is so taken with the curvaceous Ms. Cardona, they compiled their own countdown list solely on her sexy attributes! We sure hope Cardona has more of these countdowns coming soon!



Hip Hop Dairies previously praised the gorgeous Ms. Grisales as having one of the “Hottest Boobs in Sports." And we can hardly disagree with their honoring the lovely Latina, who hails from Colombia and somewhat resembles 1980's move babe Maria Conchita Alonso (remember her as Sean Penn's cop character girlfriend in Colors?) On Mirella's Twitter page, she curiously lists her favorite player as "God." While Grisales seems to lack the awareness that a supreme deity wouldn't engage in competitive sports, one can hardly blame her enthusiasm for the Almighty--after all, look at how perfect she is in a swimsuit, blessed with beauty and a bod!

Mirella's also done work for Telemundo, like when she was sent to cover Super Bowl XLVII between the Ravens and losing 49ers. Players on both teams didn't seem to mind posing with Grisales.



This blonde babe has a lot on her iCloud calendar--host and reporter for Fox Sports 1 and NBC, as well as co-host-with-the-most for the syndicated entertainment program Extra. The tantalizing Ms. Thompson shared via social media some very revealing bikini shots on the white sands of Malibu Beach last October, including the always welcome “side-bewb angle."  But never doubt how highly respected Charissa is by the sports media world--in January, Sporting News reported that ESPN was considering her as a replacement for Chris Berman for their "Sunday NFL Countdown" show for the upcoming pro football season. Of course, Chris Berman is irreplaceable, but Thompson's done a lot of great work and we wish her the best of luck if she is to land that gig.



The ravishing Rebecca went viral--for all the wrong reasons--in 2014, per Daily Mail, when the Hollywood actress (Brothers, Sorority Party Massacre) and ESPN and FOX football hostess was photographed "adjusting" her beautiful boobs at a Los Angeles Clippers game that were juicily overflowing from her shirt. Ms. Grant responded with a bit of a meltdown when appearing on the network to explain that she didn't want to be known exclusively as a "boob grabber"--even if they were her own delectable twins! But during the interview, the gorgeous Ms. Grant appeared to be distracted by someone named "Rob" off camera, who she told to "stop it" and "go away".

But regardless of her little issues, you've got to give it up for Ms Grant's fan loyalty, as she showed off her Bob McAdoo card--when the hall of fame power forward played for the Buffalo Braves.  Buffalo was the original franchise home and the Braves were the first nickname of today’s Clippers, as Rebecca revealed she hails from Buffalo. Indeed, she got her start as a TV host covering the Buffalo Bills on the now defunct Empire Sports Network.



The curvaceous Ms. Collins is capable of making more than one list such as this--like when she topped the “Puck Bunny” list compilation in 2012 by Complex, based on Melanie formerly being in a relationship with NHL forward Scottie Upshall. But she doesn’t need to be attached to anyone--even a pro hockey player--to achieve an identity of fame, as Melanie’s versatility as a sportscaster is evident in the fact she currently is the face of Yahoo! Sports, co-host of Big Break on Golf Channel, and contributor to The Insider on CBS, per her website. Melanie also shines when she’s in a swimsuit, as she flaunts her 34-inch twins. As far as her picture here, what else can you say? Are you going to disagree with us including it?


Baby sis ?? #DavidGuetta #BestiesWithParis @encorebeachclub

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Her distinct last name immediately identifies Sydney as being the daughter of former NFL MVP quarterback (1988) Boomer Esiason. Having a football famous father certainly opened media doors for Sydney--along with her stunning good looks. But like her pops, Sydney is a big hockey fan, and that know-how helped her land a gig at as a reporter in 2014.  Sydney is so into hockey, her boyfriend is Matt Martin, current left winger of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and formerly of the New York Islanders.

When Matt first met the football and sportscasting big-wig Boomer, Sydney had to break it to her diehard Rangers fan father that she was in fact, dating an arch-rival New York Islander. Boomer is cool with the relationship--anything for his little girl, right?



The impossibly pretty Ms. Plufgrad gets in the middle of messes--but she always keeps it interesting! Like in 2009, when Oregon's cheerleading advisers were fired about a month after photos were leaked of Amanda and her fellow bikini-clad Ducks cheerleaders drinking and carousing on a "booze cruise." You read correctly, Oregon takes its "rah-rah-rah'ing" so seriously, they actually have advisers for it. Not exactly what Aristotle, the "first teacher" of Classical Greece had in mind when he created higher education, but welcome to collegiate commercialism of the 21st century. But things got equally serious for the adorable Amanda, as the university threatened to revoke her cheerleading scholarship--yep, another real thing--because of her role in the scandal and appearing all wasted out of her cute little gourd in the pictures.

In response, Plufgrad even wrote to Busted Coverage to take down the pictures they had posted. Once her crazy collegiate days were behind her, Amanda became a Boston Celtics reporter in 2015.



Gronk's girl. One of them, at least. This past May, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and the irresistible former Pats' cheerleader earned some tabloid coverage by getting all kissy-face at a wedding in Arizona. Gronk and Camille have reportedly been on-again, off-again, and a few days later, a New York Post article delineated Ms. Kostek's reliance on her inner circle of loyal friends to get past all the breakup rumors and gossip associated with their coupling. Because Gronk has, you know, options when it comes to the opposite sex.

Kostek became a reporter in 2015 for ESPN, although her notoriety is linked to her image and relationship with media-magnet Gronkowski. In 2016, BroBible praised Camille's "killer bikini body"--and we will offer no protests.



FOX Sports reporter April Rose--another Chicago born-and-bred babe on this list-- is that rare beauty that can mesmerize as both brunette--and blonde--per Regretful Morning, depending on your preferences. Most women can really only pull off one hair color, but not the blooming Ms. Rose! And regardless of what's going on at the top of her pretty little head, April's incredible body pleases all tastes all the time. Ranker once posted "near nudes" of Ms. Rose as a part of their pictorial display, as April's titanic 37-inch twins--and long legs get more seductive with each passing image! April's beauty is such she's also appeared in MTV shows like Girl Code and Guy Code.

If you ever get fortunate enough to go out with someone the caliber of April Rose, she once shared tips for a first date, per Men's Health.



The gorgeous girl topping our list is a brunette beauty so hot she could melt the next Ice Age. Rightfully profiled by Maxim in January 2017, the FOX Sports host is apparently a huge Oakland Raiders supporter. And as a diehard fan of the Silver & Black, Jimena must be going through conflicting emotions--on one hand, they're one of the top teams in the AFC. Yet the same team is a lame-duck franchise, officially moving to Vegas, where the culture may run shallow, but the pockets run plenty deep. And in our world, money crushes culture, loyalty and sentimentality.

So Ms. Sanchez might need some consoling over her Raiders; and any one of us would be sure to provide comfort and support to this luscious Latina. Why is Jimena a Raiders fan? Could be something about the team's "bad boy" image that brings out hotties like her that get bored with the good guys.

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Top 15 Photos Of Female Sportscasters In Swimsuits You Need To See