Top 15 Pictures Of Female Golf Stars That Are Hot AF

Female golfers may be among the most beautiful female athletes in all of sports and this list will prove it to you.

Yes, esteemed reader, you are faced with yet another “hot golfer list”; in this case, a collection of lovely linksters that are not only blazing, they’re "hot AF”--which, let’s face it, doesn’t get any hotter, according to the parameters of expression by our post-modern, acronym-oriented lexicon.

Seeing as there are so many of these lists, we opted to take an intellectually honest perspective in this introduction when attempting to explain why there are so many gorgeous female golfers beautifying courses across the world. The most obvious conclusion is that the sport has traditionally been an upper-middle class leisure activity, despite more widespread appeal across race and class barriers in recent decades, due partially to the success of Tiger Woods (more on him to come).

However, golf is generally going to be a sport played--and excelled at--by those who are better off financially than the masses. This corresponds to the fact successful men--golfers or otherwise--have better-looking women than poor slobs. It’s a harsh fact of life, but as true as the sun rising in the East every morning. These power men and their beautiful brides invariably produce equally lovely offspring, who tend to grow up in an upper-class atmosphere where playing golf is an ingrained part of the culture. These girls also attend finer prep schools and higher education institutions with elite golf programs that characteristically develop future professional players.

This partially explains the appealing “preppy” qualities many female golfers possess--the kind of high-class woman that every guy wants, but can rarely, if ever, score. But at least these babes can be enjoyed vicariously in the here and now, as you get a closer peep at the lives--and hot bods--of these fifteen golf gals, gifted in more ways than one.

A final note--there is no real criteria here in compiling this list other than the woman being, 1, a golfer, and 2, hot AF. So with that in mind , we sought to make the list more interesting by including several less recognized--yet still gorgeous-- golfers than you might see on many similar compilations. Because when you get down to it, “hot AF” is “hot AF”--and the more the merrier as far as that train is concerned!



Our first entry is gaining increased attention as a hot AF golfer babe, but the brunette hottie Ms. Harter is still criminally underrated, considering her sensuous good looks and Popsicle-melting twins. Per Bro Bible, Courtney hails from Clearwater, Florida, and it'd be easy for someone whose looks recall a young Britney Spears with a killer bod to be all shallow and just coast on her fine physical attributes, and not put in the time to be such a great golfer. But Harter defies those stereotypes, as she has competed in the LPGA Symetra Tour, the Ladies European Tour and Canadian Women's Tour, among others. We're sure that we'll hear more about Harter in the future and hopefully our calling attention to her will kickstart the movement.



Who would have ever thought that the golfer bearing the surname “Woods” with the brightest future would not be drug-addled Tiger--but his 24 year old niece, Cheyenne? Oh, and she’s a total fox, too. Even before Tiger's latest brush with the law, Cheyenne was distancing herself from her uncle, per  However, it's hard to escape the family ties.  Cheyenne was schooled in the game by Earl Woods, Tiger’s late father, who is remembered as being a boisterous prototype for the modern-day “pro sports dad” as exemplified by the bombastic LaVar Ball. Yet the late Mr. Woods was an athlete in his own right and provided both his son and granddaughter the necessary tools to make it as a pro golfer. Live Ramp Up paid tribute to Cheyenne's golf skills and physical gifts, from her cute face to her long stems. 



Some unusual items make up the bio of  funky entry number thirteen Jillian Stacey, such as her becoming part of a "golf power couple" last December when she married Keegan Bradley, who won the 2011 PGA Championship, per  You can't blame Keegan for wanting someone who loves golf as much as he does--and also happens to be blonde with a great set of twins. Another fascinating fact about Jillian--her uncle is one of the greatest catchers in MLB history--Carlton Fisk, a first-ballot hall-of-famer who was the backstop for both major league teams identifying as "Sox"--the Red (1969-1980) and the White (1981-1993).  Per PGA Tour, meeting Uncle Carlton was a dream-come-true for Keegan, a lifelong Red Sox fan.  Per, Stacey held her bachelorette party in the capital for saying goodbye to your personal freedom in exchange for matrimony--Las Vegas. Though for some strange reason, Stacey and pals felt compelled to carry oversized Keegan Bradley headshots around with them to the clubs. It’s highly doubtful anyone partying in Vegas really cared who Stacey was marrying--if they even recognized the Bradley pics to begin with. Maybe if  Stacey was marrying Mike Tyson or O.J., that might turn some heads. 



This brunette beauty honed her golf game at the University of Southern California, turning professional in 2009.  Her presence on the pro tour earned her a ranking by as “one of the most beautiful women in the game”. A bio of her, courtesy of Symetra Tour noted that Ms. Felibert started playing at age 7, and it’s obvious that Veronica wasn’t merely preoccupied with dolls or makeup as a child, but had an inner drive to become a great golfer--a destiny she achieved. The vivacious Venezuelan has athletic legs, yet still exudes total femininity when she crosses them like the lady she truly is. The LPGA recently issued a new dress code for its female golfers to follow, but we sure hope Felibert wouldn't be too constricted in what she could show.



The bombshell Ms. Benavides, made history when she became the first Bolivian-born golfer to compete in an LPGA tournament per Remezcla. That article went on to criticize the sexualizing of athletes such as the sultry Susana--but that’s missing the point, as well as dishonestly denying natural human attraction in favor of ideological conformity. There’s another way to put it--every human being was given life because of sex, so it seems counter-intuitive to our very existence to repress healthy, natural expressions of human sexuality. Such stifling leads to sexual repression and neuroses. Rather than perpetuate that negativity, better to celebrate the fact Susana is so stacked, it can be distracting, yet that didn't stop her from achieving Academic All-Big Ten status when attending Ohio State, per Golf Digest.



This gorgeous UCLA Bruin undergrad excels both on the course and in the classroom, as noted by this past March.  Ms. Lee's already earned over a million on tour and has endorsements, such as the 2016 deal she signed to promote 3D golf simulation company Golfzon, per Sports Pro Media.  Naturally, the alluring Alison belongs to a babe-a-luscious UCLA sorority as well. Lee has also been able to balance a fairly active social life with her school and career comittments; from Thursday night frat parties in Westwood to weekend bar crawls.  Yet at the same time, she’s also more disciplined than her teammates, scolding them for not showing at optional golf team workouts, as noted by her coach Carrie Forsyth.



The former Maria Verchenova is a history maker--as she became the first Russian woman to play in any major golf tournament when she participated in the Ladies European tour a decade ago. Per Thought Co the marvelous Maria was born in the former Soviet Union, but by the time she became of conscious age, the totalitarian Marxist state had collapsed under the weight of failed five-year plans and internal corruption. Though in the 1990's, her father still had to take her to the more civilized Czech Republic in order for her to practice on golf courses and develop her skills. The beautiful Mrs. Balikoeva came of age in a more modern, capitalistic Russia, which thankfully afforded her the opportunity to model, a career pursuit that is not a surprise, considering her unique features, such as full rich lips along with her prominent twins.



The Scottish siren became the youngest-ever Scot to qualify for the Ladies European Tour in 2009; this after becoming the ladies club champion in England six years earlier. The prodigy turned pro, and brought her stunning smile along for the ride, to provide eye candy for all the world to savor.  When the beautiful Ms. Booth did an exclusive photo shoot for Golf Punk this past April, she showed off her swimsuit-ready figure at the Heritage Golf & Spa Resort on the island nation of Mauritius, located in the Indian Ocean, one of the smallest "countries" in the world.  As reported by the Herald Scotland, the beautiful Ms. Booth has gone through a slump in recent years and hired a coach that made her enjoy playing golf again.  However, as her own website admits, she still has yet to replicate her 2012 success, though fortunately, her looks haven't faded. 



Another female golfer, another blonde babe. In this instance, one who likes wearing skimpy panties. This is what is really known as a win-win.  On Ms. O’Neal’s wonderful website there’s a sexy-as-hell pic of her decked out in golf gear up top--and wearing nothing but a small pair of panties on the bottom--and what a bottom! At the time of this writing, the beautiful Blair was competing in the American Century Championship at the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course, in almost equally as beautiful Lake Tahoe, Nevada.  The tournament began on July 11, where Blair appeared with pro sports superstars like the NBA champion Golden State Warrior Steph Curry and the Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers. She definitely got a long side career lined up for her besides golf.



Sexy pics emanate from McKenna like snowflakes descending on the Rockies in winter. Yet paradoxically, Ms. Pautsch is so much more than just a pretty face.  Per Golf Punk, in 2014, McKenna was named to the Women’s Golf Coaches Association All American Scholar Team, while attending University of Redlands, not surprisingly located in California, where the blonde goddess fits in so naturally. Admittedly, McKenna's not on this list for all that stuff--and that’s okay, because her taut twins, sizzling booty and perfect stems are all worth admiring with each new pic that appears on Instagram and other "sosh media" platforms she favors. Pautsch arguably has the hottest Instagram account out of all the golfers on this list, as she's never shy about showing what she's made of.



Golf City dubbed the luscious Ms. Lobb the “Hot Golf Girl of the Day” this past June 5 and we're not about to take umbrage with that choice.  Certainly, 235,000 Instagram followers can’t be wrong--and the exquisite Elise rewards her minions with plenty of jaw-dropping pics. Lobb made Brit tabloid headlines this past April when the Sun posted pics of 81-year old golf legend Gary Player frolicking on the links with the blonde bombshell, including her playing "horsey" riding on Player's back! Gary is truly the luckiest octogenarian in the world, although considering the way the leggy Lobb towered over him, perhaps Gary should have consider hopping onto Lobb's backside. In any event, Lobb steals the show here, posing on the course in a swimsuit.



A post shared by Kelly Tidy (@kellytidy) on

Golf Punk paid tribute to the tight Ms. Tidy this past March and for good reason, with her luscious lips and long flowing hair that seems to descend without end. Kelly also sports a bikini-friendly bod that just won't quit and that she loves to display with regular doses of Instagram pics. When she's not golfing, Kelly is the Director of SK Golf Events, a golf tournament management company located in the United Kingdom. The Bolton, England, babe started golfing when she was but a five-year old child, and by the age of 12 the golf prodigy has won four English titles, accomplishing more in pre-adolescence than many humans do in a lifetime. Nowadays she's also stepped up her Instagram game, as her account is a must follow for any golf fan.




This sultry South Korean's bod is so rocking, whose taut twins can distract pretty much everyone,  even when she's wearing practical golf gear, engaged in full cutthroat competitive mode. Per Seoul Sisters, it was only until Shin's family moved to New Zealand that she took up golf, and adopted the Anglicized name of "Sharon Ahn."  In a previous life, Shin was surely some kind of Korean royalty, as her perfectly upturned nose reflects the physical traits wrought by upper-class nobility.

Per Elite Daily, the alluring Ms. Ahn turned pro all the way back in 2009 on the Korean LPGA tour, which seems impossible given her youthful beauty. It doesn't appear she's aged at all since she first made her way over to the LPGA nearly a decade ago.



The breathtaking beauty of our next entry had a recently sad undercurrent to her mostly happy existence. In December 2016 the scrumptious Ms. Spiranac broke down crying revealing the death threats and cyber-bulling she was subjected to for committing the heinous offense of shooting 77 and 79 during the last two rounds of a Ladies European tournament in 2015. It was so bad, Paige actually contemplated quitting the game she loves so much--fortunately for all concerned, she’s still active. Besides, we’re sure there are millions of guys who would gladly come to Paige’s defense and protect her from any and all threats, be they actual or digital.

It’s truly unfortunate the web is populated with cyber-losers who are so desperate to make a connection with a beauty like Paige, yet the only way they can do so is through expressions of intimidation and brutality. Good thing Paige will remain on the tour, so we can all admire the busty blonde with the luscious lips of a supermodel.



If our top entry’s full birth-name of Lucy Sarah Jane Robson conjures in your mind's eye a character in a classic Beatles song or a companion of sci-fi time traveler Dr. Who, you’re not far off base. For the ravishing Ms. Robson was indeed born in London, England, where such a name comes off more charming than preposterous. Though it’s been in the USA where Lucy grew up, blossoming into a dominating golfer in high school at Jensen Beach High in Florida, where she was team MVP all four seasons she played there. Flash forward to her pro career and Robson has matured into a full-blown blonde goddess as Golf Punk rightfully named her a “Swingin Siren” in April 2017. And we couldn't agree more.

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Top 15 Pictures Of Female Golf Stars That Are Hot AF