Top 15 Pictures Tiger Woods Doesn't Want You To See

Tiger Woods is undoubtedly one of the best – in terms of his overall career, certainly not when focussing on his recent achievements which have been non-existent – golfers to have ever played the game. When he’s on his game, his skills on the golf course are just staggering and he’s a pleasure to watch. That swing of the golf club, that hand-eye coordination, that vision – everything’s in sync, which has meant he’s had a ton of PGA Tour victories, trophies, many other tournament victories, and has complied a huge list of statistical achievements over the years since his pro debut at the age of 21. But it’s not only this, his achievements on the golf course, that’s made him into one of the most recognizable names in golf, in sport in general. Even non-golf fans, when they hear the name Tiger Woods, they know who he is. That’s because there was a period where he was not only winning pretty much everything under the sun, but his face also beamed down on people from billboards, he was on TV all the time, and was getting advertising and endorsement deals left right and centre.

But of course, we’ve been seeing a lot less of Tiger in this capacity over the last five years or so; he’s had a troubled time of it and has put a lot of focus into sorting his own life out, and he still doesn’t appear to have recovered. Around this time there’ve been plenty of forgettable moments in Tiger’s life, moments he’d want you to forget and forget himself, moments he didn’t want captured on camera. These are 15 pictures from around that tumultuous time in Tiger’s life, and pics depicting moments from other times in his life, that he really doesn’t want being brought up, that he doesn’t want you to see.

15 Rejected From Getting In The Team Photograph

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It’s safe to assume that Tiger hasn’t been rejected from a photo opportunity too many times ever since he rose into the limelight. It’s normally the other way around – people doing anything possible to get him in a picture. But when it came to one of the U.S. team’s Ryder Cup practice sessions last year, Tiger made a blunder and was basically told – in the nicest possible way of course – to get lost and move out of the picture. Tiger’s used to being at the helm, but this time around, he forgot that he was only the vice-captain, which means you don’t get a place in the picture. Tiger took his place in the official photo, then saw photographers gesturing to him. He thought they meant move to the other side, which he did, then realized they meant move out of it altogether and stand on the sidelines. Tiger laughed it off, but must have been mightily embarrassed, and feeling a tad snubbed, inside.

14 Embarrassing Gillette Advert

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Tiger’s one of the most recognized sports people on the planet, hence he’s always had a number of world-renowned companies, top brands, wanting to get him on board and be the face of their products. Because of this, he was at one point, one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, due to his involvement with brands such as Nike and Gillette. But what he was asked to do in some of those Gillette razor ads, well, it was just cringeworthy, and for Tiger it must have been downright embarrassing. The ads, especially when Tiger was involved lacked any charm or wit, and his segments certainly deserve to be placed on the hall of shame. Even though he got a ton of cash for it, it’s still something he wouldn’t want brought up again or for people to see.

13 Hair Loss

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Tiger’s doing what he loves to do, but that doesn’t mean it’s all sunshine and roses out there on the golf course. Being a top pro, sustaining that level of brilliance year after year has got to be mightily hard work, extremely stressful, and it shows. His hairline’s gradually receded over the years, there are a few bald patches that have appeared, and pretty soon, it’ll all be long gone. It’s not something Tiger really wants to shout about; yes, he’s getting older and yes, he’s got a stressful job – made even more stressful due to some of his antics – but being in the limelight, having balding patches isn’t really a great look. He’s said, when asked about it, that he’s going to start shaving his head soon, but it’s freaking him out and he’s hanging onto what hair he has for as long as he can.

12 Missing Front Teeth

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Tiger doesn’t want you to set eyes on this picture, simply because it must be pretty embarrassing. He was at his girlfriend’s, Lindsey Vonn's ski race in Italy, during January 2015, when his pic was snapped, a pic which made headlines at the time because it showed his normally pretty toothy smile was missing something – a tooth at the front. After the media started circulating the pic, Tiger offered an explanation. He was watching the skiers finish their races and being congratulated by friends and family, when all of a sudden, a camera guy who was kneeling down to take pics of them, suddenly stood up, and accidentally cracked him in the mouth, cracking and chipping a couple of teeth in the process. He attempted to cover his face for the rest of the trip with a ski mask, before getting everything sorted on his return home to Florida.

11 Santa Pic

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Tiger’s a professional on the golf course and is not exactly known for being jovial. Off the course, in interviews etc. he’s a bit more relaxed and can smile about things, but nobody expected him to post this pic. Yes, Tiger actually shared this Santa pic himself, saying that it was a Christmas tradition that his kids loved. In hindsight he’d probably be wishing he’d kept that family tradition under wraps, just for his kids. Had he had known the subsequent ridicule that would be hurled his way, he definitely wouldn’t have posted that pic. Posing topless is always risky, but doing it in a wig, with a blonde beard, well, it’s just media suicide. Some people loved it, saw it for what it was, a funny pic, but the vast majority of people used it as ammo to hate on Tiger.

10 Weight Gain

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After that whole sex scandal, Tiger took some time away from the sport he’s made his own. He had plenty of stuff to sort out in his private life, things to work on, and so understandably, being a professional athlete for the time being had to take a back seat.

Golf’s a sport where you can kind of get away with being out of shape, having a bit of girth. But Tiger’s a consummate professional, and he’s one guy who works hard on his health and fitness – he revels in living that whole lifestyle that a pro athlete should lead. But after everything came to light, he really let himself go. He piled on the pounds and it really was some drastic weight gain. “Tubby Tiger” – which was what the media were calling him – was teased endlessly for his appearance; Tiger must have wanted to run over and shove the paparazzi’s cameras where the sun don’t shine – if he could run over that is.

9 Getting Drunk

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In May 2013, Tiger attended the Met Gala with his girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn, and used it as an opportunity to let his hair – whatever small amount he had left – down. It was a few years after everything about his ‘extracurricular’ activities came to light, and he’d been in the wilderness trying to sort himself out for a lot of the time since then, but used the party at the Met Gala to let loose and unleash his inner party animal. He got drunk, he got sloppy, which was all well and good, but he really embarrassed the woman on his shoulder that night, Lindsay Vonn.

A number of pics have surfaced of that night – really cringeworthy pics depicting Lindsay looking embarrassed, and it was revealed at a later date that she actually got pretty angry with Tiger’s shenanigans. Wild Tiger fell over several times and had to eventually be dragged out to the car by Lindsay; oops, I wouldn’t have wanted to be in Tiger’s shoes when he recovered from his hangover the next day!

8 Cheating Scandal

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This was probably the toughest time in Tiger’s life, and that press conference must have been the hardest, most painful, most embarrassing press conference he’d ever have had to do, hence he’d probably want all images and every bit of video footage to be destroyed and for that whole scandal to be forgotten about. It’s tarnished his career, and due to his time away from golf during that time, and subsequent injuries, he hasn’t really been the same since. He lost millions through sponsorship deals, his fan following must have reduced drastically, things unravelled in his personal life, and his game suffered terribly.

After he was exposed as a serial cheater, he gave this statement on TV: "I thought I could get away with whatever I wanted to. I felt that I had worked hard my entire life and deserved to enjoy all the temptations around me. I felt I was entitled. Thanks to money and fame, I didn't have to go far to find them. I was wrong. I was foolish." He also, at that point, didn’t know whether he’d take to the golf course again. A seriously hard time for Tiger, and one he wouldn’t want to relive or want you to see.

7 Car Crash

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Just after the story first emerged that Tiger was cheating on his wife, Tiger crashed his car on the street and ended up in a real mess. The crash made headline news and sparked plenty of speculation as to what Tiger was actually doing, and his frame of mind at the time of the crash. It occurred in the early hours of the morning; Tiger was driving his Cadillac Escalade SUV, had just left home, when he had an almighty crash, crashing into a fire hydrant and some trees and hedges for good measure. He emerged from the wreckage a crumpled mess after his wife had smashed a window and helped him out. The crash itself is something he’d want you to forget, but it just shone the spotlight onto his life and showed how things were beginning to unravel for Tiger pretty quickly.

6 At Rehab

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A lot of celebs go into rehab nowadays, but very few go into rehab for help with a sex addiction. Tiger revealed at his press conference that he was addicted to sex – he obviously wasn’t getting enough at home – so he had numerous extramarital affairs to get his fix.

Nobody really wants to go to rehab in the first place let alone be photographed at the facility. But the paparazzi revel in getting pics like these – rehab pics – depicted Tiger leaving rehab. The fact he went for sex rehab just sounds awful, makes him sound like some sort of sexual fiend. When he spoke for the first time after everything came to light, he revealed he had already completed 45 days of therapy, and was due to get a lot more help in the coming days and months.

5 His Mom Being There Through It All

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It must be so embarrassing for celebs, when they get caught doing this and that and the next thing they know their antics have been broadcasted over all sections of the media for the world to read, including their own family, their parents. But for Tiger; he crashed his car, his extracurricular activities were discovered, and he admitted that he was a sex addict – how embarrassing must that have been, not only for Tiger of course, who only has himself to blame, but for his parents! When he made his first appearance after being caught, his mom was at the press conference, sitting there in the first row, and in the coming days and months, she was the person the media went to for statements. She put on a brave face, supported her son, but inside she must have been upset, embarrassed, angry – a whole mixture of emotions – which would’ve made Tiger’s situation even worse.

4 Continued Troubled Comeback

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Tiger’s return to golf after that whole sex scandal has been anything but spectacular. People were expecting that eventually, he’d be back to his brilliant best, and he has shown glimpse of that magic we’ve grown so accustomed to seeing over the years, but on the whole, it just hasn’t happened for him. His troubled mind almost certainly has something to do with it, but he’s also been hampered by numerous injury issues. This is a pic of Tiger getting really frustrated that things just weren’t working out for him at Dubai a couple of months ago, a tournament which he eventually pulled out off due to suffering back spasms. The psychological strain of everything, shocking form, and add injuries into the mix too – it’s the worst possible combination for a struggling sportsman, and it’s led many people to believe that Tiger’s life as a superstar golfer is well and truly over.

3 Popping A Wrist Bone

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This is just one of the many injuries Tiger’s suffered over the years, but an injury like this, with it happening in the middle of such a prestigious event, live on TV in front of all the cameras for the whole world to see, must have been mightily embarrassing for Tiger. At the moment he was in a lot of pain, so he probably didn’t even think about it until seeing the coverage later on.

In 2015, after yet another lay off, Tiger made his much-anticipated return to competition, at the Masters. In his final round at Augusta, Tiger took a full swing, and in his follow through, ended up connecting with a tree root, causing him to yelp and drop his club in pain. "The bone kind of popped out. The joint went out of place and I put it back in," Tiger said. It wasn’t a pretty scene and just another injury concern for Tiger to have to try and contend with.

2 Cussing On Live TV

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Broadcasters hate it when events are being covered live, and the athletes out there forget there are cameras and microphones everywhere, picking up whatever they say and whatever they do. But sometimes, athletes who are in the heat of battle forget that and commit a cardinal sin – cuss and swear on live TV. Tiger’s done this numerous times over the years – he’s a perfectionist, and when things aren’t going for him he gets really pissed off – but all of his cussing draw lots of complaints. He is – or was – a role model to a lot of people, including a lot of impressionable young kids, so swearing’s a big no no, especially considering it’s golf, a gentleman’s game.

His cussing in general has drawn plenty of complaints – yet another thing Tiger needs to address.

1 Lindsay Vonn Pranking Him

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Tiger’s one serious guy on the golf course. He wants everything to go a certain way, and his concentration and steely-eyed determination allows him to do so. He doesn’t like people breaking that concentration, especially since things have been tougher than normal for Tiger over recent years.

During the Presidents Cup in Dublin, Ohio, in 2013, Tiger’s girlfriend of seven months, Olympic skier, Lindsay Vonn, was in attendance, adding a touch of glamor to the event. She was also in the mood for some mischief; she placed a live squirrel on Tiger’s back and neck, while bemused onlookers gasped in amazement, along with Lindsay, who had a huge grin on her face. Tiger though, wasn’t best pleased that his girlfriend had just put vermin on him. He looked irked out at the whole situation, certainly wasn’t grinning, and brushed it away. No doubt they had some words later!

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