Top 15 Pro Athletes Who Look NOTHING Like They Used To

Age catches up with everybody. Even with the most expensive plastic surgery performed by the best plastic surgeons, age inevitably takes its toll. Aging changes many things. It changes the way we think, it changes the way we act, and it changes the way we look. For some people, age creeps up slowly while others seem to be stricken by it almost overnight. Some people, like Terry Bradshaw for instance, aged relatively early while others are fortunate enough the hold onto their youthful looks well into maturity.

It can’t be helped that the vast majority of people look much different when they are 40 than they did when they were 20. Take professional athletes for an example. Many of them come out of college in top physical form. They have youthful skin, full heads of hair, and a sparkle of confidence in their eyes. After several years of pushing themselves to the limit, they may still be in top physical form, but most lose their youthful look and their full heads of hair. While enjoying their retirements, they let themselves go physically. Charles Barkley is an excellent example of this, although if you compare him now to the Charles Barkley that hit the basketball court as a rookie, you can still find many similarities. He’s just a heck of a lot larger. Here are 15 retired pro athletes who look nothing like they used to.

15 Brett Favre

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

14 Maradona


Diego Maradona enjoyed a very long and illustrious career that spanned nearly two decades. Known for a high level of skill and competitive spirit, Diego thrilled fans everywhere he went. With his ball control skills, Maradona could make opponents look like pylons as he deked them. He also had the ability to make his teammates much better.

13 George Foreman

Terry Thompson / Photorazzi

With bulging arms and a body built as solid as a rock, George Foreman was one mean fighting machine. Known more for his devastating punching power than his stamina, Big George pummeled his way to a 76-5 record during his career which spanned from 1969 to 1997. The ex-Heavyweight Champion won an impressive 68 bouts by knockout. He is also living proof that a man who is far past his prime can be an incredible force. He found a lot of success after coming out of retirement at the age of 45.

12 Sammy Sosa


Over his 18 seasons in the major leagues, Sammy Sosa was known for his bright smile and generally pleasant personality. The slugger batted .273 over the course of his career. He also had a whopping 609 home runs and hit 243 of those dingers during a hitting spree between 1998 and 2001. It was also in 1998 that Sammy Sosa slugged it out with fellow steroid enthusiast Mark McGwire in a historic chase for the home run title. Following the 2001 season, Sammy’s numbers went into sharp decline. Slammin’ Sammy’s long career came to an end following the 2007 season. The revered long-baller looked like a shoe-in for Hall of Fame, but his legacy was tainted when he was linked to steroid use.

11 Barry Bonds

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Barry Bonds is the poster child for Major League Baseball’s steroid era. His well-known use of steroids and human growth hormones have tainted the monstrous numbers that he put up over his 22-year career. It was clear from his early days with the Pittsburgh Pirates that Bonds was blessed with exceptional athletic ability and was destined for greatness. It was also clear that he had a huge ego and was not the easiest person to get along with. He clashed with teammates, coaches, and fans as well as the media. Barry Bonds was quite likely the most polarizing baseball player since Ty Cobb.

10 Roberto Duran


Roberto “Hands of Stone” Duran is one of the most famous names in boxing history. With an incredible record of 103 wins and 16 losses, the Panamanian puncher terrorized opponents between 1968 and 2001. Of his 103 wins, 70 were by knockout which puts him with some very exclusive company. He is a member of both the World Boxing Hall of Fame and the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

9 Nate Newton


Sometimes, not resembling your younger self can be a good thing. Such is the case with ex-NFL guard, Nate Newton. Newton, who had his most successful years playing with the Dallas Cowboys, weighed in at about 320 pounds during his playing days. After his career ended following the 1999 season, Nate ballooned to an estimated 411 pounds. His post-football life was also marked by a couple of high-profile drug arrests. These arrests resulted in him being handed a 30-month prison sentence.

8 John Kruk

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Ex-Major Leaguer John Kruk enjoyed a productive but short career. He spent his best years with the Philadelphia Phillies between 1989 in 1994. Despite the rugged exterior, Kruk is generally soft spoken and has a very good sense of humor. He is also known for the way he retired. During a game against the Baltimore Orioles on July 30th, 1995, Kruk reached first base on a single. He retired on the spot as he stood on first base. He finished his career with a .300 batting average and 100 home runs.

7 Bobby Bonilla


Bobby Bonilla made many stops along the way during his Major League Baseball career. He, along with Barry Bonds and Andy Van Slyke, were the backbone of a potent Pittsburgh Pirates lineup in the early 1990s. His career was a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs both on and off the field. He actually once called the press box during a game to complain about an error that they charged him with. His relationship with fans, coaches, and media alike was tumultuous.

6 Bartolo Colon

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

One of his early baseball cards lists Bartolo Colon’s weight at 185 pounds. A lot has changed since then. He has racked up 226 wins against 158 losses in an incredible career that has spanned 19 seasons. The 43-year-old workhorse is well traveled having played on eight different teams. He has not let his weight or his age get in the way of longevity. Currently listed at 285 pounds, Bartolo is playing some of the best baseball of his career with his current team, the New York Mets. Despite such a long and successful career, that Colon is still in search of a World Series championship.

5 Mike Tyson

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe it’s the noticeable paunch, or the little mustache, or even the tattoos on his face. Maybe it’s the combination of all three. Whatever it is, the Mike Tyson that you see today looks nothing like the Iron Mike who made opponents tremble in fear during his heyday. While his ripped physique has turned pudgy, he still looks pretty menacing. He definitely looks better than he did when Lennox Lewis beat him to a bloody pulp in 2002.

4 Tonya Harding


“Why? Why? Why?” Nancy Kerrigan cried as she grabbed her damaged knee following one of the sporting world’s most infamous assaults. Nancy Kerrigan and the rest of the sports world were shocked to find out the answer. Former figure skating champion and two-time Olympian Tonya Harding became the center of controversy after her ex-husband and bodyguard hatched a plan to eliminate Tonya’s competition. While she denied any knowledge of the plan, Tonya became one of the most despised figures on the planet. The attack on Nancy Kerrigan marked the beginning of Tonya Harding’s tragic, yet entertaining downward spiral. She was banned for life from the USFSA and her figure skating career was over.

3 Mike Scioscia

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

2 Paul Gascoigne


For a guy who is only 49-years-old, ex-midfielder Paul “Gazza” Gascoigne looks more like an aging rock star than an aging ex-athlete. His gray hair and rubbery face are a far cry from the youthful look he possessed when he was patrolling the pitch during his playing days. Of course, Gazza lived like a rockstar. He developed addictions to alcohol and drugs which he still battles to this day. The hard lifestyle has done its damage to the guy who once sported a solid frame, a healthy glow, and a full crop of hair.

1 Caitlyn Jenner

Crystal Chatham/The Desert Sun via USA TODAY NETWORK

Bruce Jenner was once an Olympic Gold Medal winner whose performance in the decathlon made him a national hero and the face of Wheaties cereal. He was on the cover of several magazines including Sports Illustrated, Gentleman’s Quarterly, and Playgirl. He was also the spokesman for several other products such as Minolta and Buster Brown Shoes. In short, Bruce now identifies as Caitlyn and has become a television personality, a spokesperson for the LGBT community, and a sort of symbol for the modern LGBT movement.

Even before the full transition, Jenner’s appearance had changed enough to warrant inclusion on this list. Rumors of plastic surgery were rampant. While it might be somewhat of a surprise for those looking from the outside, she is happier, more comfortable with herself and we're very happy for her!

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Top 15 Pro Athletes Who Look NOTHING Like They Used To