Top 15 REALLY Dumb Things Floyd Mayweather Has Spent His Money On

One of the many beauties of our world is that we are all different. In the end, we're all individuals who are put together for some reason none of us really knows, and our differences are what makes us unique. Some people, however, are more than special. Some people have a gift, and they know how to use that gift to put them in the best position at any point within their lifespan. Professional athletes are perfect examples of that. Who never wished to be a professional basketball player, hockey player, soccer player, boxer and the list goes on and on. Unless you were born in a household where nobody watched sports, which you most likely weren’t since you are reading this, you had a dream of being an athlete at some point.

And even within the realms of professional athletes, there are those who are different. They are the superstars, the most skilled and amazing machines you will find, and most of them are rewarded properly with copious amounts of money.

Nobody embodies that trait like Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Floyd is a guy who transcended the realm of being an athlete and became one of the greatest businessmen of our time. To go along with that, he made a fortune that goes above and beyond anything other athletes could even dream of.

You better believe it when somebody says that if Floyd Mayweather woke up one day and he had the kind of money Manny Pacquiao has, he would kill himself. If you’ve heard enough of Mayweather, you probably agree with that. This is a guy who loves his money more than anything, but he also loves showing people how much of that money he can spend. So get ready to feel a bit jealous because here are 15 really dumb things Floyd Mayweather has spent his money on.


15 The most expensive car in the world


This one is not as stupid as it is redundant. The only reason to buy one of the most, if not the most, expensive car in the world would be to show it off. But then again, all you need is to browse a little through Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram feed, and you should get a clear idea of how he enjoys showing people how much money he has.

Still, this one was a bit too much. According to Rolling Stone, he parted ways with his super rare $4 million Ferrari, only to open space in his garage for a $4.8 million car. This beast of a machine is the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita, a name that seems people would only be able to pronounce if they were drunk enough to buy it. For a guy who has bought more than 100 cars and a few planes, owning the most expensive car on the planet just seems right.

14 The rest of the fleet


Since we’re talking about Floyd’s cars, is not fair to the rest of them that we only speak of the most expensive one. Floyd has bought over 100 cars from the same dealer, who better be one of the richest dealers in the world. Still, the most impressive fact to go along with that is he has bought over 100 cars in just 18 years. That is ridiculous.

Think about it, Floyd Mayweather buys more cars than you probably buy pants. And if you’re worried about his pants, fear not, because we will get to Floyd’s wardrobe later.

Here is where you might get a bit angry at the champ. He has bought over 100 cars, so he better be driving a different one every day, right? Wrong. Floyd has already revealed that he has $15 million worth of cars that he never drives.

13 Making it rain

Being a stripper in Las Vegas must be a rather profitable job. There are always people in the city, and definitely a lot of professional athletes and music stars willing to drop some serious money to watch the ladies dance. But like with many things, Floyd Mayweather takes his Las Vegas partying to a whole new level.

As you can see in the video above, Floyd is not one of those guys you'd see lurking around and dropping one dollar bills here and there. He is one of those people who is going to come over with hundred dollar bills and literally make it rain. Some reports even claim “Money” has made it rain over $50,000 in an Atlanta strip club once. So yeah, if somebody knows how to live the Vegas lifestyle, that someone is Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

12 The Manziel bet


The debate about whether or not college athletes should be paid is still going on, just as it has been for decades. But, as one may point out, while college athletes cannot make money for themselves it seems perfectly fine for other people to make money off of them. And guess who was the one to point that out after he scored more than $200,000 off a bet on Texas A&M beating Southern Methodist back when Johnny Manziel was still the Aggies’ quarterback.

And Floyd wasn’t done with betting on Manziel and college football. Just after winning $200,000 he was ready to take the next step and said that in their next game against Arkansas he would make $300,000 off Manziel’s team winning. Can’t blame the guy for following the rules though.

11 Buying tickets to his own fight

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

This is a bit weird. In a lot of sports, athletes, front office people, or pretty much anybody related to the team can usually get seats to the events for free. These are called courtesy spots, and they are more common than a lot of folks would realize, which makes it all the more odd that Floyd bought $605,000 worth of tickets for his friends to attend his own fight against Canelo Alvarez.

How many tickets he bought, to whom exactly, and in which locations of the MGM Grand those people sat nobody knows. But for that amount of money, they better have been ringside seats for his closest friends and family. Still, Floyd’s pocket felt less of a sting than you would imagine. And that is because those $605,000 ended up being nothing compared to the $41.5 million purse he won after he defeated Canelo Alvarez.

10 The ring


Like most rich people in the world, Mayweather is one of those guys who loves diamonds. Now picture this: if somebody who makes over $300 million a year asks a woman to marry him, he will give her an engagement ring, correct? Indeed that was what Floyd did when he got engaged to Shantel Jackson. Next up we have to imagine the price of that rock. If common sense is that the rule of thumb for the value of an engagement ring should be that the rock is worth three months’ salary, we will let you do the math.

Just look at the size of that rock. We couldn’t find out how much it was worth, but if you know Floyd, you know that it is as real and as pure a diamond as they come. Nevertheless, the fact he didn’t make a post saying how much he spent on that boulder leaves almost too much room for imagination of the ridiculous figure he must’ve spent.

9 Too many bags


Say what you say about Floyd. But unlike the vast majority of people who come by a lot of money, he is not one to forget his friends. Try to think about the TV show Entourage, and you might get a good idea of how Floyd runs his life. Of course, he talks about his money way more than the guys from the show, but the way he cares for his friends is very similar. And the same goes for his girlfriends.

The special case was his former fiancée Shantel Jackson, whose engagement ring we’ve already shown, but it was still not the most amazing thing Floyd bought her. Just take a look at the picture above, and you'll get an idea of what dating Floyd Mayweather is like. Apparently, in one shopping spree, he bought about $1 million in Hermes handbags for his former fiancée.


8 Buying those bags back


We won’t stray too far from our last entry because this one is directly related to it. After their engagement had fallen apart, Jackson decided to try to go back into acting, but she still found herself in some financial trouble, which leads us to the funny part of this entry. On a whim to get some money, she took a $63,000 Birkin bag Mayweather had gifted her while they were still together and pawned it for some cash.

Nothing wrong with that right? Now guess what Floyd did after he found out. The people from the pawn shop called him as they recognized his name and told him about the bag they had just bought. So seeing that they had a bag that would be of absolutely no value to him, Mayweather went to the shop and purchased the bag back.

7 Even his iPod is one of a kind


Now who has an iPod these days? With the advent of the iPhone and pretty much everything else, old school iPods are obsolete, but they weren't when Floyd bought his iPod.

Apple products are already expensive enough, but for Floyd Mayweather, an iPod wasn’t expensive enough. So what did he do?

He did what any diamond-loving rich person would. Mayweather bought a $50,000 iPod case. Not only that, but he also walks around with it hanging around his neck like a necklace, just like really old people used to walk around with watches. But seriously, the man went out of his way to buy an iPod case that is worth more than the most expensive car most people on this planet would ever buy.

6 The golf cart


We’ve already heard of how much Floyd loves spending money on cars, so let’s dial back a bit on the horsepower but turn the knob all the way up in ridiculousness. Since his 15-year-old son was still not able to drive around in a Bugatti or a Mercedes, Floyd Mayweather decided to give him something he could have fun with. So he bought his 15-year-old son a golf cart. We don’t see any problem with that, as a lot of parents with money probably do that.

The catch is that this golf cart is worth almost $20,000. Oh yeah, and it’s a Bentley. So next time you’re going to the dealership to buy a new car that you worked hard for, try not to remember that Floyd Mayweather bought his 15-year-old son a $20,000 Bentley golf cart. This is just getting ridiculous.

5 Car for his 14-year-old daughter


The only reason this entry is not the number one on our list is that this one represents something Floyd did for somebody else. From here on out everything will be all about Floyd, just how he likes it. Nevertheless, this one takes the cake for something he did for somebody else, and the recipient of this kindness was his daughter. What kind of son or daughter would not love that her father bought her a $400,000 Rolls-Royce?

The answer is none. It doesn’t matter who you are, if somebody gets you a $400,000 car you’re going to love it. The problem is that when Floyd bought this car for his daughter, she was only 14 years old. Yeah, that’s like buying a scuba suit for somebody who can’t swim. Either way, he said he bought it because he wanted his daughter to “ride in style.”

4 The personal barber


What is the point of being rich if you can’t take care of yourself? People with money do what they can to look good at all times, but nobody took that to a level that Floyd Mayweather did.

We’ve already talked about him spending money on cars, diamonds and even golf carts, but you still haven’t heard about how Floyd Mayweather has a personal barber. And by that, we don’t mean a barber who has a barbershop and Floyd goes there exclusively. No, he has a barber who travels around with him to cut his hair whenever he wants his hair cut.

What if Floyd is on a plane flying to L.A. to catch a Lakers game and his hair is getting a little too long, or his beard needs a trim? No problem, Floyd’s barber is right there, ready to do her job whether they are on land, on water or in the air.

It must be cool to have your hair cut on a plane. Dangerous, but cool nonetheless.

3 Shoes for days


We have a little challenge for you guys. Just get up for a second and go look in your closet. Did you do it? If you did, how many shoes were in there?

That is one question not a lot of people ask themselves unless they are in love with shoes and have dozens and dozens of pairs. Still, when you wait a whole year for those new Jordan kicks to come out you want to wear them more than one time, right?

Well, not if you are Floyd Mayweather. Floyd only wears shoes once. It doesn’t matter how expensive they are. It doesn’t matter if he liked them or not. He wears them and then he leaves them. There is, however, one silver lining to this most exquisite habit of Floyd Mayweather: When he uses shoes in a hotel, he kindly leaves them in the hotel rooms for the staff when he’s done.

2 Boxer habits

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Boxer habits here have nothing to do with the sport of boxing. What we’re talking about is how Floyd Mayweather, like he does with his shoes, does not wear underwear more than once. Floyd’s underwear policy is like Kentucky’s basketball program, one and done. In all seriousness though, as ridiculous as this might seem at least no one has to clean his underwear. So his maids probably like the policy. But to put this in numbers, he spends around $6,500 per year on boxers alone.

How ridiculous is that? Some people don't make that kind of money in a year. How long do you think it takes a regular person to spend that much money on boxers? Make your guesses and leave a comment below so we can zero in on the number.

1 Bought a second plane


This one is just hilarious. With all the ridiculousness we have been talking about on how Floyd Mayweather spends his money, nothing even gets close to the number one entry on our list.

A lot of millionaires like Floyd have planes. Some of them have more than one plane. But few of them used to charter an extra plane for their bodyguards just because they were scared of gravity.

That is right, Floyd Mayweather used to charter a second plane for his bodyguards whenever he flew because he was afraid that their weight would drag down his plane. That is a level of being rich and having money to spend that not many people will ever reach. Still, if you’ve seen a picture of Floyd’s security team, you might get an idea of why he’s afraid of traveling with them on the same plane.


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