15 Sex Scandals Involving Soccer Players

Most people love a scandal. This gives them something to talk about that they won’t get tired of easily. More interest is usually garnered if the scandal involves someone’s private life. This is because people’s actions give a bit of an insight on how they really are. People who are in the public eye try their best to stay out of trouble so as to avoid staining their reputation. This doesn’t always work because sometimes they let their guard down and more often than not, tabloids are there to document the results of their bad decisions. Most of these incidents tend to get blown out of proportion. However, nothing beats the fanfare that results from sex scandals. People tend to discuss these incidents for months on end and even after a lot of time passes, they still crop up in conversations once in a while.

Footballers have always been known to deliver when it comes to sex scandals. Whether it’s cheating, making raunchy videos, being caught in compromising positions or airing out their weird fetishes, the drama never ceases. However, some acts have been rather unsavoury and deserve universal condemnation. The subsequent fallout after the scandals has varied depending on both the player and the crime committed. Some players usually go back to normal after the buzz dies but some haven’t been able to recover their previous reputation and probably never will. The teams always have a tough time deciding what to do because sometimes you have a good player who’s made a complete mess of things, on the other hand you have the fans who have their own opinion and expect things to be handled in a certain way. All in all, good players sometimes get a second chance depending on the gravity of their actions while underwhelming ones are usually gotten rid of. While some on pitch behaviour may eventually be excused, sex scandals rarely are, so if a player gets caught up in one they’re always remembered for it irregardless of their performance on the pitch. Here are the times footballers made the headlines for their salacious exploits.

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15 Dwight Yorke/Mark Bosnich

via pressroomvip.com

In 1998 while playing for Man United, he and then Aston Villa keeper Mark Bosnich set up a hidden camera to tape themselves with four women at his house. The two were shown giving thumbs-up to the camera and wearing women’s clothing while in compromising positions. Yorke did not destroy the tape and instead threw it out with the trash where it was discovered by a reporter who was more than willing to share it with everyone.

This led to the United fans composing songs dedicated to Yorke’s exploits which they sang to him during games. Nicely done Yorke, and do remember to take out the trash.

14 Craig Thomson

via dailymail.co.uk

Back in 2011, Thomson was caught out for indecent behaviour towards two girls aged 12 and 14. He admitted to sending them lewd pictures over the internet and asking the older one for sex. He was fined for grooming underage girls and placed on the sex offenders register for five years. After outcries across Scotland, his club Heart of Midlothian, suspended him then sent him out on loan to Lithuanian club FBK Kaunas. He was released from his contract with Hearts two years later. He returned to Scottish football in 2014 and currently plays for Newtongrange Star.

13 Israel National Team

via jpost.com

In 1999, Israel got a 5-0 drubbing at home in the first leg of their Euro 2000 playoff against Denmark. Israel aren’t particularly known for their great performance but with such an embarrassing score, questions were bound to be asked, especially after they also lost the second leg 3-0. The inquiry revealed that players invited prostitutes to their rooms on the eve of their first leg defeat thus contributing to their underperformance the next day. Four players were punished for this incident but lucky for them, their names were not revealed to the public.

12 George Best

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In 1970, the Man United ace was caught in the act one afternoon by his manager Wilf McGuinness. It was at the team’s hotel and on the day United were supposed to play Leeds in an FA Cup semi-final. He got to play due to the intervention of Sir Matt Busby for McGuinness had wanted to send him home. In his autobiography, Best admitted that it wasn’t the wisest thing to do an hour before a match. This was because while the game was at 0-0, he fell over the ball when he had the chance to score the winner for United.

11 Stan Collymore

via theguardian.co.uk

In 2004, he confessed to taking part in dogging after two reporters caught him out. Dogging involves having sex with strangers in car parks. He said he found out about it on the internet and had been to dogging sites about 15 times in the last couple of years. All this happened while he was married and he was forced to apologise to his wife. Due to these revelations, he lost his job as commentator in the BBC Radio Five Live.

10 Dino Drpic

via novilist.hr

While guesting on a show to promote her book which was aptly named “The Naked Truth”, his wife revealed that they’d had sex in the centre circle at Dinamo Zagreb’s Stadion Maksimir. Apparently, having sex in the middle of a football pitch was a dream her husband wished to fulfill. She claimed that Drpic even arranged for the stadium lights to be turned on for them so they could see what they were doing. Her revelations didn’t seem to go down well with the club for Drpic was subsequently put on the transfer list. These two certainly know how to be the centre of attention we’ll give them that.

9 Karim Benzema/Franck Ribery, Karim Benzema/Mathieu Valbuena

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

In 2010, French footballers Ribery and Benzema were accused of soliciting an underage prostitute. The girl was said to be 16 when she slept with them and they could face up to three years in prison if found guilty. However, the charges were cleared in 2014 after it couldn’t be proven that the players were guilty.

In 2015, Benzema became embroiled in another sex scandal after he was arrested and charged with conspiracy to blackmail France teammate Mathieu Valbuena over the latter’s sex tape. The case is still going on and the two players are not allowed to come into contact with each other at the moment.

8 Rio Ferdinand/Frank Lampard/Kieron Dyer

via dailymail.co.uk

In 2000, the trio went on holiday to Cyprus during the European Championship and proceeded to have such a great time that they decided to document it. They appeared in a sexually explicit video and made the mistake of letting it get into the wrong hands. In 2004, a channel even aired a brief clip of the tape as part of their documentary on footballers. Unfortunately, the fact that Lampard and Ferdinand later became an integral part of the England team means their actions won’t be forgotten too easily.

7 Ronaldo

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Ronnie thought he had a hat-trick in the bag when he brought three prostitutes to his hotel room in Rio De Janeiro back in 2008. Unfortunately, there was no scoring for him after he realized that the girls were in fact transvestites. He then offered to pay the men off so they’d leave but one of them tried to extort more money in order to keep quiet and not go to the media with the story. It still made the news as police arrived at the scene when an altercation ensued. His girlfriend broke off their engagement but they later reunited. Ronaldo claimed that he only wanted to amuse himself. Well thanks for letting us share in on the amusement.

6 Ched Evans

via theguardian.co.uk

In 2012, Evans and his friend, fellow footballer Clayton McDonald were accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old woman at a hotel. McDonald was cleared of any wrongdoing but Evans was found guilty and sentenced to five years imprisonment. He served half of his sentence and was released on October 2014. Evans still states that he is innocent but cannot find himself a new club. This is because fans and in some cases sponsors threaten to boycott the team that shows interest in signing him as they don’t want a convicted sex offender playing for them. He is currently trying to appeal against his conviction so that his name is cleared.

5 David Beckham

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Beckham’s success at Manchester United made him one of the most famous footballers in history. This obviously led to more media coverage when the reports of infidelity came out. In 2004, he was alleged to have had an affair with his then personal assistant while he was playing for Real Madrid. Said assistant then went to the press and revealed all about the alleged affair. She ended up making a television career out of it. Beckham categorically denied ever having an affair and is still together with his wife.

4 Wayne Rooney

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

He first admitted to cheating on his fiancée in 2004 when footage came out of him inside a brothel. He reportedly had an encounter with a 48-year-old grandmother in a rubber catsuit. He apologized to his then fiancée claiming it was a youthful mistake. He however didn’t stay faithful after the marriage when six years later it was revealed that he had paid two escorts to participate in a threesome with him. He was further alleged to have met one of the two on more than one occasion. His wife forgave him again and they seem to have moved on past it.

3 Ashley Cole

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Cole got married in 2006 and two years later, a hairdresser claimed she had hooked up with him. His wife forgave him but then four new cheating allegations came out. He was apparently caught sending lewd pictures to one of the women who was a model. There was no reconciliation this time and his wife filed for divorce just two weeks before the 2010 World Cup. Cole’s philandering ways subsequently earned him one of the top spots on the most hated list.

2 John Terry

via thesun.co.uk

The Chelsea defender has an extensive cheating rap sheet which has made him a polarizing figure in the football world. His most infamous scandal occurred when it was discovered that he allegedly had a four month affair with the girlfriend of former England and Chelsea teammate Wayne Bridge. Terry had definitely burned his bridges because his former best friend retired from the England team as he did not want to play with him. The extent of animosity between them was confirmed when Bridge refused to shake Terry’s hand when their teams played against each other.

1 Ryan Giggs

via malcolmmcoles.com

Giggs worked eight long years to earn top honours so we’ve got to give credit where it’s due. Before he was outed for having an affair with his sister-in-law for nearly a decade, he was busy trying to prevent his name from being revealed in connection with another affair he had with former Miss Wales Imogen Thomas. This was before one MP had enough and named him in parliament. He should have known that injunctions tend to have the complete opposite effect, even Terry can attest to that.

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