Top 15 Sexiest Sportscasters of 2015

Female broadcasters have to straddle the line between looking terrific on camera and having real insight to sports so they’re not just talking heads. Some are better than others and it’s to the credit

Female broadcasters have to straddle the line between looking terrific on camera and having real insight to sports so they’re not just talking heads. Some are better than others and it’s to the credit of various sports networks that they do get women who are attuned to sports and not just pretty. Of course, looks help a lot and get them fame but these women also back it up with actual knowledge of their games to sell them to the viewers.

It's now 2016 and we're seeing more and more females become prevalent not just in the newsroom or the sidelines, but active and famous in sports as well, not just for their looks, but their game. In fact some of the biggest sports stories of the year are centered around women.

The best female broadcasters combine all that for a great package to stand out, not just being stunningly beautiful but smart too, clearly knowing their stuff and not just reading from a teleprompter. There are plenty out there (maybe not enough as could be but that’s another debate altogether) but the best are the standouts not showing their bodies off but still great looks while wearing good outfits and showing their brains off more. Here are the 15 sexiest ladies broadcasting sports in 2015 and a reminder that not only do women like this stuff too but can be a lot better handling the broadcasting.

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15 Cari Champion


The longtime co-host of ESPN “First Take” graduated to the main anchor on “SportsCenter” and while you can argue it’s a reward for putting up with Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless for years, she earned it. Always a champion for African Americans, Champion is a professional but also lovely to look at with her dark hair, nice wardrobe and smart insight to the world of sports. It’s great to see a bit more diversity amongst the commentary while still looking beautiful as well.

14 Heather Cox


At 45, Cox shows no signs of slowing down. A mainstay of ESPN and ABC at football games, she’s also covered the Olympics and her past experience at volleyball makes her an expert when reporting on that sport. Her brown hair and lovely body are always great to watch, even when bundled up in colder weather and when she reports on something from the sidelines, it’s important. Proof positive some women truly get sexier with age.

13 Sarah Spain


She’s better known for her voice, hosting sports shows in her native Chicago as well as on ESPN Radio and a columnist for ESPN Magazine and online. In person, Spain is even lovelier, enjoying tops that show off her ample cleavage, a full-figured gal who’s not ashamed of flashing her curves off and prefers jeans and a shirt over dresses. That’s helped her immensely in her popularity, truly “one of the guys” but still a hot lady in her own right that makes her a standout.

12 Charlotte Jackson


Representing England, the lovely Charlotte has been a mainstay in British mags for some time with her gorgeous looks and lush blonde hair, a red carpet standout and more than easy on the eyes. But her work on Sky Sports has won her respect as well, wearing her love of Liverpool on her sleeve and her easygoing manner in interviews makes her a must-talk for various athletes in England. A singer as well, Jackson remains a hot commodity in England and still the go-to gal for sports broadcasts in that nation.

11 Melissa Stark


At 42, she looks better than women half her age and her experience adds to her standing. A former star at ESPN, Stark has moved on to be very popular on the NFL Network with hosting gigs and a darling on red carpets for sports events, always showing off in nice dresses but it’s her experience and smarts that make her a winner for fans. No matter if it’s football or the Olympics, Stark is always on her game and makes watching it all the better.

10 Jenn Brown


After starting in bikinis and shows like “The Wild Side,” Brown has become a very popular sportscaster, covering everything from the Super Bowl to the X Games and currently does regular work for the NFL Network. With her sandy blonde hair and lovely looks, it’s no surprise she’s a hit with male viewers but also on the ball with the sports talk as well to give the latest news so far more than just a pretty face (or body) to boost herself up.

9 Samantha Ponder


Formerly Samantha Steele, Ponder replaced Erin Andrews as sideline host of ESPN’s “College GameDay Live” and has more than filled those shoes. She hosts the Eastern broadcast of College Gameday on ESPNU as well as the Longhorn Network for Texas and whether bundled up in sweaters or short skirts, she’s a lovely sight to help highlight any game broadcast and no layer of clothes can hide her fantastic sexy humor.

8 Charissa Thompson


A mainstay of Fox Sports since its inception, Thompson is gorgeous with her blonde hair and great wardrobe to show herself off but also brings some good insight to the games. Hosting Fox Sports Live, she maintains a good air to keep things fun but also serious about the various events in the sports world and maintaining the various other broadcasters. Lovely but also smart, she’s a sign of how great a female broadcaster can be.

7 Heidi Watney


Another lovely blonde with great legs, Heidi has popped up more often on the MLB Network as a regular host, doing games from Boston to Los Angeles, always on top with facts and interviewing the big stars who naturally open up well to her. Her “Quick Pitch” show is one of the network’s most popular as you just can’t help but love a gal who can rattle off baseball stats while looking like a supermodel.

6 Melaine Collins


Her rep is amazing as she’s been seen everywhere from NBA TV to the E Network to NASCAR and PGA. It’s easy to see why she’s popular with her blonde hair, All-American girl features and her stunning bikini shoots showcase her fantastic body. Her red carpet looks are great but she’s also bright and funny to win viewers over and the wide range of sports she covers make her accessible to many fandoms so it’s no surprise she’s among the most popular of the year.

5 Molly Qerim


Pop on the NFL Network in the mornings and Qerim is often one of the first faces you see. And what a face, framed by lush black hair to show her beauty and on red carpets, truly glams it up nicely. Aside from NFL Network, she also hosts ESPN First Take and any woman who can handle the dueling egos of Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless is more than strong enough to show her stuff. Whatever the case, the fact Qerim doesn’t show off as much just makes her hotter for a feisty gal you love to watch.

4 Ines Sainz


Quite popular for years in Mexico, the lovely Latina stands out with her hair and gorgeous face, rocking a skirt quite well and has done interviews with some of the biggest stars in the business. She’s continued that work handling commentary, both English and Spanish, for boxing matches and her work showing off in swimsuits has only increased her popularity as someone who’s hot on camera but can handle the rough crowds of players as well to show off her strength.

3 April Rose


The Chicago native has a surgeon’s license but better known for her amazing body. A former “Maxim” gal, she’s appeared in numerous modeling jobs to highlight her body with full bust and stunning legs. She’s worked on the SPEED Network and has been doing a great job this year with regular interviews of her hometown Blackhawks for Comcast Sports Chicago and while it’s easy to dismiss her as a pretty face, it’s a great one with a love of her home team that makes her a standout.

2 Sara Carbonero


How hot is this woman? Many insist that the reason Spain lost to Switzerland in the 2010 World Cup was because star Iker Casillas was distracted by Carbonero on the sidelines. You can hardly blame him as the Telecino reporter is smoldering with her dark hair and eyes, great legs and a lush accent that makes listening to her fantastic even if you don’t speak Spanish. She took time off late in the year as she’s expecting a child but looks ready to return and continue to show her hotness to distract players and fans alike.

1 Erin Andrews


The veteran reporter remains a fantastic sexy figure, showing off on “Dancing With the Stars” among other places. She’s proven herself on ESPN and College GameDay and currently is a highlight of Fox Sport’s College Football coverage. With her bright smile, great legs and bright personality, she has true knowledge of football that she uses well and while she’s great on the red carpet, she’s sexier when giving stats and interviews with players to show her stuff off and remains the hottest of the ladies reporting on sports.

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