Top 15 Sexiest Women in Racing

It may seem that in the history of motorsports, racing has been a display of male diligence and it comes as no surprise in consideration of the stereotypical nature of a career involving mechanics, physical strain and the unquestionable danger of driving at outrageous speeds with mere six inch wide tires. Nonetheless, with the ever-growing modernization of motorsports comes the modernization of its outlook on an ironic mix of gender roles throughout the race, whilst using women to highlight the excitement of the sports overall.

Although there have been few incidents of female breakthroughs of fame and success in motorsports, there have still been just enough to recognise the influence that these attractive role models have had on the racing world. Not only have women changed the way motorsports is viewed, they have made the sport argumentatively a lot more appealing. Thus, women have begun concreting their way through the motorsport world, not only showing that they can race just as well, if not better than their fellow male racers- but have proven that women can battle it out with the men whilst remaining as feminine and sexy as ever.

Whether they are racers, girlfriends, wives or flag-girls, the world of motorsports have definitely captured the true meaning of a man's dream - attractive women attracted to the race track. The sport is now practically filled with women with a true passion for their cars or perhaps what's behind the wheel. Naturally, these women have been seen sexy merely for their love of the sports, however as men will be men, motorsports have made it their mission to idolize these women in the most typical light and accentuated their presence into some of the most immaculately women the world has seen.

They have paved the way for legendary female racing martyrs and excelled through the sports like it has always been for the gals. To summarize, here are your top 15 sexiest women in racing who are sure to start your engines.

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15 Maryeve Dufault

via gprejects.com

Canada's Maryeve Dufault became a well known force in motorsports after finishing 16th in the 2011 ARCA series points standings. However, Dufault has loved racing way before hitting the big-bad world of motorsports, as she has been racing since the age of four. Before the talented driver took to the track, she spent the beginning of her career as a model and was named Miss Hawaiian Tropic International in 2000. She has flaunted her good-looks across many magazines and TV shows and admits that her modelling is merely her way of funding her racing.

14 Danica Patrick

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Possibly the most successful woman in the history of motorsports and arguably the most famous, Danica Patrick has not only won endless awards for her impressive driving, but has also scored many endorsements simply for her naturally sexy 'girl next door' appearance. Patrick has been involved with NASCAR for a while now and has been competitive in her time there, proving she's not just a pretty face. However, she's still gorgeous and has graced the covers of FHM and Sports Illustrated, while featuring in ads for GoDaddy.com, showing off her feminine side and staying fierce.

13 Leilani Munter

via sport.mediamax.am

Leilani Munter, an American professional ARCA series driver, is an exceptionally appealing superstar for more than just her racing capabilities. Munter, while growing into a force on the race track, has also impressed fans with a biology degree from the University of California San Diego, proudly announcing her work as an environmental activist as well as being an undeniably irresistible face in motorsports. Simply said, Munter is practically what every car-loving male’s dreams are made of: beauty, brains and a passion for race-car driving.

12 Courtney Force

via self.com

Like her old sister, Ashley Force Hood (who we'll discuss later), Courtney Force followed in her sister's and father’s footsteps as a competing force in NHRA Top Fuel Funny Car racing. She became the first female driver to qualify in the number one position and even went on the win the event in the 2013 season. The 22 year old has had many opportunities to compete in a Top Alcohol Dragster and most importantly for this list, Courtney Force is undeniably one of the most talked about and hottest female racers in the world of motorsports.

11 Cyndie Allemann

via chacha.com

Switzerland's 29 year old beauty and most recent force in the racing world, Cyndie Allemann participated in the Firestone Indy Lights Series in 2008 and became the first ever female driver to compete in the Super GT Series in 2012. Allemann is no stranger to the track, however, being daughter of former Swiss kart champiopn, Kurt Allemann and sister of the talented Ken Allemann. The gorgeous racer started her career at the young age of seven as a go-kart driver, eventually switching to cars in 2004. Allemann is slowly making her way up in the world of motorsports, understandably turning heads every way she goes.

10 Shannon Spake

via bustedcoverage.com

Former NASCAR correspondent Shannon Spake is currently a talented reporter for ESPN in college football and basketball, however still reports from selected NASCAR race telecasts.The gorgeous sports reported joined the SPEED Channel in 2005, reporting for NASCAR Nation, co-hosted Backseat Drivers and reported from the NASCAR garage in 2006 during the Daytona Speed Weeks. Spake is an extremely successful reporter, however, it is a shame the world of motorsports can't show off more than her voice.

9 Ashley Force Hood

via reviewjournal.com

Daughter of the legendary drag racer, John Force, Ashley Force Hood is an immensely talented and successful driver. The 32 year old blasts down the tarmac at 250 mph, wins the majority of the races she competes in and still manages to be one of the most attractive women in her line of sports. Hood was named NHRA POWERADE Drag Racing Series Rookie of the year in 2007 and was the first female to claim a professional NHRA Funny Car win, in which she competed against none other than her 14 time NHRA Funny Car national champion, her own father.

8 Tia Norfleet

via tensportsclub.com

The first ever African-American NASCAR driver and daughter of the legendary NASCAR extraordinaire Bobby Norfleet, 29 year old Tia Norfleet has definitely brought her own style to the tracks. Controversy has surrounded the young driver, as The New York Times reported that Norfleet has only raced one single event at a low level, running one lap before parking her car and that she's misrepresenting herself. Nonetheless, whether Norfleet is being taken seriously for her driving capabilities or not, she has definitely left a mark on audience’s senses with her constantly attractive appearances.

7 The Cope Twins

via motorracingdigest.com

They are the first twins of NASCAR and two of some of the hottest women in motorsports. Being identical and attractive, Amber Cope and Angela Cope come from a racing background in the North West, have naturally grown popular, beginning a trending irresistibly that men cannot get enough of. The twins are also the first to race together in NASCAR's top three series, with the personal mentoring from their legendary racing uncle, Derrike Cope. More recently, the beautiful Angela has driven in many more races, including the Nationwide series. Amber, however, has raced much less than her sister. Nonetheless, the twins are still sending audiences wild with both their talent and undeniably good looks.

6 Milka Duno

via femaleracingnews.com

The gorgeous Milka Duno has scored many class wins and overall wins in sports car racing and has been an unquestionable beauty in the world of sports car racing. The Venezuelan 43 year old is a former model and current part time IndyCar driver. She is also the first ever Latin American female driver to be compete in the NASCAR national series. Duno has featured on endless covers of magazines all over the world and proved exactly how attractive she can be after showing the world of motorsports that she is definite force on the track.

5 Susie Wolff

via wearefashion.gr

She is the most successful Scottish race driver in her time and the fourth woman to ever drive a Formula One car, while also being one of the sexiest women the world of motorsports has ever seen. Susie Wolff has powered through the ranks of the racing world, competing in the Formula Renault, Formula Three and DTM series, where she competed for Mercedes- Benz. Apart from being a daring force on the track, Wolff became a development driver in 2012 for a Formula One racing team, owned partly by her husband.

4 Samantha Sarcinella

via gather.com

Samantha Sarcinella is one of the hottest women in motorsports, which can be an irritating trait as she is married one of the most hated drivers in NASCAR. Wife of established racer, Kyle Busch, Sarcinella is believed to be the newest face of NASCAR and continues to use her modelling experience and obvious good looks to dominate the driving scene and turn heads in every direction. Sarcinella works closely alongside her husband at Kyle Busch Motorsports and involves herself in daily operation of the business. She is also heavily influential in KBM's social media strategy and plays a significant part in the fundraising of Kyle Busch Foundation. Needless to say, Busch is one lucky man.

3 Ingrid Vandebosch

via foxsports.com

Wife of NASCAR driver, Jeff Gordon, Ingrid Vanderbosch is a gorgeous model and actress. Married into the list, Vanderbosch wedded the NASCAR legend in a private ceremony in 2006 in Mexico and has since been turning heads at every track her husband competes. She has modelled since 1986 in the Netherlands and Paris and has since been the face of some of the most successful brand names in the world, such as Chrisitan Dior, Elle, Marie Claire, Vogue and Glamour, and showed off her extremely sexy body in a Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated.

2 Jessica Barton

via beyond.ca

Not only is Jessica Barton a successful and talented drag-racer, she also flaunts her professions as a model, actress and TV Host. Along with her extremely attractive efforts in racing, Barton has also done pictorials for FHM, Modified and many special editions of Playboy. Although the racing beauty has featured on the covers of publications such as Show, Axis, Makes and Models, Superstreet and Supreme, Barton is mostly known for her 1994 street legal Toyota Supra, in which she beat Nissan Skylines and Lamborghinis during the TX2K12 event at Lone star Motorsports Park, pulling a whopping horsepower of 1165.

1 Madalena Antas

via pinterest.com

Although Portugal sees Madalena Antas merely as another female race-car river in the crowd, in America she is viewed as one of the most attractive female racers in the wide world of motorsports. Antas has competed and excelled in the Dakar rally and many other rally events. Following in the footsteps of late mother and motorsports extraordinaire, Teresa Cupertino De Miranda, the 35 year old can travel through dirt and dust in Nissan pickups and SUV's at 120 mph and flaunt her stunning body in men's magazines, looking just as feminine as any other.

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