Top 15 Sexy Fitness Models Making A KILLING On Instagram

The internet has many great offerings. It is a vast wonderland of information and entertainment. Internet users are able to find the latest news and sports scores, pay bills and book their next trip to Las Vegas from the comfort of their easy chairs. We are able to keep connected to friends, family, and business colleagues through social media. Cyberspace has become the primary platform for broadcasting our thoughts and ideas. As with many things in life, the internet is rife with dangers and must be navigated in a diligent manner. Computer viruses and hackers who mine personal information come to mind. Many lives have been deeply affected and even ruined through hacking. In August 2014, the iCloud hacking scandal caused private and racy photos of high-profile celebrities to spread across the internet for all to see.

On the other hand, the internet has given many creative people the opportunity to make ridiculous amounts of money. Web-based businesses have been raking it in for years and there are new ventures starting up every day. Online gambling, virtual stores, and the endless list of trendy social media outlets make billions of dollars every year. Instagram is a social media service on which photos and videos are shared. The application allows users to also share their content publicly or privately on other networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

There is the opportunity to amass vast fortunes through Instagram and that is exactly what many outrageously beautiful fitness models are doing right now. They have combined their love for selfies, love of fitness and some sharp business sense to turn themselves into money-making machines. Here are 15 fitness models making a killing on Instagram.

15 Anna Victoria

Anna Victoria is an up-and-coming Instagram star who created an innovative 12-week fitness plan and a 12-week diet plan that she calls the Fit Body Guide. She uses Instagram as a platform to show the remarkable results of her creation. The before-and-after shots of her ‘FBGGirls’ help to keep other women motivated while drawing more into her program. She has instructional videos for exercise and nutrition, as well as a host of motivational material.

14 Massy Arias

13 Tanya Poppett

Train with Tanya anytime and anywhere with her HIIT app. The Australian fitness instructor and rising Instagram star makes it easy to take part in her 12-week interactive training program. Over 30,000 users have shared their results, so the regimen works. Followers can check out her over 70 different workouts and over 200 unique exercises that she religiously posts on her Instagram page. Of course, her 330,000 followers can also find other helpful tips they can use to get themselves into amazing shape.

12 Emily Skye

She looks hot in her workout gear, in a dress, and in a bikini. Emily Skye is a gorgeous 28-year-old Aussie fitness model and trainer. It is her dream to help other women to look and feel as fantastic as she does. Her 1.6 million Instagram followers are routinely visiting her page to see her latest workout and eating tips.

11 Gabrielle Epstein

Gabrielle Epstein says that she has been involved in fitness her whole life and that eating healthy comes naturally to her. The former swimming champion who also hails from Australia has stormed Instagram with her bikini pictures and beautifully tanned skin. Gabrielle is the subject of thousands of arousing shots on Instagram where she has 1.3 million followers.

The slim and sexy fitness model and biomedical student’s social media career hasn’t been without its drawbacks. Gabrielle had to deal with some nasty internet trolls who tried to make her feel bad about her body. While initially hurt, she ended up taking it in stride.

10 Claudia Alende

Time for some @proteinworld shake 🙌 #proteinworld hora do shake @proteinworld

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9 Abigail Ratchford

Abigail has never met a camera that she didn’t like. She has her own calendar; she’s been in Maxim and is the genius behind the “More Bounce to the Ounce” video that went viral on You Tube in 2014. She got noticed by US Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and Playboy and has also benefited by getting her face on television. She boasts over 4 million followers on Instagram who tune in regularly to gawk at her latest photos and listen to her advice.

While it might not take too much talent to call yourself a fitness model and constantly post suggestive photos on the internet, it does take a bit of talent and smarts to make a bunch of money from it. She has recently been threatened with legal action for her salacious interactions with some In-and-Out Burgers, French fries, and a milkshake.

8 Laci Kay Somers

7 Bella Falconi

This Brazilian vixen is a certified training instructor, life coach, motivational speaker, and has a bachelor in Nutrition Science. She has joined the ranks of other successful Instagram fitness models to promote Shredz Supplements to her 2.4 million followers. The 28-year-old’s Instagram content is tame compared to other fitness models but she still manages to show off her sex appeal. She offers diet and fitness programs through her website which asks visitors to “Get Fit With Bella” with a 30, 60, or 90-day plan. Followers can access her fitness tips and well as healthy diet choices and her uplifting thoughts.

6 Amanda Lee

@fittea keeping me slim and energized 🍵💚

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Fans of bouncy booties and other things that jiggle up and down will want to join the 3.4 million people who already follow the amazingly hot Amanda Lee. The certified fitness trainer and Pilates instructor’s motivational videos are plenty of fun to watch and a good help for people who aspire to be like her.

5 Alexa Jean Brown

Alexa Jean Brown is proof that fitness models don’t necessarily need to be overly sexual to make a killing on Instagram. Instead of plastering pictures of herself in the style of other famous Instagram models, Alexa posts a lot of before-and-after photos of clients that she has trained and motivated. She also volunteers her advice concerning proper exercise and diet through her many videos.

Alexa chronicled her own return to top form after giving birth. Her program has obviously inspired many women judging by the two million followers that have found her on Instagram. This has helped her make over $2 million through Instagram.

4 Paige Hathaway

Here is another amazingly hot fitness model to recently become an Instagram icon and millionaire. Before working with Shredz Supplements, Paige had about 8,000 followers on Instagram. A carefully crafted strategy saw Paige’s popularity explode. She now has 3.5 million followers who are looking for motivation, fitness and nutrition advice or just checking out her awesomely curved figure as she poses for a selfie. Both Paige and Shredz have benefitted handsomely from her fame.

3 Chantel Zales

One look at Chantel Zales’ Instagram account will solve the mystery of how Albuquerque-born 25-year-old fitness model got 3.5 million Instagram followers. Zales has a body that won’t quit and she shows it off from every angle in the thousands of pictures that are in circulation. She has done pictorials for FHM and Maxim as well as having her own calendar.

She got her start in modelling between high school and college, appearing in ads for Acura and Pepsi. Her lovely Latina looks were noticed and appreciated by many. Her skimpy outfits and seductive Instagram photos are must-see content for lovers of busty blonde-haired bombshells.

2 Ana Cheri

It is well-known by followers of Instagram starlet Ana Cheri, that she isn’t afraid to give her fans an eyeful of her voluptuous body. Ana’s selfies, fitness videos, and ability to get attention have earned her 6.1 million followers. That makes her the most followed Instagram model. She isn’t just drawing interest from the public, she has caught the eye of a few companies that have given her sponsorships deals.

1 Kayla Itsines

For just over $200 per year, women can get healthier, fitter, and more confident with Kayla Itsines’ workouts and recipes. The Australian fitness model has several before and after pictures on her website, along with the expected results and emotional testimonials, of many happy clients.

In 2008, she designed her own workout routines and nutrition plans after feeling that the methods she was trained to follow weren’t meeting expectations. She is one of the most popular fitness models on Instagram where she shares fitness and nutrition tips. The spry and exceptionally toned health guru has 4.9 million Instagram followers. She gained traction by frequently uploading before-and-after pictures of the successful clients that she had trained and transformed. The foxy young fitness model has made over $7 million on Instagram.

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Top 15 Sexy Fitness Models Making A KILLING On Instagram