Top 15 Sports That Should Be Played Nude

In today’s world, sports is probably one of the most common and exciting forms of entertainment for people of all ages. Right from the youngsters to teenagers to middle aged people to those more experienced than the rest of us, everyone loves sports. The reason for watching sports will obviously vary from person to person or even from one sport to another.

There are various aspects that attract people to a certain sports. It could be the thrill or the passion involved in it, the level of skill and perfection it takes to master that particular sport, or in some cases people just love to watch beautiful looking people playing a sport and entertaining them.

It is an acceptable fact that men are traditionally more likely to watch sports as compared to the fairer sex and an even more acceptable fact would be that men love beautiful, gorgeous and sexy female athletes playing a sport. If men were ever offered unlimited wishes by a Genie, most men would probably wish that the female athletes playing sports would be nude as they play it. And why wouldn’t they? It is even logical too since clothes do hamper complete freedom in athletes in some form, even if it is in a minimal amount. And if science and logic does not convince you, just think of it this way, we were all born nude and it is certainly how the universe intended it to be, right?

So here’s looking at top 15 sports that should be played nude.

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16 Figure Skating

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most underrated sports in the world, figure skating takes a lot of skill, talent and patience from the athletes. Being an Olympic sport, many countries have participants in it and who better to perform a sport full of elegance, flips, and twists than beautiful females who possess grace in abundance. What could be better than beautiful women on ice in short tights you ask? It is beautiful women on ice nude performing those moves.

15 Surfing

via usatonofficial.com

Surfing is slowly becoming a lost sport in today’s world. How can you not pay attention to one of the sexiest sports in the world? Women in water, performing moves against waves is something we cannot afford to let go. How do we get back the viewership and interest? Nude surfing! They do it in bikinis already, might as well go nude and turn few heads, right?

14 Cricket

via totalprosports.com

Cricket is probably one of those sports which has yet to reach the global audience in the way that the players and fans would have liked it. This team sport of 11 players on each-side with two players with bats on the pitch, one running in with ball to bowl and fielders all over the park running and diving around to stop the ball within the boundary ropes, deserves to be played nude for obvious reasons.

13 Rhythmic Gymnastics

REUTERS/Yves Herman

Beautiful women on the floor showcasing their flexibility and balance to the sound of music, is probably closest to having a dance competition in sports. It gets even better as it involves props like ribbons, a hoop or even a ball which the contestants playful perform with. This one has to go into the list. This definitely would gather more attention and it wouldn't hurt to try.

12 Badminton

via sportskeeda.com

Badminton fans would probably know the kind of physical activity that goes into the sport. Players need to always be on their toes, stretching to every corner off the court, jumping to execute their smashes with precision and just the sheer pace at which it is played would give anyone an insane adrenaline rush. Add to it the possibility to it being played nude, just makes the sport even more exciting than before.

11 Swimming

via youtube.com

Mermaids in real life might be a hypothetical concept, but if there is anyone who comes close to making it a reality, then it is the swimmers. We have all watched movies where the lead actress gets out of the swimming pool all wet and looking sexy making it one of the hottest scenes in the movie. Nude swimming could be similar with beautiful woman jumping into the pool, gliding like a fish and then getting out the pool, just minus the clothes.

10 Jello Wrestling

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Let's put it this way - jello wrestling is to men what Disneyland is for kids. On second thoughts, jello wrestling is probably way better and more entertaining than Disneyland ever could be. Jello wrestling is basically women jumping into a pool completely filled with jello and they go on to grapple their opponent to decide a winner. With slippery, slimy ladies batting it out in jello, the real question we need to ask here is, does anyone really need to be wearing clothes in such a sport?

8 Track & Field

via independent.co.uk

If Pamela Anderson running down the beach, in her red lifeguard costume in Baywatch was any indication of the awesomeness of beautiful ladies running on your TV screen, then we definitely need to get the athletics committee to make it mandatory for athletes to perform nude. This could include various track and field competitions and each one of them would do justice to this idea. There is already a wealth of beauty in the field of Athletics, with ladies wearing shorts and spandex shirts flaunting their perfectly toned body, having them perform nude might just add the right amount of flavor to the sport.

7 Golf

via hotfemaleathletes.com

Let's be honest here, golf really isn’t the most exciting sport to watch from a spectators’ point of view. You miss the pace, the thrill and the exhilarating stuff as compared to some of the other sports. But there is one thing golf does not lack in and that is gorgeous looking golfers. I don’t know if you have observed it already but golf has many eye-catching female talents out there. It may be a tad difficult to get the masses to watch golf for a long duration of time but make them play it nude and BOOM!

6 Indoor Volleyball

via mrsport.ro

Tight Tiny Shorts, bodies which are close to perfection and beautiful girls jumping around all over the court, you’d think is there anything even remotely bad about this sport? Arguably, the most attractive team sport in the world, Volleyball provides everything that a man hopes for entertainment. Can this sport get any better to watch? Well, have those beauties play this sport in nude and you would have men glued to their television sets for days together and you might not even see them leave their rooms during the Summer Olympics when Team USA is playing.

5 Roller Derby

via wikipedia.org

For those unfamiliar with roller derby, it is a sport where you have women skating around trying to knock their opponents down in order to score points and win the match. It is played in very appealing attires and if you still haven’t grasped the magnitude of hotness in this sport then just imagine aggressive women going wildly at each other. It is sort of like rugby on skates. People hope to see women tearing each other apart in this sport and hopefully few of their clothes too, so might as well play it without them and grant everyone’s wishes.

4 Legends Football League

via wikimedia.org

The male fraternity needs to come together and thank Mitchell Mortaza for founding the Legends Football League. Combining lingerie and football is probably a fantasy of almost every man before it was turned into reality. As the name suggests, players have to wear lingerie as they play football against their opponents. If you thought that was the best part, wait till to hear this – CLOTHES DO COME OFF! At the end of the day, it is still football and there is a match to be won so the level of aggression is very high. Yes, the whole concept of LFL would not make sense in case they play it nude but would anyone really complain? I think not!

3 Soccer

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The world’s most popular sport, soccer, has all the elements of sexy on the pitch. 22 footballers running around, trying to score a goal using anything but their hands is a prime contender to be played nude for various logical reasons.

Soccer is a physical contact sport where lot of pushing and shoving happens along with serious shirt pulling during free-kicks and corners. Also, you are penalized with a yellow card in case you celebrate scoring a goal by taking off your shirt. Just play it nude and you save yourself from all this trouble, don’t you? Certainly seems like a smart idea if you think about it.

2 Beach Volleyball

via popsugar.com

In terms of a sport, beach volleyball is the closest thing to heaven for a man. Beautiful, fit women with stunning toned bodies throwing themselves around, diving in the sand on the bench, trying to hit a ball around across the net and sweating it out to win the match is stuff made in paradise. The fact that this sport is played with almost naked women, providing top notch entertainment just puts forward the notion of what if they were in fact nude while they play it? Absolute bliss!

1 Tennis

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Tennis is a sport which somehow just seems to produce the most beautiful athletes in the world. Invariably, every alternate female tennis player is strikingly gorgeous and it has been the case since decades now. From the Martina Hingis and Steffi Graf era to the Ana Kournikova and Maria Sharapova years, hotness and tennis go hand-in-hand. Add to that, the moaning and the shrill screaming of some of the players during rallies, just makes the sport that much more entertaining and sexy to watch.

A sport in which you need quick movement across the court, it is a disadvantage to be wearing clothes. Make it nude tennis and would probably be nothing more amazing to watch than the hottest athletes in the world playing tennis completely nude.

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