Top 15 Sports WAGs Who Were Richer Than Their Athlete Partners

The world of professional sports is a world of luxury, copious amount of money, ridiculous salaries and beautiful wives and girlfriends. Professional athletes around the world make so much money it is tough to imagine that any of them could still find a wife or girlfriend who makes more money than them.

Well, there happen to be a few names in professional sports who have done just that. Some of them might’ve been players who made less of a name for themselves or guys who were role players in their respective sports and never challenged for MVP awards or were best-paid athletes at any given point in their careers. So for some of these guys, having wives or girlfriends as successful as the ones they found is not only a great deal for them now but also a great insurance that they won’t go hungry after they retire.

However, there are also some names on this list of athletes one would imagine making so much money it would be impossible for them to find a partner who makes more money than them. But still, in some instances, it didn’t seem to matter how much money an athlete makes. If they find the right supermodel, they will have a wife not only able to outplay them in looks, but also in how much money she's worth. You all know who we’re talking about, right? If you don’t, get ready for a huge surprise, as well as a few not so surprising listings, because here are the Top 15 Sports WAGs Richer Than Their Husbands.

15 Khloe Kardashian

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Her relationship Lamar Odom might be over, but Khloe Kardashian was and still is one of the most famous sports WAGS in the world. The main reason behind that is because of the empire run by her family, and the ridiculous amount of money they are worth. Following that line, it is easy to imagine Khloe would be worth more money than Lamar, which was true. According to celebrity net worth, Khloe Kardashian is currently worth around $40 million, while her former husband is only worth $30 million.

For them, it might not seem like too much money, but for most of us ordinary human beings, a $10 million difference is a pretty big deal. And that difference might still rise, as Khloe is apparently dating Cavs center, Tristan Thompson, who is worth $8 million.

14 Iggy Azalea

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Their breakup was something inevitable after the D’Angelo Russell video that caught Nick Young red-handed admitting to his unfaithfulness went viral on the web. But these two were a celebrity couple who made headlines even before that bomb hit the fan. One of the reasons is that Iggy Azalea is worth a good deal more money than Nick Young is, even though he plays for the Los Angeles Lakers and has been in the NBA for a good time. The 31-year-old shooting guard is worth about $8 million, while his former WAG has a net worth of around $10 million and, unlike him, her net worth will probably keep going up as she gets older and improves her brand recognition in the world of music. And that sure is something Swaggy P should’ve thought about before he jumped the fence.

13 Angie Harmon

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This marriage started with a heartwarming yet odd proposal. Former Giants quarterback Jason Sehorn proposed to actress Angie Harmon in a most unusual way. With the help of Jay Leno he got to one knee during one of Harmon's appearances on Leno’s show and asked the actress to marry him. She said yes, and they’ve been married ever since.

The couple sure has never and will never have money problems, as even after Sehorn retired from the NFL, he made good money appearing on TV shows and things alike, but the amount of money his wife makes probably outweighs whatever Sehorn managed to pull any given month. That is because Harmon, who is worth over $20 million, is still successful as an actress, especially because of her lead role on the series Rizzoli and Isles.

12 Erin Andrews

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Erin Andrews is an excellent example to follow for any woman who would like to get into the world of sports and journalism.

Andrews fought an uphill battle in the male-dominated world of sports journalism and became one of the most recognizable sideline reporters and commentators in the industry. With that, she also earned a good deal of money and is now worth more than $20 million. Not only that, according to celebrity net worth, Andrews makes about $2 million every year with her salary alone.

Her fiancé is hockey player Jarret Stoll who played in the NHL for almost 14 years. The center had successful playing stints with the Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, New York Rangers and the Minnesota Wild. With that amount of playing time, one can imagine Stoll made a pretty good living, but he still fell short of his fiancée, as he is worth $16 million.

11 Hilary Duff

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With our next listing, we will stay in the world of hockey and talk about another retired hockey player who made less money than their partner. But that’s not so surprising when that partner is a globally known teen idol who started her career on the Disney Channel and went on to become a singer. We are talking about Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie. The couple married back in 2010 and stayed together until February of last year when they completed their divorce.

Money-wise, Duff is worth two and a half times more than her ex-husband. Her net worth is estimated at around $25 million, while the former hockey player is worth around $10 million. And like we mentioned before, this gap should only increase as former athletes are less likely to make more money going forward than celebrities, whose worth usually increases as the years passed by.

10 Keyshia Cole

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Not only richer, but Keisha Cole is also probably more well-known than her husband because while some basketball players are known worldwide, some never quite catch the same fame as their teammates. This was the case with Daniel “Boobie” Gibson.

Now, if you’re a basketball fan, you definitely know who this guy is. But if you’re not, there are pretty high odds that you don’t. Gibson was one of those guys who fans either hated or loved because of his intensity on the court, and sometimes by how much he shot three-pointers. Nevertheless, he hit it right off the court as he married Keyshia Cole, who is a renowned singer and songwriter with three albums that went platinum. When you compare that to a seven-year career with the Cleveland Cavaliers only averaging double-digit points in two of them, it’s no wonder that Gibson made less money than his wife.

9 Shakira

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Gerard Pique is one of the most famous defenders in world football (soccer) today. He plays alongside Lionel Messi and Neymar in Barcelona and has won basically every single title there is to win. He is worth around $40 million and still has a few good years ahead of his playing career to increase that number. Which brings us to the question: how can a guy like this make less money than his wife?

The answer to that is that most people in the world of sports make less money than his wife. Pique is married to one of the most famous singers of all time, Shakira. And she is worth more than $300 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. There are not that many people in sports who can match that kind of money, so Pique shouldn’t feel too bad about that, as even his teammate Messi is worth less than Shakira. Messi’s net worth is around $280 million.

8 Elisabeth Hasselbeck

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Tim Hasselbeck was the definition of a backup quarterback in the NFL. During his six-year career in the National Football League, he played for six different teams but only started for one of them. It was in 2003 that Hasselbeck had his chance of becoming a starter with the Washington Redskins, but he didn’t do too well. In five starts, the quarterback completed 95 passes, scoring five touchdowns, but throwing seven interceptions.

While Hasselbeck struggled on the field, his wife was doing way better as a talk show host and television personality. Elisabeth Hasselbeck was and still is the breadwinner at their household. Aside from her $3 million salary, Elizabeth has a net worth of $16 million, while her husband is only worth $12 million.

7 Adriana Lima

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Finally, we’ve arrived at our first supermodel in the list. Not only because of the money, but it is also baffling that these two got married. Marko Jaric is not the first name that comes to anybody’s mind when we talk about good basketball players. Jaric struggled through most of his career in the NBA and barely maintained starter status while he played in the Euro League. Which makes one wonder, how could a guy like this marry Adriana Lima?

Believe it or not, Jaric was married to one of the most recognizable supermodels in the world for five years. Unsurprisingly, he never made as much money as his ex-wife. A role player who never averaged double-digit points at any point in his NBA career, Jaric has an estimated net worth of $20 million. Lima, on the other hand, has a salary of $11 million per year and is worth $75 million.

6 Jessica Simpson

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Nobody scored a jackpot on this list like Eric Johnson. The former San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints tight end married none other than Jessica Simpson. Johnson was a solid tight end and finished his career with nine touchdowns scored in seven years in the NFL. His wife, however, was a tad bit more successful than he was to put it lightly.

Jessica Simpson has done it all. She is a singer, an actress, an entrepreneur and a TV personality. Simpson has released seven Billboard top 40 hits. She has two platinum albums and three gold ones. She appeared in movies, TV shows, and was even a judge for Fashion Star. We could keep going on and on, but there is one factor that is unbelievable about their relationship, and that is the gap between how much each of them is worth.

While Simpson is worth an astounding $150 million, her husband and former football player is worth… Hold your breath… $100,000.

Clearly, this is the luckiest man on earth.

5 Kendra Wilkinson

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Another former football player turned lucky duck is Hank Baskett. A former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver, this 34-year-old former football player managed to do what many have tried and dreamed of for years: he stole a girl from Hef.

And it wasn’t just any of the Playboy Playmates that he stole, it was none other than Kendra Wilkinson. The two met sometime in 2009, and that meeting and ensuing relationship led to Kendra leaving the Playboy House and start planning a wedding. As one would expect, it all turned into a reality show. Nevertheless, Baskett and Wilkinson got married in 2009 and are still married to this day. In terms of money, Kendra has a healthy lead over her husband as she is worth $6 million and Basket is worth $3.5 million.

4 Jenna Jameson

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Tito Ortiz is a mixed martial arts legend. With a record of 19 wins and 12 losses, he is one of those names anyone who likes mixed martial arts is bound to know. But people who don’t follow the sport might know Ortiz for something else, for a particular relationship he used to have. And that was his relationship with Jenna Jameson.

This relationship started all wrong. The first mistake was that they met on MySpace. Seriously, who does that? The second mistake was that, apparently, when they started seeing each other, Jameson was still married to businessman and adult film actor Jay Grdina. Afterward, Jameson divorced her then husband and kept on the relationship with Ortiz, which led to the two of them having twin sons. The relationship didn’t last, but it was still recorded in history as one of those times when the wife of a famous athlete was richer than him.

3 Jamie-Lynn Sigler

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Jamie-Lynn Sigler is an actress mostly known for playing the role of Meadow Soprano on the HBO series The Sopranos. As one could easily imagine, she made a lot of money out of the series. Not only that, but her part in The Sopranos also helped her career, and got her parts on shows like How I Met Your Mother, Entourage and many others.

The surprising part is that she married minor-league baseball player Cutter Dykstra, whose biggest achievement, other than marrying Sigler, is being the son of former New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies center fielder Lenny Dykstra.

In terms of net worth, the difference between the two of them is astounding, with Sigler leading the way with a net worth of $25 million and Dykstra trailing with a net worth of $1.5 million.

2 Carrie Underwood

Larry McCormack/The Tennessean via USA TODAY NETWORK

Unlike many of the men on this list, Mike Fisher is far from being a figurant in his career. An established hockey player, Fisher has scored 250 goals in 1,016 games played since 1996. He also tallied 285 assists throughout his career. After such a long and healthy career on the rink, it’s not surprising to see that Fisher has one of the highest athlete net worths on this list as his worth is estimated around $30 million.

The only reason he’s on this list is that he married none other than the Queen of Country, Carrie Underwood. After appearing to the world as the winner of the American Idol in 2005, Underwood never stopped going up. She has won six Grammys and 16 Billboard music awards among other prizes. And to go along with all the silverware, she has a net worth of about $85 million.

1 Gisele Bundchen

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How many people can brag about winning five Super Bowls? How many can brag about being Super Bowl MVP four times? How many people were NFL MVP twice?

Well, the safe answer here is Tom Brady. The man is unquestionably one of the greatest quarterbacks who ever lived. He proved over and over again that he deserves to be one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, and he is one. His salary is supposed to be around $26.5 million, and Brady’s net worth is something north of $180 million. That is just a lot of money. Could you imagine how many gold-diggers were after this guy?

Unfortunately for them, the one who won Brady’s heart was a woman who did not need his money at all. One of the most successful, if not the most successful, supermodel of all time, Giselle Bundchen is unquestionably one of the richest WAGs we’ve ever heard of. Her yearly salary is somewhere around $40 million, and her net worth is nothing less than $360 million.

So, at the end of the day, while Brady makes his living passing the ball, he made quite the catch off the field.

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