Top 15 Sports with the Hottest Women

While perusing my dad's video library as a kid, I came across many treasures. Great cinema, classic TV episodes and informative documentaries. What puzzled me was the tapes of women’s tennis. I’d never seen him play the sport or talk about it. Yet there they were, taking up space in the collection. I happened to watch a match one day and instantly understood. Beautiful girls who played a sport that retained their femininity. They wore little skirts instead of bulky padding. It also focuses on just the two of them, rather than a cluttered field of other useless people. The camera angles were amazing as well. A shot from in front and behind as the tennis babes bent over ready to strike. And where were these balls coming from? They all seemed to have a secret compartment in those magic skirts of theirs.

Growing older you experience a whole wide world of hot women sports. The internet gives us access to the most gorgeous creatures to ever compete professionally. The wonderful thing about hot female athletes is their attitude. They seem to have little concern of their hotness. Sport and competition rule their world. They have taken the noble path of sacrifice and dedication to become something better than they were and entertain the world.  There is a realism to a hot athlete compared to a swimsuit model. The swimsuit model is great, but it’s contrived. They're photographed to be looked at, you are buying into what they're selling. When a female athlete is hot it's a wonderful bonus. They have the girl next door quality. A normal person doing a hobby (to an incredibly high level), which grounds them and adds to their appeal.

The usual suspects are on this list, but there are some surprising sports as well. Media coverage doesn’t miss much these days. If there’s a hot woman playing a sport for money, she will have already been photographed ample times. It’s a great time to be alive. To think, our forefathers may not have known the beauty of Russian/Swedish/Brazillian women. Technology is a beautiful thing.

But these are just meaningless words of course, let’s get to the show.

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10 Curling

AP Photo/POLFOTO, Jesper Dall

Maybe you shouldn't have just focused entirely on hockey during the Winter Olympics. The sport of curling may not be the most exciting to watch, but the sport is seeing an influx of beauty on the women's side. There's something about the graceful release of the stone that sends shock-waves through our heads. This might be a sport you'll want to keep an eye on as we get closer to the Winter Olympics in three years.

9 Golf

via mariaverchenova.de

Boy, we must be regretting ignoring golf on television for so long. Leading the way is, surprise, a Russian, Maria Verchenova. She has said she is looking at a fellow Russian for inspiration as to what she can do for the sport:

“I am looking at Maria [Sharapova], not because of the way she looks but because of the way she plays, I think Russian women are strong mentally. They are trying really hard and they are achieving things.”

“I always like to bring something extra special to the golf course, so if I’m wearing sexier, more stylish stuff like a shorter skirt or a nice tennis-style dress and people notice then great.”

Thank you Maria!

8 Mixed Martial Arts

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The influx of women's divisions in mixed martial arts has lent itself for a pool of attractive women to make their mark on the sport. Heck, the biggest star in the sport right now is a woman, Rowdy Ronda Rousey. Rousey has it all, from her dominance in the octagon, to charisma, and has the good looks to create the perfect package for a mega star. The sport also includes the likes of Miesha Tate, a rival of Rousey's and don't forget about Invicta FC, the all-female promotion.

7 Lingerie Football

via overland.org

Too easy? Well, the Legends Football League certainly deserves a spot, as he women aren't afraid to dish out the hits, all while playing in scantily clad uniforms. The league even has some seductive team names, such as the Los Angeles Temptation, the Las Vegas Sin, the Chicago Bliss and the Atlanta Steam. There is even a Canadian edition of the league. Canada's biggest markets was so cruelly teased with the possibility of teams in Toronto in Montreal, before the teams folded operations before even taking the field. Arr!!!

6 Soccer

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

It was probably bound to happen that the world's favorite sport would get its share of attractive female players. The American team isn't only must-watch for the team's talent and overall dominance on the international stage, but seeing Hope Solo in nets or Alex Morgan up front has certainly helped raising the profile of the sport on the women's side. It helps when the sport's best looking players also happen to be some of the world's best.

5 Billiards

via newknd.com

Surprise surprise!  The smoky back room game of pool has produced some smoking hot babes. Not surprisingly, a Russian (Anastasia Luppova) tops the list of girls who best work the stick and balls. How cool would it be to date a girl who loves to play pool? The combined rec room would be insane! Her amazing pool table combined with your giant TV and beer fridge. A heavenly image made better with Anastasia leaning over to take her next shot. Maybe the next time your buddy calls you over to watch a billiards tournament, you won't be quite as dismissive as you were in the past.

4 Snowboarding

via gotceleb.com

Even though they have the worst uniforms by far, snowboarding still manages to produce enough beauties to make our list. At the top is Norwegian stunner Silje Norendal. More than a pretty face, she took home a gold at the X-games and finished fourth at the Olympics. Her long blonde hair, model body, yet irresistibly cute pouty face has men skipping warm beaches for a vacation in Norway. Dammit, why do we have to wait until 2018 for the next Winter Olympics?!

8. Cheerleading

via pinterest.com

Don't you dare burst our bubble and tell us it's not a sport.

Oh god I love school spirit! America has brought us many wonderful things like Jazz, Rock ’n Roll, but cheerleading probably beats them all. What a wonderful sport that promotes looking beautiful, jumping around, and flexibility. You can learn a lot in school, but you never forget the first hot cheerleader you see.

As they said in the great series Heroes (that brought us Hayden Panettiere)  “Save the cheerleader, save the world”

7. Poker 

via chessbase.com

What’s cooler than a woman who plays poker? Instead of her dragging you to the mall, she can hang with the boys, and take their money. The only drawback would be she could always tell if you’re lying.

And because Russia rules, of course one of the hottest poker players is Almira Skripchenko. The amazing thing is that she’s not only a poker champion but a former Chess champion as well! Beauty, brains, and bluffing, she’s got it all.

3 Wrestling

via wwe.com

While this is sports-entertainment, the athletic prowess it takes for the best female wrestlers to do what they do, makes it impossible for us to leave them off.

The WWE currently boasts some of the hottest Divas in wrestling history. Mischievous AJ Lee, fair-skinned Paige, and of course the Bella twins. Even better is that their developmental league NXT has another wave of equally hot babes who can really throw down in the ring.  Hot girls using scissor holds makes for great television.

And of course we can’t forget retired hotties like Stacey Keibler, Trish Stratus, and Sable; though reminding yourself with a quick google search is a quality use of time.

5. Gymnastics

via ronnyknight.com

Tiny, toned, flexible bodies grace the world of gymnastics. These babes can bend over backwards while wearing lucky spandex that hug incredibly tight. The trick where they bend their leg so far back their heel touches their shoulder, all while balancing a ball on their thigh is worth a gold medal alone.

Balancing at the top of the heap is definitely Alicia Sacramone. She is a goddess and her warm ups are heaven.

2 Surfing

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Surfers are the monks of the modern age. They strive to attain mental and physical perfection. They embrace the zen of surfing, to calm their spirit, and have the incredible bodies necessary to leap up to a standing position and fly through the water. We bow down to the surfing gods for bringing us these fine ladies.

Also, any sport that’s played in a bathing suit is an automatic top-five. Anybody who has a fear of the water may just be cured if they were able to surf alongside these beauties.

3. Tennis

From Russia with love. Sharapova and Kournikova are a couple of household names that make us thankful the cold war ended. Kournikova was always an interesting celebrity.  Not purely hot enough to be a model, nor talented enough to be a tennis star. She has always fell comfortably between, which grants her way more TV coverage than a plainer-looking equally talented tennis player would have received.

Sharapova can play however, which makes her even hotter. She’s talented, driven, focused, and rich. Kournikova is the one you would love to date and have fun with. Sharapova is the one you want to marry. She looks like the has a sensible house and a savings plan. Sign me up.

2. Beach Volleyball

via wallsdo.com

There aren’t many finer things in life than girls on the beach. The sun kissed skin and helping put suntan lotion in those hard-to-reach spots. To improve on this, the Lord almighty created beach volleyball. While girls on the beach are great to look at, it’s even better watching them jump around. And because beach volleyball doesn’t demand heavy muscle, they keep their gorgeous figures.

The number one reason this sport wins is simple: the uniforms. The tiny tops are great but its the tinier bottoms that win it for us. I’m not quite sure how they thought that was the best way to go for professional competition, but you won’t catch me speaking up. Let’s just keep it the way it is, and try to grow this incredible sport!

1 Track and Field

via fansshare.com

Allison Stokke broke the internet way before Kim did. She was the most googled female for a short period of time, and well deserved. She seems blissfully unaware of her perfection, making her even more beautiful. Pole vaulters need to be firm but not too bulky, so they keep a beautifully trim body that can still fly through the air. Stokke is the queen, but there is another.

Italian runner Sara Galimberti has the soft features of your best friend's hot sister. She makes the Olympics necessary watching. Could she overtake Stokke? Could they settle it in a wrestling match? Could I referee?

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