Top 15 Steamy Scandals That Rocked The Sports World

Athletes are some of the most famous individuals on the planet and have a ton of fans from all over the world. Many of them have hordes and hordes of fans screaming their name every time they make a big catch, score a touchdown or score a point. However, even when they're not playing the sport that made them rich and famous, many of them get a lot of a whole different kind of attention, and it's not coming from the stands.

It is no secret that famous and wealthy athletes get a lot of attention from girls, unfortunately, some of these guys are also married or have a significant other. However, this does little to stop some of them from doing the deed. While many of us may think of our favorite athletes as role models on and off the field for everyone, sometimes they don't always live up to that moniker and do some pretty questionable things.

Even the athletes that aren't married can often find themselves in hot water when news of some recent "extracurricular activities" hits social media or the news. In today's day and age, it is much more difficult to keep a secret than it was in the past. All in all, there have been many steamy love scandals take place in the world of sports, and here are 15 of the juiciest in recent memory.

15 Ronaldo Caught With Three Trans Street Workers

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Ronaldo is one of the most famous and successful Brazilian soccer players in history, and a hero in the country. He is a legend and as a result, has lots of girls throwing themselves at him left, right and center. One night, he thought he had a couple of girls doing just that, but once he got into a hotel room, things changed, and they changed quickly. It turned out the street workers were actually men, and Ronaldo wasn't too happy about this. Ronaldo tried to pay them a few hundred dollars to keep it on the down low and threatened them, but they wanted more. When he wouldn't pay them the thousands and thousands they wanted, they went public with the story. While he committed no crime, and prostitution is legal in Brazil, Ronaldo still went into hiding after this happened, after the sheer embarrassment of what he had done and how the entire sports world was now talking about it.

14 The Brett Favre & Jenn Sterger Ordeal

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Jenn Sterger got famous overnight when cameras caught her looking pretty fine during a college football game. She has since posed for Playboy and Maxim, and also became a game host and sideline reporter for the New York Jets. Well, during her time as the game host and reporter, she caught the eye of quarterback Brett Favre, who was at this point playing for the New York Jets. Despite being married Favre thought it would be a good idea to send naughty voicemails and text messages to Sterger. On top of that, Sterger went public about an alleged "inappropriate photo" that he had sent to her. Favre denies that he ever sent a photo, but not many people are buying that story from the gunslinger. Whether he did it or not, this was a huge deal in the media for weeks and to some people, even tainted a bit of the legacy behind Brett Favre.

13 Tony Parker Sleeps With Brent Barry's Wife

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Now this one is just scummy any way you look at it. Cheating on your wife is one thing, but cheating on her with the wife of a teammate is a new kind of low. Well, that is exactly what Spurs point guard Tony Parker did a few years ago. Tony Parker was married to the amazingly gorgeous Eva Longoria at the time, who is a famus actress that has starred in many TV shows and movies. Why he felt the need to go anywhere else is a mystery to everyone. In fact, his infidelities were actually discovered by Longoria as she found hundreds and hundreds of texts from Parker to the wife of his then-teammate, Brent Barry, which painted a pretty awful picture for him. Even after the two got divorced, Longoria claims Parker's infidelities went far beyond this, so who knows what kinds of other things he has done that haven't come to the surface.

12 Cristiano Ronaldo's "Group Fun"

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Out of all the athletes on the planet, we doubt anyone has more girls thrown themselves at him than Cristiano Ronaldo. On top of that, he is also among the best soccer players in the world and has been for quite a while. After a victory over the Tottenham Hotspur back about a decade ago, Ronaldo and his teammates decided they would celebrate the victory in a different way than most would. A few teammates and he enlisted the services of a nearby escort service and decided that have a giant orgy would be a great way to team-build and celebrate their recent win. While we doubt Cristiano is overly embarrassed by this leaking out, it is pretty big news when one of the most famous and influential athletes in the whole world is found to have engaged in a giant orgy with his teammates and five escorts. Just imagine someone like Dak Prescott, James Harden or Sidney Crosby doing something like this!

11 Paul George Knocks Up a Stripper

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If you are a young, rich and famous athlete, you have to be aware that women might not only want to sleep with you, but also might want to have your babies. That is the exact situation that Paul George found himself in a few years back. He had numerous meetings with a stripper down in Miami, and one of these ended up with her becoming pregnant. First, George tried to pay her to have an abortion, but she didn't take it, and the baby was born. While Paul George was a young man still and didn't have a family or wife, this was still huge news as one of the brightest young players in the NBA, was stuck paying a stripper child support for the next decade-plus! However, this story has a fairly happy ending as the two have posted many Instagram pictures of each other, so it looks like they might be an item. If so, Paul George is the embodiment of T-Pains hit song "I'm in Love With a Stripper".

10 Wayne Rooney Cheats On His Pregnant Wife

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Rooney was once one of the biggest stars in soccer on the entire planet. However, while he was a talented player and hero on the pitch, it is rumored that he wasn't a very good guy off of it. This was all but confirmed back in 2011, when Rooney did something truly slimy. Despite having a wife who was 5-months pregnant, Wayne Rooney thought it was a good idea to cheat on her with a 21 year old. Not only that, but this affair took place over a four-month period and Rooney reportedly paid her $1500 a session, money that could have been spent on his pregnant wife or their child. Think of this as England's version of the whole Tiger Woods ordeal (which you might just learn a little bit more about later on in this article). It was all over the tabloids for a very long time and is still talked about over there from time to time.

9 Kobe Cheats With A Lakers Cheerleader

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From one basketball player to another. Kobe Bryant is no stranger to terrible accusations and scandals, but this is one that many people might not actually know about. Way back in 2008, Kobe Bryant was allegedly "involved" with an 18-year old Lakers cheerleader when he was married. Also, this cheerleaders name was Vanessa, as was his wife's. Hey, at least he didn't have to worry about accidentally saying the wrong name in bed. In fact, Vanessa Curry would go on to be a member of the Pussycat Dolls, a famous pop group in the early 2010s. While Kobe has denied this ever from happening, there are many other allegations of this type of behavior from Bryant, so many believe this to have happened.

8 Eugene Robinson Solicits A Street Worker Hours After Receiving Award For High Moral Character

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This is definitely among the most ironic entries on this list. Back in 1999, Eugene Robinson was a talented member of the Atlanta Falcons, who just happened to be playing in the Super Bowl. The night before the game, he was given the Bart Starr award for his high moral character, which is an honor for any player to win. After the award, he decided to celebrate it by going out and trying to pick up a street worker. Problem is, it was an undercover cop. He was arrested and this made national headlines for the sheer irony about a guy with supposed "high moral character" trying to cheat on his wife with a street worker the night before the Super Bowl. Worst of all, his wife was back at home sleeping in their hotel room. Oh, and the Falcons went on to lose the game badly to the Denver Broncos.

7 The Donald Sterling Affair

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Up until 2013 and 2014, not many people knew or cared about who Donald Sterling was. He was the owner of the Clippers and a successful businessman. However, it was soon revealed that he had a mistress who was about a quarter of his age, and he wasn't shy about it (often being seen in public photos with her, despite having a wife). He also has a history of having many other different girls in his life in the past, as he didn't try and hide them either. While flaunting your MUCH younger girlfriend around in front of everyone is already pretty embarrassing, things got way worse for Sterling when audio of him uttering racial slurs was released and the sports world (rightfully so) went bananas. He was banned for life from the NBA and the Clippers were sold to tech giant Steve Ballmer. All in all, Sterling should be very embarrassed of the things he has done in the last half-decade or so.

6 Alex Rodriguez Has an Affair With Madonna

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If you have paid attention to the sports world over the past decade or so, you would know that Alex Rodriguez has had his fair share of escapades with the ladies. He was a great player, but he has gotten just as much attention off the field as he ever did on it. However, despite all of his alleged infidelities and questionable behavior, one stands out above the rest. After dealing with his flirtatious ways for years, his wife left him in 2008 after it was alleged that A-rod was having an affair with Madonna. They both claim she was just helping him further his interest in Kabbalah, but not many people bought that. As you could imagine, this was HUGE news and despite the fact that both Rodriguez and Madonna denied this ever took place, many believe this rumor to be fact.

5 The Yankees Wife Swap

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Now this one is just plain weird, no matter how you look at it. We have all heard of the show Wife Swap, but this wasn't a show. Back in the 1970s, Yankees pitchers Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich decided to actually trade wives, families, and lives with one another. Peterson moved in with Susanne Kekich and her two daughters, and Kekich moved in with Marilyn Peterson and her two sons. This was obviously giant news and something that we haven't seen since and will likely never ever see again. This wife swap came after both couples truly realized who was meant for who and then after not being able to hide it anymore, they went to the media. Over 40 years later, Fritz Peterson is still married to Susanne, but Mike and Marilyn seperated long ago.

4 Dennis Rodman Accidentally Broadcasts VERY Intimate Encounter

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Dennis Rodman has always been a bit of an oddball and known for doing outrageous things. While he was a very talented player (especially on the on the defensive end of the court) he was definitely more famous for the things he did off the court. His look was unique (with colored hair and piercings), and he has had romantic ties to the likes of Madonna and Carmen Electra. However, those pale in comparison to something he did only a few years ago after a long night of drinking. Late into a Hamptons party that he was hosting, Rodman took 6 women to the bedroom and forgot to remove the microphone he was wearing earlier as the host of the party. As a result, he broadcasted an orgy with 6 different women through the speakers of his own party. The guests must have gotten a bit more than they bargained for on that night.

3 Delonte West & LeBron James' Mom

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Yep, a teammate sleeping with another teammates mom is never a good thing. It is even worse when that teammate is LeBron James. Back in 2010, sources close to the Cavaliers said there was a rift in the locker room and it was alleged that Delonte West had been sleeping with LeBron's mom for some time. Of course, James denied it, but it could describe why he played so bad in the game after he allegedly learned about the affair. While this one has not been officially confirmed, and West has since backed away from the allegations, this was a huge story back in the day and it's totally possible that West is going back on it because of the backlash he got from other players and fans alike. Whether this one happened or not is up for debate, but what isn't is the fact that it was a national headline for weeks.

2 The Love Boat

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On October 6th 2005, something very interesting took place in a large boat on Lake Minnetonka. 17 members of the Minnesota Vikings were partying on a boat with several ladies. By several, we mean nearly 100. Things got out of control fast as players were alleged to be performing sexual acts in front of crew members and street workers were flown in from all over the country to attend. This scandal leaked when a lady said that several men urinated in her backyard, and police eventually discovered what had taken place, and there were allegedly many photos taken of the event. It was also alleged by an anonymous former Vikings player that this wasn't the first time this had happened. This was huge news and led to many players being charged and was believed to be a catalyst behind their head coach being fired.

1 Tiger Woods Cheats On His Wife

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You probably knew it was going to be here at the number one spot, and you are right. I still remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when it was released that Tiger Woods had been cheating on his wife, not only with one woman, but with several different ones at different times. He was one of the most famous, richest and most recognizable figures in the sports world, so this was huge news all over the country and world. Not only did sports media TV stations and websites pick this story up, but so did everyone else. Over the following few days, weeks and months, the backlash was huge. He lost sponsorships worth millions and millions of dollars, lost his wife, and lost the respect of many sports fans around the world. Even to this day, he has not fully recovered and when many people think of Tiger Woods, this scandal is what they think about.

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